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“A Buster Keaton of Linguistics”: First Automated Approaches for the Extraction of Vossian Antonomasia

  • Authors: Michel Schwab, Robert Jäschke, Frank Fischer, Jannik Strötgen
  • Contact:


  1. Extending Fischer and Jäschke (2019) approach
  2. Labeling data by expert

Identification of source candidates (using regex)

  1. Extract sentences that contain the pattern described in the paper
python nyt_corpus_${year}.tar.gz -r 1

The input files are gzipped TAR files for each year, containing the XML files (one for each article).

  1. Removing duplicates



wikidata entity matching

  1. Entity matching and linking
python theof_${year}.tsv wikidata_humans.tsv > pattern_${year}_wd.tsv
  1. Blacklist
python --blacklist blacklist.tsv theof_${year}.tsv wikidata_humans.tsv > theof_${year}_wd_bl.tsv

see: Fischer and Jäschke (2019)


wikidata entity matching

  1. Entity matching and linking
python theof_${year}.tsv wikidata_humans.tsv > pattern_${year}_wd.tsv
  1. Popularity filter
python pattern_${year}_wd.tsv wikidata_humans.tsv wikidata_with_sitelinks wikidata_with_aliases 
  1. Filter
python pattern_${year}_wd_wd1.tsv wikidata_entities_among_for_of.tsv  


  1. Stanford named entity recognition tagger
  1. Filter (same filter as Step 3. in WD approach)
python pattern_ner.tsv


  1. Train a bidirectional LSTM neural network

Python Source Code

  • Identification of source candidates
  • WD approach / Baseline
  • WD approach, second step
  • WD approach, third step
  • NER approach
  • NER approach, second step
  • BLSTM approach
  • Writing the data into an org file (see data below)



