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xrd commented Dec 27, 2011

I've been using wordless successfully on a server with ruby. I then pushed to my production server (as PaaS server which does not have ruby installed at all). I cannot see the static assets, like application.css.

I am seeing this error on my pages:

body::before { content: "The path /home/vagrant/.rvm/bin/wordless_compass doesn't seem to be an executable!"; font-family: monospace; }

How do I test to make sure static assets are compiled on my staging server? What should I check into my git repo?


jhummel commented Jan 2, 2012

Have you made changes to your haml or sass files? After making changes make sure you upload both the theme directory and the tmp directory inside the wordless theme directory to your server.

What I do:

  • make my changes and test everything locally
  • clear out all the files inside the wordless tmp directory
  • refresh a page of my blog in a browser to regenerate the tmp files.
  • (optional) if you've done custom work in the admin area you'll need to refresh an admin screen
  • delete everything in the tmp directory on the server
  • upload the new tmp files and all my new theme files.

xrd commented Jan 3, 2012

OK, I will experiment with using the tmp directory. For some reason things were not working, and it might have been that I added tmp to my .gitignore file. I assumed tmp files would not be checked into my repository. In the meanwhile, I discovered using compass watch would work for me:

compass watch --css-dir assets/stylesheets/ --sass-dir theme/assets/stylesheets/

I then just load the static files which are in my git repo and things work fine. It is a bit manual, but works fine, though I suppose it is subverting the whole point of integrated scss sprockets...

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