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We're using FlowRouter client side router inside config/router.js. For accounts there is AccountsTemplates configured in config/accounts.js.



Files in this directory are served by meteor as-is to the client. It hosts some (fav)icons and fonts. wekan-manifest.json: goes into link rel="manifest" in the header of the generated page and is a Web App Manifest.


  • activities:
    • activities.jade: activities template for the list of activities placed inside a sidebar-content; uses boardActivities or cardActivities depending on mode; XXX: does this mean that sidebar should be visible in board list mode? when does the board activity gets shown?
    • comments.jade: commentForm template used in card-details-canvas for adding comments;
  • boards:
    • boardArchive.jade: archivedBoards template for the modal dialog showing the list of archived boards that might be restored;
    • boardBody.jade: top level template for presenting a board is board and, based on screen size and current state, it uses either cardDetails or boardBody templates; boardBody is the one including the sidebar, each list, cardDetails for larger screens when a card is selected and the addListForm for adding a new list (also defined in this file);
    • boardHeader.jade: boardHeaderBar, boardMenuPopup, boardVisibilityList, boardChangeVisibilityPopup, boardChangeWatchPopup, boardChangeColorPopup, createBoard, chooseBoardSource, boardChangeTitlePopup, archiveBoardPopup, outgoingWebhooksPopup;
    • boardsList.jade: boardList and boardListHeaderBar for the list of boards in the initial screen;
  • cards:
    • attachments.jade: cardAttachmentsPopup, previewClipboardImagePopup, previewAttachedImagePopup, attachmentDeletePopup, attachmentsGalery;
    • cardDate.jade: editCardDate and dateBadge templates;
    • cardDetails.jade: boardsAndLists is the usual layout for a board display with boardLists being used in sandstorm where each board is independent;cardDetails, editCardTitleForm, cardDetailsActionsPopup, moveCardPopup, copyCardPopup,cardMembersPopup,cardMorePopup, cardDeletePopup;
    • cardTime.jade: editCardSpentTime and timeBadge templates;
    • checklists.jade: checklists, checklistDetail, checklistDeleteDialog, addChecklistItemForm, editChecklistItemForm, checklistItems, itemDetail;
    • labels.jade: formLabel, createLabelPopup, editLabelPopup, deleteLabelPopup, cardLabelsPopup;
    • minicard.jade: has the minicard template
  • forms: inlinedform.jade has theinlinedForm template;
  • import:
  • lists:
    • list.jade: list is the simple, main template for lists;
    • listBody.jade: listBody, addCardForm, autocompleteLabelLine templates;
    • listHeader.jade: listHeader, editListTitleForm, listActionPopup, boardLists, listMorePopup, listDeletePopup, setWipLimitPopup, wipLimitErrorPopup templates;
  • main:
    • editor.jade: editor and viewer templates;
    • header.jade: header and offlineWarning templates; if the user is connected we display a small "quick-access" top bar that list all starred boards with a link to go there (this is inspired by the Reddit "subreddit" bar); the first link goes to the boards page;
    • keyboardShortcuts.jade: shortcutsHeaderBar, shortcutsModalTitle, keyboardShortcuts - all for the shortcuts that are presented when you press ?re implemented inhere;
    • layouts.jade: has the template for head portion of the html page and other general purpose templates: userFormsLayout, defaultLayout, notFound, message;
    • popup.tpl.jade: tpl files only define a single template so there's no need to wrap content in a template tag; the name of the template is the base name of the file (popup in this case);
    • spinner.tpl.jade: is the template for a "waiting" dialog;
  • settings:
  • sidebar:
    • sidebar.jade: sidebar, homeSidebar, membersWidget, labelsWidget, memberPopup, removeMemberPopup, leaveBoardPopup, addMemberPopup, changePermissionsPopup
    • sidebarArchives.jade: archivesSidebar
    • sidebarFilters.jade: filterSidebar, multiselectionSidebar, disambiguateMultiLabelPopup, disambiguateMultiMemberPopup, moveSelectionPopup;
  • users:
    • userAvatar.jade: userAvatar, userAvatarInitials, userPopup, memberName, changeAvatarPopup, cardMemberPopup
    • userHeader.jade: headerUserBar, memberMenuPopup, editProfilePopup, editNotificationPopup, changePasswordPopup, changeLanguagePopup, changeSettingsPopup;
  • mixins: extends infiniteScrolling.js for card details, sidebar and also extends perfectScrollbar.js;



  • accessibility.js: define a set of DOM transformations that are specifically intended for blind screen readers;
  • cssEvents.js: the CSSEventsobject has methods that select the name of the event based on the specific transitions and animations;
  • pasteImage.js and dropImage.js: utility for pasting and dropping images on a web app; XXX: add comments; not same style as the rest of the code
  • emoji-values.js: sets Emoji.values;
  • escapeActions.js: defines the behavior (mostly canceling current edit) for escape keyboard key;
  • i18n.js: at startup we choose the language for the ui based on user profile or browser language;
  • inlinedform.js: forms for editing a single field (like adding a card); XXX: comments in code suggest that a form that is not submitted will retain its value to prevent data loss using unsavedEdits.js;bug?; XXX: edit button to save and open;
  • keyboard.js: the shortcuts that are presented when you press ?re implemented inhere;
  • mixins.js: stub; no Mixins at this point; XXX: what does new class do? exlint: missing () invoking a constructor
  • popup.js: defines Popup class for things likes electing a date; XXX: not a Blaze helper?
  • textComplete.js: extends jquery-textcomplete to integrate with the rest of the system (like escape actions, tab and enter key handling); XXX: deprecated?
  • utils.js: various methods all over the place (resize, screen size, sort, capitalize, navigate to board and card);
  • Blaze helpers:
    • filter.js: registers Filter Blaze helper to support filtering cards by labels and by members;
    • modal.js: registers Modal Blaze helper to support showing modal windows like the one for archived boards;
    • multiSelection.js: registers Modal Blaze helper to support multiple selection mode;
    • unsavedEdits.js: registers getUnsavedValue and hasUnsavedValue Blaze helpers to preserve content entered in fields but not saved;


.js files in this directory are not available to the client.


The files in models directory mainly define collections; most of them have aldeed SimpleSchema for automatic validation of insert and update of collections. This is also where helpers, mutations, methods, hooks and bootstrap code is to be found. Server side code also implements json REST API.

Collections (mostly Mongo.Collection except as noted) are defined in:

Other files:

  • watchable.js: extends the schema, helpers and mutations of Boards, Lists and Cards.
  • export.js: has some code to support the REST API.
  • import.js: implements importBoard() method so that Trello (in trelloCreator.js) and Wekan (in wekanCreator.js) boards can be imported. XXX: Solid candidates for a directory of their own.



Contributions to this page

This documentation was contributed by TNick and xet7 while Wekan was at commit e2f768c. Please add new files, fixes, updates, etc directly to this page.



Support priorities for new features and bugfixes

  1. Commercial Support and Bounties
  2. Community Support
  3. Debugging






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REST API issue

REST API client code


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