  1. Anthony Quinn (1987/01/02/0000232) I sometimes feel like the Anthony Quinn of my set.”
  2. Madonna (1987/01/02/0000431) Jimmy Johnson is the Madonna of college football these days.
  3. Don Fernando (1987/01/03/0000610) The other casting novelty was the Don Fernando of Richard J. Clark, his first at the Met.
  4. Turk (1987/01/04/0000958) Ali Kent, a Turk of Iranian origin, was arrested at the same time as Mr. Ameri.
  5. Jack Kemp (1987/01/08/0001793) On the Republican side, meanwhile, Representative Jack F. Kemp of upstate New York formally announced that Edward J. Rollins, the former White House political director who headed President Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984, would serve as chairman of the Jack Kemp for President Exploratory Committee.
  6. D. W. Griffith (1987/01/18/0004444) The former, the D. W. Griffith of the avant-garde, presents spectacular epics or ”operas,” the latter, an autobiographical monologist, sits at a card table and tells stories from his life.
  7. Archibald James Campbell (1987/01/19/0005039) Who can identify the Campbell of Campbell’s Fancy, the Wickham of Wickham’s Fancy, the Greenwell of Greenwell’s Glory?
  8. Scott Joplin (1987/01/20/0005135) High points of the show included the obscure Cole Porter bonbons, ”Two Little Babes In the Wood” and ”Nobody’s Chasing Me,” Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle’s ”I’m Just Wild About Harry” (performed both as a waltz and as a one-step to show how a simple time change can alter a song’s character), and piano compositions by Ernesto Nazareth, ”the Scott Joplin of Brazil,” that blended ragtime and tango.
  9. Rich Little (1987/01/21/0005602) A backup quarterback is the Rich Little of football, spending the week before a game doing an impression of the opposing team’s quarterback.
  10. Duncan Grant (1987/01/21/0005631) When a Dufy of 1905 is hung next to a Duncan Grant of around 1916, we see at once how close was the best of Bloomsbury painting to certain rich, juicy procedures on the other side of the English Channel.
  11. Charles Thomas Bingham (1987/01/23/0006189) According to Mr. Acevedo, Mr. Manoogian said in December that he had purchased the Bingham for $6 million from the Pell Trust, which is headed by Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island.
  12. Errol Flynn (1987/01/29/0008167) He is also known by less flattering terms, such as the Aging Right Wing Actor, the Not So Favor-ite Son and the Errol Flynn of the B’s.
  13. Bela Lugosi (1987/01/29/0008167) Mr. Reagan fares far better, nicknamewise, than some other Presidents in the compendium, including one known as Gloomy Gus, King Richard, the Bela Lugosi of American Politics, Richard the Chicken-Hearted, the Nero of Our Times, the Tarnished President, the Godfather, St. Richard the Commie Killer, President Truthful and Trickie Dick.
  14. Nero (1987/01/29/0008167) Mr. Reagan fares far better, nicknamewise, than some other Presidents in the compendium, including one known as Gloomy Gus, King Richard, the Bela Lugosi of American Politics, Richard the Chicken-Hearted, the Nero of Our Times, the Tarnished President, the Godfather, St. Richard the Commie Killer, President Truthful and Trickie Dick.
  15. +E. L. Doctorow (1987/01/31/0008693) Just as the Czechoslovak composer incorporated such themes into his ”New World” Symphony, so Mr. Skvorecky, a Czechoslovak author, brings to this ”first attempt at writing a historical and biographical novel” echoes of American writers of the period from Bret Harte to William Dean Howells, with a nod to the E. L. Doctorow of ”Ragtime.”+
  16. Emerson Ellick Sterns (1987/01/31/0008740) $10,000 Payment Was Planned Mrs. Whitehead was to have received $10,000 from the Sterns for bearing a baby after being artificially inseminated with Mr. Stern’s sperm.
  17. Monique F. Leroux (1987/02/08/0011228) ‘I’ve been married to a business woman for 10 years,” Mr. Simon said, ”and I’ve perceived that there are services that could entice her to a bank like this.
  18. +Friedrich Nietzsche (1987/02/08/0011389) He is something like a parody of Nietzsche, not the Nietzsche of ”The Genealogy of Morals” but of ”Ecce Homo.”+
  19. +Abraham Lincoln (1987/02/08/0011420) AT the Gettysburg cemetery, the Abraham Lincoln of Gore Vidal’s novel barely gets through his first sentence - about the events in America ”four score and seven years ago” - when the young Presidential secretary, John Hay, cynically observes that such rhetoric ”will please the radicals.”+
  20. The Scarlet Pimpernel (1987/02/08/0011467) The son of a banker, Salomon became the Scarlet Pimpernel of photojournalism by virtue of the adroitness with which he could conceal his camera when necessary.
  21. Judith Krantz (1987/02/08/0011487) The heroine of the play is Diana Breed Latimer, a best-selling author of romantic fiction, the Judith Krantz of her day.
  22. Charlemagne (1987/02/08/0011500) Mayor Marix, a travel consultant who counts the Emperor Charlemagne among her ancestors, complained of friction with Mr. Ilyinsky.
  23. Irving Berlin (1987/02/08/0011525) Noel Gay was not, as some have claimed, the Irving Berlin of England.
  24. Jan Brueghel the Elder (1987/02/13/0012870) Subjects like ”Flora” and ”The Four Senses” cause him to come on like the Velvet Brueghel of his set, putting his trust in multiplicity of subject matter and a high degree of finish.
  25. Leonardo da Vinci (1987/02/18/0014363) Contending that Dr. Osborne had set himself up as judge, police expert and hand surgeon, Mr. Smirti called him the Leonardo da Vinci of the Bronx.
  26. Blue Angel (1987/02/20/0014936) ‘I started singing at the Blue Angel for two weeks and wound up being a resident there for quite a while,” Ms. Stevens recalled recently.
  27. +George Bush (1987/02/20/0014978) Today, in another of those developments, Mr. Bush announced the creation of the George Bush for President Committee, which he said would begin preparing for his ”likely campaign for President in 1988.”+
  28. Robert Moses (1987/02/25/0016401) Why do so many prominent chefs and restaurateurs in New York and beyond describe him as the best-connected and most influential man in their business, in terms of influence sort of a Robert Moses of culinary politics?
  29. Greta Garbo (1987/02/28/0017372) It was enough to make people wonder if McReynolds would adjust to the customary passion of the Mets or become the Greta Garbo of New York baseball, wanting to be alone in a city and business where it was not easy to be alone.
  30. Mr. T (1987/03/01/0017607) President Reagan is said to be a great fan of the ”McLaughlin Group” and has called Mr. McLaughlin ”the Mr. T of TV journalism.”
  31. Elephant Man (1987/03/01/0017721) It focuses on the last seven years of Merrick’s life, when Dr. Treves hospitalized the Elephant Man for further study.
  32. Larry Bird (1987/03/01/0017800) Peretta and other observers have so much respect for Pennefather’s varied skills that round the league she has been dubbed ”the Larry Bird of women’s basketball.”
  33. David Merrick (1987/03/02/0018082) Mr. Mackintosh’s credits include ”Side by Side by Sondheim,” ”Little Shop of Horrors,” ”Cats” and ”The Phantom of the Opera,” and some colleagues call him the David Merrick of today’s theater.
  34. +Leonard Bernstein (1987/03/03/0018205) It began with Debussy-like textures, and integrated bits of Caribbean pop music in a style that recalled the Leonard Bernstein of ”West Side Story.”+
  35. Caligula (1987/03/08/0019639) He’s less well inclined toward such baseball personalities as Bill Veeck, who owned the Chicago White Sox during Mr. Kuhn’s tenure and whom the commissioner considered something of a fraud (what really went on between the two men was a culture clash, the encounter of a banker and a street peddler); George Steinbrenner, the owner of the New York Yankees, whose antics unnerved Mr. Kuhn just as much as one would expect; August Busch Jr., the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, whose decisions seemed dictated less by what was good for baseball than by how many cases of Budweiser it might sell; and various other owners - especially Charles O. Finley, the Caligula of the Oakland A’s -whose codes of style and behavior offended Mr. Kuhn’s smothering sense of decorum.
  36. Paul Revere (1987/03/13/0021181) Mr. Blake, a retired businessman, became the Paul Revere of Summit trash.
  37. +Nora Kaye (1987/03/15/0021484) While it is inaccurate to consider her as only a Tudor dancer, the Nora Kaye of every dance history book is epitomized by the image on this page - in her role as Hagar, the frightened spinster of ”Pillar of Fire.”+
  38. Claude Monet (1987/03/20/0022971) However, you can certainly get into the Andre Mayer galleries at the Met, where there is a Claude Monet of 1873 called ”Apple Trees in Bloom” that will be the best possible substitute.
  39. Ronald Reagan (1987/03/20/0023137) But after about a half-dozen questions, he seemed to hit his stride, answering at some length and with considerably more composure, even though he never oozed self-confidence like the Ronald Reagan of old.
  40. Alan Orange (1987/03/22/0023650) Adelphi, in beating the Orange for the first time since 1977, then got seven consecutive goals, three by Reh.
  41. George Bush (1987/03/23/0024033) The error amused Mr. Mosbacher, who is not only chairman of the Mosbacher Energy Company but also financial adviser to the George Bush for President Committee and certainly worthy of the ”A” list.
  42. Vivienne Westwood (1987/03/24/0024133) AT one of the first and most energetic fashion shows here last week, a laugh-a-minute presentation at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts by the Vivienne Westwood of Paris, Jean-Remy Daumas, there were the town’s most frivolous fashion trappings: Mohican fur headpieces and doggy-ear hoods, heart-shaped backpacks, pillowcases reading Oui!
  43. Michelangelo (1987/03/24/0024161) Yet you have the gall to take up precious space between a mansard roof and a wood-and-leather lobby under the illusion that you can become a Michelangelo of the art form known as living?
  44. Albert Einstein (1987/03/27/0024878) If you are a fan of brains, you will no doubt get your fill with this enormous portion, which must come from the Einstein of the calf world.
  45. Frank Loesser (1987/03/29/0025359) It originated in a much different form in Paris, and its principal authors, Claude-Michel Schonberg (music) and Alain Boublil (book) are Frenchmen, influenced as much by Bizet as by Kurt Weill, the Frank Loesser of ”The Most Happy Fella,” and, in their use of pop-opera conventions, Mr. Lloyd Webber.
  46. Clemente Susini (1987/03/29/0025364) In her sculptures of the last eight or 10 years she has, in effect, been both the Clemente Susini of our day and -what is more difficult - the inventor of the anatomies that she puts together with such a dexterous hand.
  47. Alan Orange (1987/03/30/0025820) The coaches in the Northeast who have watched the Orange for several years use words like ”brilliant” and ”genius” when describing his work.
  48. Basil O’Connor (1987/03/31/0025959) Where is the Basil O’Connor for AIDS?”
  49. PC (1987/04/06/0027790) ‘There is no question they are now designing the PC for corporate customers,” said Jonathan Rotenberg, the president of the Boston Computer Society, one of the nation’s largest groups of personal computer users.
  50. Mir (1987/04/06/0027840) The orbiting craft would periodically dock with the Mir for maintenance, replenishment of supplies and rest and check-ups for any crew aboard.
  51. Richard Pryor (1987/04/08/0028366) So Mr. Johnson moves through Harlem, clinical and profane in equal measure, acting as the Richard Pryor of the safe sex set.
  52. Grace Kelly (1987/04/11/0029124) Local society columnists, much taken with her glamour and her new husband’s social prominence, dubbed her ”the Grace Kelly of Chicago.”
  53. Johnny Appleseed (1987/04/12/0029177) I saw myself as the Johnny Appleseed of linguistics, persuading hotel owners to put dictionaries in rooms everywhere, enabling weary travelers to look up the meanings and spellings of words used in late-night X-rated movies.
  54. George Steinbrenner (1987/04/12/0029256) They are the George Steinbrenner of marathons because they go out and buy as many names as they can, regardless of what the athlete’s current condition is.
  55. Ira Gershwin (1987/04/16/0030666) Miss Cook’s unflagging musicianship honors composers as various as Gershwin, Berlin and Sondheim, and her affection for lyricists, from the Ira Gershwin of ”A Foggy Day” to the Sheldon Harnick of ”Dear Friend,” is nearly as intense.
  56. Sheldon Harnick (1987/04/16/0030666) Miss Cook’s unflagging musicianship honors composers as various as Gershwin, Berlin and Sondheim, and her affection for lyricists, from the Ira Gershwin of ”A Foggy Day” to the Sheldon Harnick of ”Dear Friend,” is nearly as intense.
  57. Gladwyn Kingsley Noble (1987/04/18/0031242) Mrs. Turner came to Corpus Christi 30 years ago to sell textbooks for her father, who is a Noble of Barnes & Noble, the New York publishers.
  58. Ingrid Bergman (1987/04/19/0031974) He had called her Tiffany, which is fine for a call girl, but not right for the Ingrid Bergman of dogs.
