Signing and Re-Signing DNSSEC Zone with Pre-Publish and Rollover Keys (Automatic Maintenance) on FreeBSD / OpenBSD
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Automatic Maintenance for Signing and Re-Signing DNSSEC Zone with Pre-Publish and Rollover Keys (ZSK)

Resign the zone every month

By default these RRSIG records have a limited lifetime which by default is 28 days. Once this period is over, these results are no longer considered valid. To prevent this you have to resign the zone

How it Works:
  • ZSK Rollover (pre-publish key)

    1. Generate Second ZSK
    2. Publish both (public) keys, but use only the old one for signing
    3. Wait at least propagation time + TTL of the DNSKEY-RR
    4. Use new key for zone signing; leave old one published
    5. Wait at least propagation time + maximum TTL of the old zone
    6. Remove old key


Automatic Maintenance Sign:

E.g. Default zone dir is: /etc/nsd/master

Create: /etc/nsd/master/scripts




Place those files on /etc/nsd/master/scripts folder

Add on crontab to run

first "re-assinar-zona-PK"

Second "re-assinar-zona-RK"

Last "re-assinar-zona-CL"

e.g. /etc/crontab:

Every day 15 run PK

Every day 18 run RK

Every day 21 run CL

make your choice

#minute (0-59)
#|	   hour (0-23)
#|      |       day of the month (1-31)
#|      |       |       month of the year (1-12 or Jan-Dec)
#|      |       |       |       day of the week (0-6 with 0=Sun or Sun-Sat)
#|      |       |       |       |       who
#|      |       |       |       |       |       commands
#|      |       |       |       |       |       |
1      23      15       *       *       root    /etc/nsd/master/scripts/re-assinar-zona-PK | mail -s "Re-Sign Zone PK" root
1      23      18       *       *       root    /etc/nsd/master/scripts/re-assinar-zona-RK | mail -s "Re-sign Zone RK" root
1      23      21       *       *       root    /etc/nsd/master/scripts/re-assinar-zona-CL | mail -s "Re-sign Zone Clean" root

When i did some changes on zone:

Just run file "assinar-zona" and the script will detect last re-sign method and sign like before

  • Tools:
    • FreeBSD/OpenBSD

In Action - Diagram:

Security Tips

*Note the DNSSEC have a Potential for DNS amplification attack

to prevent, Implement some practices:

  • BCP38 - Ingress filtering
  • DNS Damping
  • RRL - Response Rate Limiting
  • SLIP Settings
  • DNSBL Botnet Blacklist up Firewall

P.S.: Algorithm Rollovers

The above only allows you to do key rollovers while sticking to the same algorithm set. If you want to change your signing algorithm (e.g. SHA1 to SHA256), a more complicated process is required, and I suggest you read RFC 6781. The same applies for changing from NSEC to NSEC3.

[^]: The .csh extension in file it is not necessary, has placed only for github detect correct syntax highlighting language on source