FTP support disclaimer

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Previous history

Wordmove supported FTP transfer protocol since its first release. Moreover because of an historical fact: the majority of cheap LAMP (and thus Wordpress) hosting offered just a poor, old, insecure FTP connection. We think the FTP support was one of the coolest features, solving a lot of pain to FTP-jailed developers.

State of the art

The more we hear and think about new features requests the more we feel FTP support a limit. It is actually an OLD, untrusted, unsafe protocol which doesn't support remote command execution, password-less authentication and on and on. Not to mention how hard is to maintain and expand the complex (tricky) system which makes Wordmove support FTP.

Thus we can't assure the future development of Wordmove will always consider FTP as a fully supported protocol, even taking it compatible with features included as of version 1.3.1.

Fortunately nowadays all of us has great and cheap hosting solutions at disposal whom offer SSH connectivity; so we hope to welcome you all in the 21th century ASAP ;)


Since v3.2.0 wordmove fully support SFTP protocol, with same functionalities as FTP. See release notes for more info.

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