  59. Duke Ellington (1987/04/22/0032772) He has attributed some of his stylistic inspiration to Bud Powell and McCoy Tyner, but his creation of salsa concerto-style compositions led to his being regarded by some as the Duke Ellington of salsa.
  60. Alastair Ralphs (1987/04/26/0034271) To reach Tantallon, continue east along the A1 for about five miles, then turn north on the A198 for about eight miles until the castle comes into view.
  61. +Richard Wagner (1987/04/30/0035386) It was something to compare in evocative sonority with the Wagner of ”Siegfried.”+
  62. Horatio Alger (1987/04/30/0035452) Mr. Chertoff called Mr. Massino ”the Horatio Alger of the Mafia.”
  63. +Dwight Gooden (1987/04/30/0035517) As long as he goes back to being the Dwight Gooden of the past, the one who was a winner, he’ll be O.K.”+
  64. Horatio Alger (1987/05/03/0036349) Mr. Fisher, of course, is the former chicken farmer who became the Horatio Alger of undersea treasure hunters.
  65. Oliver North (1987/05/03/0036472) In the Luce tradition, Mr. Malkin can coin a phrase: the economist Arthur Laffer is ”the Oliver North of Reaganomics”; Milton Friedman is ”one of those brilliant one-idea cranks”; and President Reagan’s alma mater is the ”providentially named Eureka College.”
  66. Napoleon (1987/05/03/0036760) This steady stream of income from the exploitation of a name synonymous with high fashion has earned him a sobriquet, the Napoleon of licensors.
  67. Gary Hart (1987/05/06/0037724) The voters only remember the Gary Hart of the 1984 primary season - ”new ideas” that nobody could find.
  68. Howard Cosell (1987/05/07/0037931) ”We need, as it were, a Howard Cosell for the S.D.I.,” said Brig.
  69. Emmy (1987/05/07/0038081) Cathryn Damon, a stage and television actress who won an Emmy for her role on the popular television spoof ”Soap,” died of cancer Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
  70. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1987/05/10/0038761) Along with the thousands of failures, a few ritualistic pieces of musical consequence were produced, several by the Mozart of the idiom, George Crumb.
  71. Robert Wilson (1987/05/10/0038816) Mr. Freyer, who is also a painter and is sometimes called the Robert Wilson of Germany, is best known for his stagings of Philip Glass’s ”Satyagraha” and ”Akhnaten” in Stuttgart, but he has also directed and designed works as diverse as Mozart’s ”Zauberflote” for Hamburg, Weber’s ”Freischutz” for Stuttgart and Handel’s ”Messiah” for West Berlin.
  72. Harts (1987/05/10/0039007) George McGovern, who has known the Harts for 20 years, observed: ”It’s been a difficult marriage for as long as I’ve known Gary and Lee.
  73. John F. Kennedy (1987/05/10/0039183) In the 60’s Mr. Bernstein looked like the John F. Kennedy of culture.
  74. Jain (1987/05/10/0039185) If he is a Jain of a certain sect, he goes dressed only in empty space.
  75. Walter Johnson (1987/05/13/0039886) So was Masaichi Kaneda, the Walter Johnson of Japan with 400 career victories.
  76. Neil Simon (1987/05/15/0040577) Cavalli’s librettist, Giacinto Andrea Cicognini, was ”the Neil Simon of Venetian comedy,” Mr. Echols said.
  77. Joe DiMaggio (1987/05/16/0040728) the Joe DiMaggio of love,” he fantasizes while flexing a bicep that refuses to bulge
  78. Judas (1987/05/17/0040949) When the walkers dwindle to 11, he sees them as Apostles and himself as a Judas for remaining neutral. //
  79. Horatio Alger (1987/05/17/0041016) WHAT drives the marketers is the dream of finding the next kiwi, the Horatio Alger of exotic fruit.
  80. Sprig (1987/05/17/0041380) In the Bottom place the Leaves from a Sprig of Mint and add one half Tablespoonful of powdered Sugar.
  81. Bob Dole (1987/05/18/0041529) ‘Yes, we were slow to get started, no doubt about it,” said Mr. Ellsworth, a 60-year-old Kansas-born businessman who serves as chairman of the Bob Dole for President Exploratory Committee.
  82. George Bush (1987/05/18/0041529) Richard Bond, deputy campaign manager of the George Bush for President effort, was less critical.
  83. Utah Jazz (1987/05/19/0041696) Tripucka, who averaged 21.6 points during his five-year stay in Detroit, was traded before this season to the Utah Jazz for Adrian Dantley, the postup player the Pistons had long needed.
  84. Stark (1987/05/21/0042597) Some officials have suggested that a navigational error by the Iraqi pilot took him into the wrong area and that he mistook the Stark for a merchant ship.
  85. Bernhard Goetz (1987/05/21/0042597) A former Navy official was quoted by The Baltimore Sun as saying the Stark’s captain would have been seen as ”the Bernhard Goetz of the Persian Gulf.”
  86. Walter Winchell (1987/05/22/0042798) A recent historian has described Bald as ”the Boswell of the Lost Generation,” but Root disagrees: ”In my opinion ’the Walter Winchell of the Lost Generation’ would have been more like it.”
  87. Jackie Robinson (1987/05/22/0042958) He added, ”In short, he is the Jackie Robinson of the corporate world.”
  88. Babe Ruth (1987/05/23/0043074) What would Eddie Shore, known as the Babe Ruth of hockey, have said about this?
  89. George Plimpton (1987/05/24/0043458) In fact, he is more like an enthusiastic amateur trying to break into the major leagues, a George Plimpton of international relations.
  90. +Egyptian (1987/05/24/0043645) ‘You will wear a galabia and look like an Egyptian for me.”+
  91. Woody Allen (1987/05/24/0043683) HOMER LEE is the Woody Allen of Long Island restaurateurs.
  92. Utah Jazz (1987/05/25/0043834) In all, Dantley, who was traded to the Pistons during the off season by the Utah Jazz for Kelly Tripucka and Kent Benson, had a career playoff high of 32 points.
  93. George Jessel (1987/05/27/0044042) Compared to the younger smoothies, Mr. Altman, who called himself ”the George Jessel of intellectuals,” addressed the audience from the standpoint of an embattled, aging hipster commenting amusingly on everything from the relationship between food and language to condom advertising.
  94. George Will (1987/05/27/0044071) Some go back to Japan to become celebrities; for example, after six years in Washington, Yoshihisa Komori is now considered the George Will of newspaper columnists in Japan.
  95. Stark (1987/05/27/0044185) It shouldn’t have taken the tragic Iraqi attack on the Stark for the Administration to know it had no business sending ships sailing into harm’s way without having thought through such questions.
  96. J. P. Morgan (1987/06/04/0046449) According to Mr. Guernsey, the media were most cooperative, one even reformatting some of its editorial matter in its eagerness to have a J. P. Morgan among its advertisers.
  97. Stark (1987/06/08/0047492) Iraq said it mistook the Stark for an Iranian warship.
  98. Tom Seaver (1987/06/10/0048027) Granted, the Tom Seaver of today won’t be the Tom Seaver of years ago.
  99. John Henry (1987/06/10/0048033) He’s a horse who’s had serious physical problems,” said Dr. Lee, who treats human patients - including athletes from horse racing, basketball, football and boxing - at his office in South Orange, N.J. ”I call him the John Henry of the trotting set.
  100. James Alexander Calder (1987/06/12/0048436) This 114-acre site, directly across Anderson Hill Road from the Neuberger Museum, also has a Calder among the 40 displayed pieces, which offer a visual history of 20th-century sculpture.
  101. Madonna (1987/06/14/0048928) Before going to the monastery, which houses the Madonna of Czestochwa, Poland’s patroness, John Paul had delivered a series of speeches about Solidarity in the Baltic shipyard cities where the now-outlawed labor movement was born.
  102. Pe-Hor (1987/06/14/0049070) (Udall took ”an Elephant of a flye” from the second-century Greek writer Lucian, but coined or at least popularized ”mountaine of a mollehill” himself.
  103. +Pe-Hor (1987/06/14/0049070) The alliterative mountain-molehill comparison has been tracked by James Rogers in his 1985 Dictionary of Cliches to Nicholas Udall’s 1548 book in which the author translates Erasmus: ”The Sophistes of Grece coulde through their copiousness make an Elephant of a flye, and a mountaine of a mollehill.”+
  104. Chen Yu An (1987/06/18/0049974) ‘It’s a good place to hang out,” said Mr. Hoover, a bachelor who drives to the Queenie for steak fingers when he gets tired of his own cooking, which is about five times a week.
  105. Dan Rather (1987/06/18/0049974) She might be called the Dan Rather of Shackelford County, receiving and transmitting news and gossip with incredible speed and efficiency.
  106. Ma Rainey (1987/06/19/0050233) For her final salute to Mahalia Jackson, she strikes a pietistic pose, but, in style, her version of this gospel singer is not so far removed from the Ma Rainey of the first act.
  107. +Pablo Picasso (1987/06/19/0050261) 2” that bespeaks the Picasso of ”Guernica.”+
  108. Stark (1987/06/20/0050555) Captain Brindel, who has been an officer for almost 22 years, had commanded the Stark for just over two years.
  109. Henry Miller (1987/06/21/0050669) Judging by the author’s systematic peppering of his brief plot with gamey episodes of sexual improvisation, and by the hero’s awesome arousability (a fleeting memory, an unseemly word, and he is in the manly state), one might think Mr. Faldbakken aspires to become the Henry Miller of Norway.
  110. Joan Baez (1987/06/21/0050676) One can’t always like the Joan Baez of this autobiography.
  111. Liberace (1987/06/26/0052031) With a lot of flashy filigree and little swing or melodic inventiveness, Mr. Jordan threatens to become the Liberace of guitar.
  112. Abner Doubleday (1987/06/28/0052404) I wrote them,” said Mr. Perrone, the Abner Doubleday of Play Ball.
  113. Capone (1987/06/28/0052644) But it doesn’t sufficiently allow for the Napoleonic element in Capone (the Capone of cinematic myth, that is, not the real man), and it doesn’t permit him to dominate the action as ferociously as he does in most movie versions of the legend.
  114. Frank Sinatra (1987/06/29/0052991) The women had traveled 12,000 miles, all the way from Tokyo, and when they arrived in Manhattan yesterday, they had one man’s name on their lips - Hiroshi Itsuki, the Frank Sinatra of Japan.
  115. Billy Martin (1987/07/03/0053903) LESLIE REVSIN, the Billy Martin of New York City chefs, is back with a new team -her sixth since 1979.
  116. Patrick Dupond (1987/07/05/0054304) Andris Liepa, the son of Maris Liepa, is an exciting classical dancer with a very contemporary veneer, the Patrick Dupond of Moscow but with a poetic edge.
  117. Frank Sinatra (1987/07/05/0054412) Mr. Itsuki, who is known as the Frank Sinatra of Japan, was trailed by 180 of his most devoted Japanese fans, mostly unmarried middle-aged women, who paid $5,500 each to make the trip.
  118. Emmy (1987/07/13/0056355) Jeff Bleckner, who won an Emmy for directing another courtroom drama, ”Concealed Enemies,” about the Alger Hiss case, directed.
  119. Buster Keaton (1987/07/19/0057747) As one person was overheard saying at a performance, ”He’s like a Buster Keaton of linguistics.”
  120. +Giuseppe Verdi (1987/07/19/0057826) One problem today is a lack of voices adequate for Wagner and even the Verdi of ”Aida.”+
  121. Flyer (1987/07/19/0057857) On Dec. 30, 1905, the French signed an option to buy a Flyer for a million francs.
  122. Marc Chagall (1987/07/24/0059580) These paintings suggest that the Chagall of the Old Testament was not so much an artist in decline as one overawed by his subject - and if this is understandable, it is also regrettable.
  123. Emmy (1987/07/26/0059876) Ms. Parent, who won an Emmy for her work on the ”The Carol Burnett Show,” is at her satiric best in the first half of the novel, when she describes Mickey’s latest television series and his difficulties with network executives.
  124. Henry Ford (1987/07/26/0059941) Mr. Safdie was described as the Henry Ford of housing.
  125. Jackie Robinson (1987/07/27/0060318) Venice reminds him of ”Othello,” and prompts an analysis of the tragedy that ends: ”Othello was the Jackie Robinson of his day.
  126. Alfred Nobel (1987/07/28/0060656) Five years later, after the disappointments of Hollywood, Faulkner received the Nobel for literature.
  127. Emmy (1987/08/02/0061982) They joined the staff of ”The Carol Burnett Show” and won an Emmy for their writing in 1972.
  128. Paul Harvey (1987/08/15/0066105) Gabriel Heatter was the Paul Harvey of his era, but without Paul Harvey’s understated subtlety.
  129. Thorn (1987/08/16/0066413) Rebels Remain a Thorn for Ugandan Regime
  130. Mona Lisa (1987/08/18/0067049) She is a Mona Lisa of Roman Palestine,” said Professor Meyers.
  131. Guthrie Brown Sanford (1987/08/19/0067292) Endurance, second in the Tremont and third in the Saratoga Special, is the likely favorite in the Sanford for 2-year-olds at six furlongs here Wednesday.
  132. Richard Nixon (1987/08/22/0068198) Mr. Coover’s latest novel, ”Whatever Happened to Gloomy Gus of the Chicago Bears” is set in the 1930’s, rather than the 50’s, but it stands as a book end of sorts to ”The Public Burning,” and it features a hero who’s a twin brother to the Nixon of that earlier novel.
