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* This is an auto-generated preferences file. If you want to configure Wordless preferences go to WordPress backend.
Wordless::set_preference("assets.preprocessors", array (
0 => 'SprocketsPreprocessor',
1 => 'CompassPreprocessor',
Wordless::set_preference("assets.cache_enabled", true);
Wordless::set_preference("css.compass_path", "/opt/wordless/compass");
Wordless::set_preference("css.output_style", "compressed");
Wordless::set_preference("css.require_libs", array (
0 => '',
Wordless::set_preference("css.lessc_path", "");
Wordless::set_preference("css.compress", false);
Wordless::set_preference("js.ruby_path", "/opt/wordless/ruby");
Wordless::set_preference("js.yui_compress", false);
Wordless::set_preference("js.yui_munge", false);
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