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A Kademlia-based DHT and JSON protocol for application meshing and eventing
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TeleHash - Distributed JSON -

  • org/ contents (all docs so far)
  • perl/ test implementations and utils in Perl
  • c/ basic test stuff in C
  • ruby/ rudimentary testing in Ruby
  • erlang/ basic announcer in erlang
  • switchd/ plans to create a utility daemon to do the dirty work
  • diag/ graffle/diagrams of protocol states

What tech does one need to implement a switch?

  • UDP
  • JSON
  • SHA1
  • XOR'ing the 160 bits of a SHA1 hash
  • handling both network events and timers (and possibly interactions with the "app" it's serving)

What does a switch need to do?

- listen for UDP packets (off a random port)
- send something to an initial seed to discover its public IP:PORT
- announce itself and try to discover other switches nearby to it
- maintain the "lines" it has active with any other switches
    - validate sender/status
    - track bytes sent/received
- answer requests for nearby switches
- accept "taps" from other switches
- match incoming signals against any active taps and forward them
- that's plenty :) 
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