  133. Woody Allen (1987/08/23/0068396) Sort of the Woody Allen of Hoboken, Mr. Sayles uses many of his regulars -Maggie Renzi, David Strathairn, Josh Mostel, Nancy Mette - in ”Matewan,” but he also makes maximum advantage of a deep-voiced newcomer named James Earl Jones, who does his best not to dominate the screen as the natural leader of the black miners.
  134. Pete Rose (1987/08/23/0068626) Shays is the Pete Rose of the Connecticut Republican Party, hustle, hustle, hustle,” said Robert S. Poliner, the Connecticut Republican state chairman, who called the win ”a tremendous shot in the arm” for the Connecticut Republican Party and a ”good sign nationally” for the party.
  135. Mac (1987/08/25/0068902) ‘In special education the success of our computers has been spectacular, especially in the use of the Mac for the visually impaired,” he said.
  136. Richard Bradley (1987/08/31/0070584) As a result, the panel said, an Army ban on using the Bradley for waterborne operations will be lifted soon.
  137. +Juliana Evans (1987/08/31/0070585) Worth ‘a Couple of Grins’+
  138. Topic (1987/09/06/0071990) Cambodia a Topic for All
  139. Ralph Lauren (1987/09/06/0072173) Ah well - but I might become the Ralph Lauren of the Camargue.”
  140. Bruce Springsteen (1987/09/07/0072432) What’s more, Mr. Fryer added, the Governor is ”the Bruce Springsteen of politics.”
  141. Walter Mondale (1987/09/07/0072470) It came from an unlikely source - Anker Jorgensen, an earnest but unexciting man usually cast as the Walter Mondale of Danish politics.
  142. Kitty Genovese (1987/09/09/0072823) Let Haiti not become the Kitty Genovese among nations.
  143. +Joseph Goebbels (1987/09/09/0072923) But he showed little regard for the army, whose spokesman he likened several times to Hitler’s propaganda chief, calling him ”the Goebbels of Aguinaldo.”+
  144. Joseph Goebbels (1987/09/10/0073045) Military officers were also offended by Mr. Arroyo’s characterization of the army spokesman, Col. Honesto Isleta, as ”the Goebbels of Aguinaldo.”
  145. Cecil Beaton (1987/09/11/0073363) I want to be the Cecil Beaton of the flower world.”
  146. Alfred Dreyfus (1987/09/13/0073979) school of crime reporting; and a third, the novelist Michael Mewshaw, who, in ”Money to Burn,” is so bent on making Steven Benson the Alfred Dreyfus of southwest Florida that he inflates what could have been a chapter of sharp-eyed criticism into a book-length orgy of nit-picking.
  147. Alice Cooper (1987/09/16/0074975) What became an intergallactic dud was ”the Alice Cooper of comets,” according to Mr. Schaffer’s publicity.
  148. Ken O’Brien (1987/09/18/0075362) Both teams’ passers - Steve Grogan, replacing Tony Eason, and Ken O’Brien, replacing the Ken O’Brien of 1986 - will pass and pass.
  149. Roone Arledge (1987/09/19/0075504) Mr. Brandon, the 37-year-old founder of Cheerleader Productions, can be thought of as the Roone Arledge of Britain.
  150. Ray Kroc (1987/09/20/0075758) THE vision that Mr. Zanker’s energy serves is as simple as it is grandiose: He would like to be the Ray Kroc of adult education.
  151. Elvis Presley (1987/09/20/0076210) If he is not exactly the Elvis Presley of ballet, Mr. Baryshnikov demonstrates a popular appeal that reaches far beyond the usual ballet audience.
  152. +Sergei Rachmaninoff (1987/09/20/0076235) ‘When Tom Shepard, who was then at CBS, came to me and asked me to record all the Rachmaninoff for the 1973 anniversary year,” she says, ”I went to Rudy and asked, ‘Do you think I can do it?.’+
  153. John Alden (1987/09/20/0076271) But you would not know that Senator Kennedy remains the John Alden of American politics unless you watched his part of the hearings in its entirety.
  154. Ozzie Smith (1987/09/21/0076371) He was the Ozzie Smith of the West Indies,” the spectator said, referring to the St. Louis Cardinals’ shortstop who is a premier fielder.
  155. +Emmy (1987/09/21/0076413) Robin Williams, who didn’t attend, won an Emmy for his performance in an ABC special, ”Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin.”+
  156. Rudi (1987/09/24/0076980) Pepito Albert, a 25-year-old designer from the Philippines, won a Rudi for being this year’s best young designer.
  157. Jimi Hendrix (1987/09/25/0077266) For Roger Miller, it’s as much an electronic instrument as the electric guitar - and he’s set out to become the Jimi Hendrix of the electric piano.
  158. George Washington (1987/09/26/0077581) Remember back when they were trying to tell us in certain areas of the media that Castro was the George Washington of Cuba?”
  159. John Lennon (1987/09/27/0077678) He was the John Lennon of the Wailers, sometimes abrasive and sometimes erratic and always outspoken, even when being outspoken didn’t always serve his best purposes.
  160. Groucho Marx (1987/09/27/0077726) But the tide eventually shifted, partly because the supreme materialist of physics, Richard Feynman of the California Institute of Technology, a man once described as the Groucho Marx of physics, turned the quest for nuclear substructure into a cause celebre.
  161. Johnny Appleseed (1987/09/27/0077905) Dr. Allen, whose father is the entertainer Steve Allen, has in fact become something of a Johnny Appleseed of juggling.
  162. +Emmy (1987/10/04/0079860) In 1972 he won an unprecedented directing triple crown, a Tony for ”Pippin,” an Oscar for the movie of ”Cabaret” and an Emmy for ”Liza With a Z.”+
  163. Alpheus Hyatt (1987/10/04/0080061) Square 345 Limited Partnership Quadrangle Development Corporation built the Hyatt for $130 million.
  164. Ansel Adams (1987/10/07/0080556) Leonard Humbrecht is the Ansel Adams of Alsace wine makers.
  165. Utah Jazz (1987/10/09/0081164) The Cavaliers retained the 6-9 Bailey as a backup center and power forward and packaged Dawkins and Mel Turpin, a 6-11 center, in a trade to the Utah Jazz for Kent Benson, a forward-center, and Dell Curry, a shooting guard.
  166. Utah Jazz (1987/10/09/0081176) CLEVELAND (NBA) - Traded Darryl Dawkins and Mel Turpin, centers, to the Utah Jazz for Kent Benson, center, and Dell Curry, guard.
  167. George Bush (1987/10/13/0082398) Two blocks away, in the storefront headquarters of the George Bush for President campaign, Andrew H. Card Jr., a senior adviser in the Northeast for Mr. Bush, remarked that although the Bush-Dole race in Iowa seemed close, the Vice President appeared to be far ahead in New Hampshire.
  168. Brian Bosworth (1987/10/17/0083567) owners got their way, a Brian Bosworth of the future would, if he were injured or cut after the first year, lose several million dollars because he had been kept from bargaining in a free market.
  169. Alfred Nobel (1987/10/18/0083817) President Oscar Arias Sanchez won the Nobel for working out a plan designed to end the war in Nicaragua between the Sandinista Government and the United States-supported rebels, known as contras.
  170. Chuck Berry (1987/10/18/0084053) He admits that he felt burned by early business dealings, that he frequently fails to rehearse with the bands that back him and that he often refuses encores, but the Chuck Berry of these pages takes an obvious delight in his music and the success it has brought him.
  171. Gilbert Stuart (1987/10/18/0084124) On the same floor is an all-American gallery featuring loans such as a Gilbert Stuart of George Washington, a portrait of Martha by Robert Field and a stuffed bald eagle.
  172. Alfred Nobel (1987/10/24/0085813) Mr. Lundkvist is also credited with single-handedly blocking a Nobel for Graham Greene, the British novelist.
  173. Albert Klomp (1987/10/25/0086224) In the 1660 ”Orchid and Rock Amidst a Clump of Bamboo,” by Lu Dezhi, everything seems to be in the process of growing.
  174. Terry Leach (1987/10/26/0086630) The Yankees won their Series debut, 3-0, behind the submarine pitching of Carl Mays, the Terry Leach of his day.
  175. +Gun (1987/10/29/0087622) Under the Gun for Many Years’+
  176. Leonard Bernstein (1987/11/01/0088343) So while Marshall W. Mason commenced a long leave of absence from New York’s Circle Repertory Company (he resigned last year), and Gordon Davidson did the same from the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, Mr. Hall, at 55, began doing double duty, announcing with typical bravado that he planned to be ”the Lenny Bernstein of the theater world.”
  177. Cassandra (1987/11/03/0089082) In a sense he is, as the Cassandra of Dupont Circle.
  178. Julia Child (1987/11/11/0091723) A letter to Ruth Sirkis - ”the Julia Child of Israel,” according to Ms. Levy - led to a two-year stint as her assistant.
  179. Cecil B. DeMille (1987/11/11/0091729) Mr. Tyler has been called the Cecil B. DeMille of printmakers, and a Detroit production-liner in a handcraft trade.
  180. Burial (1987/11/12/0092121) Critic’s Notebook; Bottom-Line Economics and the Burial of Opera
  181. Paul Newman (1987/11/14/0092773) If Bill Laimbeer is good at acting to get calls, then Moses Malone is the Paul Newman of professional basketball,” Pitino said.
  182. James Watt (1987/11/15/0092897) I don’t think it is going too far to call Mr. Scanlon ”the James Watt of consumer protection.”
  183. Joe Klecko (1987/11/16/0093505) It helped me feel just like the Joe Klecko of old,” he said.
  184. Emmy (1987/11/20/0094679) Mrs. Corday, who won an Emmy for her work on ”Days of Our Lives” in 1978, created the daytime television series - the first color soap opera - in 1965 with her husband, Ted.
  185. Barbara Walters (1987/11/20/0094729) She said she has been a television reporter for 22 years but disagreed with Mr. Moffett’s description of her as ”the Barbara Walters of Soviet television.”
  186. Elvis Presley (1987/11/23/0095650) He was known as the Elvis of Torrington.
  187. Jan Brueghel the Elder (1987/11/29/0097720) ABORN WHEELER, IF NOT YET a dealer, Feigen claims that he bought his first Old Master at the age of 10, acquiring a Jan Brueghel for $100 with profits made from selling flower-filled mustache cups to family friends.
  188. Warren G. Harding (1987/12/03/0098477) To me the President has for years seemed to be the Warren G. Harding of our time, not the Herbert Hoover.
  189. Joan Baez (1987/12/06/0099401) One can’t always like the Joan Baez of this autobiography.
  190. Pete Rose (1987/12/07/0099935) Whatever the count, Mr. Wallace, 56 years old, still has a chance to become the Pete Rose of legal argumentation.
  191. Croesus (1987/12/09/0100375) It has not made a Croesus of Mr. Pietsch, though.
  192. Peter Parnell (1987/12/11/0100814) One might suggest that in his play, Mr. Mason aspires to be Mr. Durang (or the Peter Parnell of ”The Sorrows of Stephen”).
  193. Ed Sullivan (1987/12/13/0101324) But Mr. Schmidt, too, wonders about Mr. Adams’s future role: ”I see him more as the facilitator, the introducer, kind of the Ed Sullivan of the program.
  194. +Joe Biden (1987/12/13/0101448) Then he added, ”Of course, this won’t be my first exposure to the fantasy category - in my earlier years I worked extensively on the Joe Biden for Senator campaign.”+
  195. George Bush (1987/12/16/0102348) The address she gave, 733 15th Street, sounded familiar; it turned out to be the George Bush for President
  196. George Bush (1987/12/16/0102348) The address she gave, 733 15th Street, sounded familiar; it turned out to be the George Bush for President Campaign headquarters.
  197. Jack Kemp (1987/12/16/0102348) A member of the Jack Kemp for President staff was flattered but suspicious when a caller, identifying herself as a student, asked for statements from the Republican contender on the Strategic Defense Initiative.
  198. Allan Oviedo (1987/12/17/0102378) ‘I’m not well known enough, although I’ve kicked as well as anybody the last few seasons,” said Leahy, who has been a Jet for 14 seasons.
  199. M. L. Carr (1987/12/18/0102667) - won the Super Bowl with a former Navy helicopter pilot named Phil McConkey running up and down the sidelines waving a flag, the M. L. Carr of the swamplands.
  200. Michelangelo (1987/12/20/0103276) If, as the author tells us, the deal is an art form, then the book makes clear that Mr. Trump sees himself as the Michelangelo of that form.
  201. Groucho Marx (1987/12/22/0103904) This season they have hidden him somewhere behind the boys’ clothing section; and yes, his black-rimmed eyeglasses make him the Groucho Marx of the Kringle clan.
  202. Jeroboam (1987/12/23/0104026) At Sherry-Lehmann, a Jeroboam of Perrier-Jouet Fleur de Champagne, which has Art Nouveau decoration by Emil Galle traced with enamel flowers and gold, sells for $175.
  203. +Nebuchadnezzar II (1987/12/23/0104026) For example, two Methuselahs of Mumm Cordon Rouge were specifically engraved to commemorate the Voyager flight around the world, and a Nebuchadnezzar of Mumm was poured Dec. 15 in Boston to inaugurate the national touring company of ”Les Miserables.”+
  204. Nebuchadnezzar II (1987/12/23/0104026) The advance in technology comes at a time when, according to Mr. Kogan, consumer interest in large bottles is high, even at prices that rise to about $700 for a Nebuchadnezzar of Charbaut Champagne.
  205. Bill Lee (1987/12/27/0105083) * Bill Lee didn’t get his nickname of the Spaceman for nothing.
  206. Damon Runyon (1987/12/27/0105197) He took the Damon Runyon for state-breds at Aqueduct on Nov. 2 and was placed first by disqualification in the Kentucky Jockey Club stakes at Churchill Downs on Nov. 28.
  207. John Wayne (1987/12/31/0106025) He’s the John Wayne of the rodent.”


