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More details about current Wekan Team at

Requirements to become part of Wekan Team

  1. You are planning to keep contributing to Wekan, add bugfixes etc, you understand what Open Source is, you are not in it just for the money like "let's get this feature into Wekan and then let others fix bugs in this code". We do have bounties, sponsors etc, but that's not the point.
  2. You have contributed a pull request to Wekan.
  3. You really have time available. Not something like, "yes my calendar is full and I'm already working overtime but maybe I could add this also..."
  4. At Vanila Chat start new private message to xet7 and say that you would like to work on some issue.

Current Team members

This page lists some of the contributors that have donated their time, resources or code to the project. This list is not up-to-date.

GitHub Username Chat Username Location Position Details
xet7 xet7 Finland Maintainer Source/Docker/Ubuntu snap/VirtualBox releases, testing and merging pull requests, organizing issues, updating wiki and website, some features
lkisme - China Contributor Admin Panel
Serubin serubin Universe Contributor Fix Double slash problem
rhelsing ryan.helsing USA Contributor Comment permissions
BaobabCoder BaobabCoder France Contributor Delete List
whodafly superfly USA Contributor Troubleshooting Mail, Import Checklists from Trello
stephenmoloney - Ireland Contributor Dockerfile and Travis config, Meteor 1.4 and Node 4.x port
GhassenRjab ghassen.rjab Universe Contributor Fix Export Board, Fix "W" shortcut, Sort languages, Add Breton language name, Edit card description with invalid markdown, Fix importing Trello board, Import due date from Trello, Import Wekan board, Export and import attachments as base64 encoded files, Export and import checklists, Export and import boards in Sandstorm, FIX SECURITY ISSUE Files accessible without authentication
nztqa - Universe Contributor Delete card when deleting list, Disable unnecessary link feature, Fix IE 11 drag board to scroll, Fix filter reset on moving between starred boards, Fix Admin Panel link available to all users, only link is hidden, Fix Case-sensitive email handling, Fix admin panel route for subfolder, Fix i18n route for subfolder, Fix incorrect attachment link with subfolder in the url, Fix link to card, Fix duplicate id generation, When finished input of checklist item, open new checklist item, Fix Possible to add empty item to checklist, Improve UI design of checklist items, Outgoing Webhooks, Adding user to board causes node.js to crash, Fix double shashes, GitHub Issue template, Fix showing card activity history in IE11, Add display Wekan version number and runtime environment to Admin Panel, Change Email address
jtickle - USA Contributor Fix Double slash problem
huneau - Universe Contributor REST API, Console, file, and zulip logger on database changes
mayjs - Universe Contributor REST API
zarnifoulette - Universe Contributor REST API: Add PUT method to update a card and related fix, Fix Activity user messed up when creating a card using the REST-API
Zokormazo Zokormazo Spain Contributor Add isAdmin to user Schema, Add TLS toggle to Admin Panel SMTP setting
shtefcs kinder Universe Vanila Founder Chat, growth hacking
jelenajjo jelena Universe Vanila Web Developer Themes, upcoming new website
dwrensha - USA Sandstorm Developer Packaging Wekan releases for Sandstorm
kentonv - USA Sandstorm Developer Cap’n Proto and node-capnp
ocdtrekkie ocdtrekkie USA Sandstorm user from beginning of Sandstorm Testing and accepting Wekan releases for Sandstorm
JamborJan - Universe Sandstorm Developer Add bigger screenshots
nebulade - Germany Cloudron Developer Re-enable export
kubiko - UK Canonical Developer snap package, Adding snapcraft build support from source, Use version scriptlet in snap

Previous Team members

GitHub Username Location Position Details
mquandalle France Author xet7 still has direct contact with him



Support priorities for new features and bugfixes

  1. Commercial Support and Bounties
  2. Community Support
  3. Debugging






Logs and Stats






REST API issue

REST API client code


Case Studies



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