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New Roadmap

New Roadmap is at GitHub Projects. xet7 is testing functionality of GitHub Projects vs this wiki vs Wekan board where Roadmap previously was. Sometime Roadmap moves back to Wekan board.

Old Roadmap below, not up-to-date

In progress

GitHub Username Feature Status Sponsor
xet7 Calendar View In Progress Bountysource
GhassenRjab Search In Progress Bountysource and nm11
Serubin Top-level projects In Progress Bountysource
xet7, thuanpq Teams/Organizations similar to Trello . Beginnings of user admin already implemented at Wekan v0.55 In Progress and Bountysource
andresmanelli Gogs issue/commit integration Part 1 in Wekan already
papoola Custom Fields In Progress
mfshiu Custom Fields, Moving card on mobile phone, Filter cards by keyword, Integrate Wekan with RIOT so user can be notified immediately on cell phone when Wekan cards change Works, no pull request yet

Not started yet

GitHub Username Feature Status Sponsor
xet7 Add direct SQLite/MySQL/PostgreSQL/etc support Not started yet
xet7 Have all settings (SMTP etc) in environment variables or Docker Compose file, no need to setup manually at Admin Panel Not started yet
xet7 LDAP for Standalone Not started yet and d
xet7 IFTTT support Not started yet Bountysource
xet7 Board templates Not started yet Bountysource
xet7 Scheduling events Not started yet Bountysource
xet7 Better mobile web support Not started yet and
xet7 Advanced WebHooks with Mattermost Not started yet d
xet7 Add Company logo above Wekan logo at login page, with custom CSS. Not started yet d
xet7 Wekan <=> MongoDB <=> ToroDB => MySQL read-only mirroring Not started yet. There is PosgreSQL version already.
xet7 Update wiki to have newest Features, Integrations, Team etc info Not started yet.
xet7 Copy URL of card At Sandstorm: Not started yet.
xet7 A bot that responds to translation pull requests with link to translations at Transifex, etc documentation. Also other maintainer routine tasks. Not started yet.

Also see other bounties at Bountysource


GitHub Username Feature Status Sponsor
xet7 Added fixes for Excessive CPU usage from various contributors to encourage mfshiu to contribute his Wekan features in progress Done
GhassenRjab, thuanpq Move or copy cards from one board to another on Standalone Done Bountysource
xet7 Copy URL of card Done at Standalone.
xet7 and ocdtrekkie Newest Wekan for Sandstorm Done
GhassenRjab Import activities from Trello and Wekan Done
soohwa REST API : Better error output Done
brooksbecton Swipebox for attachment images Done



Support priorities for new features and bugfixes

  1. Commercial Support and Bounties
  2. Community Support
  3. Debugging






Logs and Stats






REST API issue

REST API client code


Case Studies



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