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 What is it?

 Weld is the reference implementation of Java Contents and
 Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform (CDI). CDI is the new Java
 standard for dependency injection and contextual lifecycle management.

 System requirements

 Weld examples require either a Java EE 6 application server or better,
 a servlet container (using the Weld servlet extension) and Java SE
 (using the Weld Java SE extension). In fact, through extensions, Weld
 can accomodate any Java environment.
 Currently, you must use JBoss AS 7 or above to deploy the provided examples
 out of the box. Check to find the
 correct JBoss AS download for your Weld version. Marked examples, which do not
 include EJB session beans, can also be deployed to Apache Tomcat 6 or Jetty 6.
 Weld examples also work on GlassFish V3, build the artifacts using mvn install
 and deploy.

 JDK 6.0 or better is required for all Weld releases.

 Contents of distribution


    API Docs and reference guide. Open doc/en-US/html/index.html in your
    browser for instructions on how to get started using Weld and the
    facilities offered by CDI. 

    The Weld examples, the examples are described in more detail in the 
    reference guide 

    Weld binary, source and javadoc jars

    CDI API binary, source and javadoc jars

 This distribution, as a whole, is licensed under the terms of the ASL 2.0, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt).

 The various components in this JAR are each licensed under an open source 
 license that permits you to copy, modify, and distribute the code in both
 binary and source code form. In some cases those licenses impose 
 requirements on you when you redistribute the code. Please refer to the 
 license information contained in the source code of each of the components
 for the specific license applicable to that component.

 Weld URLs

 Home Page:
 Mailing Lists:
 Source Code:
 Issue Tracking: (core)

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