  1. Leo Tolstoy (1988/01/03/0106769) (”Who is the Tolstoy of the Zulus?
  2. Mario Cuomo (1988/01/06/0107301) To New York political figures and others, Democrats and Republicans alike, who have watched or worked with Mr. Cuomo since his election in November 1982, his theme for this year points up what they have observed for some time: the contrast between the Mario Cuomo of the speeches and the Mario Cuomo of the reality of running government, the Mario Cuomo on the road who is the champion of the poor and the Mario Cuomo at home in New York, where a severe housing shortage has more than doubled the number of homeless people since he took office.
  3. Mario Cuomo (1988/01/06/0107301) To New York political figures and others, Democrats and Republicans alike, who have watched or worked with Mr. Cuomo since his election in November 1982, his theme for this year points up what they have observed for some time: the contrast between the Mario Cuomo of the speeches and the Mario Cuomo of the reality of running government, the Mario Cuomo on the road who is the champion of the poor and the Mario Cuomo at home in New York, where a severe housing shortage has more than doubled the number of homeless people since he took office.
  4. Mario Cuomo (1988/01/06/0107361) News analysis: Two Mario Cuomos are seen by political figures: the Mario Cuomo of his speeches and the Mario Cuomo of his administration.
  5. César Baldaccini (1988/01/08/0107717) His bravura performance in ”Manon” and in ”Jean de Florette,” the first part of the two-film adaptation from Marcel Pagnol’s novel, brought rapturous reviews and earned Mr. Auteuil a Cesar for best actor last spring.
  6. César Baldaccini (1988/01/08/0107717) At first the director rejected the idea of even testing Miss Beart, although she had been twice nominated for a Cesar for other film roles and had a growing reputation in the theater.
  7. Michelangelo (1988/01/08/0107736) There is the Michelangelo of the Sistine Chapel.
  8. Karl Evert Flinck (1988/01/08/0107737) In 1948, Jacob Rosenberg, an art historian, identified this painting as a work by Govaert Flinck - and Mr. Guterman bought it as a Flinck for $82,500 at a Sotheby’s auction in 1981.
  9. Fraction (1988/01/11/0108666) Only a Fraction of the Vote
  10. Clint Eastwood (1988/01/13/0109114) He’s a phenomenon - the Clint Eastwood of the art museum director’s world,” said the director of the Brooklyn Museum, Robert Buck.
  11. Donald Trump (1988/01/14/0109439) Any pretentions aside, Mr. LeFrak, who was born on Lincoln’s Birthday, characterizes himself as ”a man of the people,” kind of a Donald Trump for the middle class.
  12. Madonna (1988/01/17/0110006) If the tree is seen as a standing figure, its arms spread protectively, it also brings to mind a female Christian image, the Madonna of the Misericordia, or mercy, the subject of a great painting by an artist with whom Mondrian has often been compared, Piero della Francesca.
  13. Clint Eastwood (1988/01/17/0110278) The Guggenheim Museum of Art has appointed a man described as ”the Clint Eastwood of the art museum director’s world” to direct its expansionist fortunes.
  14. Leo Tolstoy (1988/01/19/0110836) The novelist Saul Bellow, for example, remarked in a recent issue of The New York Times Magazine that he did not know ”the Tolstoy of the Zulus, the Proust of the Papuans,” His remark provoked the ire of some professors, who charged him with insensitivity to the feelings of non-whites.
  15. Marcel Proust (1988/01/19/0110836) The novelist Saul Bellow, for example, remarked in a recent issue of The New York Times Magazine that he did not know ”the Tolstoy of the Zulus, the Proust of the Papuans,” His remark provoked the ire of some professors, who charged him with insensitivity to the feelings of non-whites.
  16. James Britten (1988/01/22/0111796) We had already planned the Britten for the first concert, and since the chorus was to be there, and since it’s so expensive to have them travel, we thought we should take advantage of their presence.
  17. Omen (1988/01/22/0111959) Surge in AIDS Cases in Congo Could Be an Omen for africa
  18. Alfred Nobel (1988/01/22/0111960) For four days, the Socialist President has received considerable press and television coverage, prompting one Gaullist politician to remark that he had won a Nobel for electioneering.
  19. Benedict Arnold (1988/01/23/0112122) Meldrim Thomson Jr. of New Hampshire, Mr. Robertson’s campaign manager in that state, called Mr. Kemp ”the Benedict Arnold of the Republican Party.”
  20. Leo Tolstoy (1988/01/24/0112715) Allan Bloom’s colleague Saul Bellow asks: ”Who is the Tolstoy of the Zulus?
  21. Dash (1988/01/24/0112726) Jazz Refreshes Itself With a Dash of Brazil
  22. Cecil B. DeMille (1988/01/24/0112743) Mr. Breuer, who attempts to blend classical and popular cultures in his theater works, has been called ”the Cecil B. DeMille of the American theater.”
  23. +Thomas Welbank Fowle (1988/01/29/0113980) Mr. Lynch added that the Senate’s chief fiscal analyst, Eugene K. Tyksinski, ”gets an A for math, but I guess he gets an F for facts.”+
  24. Johan Hermans (1988/02/01/0114888) Back at the Strouds, as the game came to what for Washingtonians was a glorious end, an exhausted but jubilant group trailed next door to the Hermans for supper.
  25. Kony Bryant (1988/02/04/0115689) Several neighbors in the 12-story hotel, including a woman who lives a few doors away, said the boy and an older brother had lived in the Bryant for at least 10 months.
  26. Jesse Jackson (1988/02/04/0115826) His audience was almost all white, the music came from a bluegrass band featuring a couple of local teamsters, and the song they sang was about the Jesse Jackson of 1988: Jesse has a plan to help the working man And bring our jobs back home.
  27. Evel Knievel (1988/02/05/0116272) Lear,” directed by Lee Breuer and featuring Ruth Maleczech as the aged king and Greg Mehrten as a drag-queen Fool, has created some excited word of mouth since early work-in-progress performances began at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, N.J. Other high points of the marathon are likely to be Karen Finley performing an excerpt from her scabrously obscene monologue ”The Constant State of Desire,” the Alien Comic (Tom Murrin) dressed as an electrified lemon tree, and an appearance by David Leslie, the Evel Knievel of performance artists.
  28. César Baldaccini (1988/02/07/0116680) In ”Au Revoir les Enfants,” the kitchen helper, Joseph (played by Francois Negret, who was nominated for a Cesar for best new actor), is fired from his job at the school for stealing and, in vengeance, gives the Jewish children away to the Gestapo.
  29. Leo Tolstoy (1988/02/09/0117468) Saul Bellow, whom you quote as having remarked that he didn’t know ”the Tolstoy of the Zulus, the Proust of the Papuans,” will not find his Tolstoy; but as you quote John R. Perry, Stanford philosophy professor, ”if his never having heard of a great author among them suggests that it’s pointless to look for great ideas or things to teach from the whole African continent, then I find it sad.”
  30. Marcel Proust (1988/02/09/0117468) Saul Bellow, whom you quote as having remarked that he didn’t know ”the Tolstoy of the Zulus, the Proust of the Papuans,” will not find his Tolstoy; but as you quote John R. Perry, Stanford philosophy professor, ”if his never having heard of a great author among them suggests that it’s pointless to look for great ideas or things to teach from the whole African continent, then I find it sad.”
  31. Roswell King (1988/02/10/0117704) The Roswell King of the town he founded left one legacy, Mr. Bell told the hushed audience, but the Roswell King of the ”low country contributed to the legacy of racism and strife” that remains difficult to remove.
  32. Edwin Meese (1988/02/11/0118070) In short, if a Michael Deaver is suspected of influence-peddling, or an Edwin Meese of cronyism, the only way to force a real investigation is to threaten President Reagan with impeachment.
  33. Sonja Henie (1988/02/12/0118297) By virtue of its first strike, chinook now looms as the Torvill and Dean, the Miracle on Ice hockey team, the Peggy Fleming, the Sonja Henie of these Winter Games.
  34. Brian (1988/02/15/0119339) Their most recent long programs notwithstanding, each has pronounced himself confident, ready and eager to prove that he is the Brian for the ages.
  35. Cinderella (1988/02/17/0119745) CALIFORNIA chardonnay is the Cinderella of American wines.
  36. William Sealy Gosset (1988/02/18/0120048) Jay Leyda, Film Historian, Writer And a Student of Sergei Eisenstein
  37. +Ash (1988/02/19/0120281) Many demonstrators wore placards with sayings like ”Koch’s Cuts Kill,” ”Don’t Let Koch Make an Ash of You” and ”Commissioner Bruno Supports Stupidity - Not Firefighters.”+
  38. Baxter (1988/02/20/0120591) Apart from breaking all the theater’s attendance records, ”District Six” also drew truly multi-racial crowds to the Baxter for the first time.
  39. Stanley Spencer (1988/02/21/0120858) And Adam Ant, an art dealer on screen but a former art student and present-day art collector in real life who has a small Picasso and a Stanley Spencer among his holdings, adds that art has become interesting because ”paintings have become a currency.
  40. Spot (1988/02/21/0120963) Save a Spot for Amateurs in the Olympics
  41. Kony Bryant (1988/02/22/0121167) His 19th child, his 12th son, was born Feb. 16, four days after his 14-year-old son, Calvin Jr., was arrested at the Bryant for robbery.
  42. +George Edward Post (1988/02/22/0121187) Jerry Tallmer, who has been a writer at the Post for more than 25 years, said he felt ”like Lazarus rising.”+
  43. Vladimir Krutov (1988/02/23/0121513) Millen, who in Esposito’s opinion is the most intriguing of the trio, led the tournament in scoring with 10 points until Sunday, when the Vladimir Krutov of the Soviet Union moved into the top position with five goals and seven assists.
  44. Bob Hope (1988/02/28/0123045) As a needler of celebrities and a supercilious social parodist, Mr. Murphy is not all that different from the Bob Hope of 30 years ago who tweaked celebrity egos and lisped with a limp wrist.
  45. Franz Kafka (1988/02/28/0123089) This is the Kafka of his journals, which are no less gripping than his works.
  46. N (1988/03/01/0123528) The H stands for hemagglutinin and the N for neuraminidase, two important substances on the virus particle’s surface that determine how the immune defenses react to it.
  47. Erica M.F. Swale (1988/03/04/0124458) The Florida Derby undercard includes six other stakes races, the most important being the Swale for 3-year-olds at seven furlongs.
  48. P. T. Barnum (1988/03/05/0124772) The late owner of three major league clubs, Veeck was often called the P. T. Barnum of baseball for his promotional gimmicks.
  49. Dalai Lama (1988/03/06/0124824) Beijing has accused the Dalai Lama of stirring up anti-Chinese sentiment in Tibet.
  50. Spot (1988/03/06/0124837) I would like to applaud Don LaVigne for his reasoned and honest plea (”Save a Spot for Amateurs in the Olympics,” The New York Times, Feb. 21).
  51. Albert Einstein (1988/03/06/0125050) At home, Khan is a prominent figure, hailed as ”the Einstein of Pakistan.”
  52. Cinderella (1988/03/06/0125121) WITH the prices of land and single-family houses continuing to soar, some Westchester builders are turning to the Cinderella of the housing market, the two-family house, and finding eager buyers.
  53. Witold Gombrowicz (1988/03/06/0125233) Not a Mann, not a Gombrowicz among them.
  54. James Joyce (1988/03/08/0125626) He’s always seemed to me like the James Joyce of the Middle Ages and probably as complex and puzzling to his contemporaries.”
  55. Weekend (1988/03/09/0126025) Review/Concert; In London, a Weekend of Berlioz as Berlioz Heard It
  56. Eppie Lederer (1988/03/10/0126299) I’m sort of like an Ann Landers for the feet.”
  57. Matthew Arnold (1988/03/11/0126655) I do not know whether, when Chaim Grade made this statement, he did or did not think of the words of his friend, the distinguished Y. Y. Trunk, the Matthew Arnold of Yiddish letters, who warned in November 1948, ”You do not suppose that Jews and Jewish values will be saved if Israel becomes a puppy hound among big hounds.”
  58. +Pill (1988/03/12/0126682) More People Seek ‘a Pill for Every Ill’+
  59. Blue Angel (1988/03/12/0126702) After playing at the Blue Angel for two weeks, he sent me a telegram asking me to put him back in the Vanguard, which I did.
  60. Grange (1988/03/13/0127159) But many members, like his father, have belonged to the Grange for a long time.
  61. Dean Smith (1988/03/13/0127169) Don Ryan is a terrific guy, a dedicated guy, the Dean Smith of biddy basketball,” said Steve Nisenson of Jericho, the father of a 12-year-old player, Brett, who at an estimated height of four and a half feet is the shortest player on the biddy team.
  62. Ruth Westheimer (1988/03/16/0127840) Ms. Mizner, who calls herself the Dr. Ruth of grappa, said she believes that a little grappa every day might improve one’s sex life.
  63. +Marine (1988/03/19/0128673) At his news conference, Colonel North, standing next to an American flag, his voice seeming to choke with emotion, said that ”since graduating from the United States Naval Academy, my goal has simply been to serve our country as a Marine for as long as possible.”+
  64. Average (1988/03/20/0129114) Form 1040 Takes an Average of 18 Hours
  65. Syrie Maugham (1988/03/24/0130140) It is named the Syrie Maugham for the 1930’s English decorator whose work inspired those in the Hampton living room.
  66. Cinderella (1988/03/24/0130186) The Spiders have gone big-league, the national news media have anointed them the Cinderella of the tournament, and in a cacophony of cheers and clatter, the university’s first-ever basketball pep rally declares itself, like its team, a success story.
  67. Louis XIV of France (1988/03/27/0130877) AT 65, JAY PRITZKER is the Louis XIV of the deal makers, the Sun King whose ever-expanding family empire includes the Hyatt hotel chain; Braniff airlines; the Marmon Group, a $3-billion assemblage of more than 60 industrial companies, and diversified interests in real estate, financial services and timberland.
  68. Helen Thomas (1988/03/27/0131142) I suppose I’m kind of the Helen Thomas of the New York reporters,” he said, referring to United Press International’s longtime White House correspondent, who always gets the first question at President Reagan’s news conferences.
