Use Page Template feature

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Make a folder in theme's root named page-templates and create a consistently named php file

mkdir page-templates
touch page-templates/static.php

and write it as follow

* Template Name: Static

include(get_template_directory() . '/index.php');

Write down an ad-hoc template, e.g. theme/views/layout/static.html.pug

doctype html
  head= render_partial("layouts/head")
    .page-wrapper This is my static page template wl_yield() render_partial("layouts/footer")
    // jQuery and application.js is loaded by default with wp_footer() function. See config/initializers/default_hooks.php for details
    - wp_footer()

then in your router you can control as you wish

/* ./index.php */

 * Making sure Wordless plugin is enabled

if (!class_exists("Wordless")) {
  echo "This theme requires the <a href=''>Wordless plugin</a> in order to work. Please, install it now!";

 * In this page, you need to setup Wordless routing: you first
 * determine the type of the page using WordPress conditional tags,
 * and then delegate the rendering to some particular view using
 * the `render_view()` helper.
 * To specify a layout other than the default one, please pass it as
 * the second parameter to the `render_view()` method.
 * For a list of conditional tags, please see here:

if (is_page_template("page-templates/static.php")){
    /* Render something here, e.g: */
    render_view('posts/page', 'static');
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