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Non-Monotonic Sequential Text Generation
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Non-Monotonic Sequential Text Generation

PyTorch implementation of the paper:

Non-Monotonic Sequential Text Generation
Sean Welleck, Kiante Brantley, Hal Daume III, Kyunghyun Cho
ICML 2019

We present code and data for training models described in the paper, and notebooks for evaluating pre-trained models.


python develop


For downloading the datasets below, it may be helpful to use

Persona Chat (Unconditional Generation, Word-Reordering)

  • Google drive
  • Put the .jsonl files into a directory {PCHAT_DIR}.

Machine Translation

  • Google drive
  • Unzip the dataset, e.g. to /path/to/iwslt. Then {MT_DIR} below will be /path/to/iwslt/IWSLT/en-de/.

Using a Pretrained Model

You can use and evaluate pre-trained models in one of the provided notebooks:

Task Models Notebook
Word Reordering Google drive notebooks/word_reorder_eval.ipynb
Unconditional Generation Google drive notebooks/unconditional_eval.ipynb
Translation (Transformer) Google drive notebooks/translation_eval.ipynb

The word-reordering and translation notebooks reproduce the evaluation metrics (e.g. BLEU) in the paper.

The unconditional notebook demos the models via interactive sampling and tree completion.


First download and unzip GloVe vectors into a directory {GLOVE_DIR}.


python tree_text_gen/binary/bagorder/ --glovepath {GLOVE_DIR}/glove.840B.300d.txt \
                                              --datadir {PCHAT_DIR} 

Unconditional Generation

python tree_text_gen/binary/unconditional/ --glovepath {GLOVE_DIR}/glove.840B.300d.txt \
                                                   --datadir {PCHAT_DIR} 

Machine Translation (Transformer)

python tree_text_gen/binary/translation/ --datadir {MT_DIR}

Use --multigpu for multi-GPU.

Machine Translation (LSTM)

python tree_text_gen/binary/translation/ --datadir {MT_DIR} --model-type translation \
                                                 --beta-burnin 2 --beta-step 0.05 \
                                                 --self-teach-beta-step 0.05

By default these commands train policies with the annealed oracle. See tree_text_gen/{bagorder, unconditional, translation}/ for hyper-parameters and arguments.

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