  69. Howard Hughes (1988/03/29/0131517) One alderman has derided him as ”the Howard Hughes of City Hall,” a reference to what some think is a reclusive style of governing.
  70. Kenny Scharf (1988/04/01/0132316) These objects radiate a physical perfection, good humor and, despite their effusive hardware, a buoyancy that is reminiscent of the best graffiti art, so it is fitting that people are calling Mr. Bickerton ”the Kenny Scharf of Neo-Geo.”
  71. René Descartes (1988/04/08/0134160) (The French critic Pierre Restany, a lifelong friend and champion of Arman, was moved recently to call him ”the Descartes of the quantitative method.”)
  72. Prince George, Duke of Cambridge (1988/04/09/0134397) Captain Gardner said Mr. Sanches had been living with Ms. Vasquez and the two younger children in Room 702 of the Prince George for about 16 months, he said.
  73. Harold Pinter (1988/04/10/0134562) JAMES KUDELKA, THE 32-year-old Canadian choreographer, has been called the Harold Pinter of dance.
  74. Frederic Ward Putnam (1988/04/11/0135069) Soon afterward, however, Mr. Anderson, Sarah Lazin, the agent, and the book’s co-authors came to the Putnam for a meeting with about a dozen executives and editors.
  75. Rashi (1988/04/12/0135375) Eugene Borowitz, professor of Jewish religious thought at Hebrew Union College, called Rabbi Steinsaltz ”the Rashi of our time,” adding ”He does for the modern reader what Rashi has done for centuries of Jewish readers.”
  76. Bill Bradley (1988/04/13/0135673) Mr. Tisch described his man succinctly: ”smart, understanding, decent and tough - the Bill Bradley of the South.”
  77. Mata Hari (1988/04/15/0136310) Alex’s literary agent (Antonia Ellis), described as ”the Mata Hari of the Hamptons,” is a seductress who bumps about in Frederick’s of Hollywood-style lingerie to the accompaniment of jungle drums.
  78. Joyce Brothers (1988/04/18/0137197) The lieutenant shrugged and said: ”I got tired months ago of being the Joyce Brothers of all this.”
  79. Spot (1988/04/21/0138136) Just the Spot for Humpty
  80. Alan Alda (1988/04/24/0139065) The Dave Winfield in ”Winfield” comes off as the Alan Alda of baseball.
  81. Oscar Wilde (1988/04/24/0139243) Under Mr. Rawls, who is described by some staff members as ”the Oscar Wilde of profanity” because of his newsroom outbursts, the news staff was pushed to be faster in pursuit of news and more aggressive.
  82. Carr (1988/04/26/0139635) They were allowed to board the Carr for private greetings.
  83. Cary Grant (1988/04/27/0139923) IF cabernet sauvignon is the Cary Grant of grapes, then merlot is the Gig Young: handsome, likable, No.
  84. Johnny Appleseed (1988/04/29/0140344) Boomeranging, pardon the expression, is taking off,” said Darnell, who has been the Johnny Appleseed of the sport in this country.
  85. Henry David Thoreau (1988/05/01/0140865) So intimately bound up with my imaginative life is the Henry David Thoreau of ”Walden,” first read when I was 15, that it is difficult for me to speak of him with a pretense of objectivity.
  86. Robert Redford (1988/05/01/0140918) From the English sailor Blackthorne washed up on the beach of 17th-century Japan in ”Shogun” to the amnesia victim Jason Bourne washed up on the beach in the south of France in 1988 in ”The Bourne Identity,” Richard Chamberlain has become the Robert Redford of the living room, finding a stardom in prime time that has eluded him on the silver screen.
  87. +Emmy (1988/05/02/0141093) The 37-year-old Mr. Baker won his first Oscar for ”An American Werewolf in London,” an Emmy for ”The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” and an Oscar nomination for his apes in ”Greystoke, the Legend of Tarzan.”+
  88. Billy Martin (1988/05/03/0141477) Most baseball people of that era thought that Chandler simply was out to get Durocher, the Billy Martin of his time.
  89. Bobby Clark (1988/05/08/0142985) Wearing a mothy fright wig and whitish makeup, Mr. Keaton recalls some worn-out but manic burlesque comic, a Bobby Clark of the hereafter, a leering, fast-talking lecher who admits that, after 600 years of celibacy, ”I’m feeling a little anxious.”
  90. Thomas Paine (1988/05/09/0143507) Mr. Buchanan comes across as ”the Thomas Paine of the Right,” and Adm. John M. Poindexter as a ”sphinx-like” stonewaller, who knew ”something bad was going on” but didn’t want to investigate.
  91. Jimi Hendrix (1988/05/11/0144027) Yomo Toro, who has been called ”the Jimi Hendrix of the cuatro,” will appear at Sounds of Brazil (204 Varick Street) tomorrow for two shows.
  92. Egyptian (1988/05/11/0144173) The food historian Waverly Root recounted that an Egyptian of the time wrote, perhaps jocularly, that ”onions are adored and leeks are gods.
  93. +Egyptian (1988/05/11/0144173) The food historian Waverly Root recounted that an Egyptian of the time wrote, perhaps jocularly, that ”onions are adored and leeks are gods.”+
  94. Ed Sullivan (1988/05/12/0144329) Mike, an invented character who is the comic alter ego of the performance artist Michael Smith, is busy becoming the Ed Sullivan of the downtown performance world.
  95. Napoleon (1988/05/15/0145401) As a Soviet spy he was the Napoleon of deception, the greatest mole of them all, who betrayed British secrets to the K.G.B.
  96. Harold Edmund Box (1988/05/15/0145422) Family Finds Cocaine In a Box of Macaroni
  97. Weekend (1988/05/15/0145513) For a Weekend of Easy Meals Wednesday Country-House Staples Coffee and tea Beer Wine Liquor Soda Seltzer Frozen orange juice Unsalted butter Cereals Prepared mustards Sugar Salt and pepper Olive oil Red-wine vinegar White vinegar Food to Purchase Meat 9 whole boned fresh chicken breasts Seasonings 1 bunch fresh oregano 1 bunch fresh thyme 1 bunch fresh dill 2 bunches fresh basil White pepper Low-sodium soy sauce Oriental sesame oil Hot chili oil Dry mustard 2 heads garlic 1 small knob fresh ginger 1 bunch fresh coriander Dairy Products 1 1/3 pounds fresh soft goat cheese 2 pints plain yogurt 1 to 2 pounds assorted cheeses 1 pound mozzarella cheese Milk Vegetables 2 large cucumbers 2 1/2 pounds tiny red potatoes 2 or 3 bunches scallions Miscellaneous 1 box seedless raisins 1 small can walnuts Roasted peppers 2 cans Italian tuna 2 cans sardines 1 can salmon 1 bottle dry white wine Rice vinegar 1 1/2 pounds fresh Chinese egg noodles or linguine Oriental sesame paste Thursday
  98. Weekend (1988/05/15/0145513) Strategy for a Weekend of Easy Meals
  99. Emmy (1988/05/15/0145538) British television’s sumptuous production of Evelyn Waugh’s ”Brideshead Revisited” captured 11 Emmy nominations when it came to American public television, and won an Emmy for Laurence Olivier.
  100. Mary Agnes Chase (1988/05/20/0146783) Black Lawyers Joining the Chase for Big Money
  101. Tom Lawless (1988/05/22/0147564) Last week was a bad one for hitters who were trying to become the Tom Lawless of 1988.
  102. Sigmund Freud (1988/05/29/0149577) Peter Gay in ”Freud: A Life for Our Time” and the book’s reviewer, Richard Wollheim (April 24), in their way continue flogging an old horse: the Freud of traditional (now ancient, after all) psychoanalytic history.
  103. Dirty Harry (1988/06/05/0151212) The photograph on the book jacket of ”Criticism and Social Change” shows a guy in a sports shirt, posed against a graffiti-scarred wall - ”the Dirty Harry of contemporary critical theory,” a reviewer in The Village Voice called him.
  104. Henry Ford (1988/06/05/0151262) Twenty-one-year-old Mr. Worden, the leader of the M.I.T. team, is described by his admirers as the Henry Ford of solar cars.
  105. Vladimir Lenin (1988/06/05/0151446) Though he was condemned by some as a porn king, praised by others as ”the Lenin of the sexual revolution,” the fact remains that Maurice Girodias was courageous enough to publish William Burroughs, Samuel Beckett, Jean Genet, J. P. Donleavy, Nikos Kazantzakis and Nabokov’s ”Lolita” when others were too afraid of censorship to try.
  106. Patrick L. Colin (1988/06/10/0152733) The Riva Ridge for 3-year-olds at seven furlongs matches Perfect Spy against others, and the field of 10 in the Colin for 3-year-olds at a mile and an eighth includes Tejano, Forever Silver and Gay Rights.
  107. Lon Chaney (1988/06/15/0153997) The notion has evidently got into his head that these high-class markings will harm him with the voters, for he seems intent on becoming the Lon Chaney of politics, the Man of a Thousand Faces.
  108. Dash (1988/06/19/0154969) Reviews/Music; Blues and a Dash of Porter
  109. Connie Mack (1988/06/24/0156226) By contrast, Futch, 76, is a mellow type who speaks slowly and softly and carries himself more like an elder statesman, the Connie Mack of the fight game.
  110. Antonio Canova (1988/06/26/0156751) The Correggio ”Danae,” the Titian ”Sacred and Profane Love,” the large group of sculptures by Bernini and the Canova of Pauline Borghese would alone put the gallery in a very high class.
  111. Brian Wilson (1988/06/26/0156840) Anyone who remembers the rock musician of the 1970’s and early 80’s would be astonished by the Brian Wilson of today.
  112. Joe Namath (1988/06/27/0157164) We were a long way from earlier times when Mr. Nureyev was called ”the Joe Namath of dance.”
  113. Ray (1988/07/03/0158520) An Act of Kindness, a Ray of Sunshine
  114. Sawan (1988/07/03/0158534) Don’t Make a Villain of the Greenhouse Effect
  115. Sawan (1988/07/03/0158542) Don’t Make a Villain of the Greenhouse Effect; What Can Be Done
  116. Sawan (1988/07/03/0158543) Don’t Make a Villain of the Greenhouse Effect; Oceans Are Rising
  117. Pablo Picasso (1988/07/04/0158922) Is Joyce the Picasso of letters?
  118. Aim (1988/07/05/0158939) Critic’s Notebook; Biography and the Aim of Art
  119. Preston Sturges (1988/07/05/0158990) That’s why she passes up a Preston Sturges for any and all variations on ”Animal House,” and the original ”Cat People” for its pallid remake.
  120. Copy (1988/07/06/0159252) Soon You’ll ‘Print’ a Copy of That Bedsheet Pattern
  121. William Sealy Gosset (1988/07/07/0159544) Indicted GAF Executive Is a Student of Chess
  122. James Barkley Pollock (1988/07/08/0159708) When the son chose the Pollock for his mother, Mr. Fujii said, he decided that if clients were buying contemporary art, he should also.
  123. Jackie Robinson (1988/07/10/0159990) He is certainly the Jackie Robinson of minority business,” Mr. Bellinger said of Mr. Lewis.
  124. Jesus Christ (1988/07/10/0160034) More attractive though, is irony aimed at an obvious target, of which Jerome Witkin’s ”Self-Portrait with a Jesus for Our Time” is a striking example.
  125. Emmy (1988/07/11/0160453) Mr. Griffiths is an independent television producer who won an Emmy for ”Domingo Salutes Seville,” a PBS show, and who worked with Mr. Domingo two years ago on the Central Park concert celebrating the centenary of the Statue of Liberty.
  126. Leo Tolstoy (1988/07/17/0161971) Yet it is with Holbein as it is with the Tolstoy of ”War and Peace” - all of life is somewhere within him, for us to unriddle as best we can.
  127. Carlos Fuentes (1988/07/17/0161994) This is recognizably the Carlos Fuentes of the novels: the birth date is the same as that of ”Fuentes,” the narrator of ”Distant Relations,” and the movie reference fits right in with the dedication of ”The Hydra Head,” ”in strict order of disappearance,” to Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Claude Rains.
  128. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1988/07/17/0162061) Gainsborough is the Mozart of portraiture.
  129. Ludwig van Beethoven (1988/07/18/0162332) 49 in F minor (”La Passione,” 1768), one of his turbulent, searching Sturm und Drang scores that tellingly anticipate the Beethoven of such works as the ”Coriolanus” Overture.
  130. Ticul Alvarez (1988/07/19/0162674) He is the Alvarez of Alvarez & Marsal Inc., which he formed with Bryan P. Marsal, 37, in 1983 to provide consulting and management for companies in trouble.
  131. Eliza Doolittle (1988/07/21/0163101) Gloriosa, the Eliza Doolittle of Daisies
  132. Norman Rockwell (1988/07/22/0163681) Mr. Paul, a 60-year-old Friar Tuck lookalike, is considered the Norman Rockwell of television directors.
  133. Marco Polo (1988/07/26/0164793) Marks was the Marco Polo of the drug traffic,” said Thomas V. Cash, special agent in charge of the Miami Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
  134. Loire (1988/07/27/0165152) At Taillevent, Jean-Claude Vrinat offers a delightful Chinon, a cabernet franc wine from the Loire for under 100 francs, while at Trou Gascon, Alain Dutournier and his sommelier, Claude Teissier, offer a variety of sturdy and modestly priced bottles from southwest France.
  135. Bertolt Brecht (1988/07/30/0166253) But in ”Die Walkure,” the emphasis shifts to the Brecht of ”Mother Courage” - stark studies of tough, painfully real people on a largely bare stage.
  136. Samuel Beckett (1988/07/31/0166391) He is a master of erasures and negations, a visionary of discomfort and reproof, the Samuel Beckett of postwar American poetry.
  137. Pat Boone (1988/08/04/0167715) If not for his experimental streak, Robert Palmer could be the Pat Boone of the 1980’s.
  138. James Naismith (1988/08/08/0168974) That’s because the James Naismith of Hoover-ball was the White House physician, Vice Admiral Joel T. Boone, who devised the game as a way to entice Hoover, who was notoriously lackadaisical about his health, into exercising.
  139. Wallis Simpson (1988/08/11/0169750) And Janet Jones, the beautiful bride in what was built up as a royal wedding here July 16, was seen as the Wallis Simpson of her time, the wife who coerced her husband into leaving.
  140. +Mona Lisa (1988/08/11/0169949) It is here, in this country cabin equipped with fax machine, that the McCoys pursue their design work, all the while gazing at their antique wall mounts of stuffed animals, including one Mr. McCoy calls ”the Mona Lisa of deer.”+
  141. Charles Ives (1988/08/12/0170106) Mr. Scelsi, who was widely called the Charles Ives of Italy, was known for his choral and symphonic works.
  142. Jesus Christ (1988/08/14/0170766) Although Mr. Scorsese’s Jesus is not the Jesus of scriptures, the film makes us think about who God is - that is to say, what life means.
  143. Mother Teresa (1988/08/14/0170859) That willingness doesn’t make him the Mother Teresa of his time, but it does make him a responsible businessman, a rare enough species in baseball.
  144. Lou Gehrig (1988/08/17/0171750) The man who has won seven Daytonas and a total of 200 races - although none, Gary Carter, since July 4, 1984, which was 118 races ago - is already the Lou Gehrig of racing, about to start his 500th straight race at Brooklyn International Speedway in Michigan on Sunday.
