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Not all from CHANGELOG are added to here yet.


WIP Limits

Wekan WIP Limits screenshot

Boards: List of all your public and private boards, board shortcuts at top of page

Wekan boards screenshot

Wekan full screen or window on desktop (without browser buttons etc)

Info about browser standalone app mode

Wekan full screen on mobile Firefox

Instructions and screenshot

Restore archived board

Wekan boards screenshot

Star board

Wekan star board screenshot

Watch board

Wekan watch board screenshot

Keyboard shortcuts button at bottom right corner

Wekan watch board screenshot

Board menu when clicking 3 lines "hamburger" menu on right

Wekan board menu screenshot

Member setting when clicking your username on top right corner

Wekan member settings screenshot

Member settings / Edit Notification

Wekan edit notification screenshot

Member settings / Change settings

Wekan hide system messages screenshot

Members: Click member initials or avatar

Wekan members screenshot

Members: Click member initials or avatar => Permissions Admin/Normal/Comment only

Wekan boards permissions screenshot

Lists: Add, archive and restore archived, delete list.

Wekan kanban screenshot

Cards: Description, Customizable Labels, Checklists, Attachment images and files, Comments. Arhive and restore archived card. Delete card.

Tip: Normally you archive card so you can restore it back. If you want to delete cards faster, drag cards to new list, and delete that new list. Deleting can not be undone, more clicks are by design. There was previously easily clicked button to delete a list and people deleted important list by accident, and that bug report was fixed.

Markdown in card description and comments

International Date Formatting for Due Date according to language

Wekan kanban screenshot

Cards: Drag and drop images to card. Paste images with Ctrl-V.

1) First attachment: Select Card 3 lines "hamburger" menu / Edit Attachments

Wekan kanban screenshot

2) Select: Clipboard or drag and drop

Wekan kanban screenshot

3) Drag and drop image, or Ctrl-V.

Wekan kanban screenshot

4) Second image attachment and others can be added from Add Attachment button near first attachment.

Wekan kanban screenshot

Multi-selection => Checkmark select cards => drag-drop all selected to some list

Wekan multi-selection screenshot

Filtered views

Wekan multi-selection screenshot

Authentication, Admin Panel, SMTP Settings

NOTE: There is user admin as "People" in Admin Panel, but no screenshot here yet.

  • Source and Docker platforms: Admin Panel: Self-registration, or change to invite-only and inviting users to boards. SMTP Settings.

Wekan Admin Panel registration disable screenshot

Wekan Admin Panel email screenshot

  • Sandstorm Platform: Admin: LDAP, passwordless email, SAML, GitHub and Google Auth. Add and remove users. SMTP Settings. Wekan, Rocket.Chat, etc apps available with one click install.


  • Import Trello board: Text, labels, images, comments, checklists. Not imported yet: stickers, etc.
  • Import Wekan board: Text, labels, images, comments, checklists.


Working with big boards



Sending notifications for board activities. Tested with Slack and Rocket.chat.

Content-type: application/json
    "text": "board activities"

Different activities sends different webhook data. You can find the details in the wiki page Webhook data


1) Board menu when clicking 3 lines "hamburger" menu on right

Wekan board menu screenshot

2) Outgoing Webhooks

Wekan Outgoing Webhooks screenshot


Leave the URL field blank.



Versions of Meteor and Node


Wekan translations screenshot

Already merged, will be at next version

Wishes for pull requests

Existing pull requests, cleanup/cherry-picking/new pull requests welcome

Wishes for API pull requests

Wishes for Admin Panel

Wishes for Boards




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