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Command line tool and Ruby class library for converting LAS files to WITSML <log> files

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las2witsml -- Convert Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files to WITSML <log> objects.

Use this script to convert LAS files to WITSML logs. The script attempts to be forgiving
of some commonly encountered variations. It can process most LAS v2 and v3 files.  

Usage: las2witsml [-n name] [-u uid] [-b uid] [-l uid] [-x version] [-m uomfile] [-h] [-v] lasfile
    -n, --namelog name               Name to give the WITSML log; default 'Untitled'
    -u, --uidwell uid                WITSML uid of the containing well
    -b, --uidwellbore uid            WITSML uid of the containing wellbore
    -l, --uidlog  uid                WITSML uid to assign the log
    -x, --version  version           WITSML version to emit, either 1.3.1 or 1.4.1; default 1.4.1
    -m, --uomfile  path              Path to a units of measure JSON file, mapping foreign  
                                     to WITSML units of measure e.g. 
    -v, --verbose                    Emit diagnostic output on stderr
    -h, --help                       Show this message

las2witsml -x 1.3.1 -u W1 -b B1 -l L1 -n Unnamed lasfile.las

las2witsml files: Copyright 2012 Wellstorm Development LLC
License: Apache 2.0


12 Jun 2012 -- gemified existing code and initial commit. (0.1.1)
14 Jun 2012 -- proper return values to shell: 0 success, 1 failure. (0.1.2)
30 Sep 2013 -- extended list of units of measure; throw exception if unrecognized uom. (0.1.3)
 1 Oct 2013 -- support for external uom file (0.1.4)
 4 Oct 2013 -- report all the uom conversion errors if there are any. (0.1.5)
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