  145. Christian (1988/08/17/0171805) Mr. Franjieh is a Christian of the Maronite Catholic rite, to which the presidency is assigned under a national covenant that allots state positions along religious lines.
  146. Jesus Christ (1988/08/20/0172638) I agree with Mr. Bien; Kazantzakis’s story is indeed reverential and consonant with the Jesus of the Gospels.
  147. Napoleon (1988/08/21/0172829) They were a completely different breed whose first confrontation with the North was not at Fort Sumter, but 38 years earlier, when a North Carolina colonel, known as ”the Napoleon of the turf,” encouraged any and all Yankees to race their horses against the indomitable Sir Henry - for a stake of $20,000.
  148. Bruno Cavalcante Bellini (1988/08/24/0173692) It was probably inspired by the Bellini of Harry’s Bar in Venice.
  149. Cyclone Taylor (1988/08/24/0173861) A co-owner of the amusement park, Jerry Albert, said Mr. Ellis, who had worked on maintenance and operations of the Cyclone for about six weeks, fell about 30 feet.
  150. Thorn (1988/08/26/0174254) Church Still a Thorn for Sandinistas
  151. Assassin (1988/08/26/0174360) Percy Foreman, Texas Lawyer, 86; Defended the Assassin of Dr. King
  152. Marilyn Monroe (1988/08/28/0174823) He’s the Marilyn Monroe of this industry,” said Bill Groak, editor of M.A.
  153. William Shakespeare (1988/08/28/0174916) Sir Frederick Ashton was the Shakespeare of ballet - not the Shakespeare who wrote revenge tragedies but the poet who composed love sonnets.
  154. Herschel Walker (1988/08/28/0174982) Smith had been advertised as a rare, gifted combination of speed and power, a Herschel Walker for his college generation.
  155. H. G. Wells (1988/08/29/0175178) In ”Water From the Wells of Home,” written and sung with John Carter Cash, the lyrics get teary about the old days while the music aims for middle-of-the-road rock.
  156. +Eliza Doolittle (1988/08/30/0175486) He named the program Eliza, after the Eliza Doolittle of ”Pygmalion.”+
  157. Emmy (1988/08/30/0175505) Beatrice Arthur joined her two ”Golden Girls” co-stars, Rue McClanahan and Betty White, both previous winners, in picking up the Emmy for best actress in a comedy series.
  158. Tucker (1988/08/31/0175571) ‘My father and I wanted to have a Tucker for so long,” Mr. DeLorenzo said.
  159. Jerome (1988/09/01/0175930) The holiday-weekend lineup includes the Boojum for sprinters Saturday, the Manhattan Handicap for grass males Sunday and the Jerome for 3-year-olds Monday.
  160. Antonio Stradivari (1988/09/04/0176939) It was made by W. Heckel, a German company that Mr. Segal described as ”the Stradivarius of woodwind manufacturing.”
  161. +B (1988/09/06/0177176) and she said, ”An A for content, a B for style.”+
  162. The Hatter (1988/09/11/0178234) They say it can’t fly,” whispers Hughes, the Mad Hatter of capitalism, ”but that’s not the point.”
  163. Barbara Walters (1988/09/11/0178347) The tenor of this club is to denigrate, to humiliate,” explains Freda Reeser, a member who calls herself ”the Barbara Walters of the Hawaiian Jewish community” because she interviews visiting celebrities for a local magazine.
  164. Sergei Bubka (1988/09/11/0178481) The world record holder in the pole vault jump, the Sergei Bubka of the Soviet Union, is the only man to have jumped higher than the ”wall” of 6 meters.
  165. Wayne Gretzky (1988/09/11/0178517) No such distinction is made for women, and so Jeannie Longo of France, the Wayne Gretzky of women’s cycling, will compete in the Games, as a heavy favorite.
  166. Henny Youngman (1988/09/12/0178948) Mr. Dukakis is reveling in his new role; aside from the daily accusations and the angry speeches, he’s becoming a Henny Youngman of political snipers.
  167. Bonaventure (1988/09/18/0180184) The Unisys Corporation, the computer company, brought 220 sales people to the Bonaventure for a kick-off meeting.
  168. Chen (1988/09/19/0180823) Debra Holloway of Oxen Hill, Md., fell victim to Yi-an Chen of Taiwan, whose height and long legs enabled her to land a solid ax kick to Holloway’s head in the second round.
  169. George H. W. Bush (1988/09/23/0181814) What makes the George Bush of 1988 more moderate than Mr. Reagan, particularly in view of the litany of ”social issues,” from prayer in the schools to guns in the home, that he recited in his acceptance speech?
  170. John F. Kennedy (1988/09/25/0182307) All told, the four years since he quit his corporate directorships on Bay Street to succeed Mr. Trudeau as Liberal leader have been shocking ones for Mr. Turner, whose supporters once hailed him as the John F. Kennedy of Canadian politics.
  171. Stretch (1988/09/25/0182529) Slide-Proofing’ a Stretch of the Thruway The rock wall along a 2,000-foot stretch of the Gov.
  172. Steve Jobs (1988/09/28/0183345) That Acer has come this far is something of a testament to the drive and unconventional approach of the 43-year-old Mr. Shih, who has become the Steve Jobs of Taiwan.
  173. Elvis Presley (1988/09/30/0183777) The film’s repeated suggestions that the Elvis of 1972 ought to return to his 50’s roots are certainly sound, but they become tiresome when delivered by the self-righteous Johnny.
  174. Cees Veerman (1988/09/30/0183964) 10 ranked player in the world, a sleepy-eyed player with a whispy beard, nicknamed the Cat for the way he covers the court with deceptively quick, silent strides.
  175. Dian Fossey (1988/10/02/0184224) Small wonder, then, that the Dian Fossey of ”Gorillas in the Mist” becomes, as played captivatingly by Sigourney Weaver, a tough, dedicated and extraordinarily single-minded naturalist with nothing terribly unusual to her makeup.
  176. Nabob (1988/10/02/0184266) Willie Chan, the Nabob of Hong Kong Cinema
  177. Fane (1988/10/02/0184506) Here, in the park of the great mansion of the dukes of Buckingham and Chandos - now a school - is almost everything a folly fancier could desire: temples, pavilions, arches, bridges, obelisks, towers, columns, a hermitage, a cascade, a Dido’s Cave and a Fane of Pastoral Poetry.
  178. P. T. Barnum (1988/10/05/0185168) That was never more evident than at the opening ceremonies of our Olympics, staged by the longtime Hollywood producer David Wolper, the P. T. Barnum of patriotism.
  179. Muhammad Ali (1988/10/09/0186323) Until recently, the muscular, middleweight Ribbs, whom the racing press once labeled the Muhammad Ali of auto racing, might have reacted to such an incident by punching Pruett out in the pits afterward.
  180. Black Panther (1988/10/09/0186368) The trail takes him into the lairs of a law-and-order bigot running for Congress, an introspective mob boss named Sweet Lou, a snooty sexpot, an unhappy hooker called Mean Sheila and a Black Panther of the old school who wants to set fire to the world, not to a barbecue pit a la Bobby Seale.
  181. Andrew Lloyd Webber (1988/10/10/0186766) But more stems from Mr. Jobs’s reputation as the Andrew Lloyd Webber of product introductions, a master of stage flair and special effects.
  182. Marvin Mitchelson (1988/10/14/0187685) It was the Marvin Mitchelson of old, exhibiting the same high-profile, confrontational approach he’d perfected over the years for Joan Collins, Soraya Khashoggi and Bianca Jagger.
  183. Honoré de Balzac (1988/10/14/0187729) Critics sometimes call Naguib Mahfouz the Balzac of Egypt because of the way his works express the pulsating energy of city life and because of their psychologically nuanced characters and broad social concern.
  184. Henny Youngman (1988/10/14/0187903) The new revised Democratic Presidential candidate is exuding dazzling one-liners - the Henny Youngman of American politics.
  185. T. S. Eliot (1988/10/16/0188266) What’s revealed in this book is an Eliot for many years trapped in something very bad: month after month of living day to day, confronting the task of the moment with the energies of the moment, willing off psychic disaster.
  186. Bob Hope (1988/10/16/0188478) Comedy is Mr. Yoshida’s specialty (”I was once called ’the Bob Hope of Bunraku’ ”), and he has adapted a lot from Chaplin and Keaton.
  187. Harold Edmund Box (1988/10/17/0188717) Lucero Barry took on Picasso’s ”Demoiselles d’Avignon” in a dance for five women called ”In a Box of Paint,” a work inspired by the painting and set to Gregorian chants and a song by Laurie Anderson.
  188. P. T. Barnum (1988/10/17/0188726) It came from Joshua Evans, the hoopla-minded young proprietor of Lelands auction house in Allentown, Pa., who has emerged as the P. T. Barnum of baseball cards.
  189. Jay Howell (1988/10/17/0188734) Giants Have a Jay Howell of Their Own
  190. Substitute (1988/10/18/0189059) Seeking a Substitute for Trials
  191. George Marx (1988/10/19/0189297) Someone noted that a Marx for the 20th century, an articulator of a new thesis and inspiration for social change, hadn’t yet surfaced.
  192. Ludwig Hermann Plate (1988/10/23/0190414) Passing the Plate for Plots
  193. Andy Warhol (1988/10/23/0190647) He is the Andy Warhol of opera production, screaming at us to look at sleazy banality with tolerant eyes and recognize it as a new profundity.
  194. Mathias Grünewald (1988/10/24/0191047) That remark is very much to the point, in that Johns’s recent paintings inhabit a cross-referential world in which the Matthias Grunewald of the Isenheim altarpiece in Colmar is constantly being quoted (though not always in ways that the casual visitor will decipher).
  195. +Plan B (1988/10/27/0192120) His sister, trying to cheer him up, sent him a card that read, ”God has a Plan B for you.”+
  196. George Russell Shaw (1988/10/30/0192811) Speaking by telephone from London, Mr. Holroyd said he trusts that the first volume, ”The Search for Love,” will show readers ”a new Shaw, a Shaw for our time,” whose themes remain topical.
  197. Babe Ruth (1988/11/04/0194523) After all, who could ever again even challenge the 978 stitches (his count) earned by Eddie Shore, the Babe Ruth of hockey, during his 14-year N.H.L.
  198. William Shakespeare (1988/11/06/0195168) Most English teachers are familiar with the Shakespeare of legend and tradition: the Stratford boy who may have poached deer and rabbit, the ambitious playwright vilified by a rival as an ”upstart Crow,” the man who willed, curiously, his ”second-best bed” to his wife.
  199. Lorin Maazel (1988/11/06/0195310) As we have learned through his appearances at the New York City Opera, Mr. Siciliani is something like the Lorin Maazel of Italian opera conductors.
  200. Juliana Evans (1988/11/13/0197561) Old Timers Out for a Spin Cut a Couple of Disks
  201. Robin Hood (1988/11/13/0197840) The Newbery medalist Robin McKinley now gives young readers a Robin Hood for today.
  202. Leo Tolstoy (1988/11/13/0197859) Although Mr. Chaudhuri may not be what Saul Bellow would call the Tolstoy of the Bengalis, he may remind many readers of Nabokov’s Pnin.
  203. Weekend (1988/11/17/0198853) ReviewsTelevision; CBS Replays the Weekend of Nov. 22
  204. Bill Bradley (1988/11/21/0200259) To discuss a Bill Bradley for President committee, the caller said.
  205. Substitute (1988/11/27/0201820) The legislation, called an Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute for HR5115 and introduced by Congressmen Peter W. Rodino Jr. of New Jersey and Romano L. Mazzoli of Kentucky, could mean as many as 30,000 new visas for Irish immigrants.
  206. Ben Westbeech (1988/11/30/0202730) British Detention Law Is Ruled a Breach of Rights
  207. Juan Valdez (1988/12/04/0203573) If the Juan Valdez of catfish frowns, the whole truckload is rejected and sent for a remedial swim in a fresh pond.
  208. Rod Laver (1988/12/04/0203718) I was also nervous about joining the Rod Laver of business on his home court.
  209. Samuel Beckett (1988/12/04/0203748) a master of erasures and negations, a visionary of discomfort and reproof, the Samuel Beckett of postwar American poetry.”
  210. Dash (1988/12/04/0204014) Tomorrowland, With a Dash of Fantasyland
  211. Joseph Stalin (1988/12/06/0204254) As a result, he is regarded as ”the Stalin of Patchogue, the Idi Amin of Long Island,” which, along with many other aspects of the play, is a considerable overstatement.
  212. Idi Amin (1988/12/06/0204254) As a result, he is regarded as ”the Stalin of Patchogue, the Idi Amin of Long Island,” which, along with many other aspects of the play, is a considerable overstatement.
  213. Dash (1988/12/06/0204271) Review/Music; Monks Add a Dash of Minimalist-Jazz-New Age Spice
  214. Michael Boskin (1988/12/07/0204598) The Michael Boskin of the Bush campaign is a bit different from the Michael Boskin of academia.
  215. Richard Nixon (1988/12/12/0205939) The Nixon of the late 60’s was indeed different from the Nixon of previous campaigns.
  216. Gilbert du Motier (1988/12/12/0206044) The next time troubles threaten in the Philippines or Pakistan and the urge to help is strong, you can suit up and say ”Lafayette, we are here” in Manila or Islamabad and stand a chance of being welcome, says Representative Stephen Solarz, Democrat of New York, At a lunch in Mr. Solarz’ honor last year, President Corazon Aquino thanked him for his work on the House Foreign Affairs Committee on behalf of the ”Filipino struggle for freedom” and addressed him as ”the Lafayette of the Philippine revolution.”
  217. Gilbert du Motier (1988/12/12/0206044) The next time troubles threaten in the Philippines or Pakistan and the urge to help is strong, you can suit up and say ”Lafayette, we are here” in Manila or Islamabad and stand a chance of being welcome, says Representative Stephen Solarz, Democrat of New York, At a lunch in Mr. Solarz’ honor last year, President Corazon Aquino thanked him for his work on the House Foreign Affairs Committee on behalf of the ”Filipino struggle for freedom” and addressed him as ”the Lafayette of the Philippine revolution.”
  218. Peter Max (1988/12/15/0206586) Keith Haring will be the Peter Max of the future.
  219. Prodigy (1988/12/20/0208003) Books of The Times; Biography of a Prodigy of Industry and Frivolity
  220. Antonio Canova (1988/12/20/0208182) Looking at Renaissance portraits for inspiration, she fashioned one slim-fingered hand after Bronzino, and another from a Canova of a woman holding a plum.
  221. IOTA (1988/12/21/0208433) Millions do, with not an IOTA of guilt.
  222. John Rambo (1988/12/25/0209560) Or Stanley, ”the Rambo of explorers.”
  223. Novelist (1988/12/29/0210126) Robertson Davies, a Novelist of the North


