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Routing #154

notomato opened this Issue Jul 18, 2013 · 3 comments

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I was wondering if there were any plans to add some kind of routing support to wordless? I've seen a plugin here that looks reasonable, but would be happy to implement something if we could agree on what form it should take?

@pioneerskies pioneerskies was assigned Jul 19, 2013
weLaika member

Hi there!

Are you sure that WordLess is not doing the same thing here: ?

If yes, what's the concept's diffs?

Thanks for your interest in WordLess!

edit: probably you're talking about url based routing vs. query based routing and so a way to route /mytass/summer/offers without have to create a 3 level page structure within the I right? But let discuss about it :)



Yeah - I always find that if you are doing a non-typical WordPress site and want to use it more as a content repository you don't really need any of the in-built routing. Although the if/else statements are fine, they get a bit unwieldy.

I'm thinking more along the lines of:

create_route('/path/to/{:id}/{:args}', 'template', $data, 'route_name');

and url_to('route_name', $params); in the templates.

I know there are quite a few issues around WordPress globals to sort out so I'm not 100% convinced of this approach but I do find it frustrating trying to use the inbuilt routing.

What PHP version does Wordless require/support as a minimum?

weLaika member
mukkoo commented Jul 16, 2015

This issue is too old. Too many changes we have done on Wordless. I hope you reopen a new issue if will need more help.

@mukkoo mukkoo closed this Jul 16, 2015
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