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No Instruction for Windows user #180

satrya opened this Issue · 9 comments

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I knew you already wrote that wordless has not been tested on Windows, i just have no idea with the compass and ruby path since I couldnt install RVM. Any hint?


Hi there,

We have no instructions because no one of us actually uses Windows platform.

The path of your executables should be an easy info to retrieve if you have a working installation. Do you have one already? Have you used rubyinstaller to set it up? If this is the case you should have chosen where to install ruby during installation process.

Generally, The more you tell us about your env, the more we can try to help.



Hi, thanks for your answer.
Here's my ruby path on Windows C:\Ruby193\bin; but compass dont have path. Also, the input box looks like strip my path become C:\\Ruby193\\bin;


By the way, i found that RVM alternative for Windows is, but I have not try it


Hello, no update here?


Unfortunately seems like nobody from wordless' dev community could be a Windows guy :/

Is even more embarrassing this search on stackoverflow...and personally I boot up my Win7 just for playing Diablo3 ^_^'''

I definitively think we'd to wait for some Windows user to pass over this ticket.

Generic notes:

  • if compass is an executables than it must have a path
  • RVM is just one way to manage multiple ruby versions on a single system. You have anyway the chance to use the system wide ruby installation and don't worry too much about it, unless you're using Ruby to develop other projects. And that way use gem install compass to install compass and gem which compass to find the executable's path.

Just my 2¢


Oh I got the path uses gem which compass


I'll be back with the result.


HAML seems working, but I just realize that I dont have any static files. Then I installed, run wordless compile but I got this notice Couldn't compile static assets.

I'm happy to test everything on my Windows, but I need a guide from you :)


Almost good.

HAML is compiled on-the-fly when needed and a static cache is written down in the theme's tmp directory. This is because we can actually compile HAML using the PhamlP PHP library.

wordless compile compiles coffescript and sass. Have you got a more verbose output than Couldn't compile static assets. alone?

Apart from the wordless compile command, can you see your css on screen? If you look at the page source within the browser and search for screen.css and open it, what can you read in it?


Any news? Otherwise I'm gonna close it :)

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