A Python implementation of SSO for Discourse (http://www.discourse.org/)
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A Python module to help implement SSO for Discourse (http://www.discourse.org/). For additional information on how to use SSO see https://meta.discourse.org/t/official-single-sign-on-for-discourse/13045

Helper Functions

  • validate() : Validates payload using HMAC-SHA256
  • get_nonce() : Extracts Nonce from payload
  • build_login_URL() : Generates login URL parameters given dictionary of credentials (More below)

How to Use

from discoursesso import DiscourseSSO

sso = DiscourseSSO(secret_key)

# Get Payload and Signature from incoming GET request
## Payload (sso=...) from URL discourse gave you
payload = "bm9uY2U9Y2I2ODI1MWVlZmI1MjExZTU4YzAwZmYxMzk1ZjBjMGI%3D%0A"
## Signature (sig=...) from URL discourse gave you
sig = "2828aa29899722b35a2f191d34ef9b3ce695e0e6eeec47deb46d588d70c7cb56"

# Validate a payload/sig, EX
if sso.validate(payload, sig):
    # Get users login credentials and build the URL to log the user 
    # into your discourse site. ex: discourse.example.com
    ## credentials is a Dictionary of user credentials, see below
    ## for more information on how to build the Dictionary
    return_url_base = "http://discuss.example.com/session/sso_login?%s"
    loginURL =  return_url_base % sso.build_login_URL(credentials)

Credentials for build_login_URL():


  • external_id
  • nonce
  • email


  • email
  • name