  1. Dalai Lama (1989/01/03/0211257) Some Tibetans, already critical of the Dalai Lama for proposing talks this month with Beijing, are now suggesting that he consider leaving India.
  2. Samuel Johnson (1989/01/08/0212236) That gets me back to legitimacy,” Mr. Coogan explained, but his eyes lighted up when he added, ”I can be the Samuel Johnson of comic books: They are really just another form of literature.”
  3. Dash (1989/01/08/0212481) For many of us who knew, admired, and were influenced by Bruce Goff, it is gratifying to see him now receiving the serious attention he has so long deserved [ ”Tomorrowland, With a Dash of Fantasyland,” Dec. 4 ] .
  4. Attila (1989/01/11/0213159) The reporters were reporting Bush nicenesses that would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago when this very same George Bush was the Attila of the campaign trail.
  5. George H. W. Bush (1989/01/11/0213159) It’s hard to believe this is the George Bush of the autumnal sound bites and photo ops who captured the American voter by the ruthless way he put the boot into anybody who got in his way.
  6. Rembrandt (1989/01/15/0214267) Citing these difficulties, Ingrid L. Thalheimer, president of the Rembrandt of Travel Service in Manhattan, said she advised clients to buy a ticket on the spot.
  7. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1989/01/15/0214304) Its opening theme sounds like the Tchaikovsky of ”Eugene Onegin,” though it was composed considerably before the Russian’s opera.
  8. Howard Hughes (1989/01/15/0214315) Ray McAnally is a bluff, robust fellow, most certainly not to be regarded as the Howard Hughes of Irish theaterland.
  9. Lillian Hellman (1989/01/15/0214451) Having read every word of Isabelle’s book, I can only surmise either that she wishes to be immortalized as the Lillian Hellman of the art world or that the men with whom I spent every waking hour had, previous to our first meeting, collectively repented, reformed and miraculously transformed their characters without the benefit of any self-help programs.
  10. Clint Eastwood (1989/01/16/0214485) Mr. O’Keefe, a playwright and actor whose surreal family drama ”All Night Long” was produced in 1984 in New York at Second Stage, might be described as the Clint Eastwood of performance artists.
  11. Carl-Uwe Steeb (1989/01/21/0215915) 1 ranking with a 6-2, 3-6, 6-0, 6-3 second-round victory over the Carl-Uwe Steeb of West Germany.
  12. Marianne Werdel (1989/01/21/0215915) The Grand Slam winner won the first 11 games against the Marianne Werdel of the United States before settling for a 6-0, 6-1 third-round victory.
  13. Rudy Giuliani (1989/01/23/0216737) To some lawyers here, Anton Ronald Valukas, the United States Attorney in Chicago, is the Rudolph Giuliani of the Midwest.
  14. Pause (1989/01/23/0216761) In Area Shattered by Unrest, a Pause for Cheering
  15. Copy (1989/01/27/0217972) Keeps a Copy of the Check
  16. Ludwig van Beethoven (1989/01/28/0218204) The Beethoven interpretation did not allow for great flexibility in tempo shifts or the kind of broadening of a melodic line that characterized the Beethoven of some older Middle European conductors.
  17. Ronald Reagan (1989/01/29/0218458) In all this, Mayor Bradley, a former police officer, has emerged as the Ronald Reagan of urban politics, the ”Teflon” Mayor.
  18. Mark Twain (1989/01/31/0218970) Venice has long been the Mark Twain of cities.
  19. Buck Rogers (1989/02/01/0219360) The obvious conclusion is that unless we’re careful, the Buck Rogers of the 1990’s is going to be living in Seoul, Korea, instead of Chattanooga or Chicago,” said Lamar Alexander, president of the University of Tennessee and a former governor of Tennessee.
  20. Billie Jean King (1989/02/01/0219411) Alicia McConnell used to dream of being the Billie Jean King of women’s squash and turning her sport into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.
  21. Buckminster Fuller (1989/02/05/0220657) Citi will be the world’s first truly global financial institution, says Mr. Reed, whose intense focus on the future seems to be turning him into the Buckminster Fuller of banking.
  22. Gustav Mahler (1989/02/05/0220823) Now it is Mr. Penderecki who is seen as having regressed into neo-Romantic recycling, Mr. Schnittke is prized as a, if not the, leading Soviet composer, and Shostakovich is the Mahler of the 80’s.
  23. Antonio Stradivari (1989/02/10/0221928) Not only do we believe in that smooth and silent progress, but we recognize the canoe itself as one built by Remington’s friend, J. Henry Rushton, still spoken of as the Stradivarius of canoe builders.
  24. Lincoln (1989/02/12/0222430) When Edwin Stanton murmured, ”Now he belongs to the ages” at Lincoln’s deathbed, he could hardly have anticipated how determinedly each age would have a Lincoln of its own.
  25. Abraham Lincoln (1989/02/12/0222430) For Americans still struggling with the transformation of a rural, small-town society into an industrial and urban one, the Lincoln of these books embodied, with the jauntiness of an Aaron Copland score, the pioneer virtues of hard work and neighborliness while underscoring Depression-era lessons about national unity in the face of adversity.
  26. PC (1989/02/12/0222630) Most work station CAD programs are based on the Unix operating systems, and users prefer to switch to a PC for such tasks as word processing.
  27. Steven O. Shattuck (1989/02/14/0223171) Mr. Cukierman, who has owned the Shattuck for eight years, says his experience with athletic teams that stay at the Shattuck while competing at the University of California leads him to fear that the condoms will be put to a use for which they were not intended.
  28. Angel Dark (1989/02/17/0223997) Ib Andersen, in that title role, was magnificently obsessed and Merrill Ashley was an equally impressive and insistent Eurydice, with Leonid Kozlov a Dark Angel of true menace.
  29. Zina Pitcher (1989/02/18/0224428) Vernon (Lefty) Gomez, 80, Dies; Starred as a Pitcher for Yankees
  30. Ben Westbeech (1989/02/24/0226047) Relocating the Indian Museum Will Be a Breach of All Trusts; 96th Street Boondocks
  31. Ben Westbeech (1989/02/24/0226145) Relocating the Indian Museum Will Be a Breach of All Trusts
  32. Oliver North (1989/02/26/0226688) Groves was an amazing superpatriot, Mr. Rintels says, adding, ”He was the Oliver North of his generation.”
  33. Groucho Marx (1989/02/26/0226891) And so we see his son, Reginald Jones, once again in pursuit of an absolute (this time justice), enlist in the Civil War in Spain and then again in the Second World War, where his experiences repeat, with little profit, those of his father; when demobilized, he is caught up in the Welsh nationalist cause, the Groucho Marx of wars, and while he is at it he discovers and rescues Excalibur from the Hermitage in Russia.
  34. Mike Tyson (1989/02/27/0226986) Joe Frazier was the Tyson of his time, but George Foreman wrecked him.
  35. Mike Tyson (1989/02/27/0226993) And though his performance may not have been textbook-perfect - ”It wasn’t the Mike Tyson of vintage,” the champion said afterward -Tyson didn’t feel any lack of conviction about his potency.
  36. Jackie Robinson (1989/03/01/0227574) Sidney Poitier was the Jackie Robinson of American film,” said Rochelle Slovin, the director of the museum, which opened in September in Astoria, Queens, after seven years of planning.
  37. +Thomas Mann (1989/03/05/0228981) There is a bit of Alfred Hitchcock to Ms. Ingalls, but there is also a profundity that lets her be compared to Cortazar or Jorge Luis Borges or the Thomas Mann of ”Mario and the Magician.”+
  38. Tarzan (1989/03/05/0228996) Thoreau is the Tarzan of nature writing.
  39. Camille Pissarro (1989/03/05/0229056) Admittedly, there is a Pissarro among the forthcoming masters, but he is Claude, grandson to Camille, and if the student-teacher relationship of the two was personal, as the scanty biographical material suggests, the younger man must now be in his 90’s.
  40. John Nicolò Martin (1989/03/09/0230092) Chrysler and Renault announced Feb. 2 that they would build the JJ for sale by each auto maker on its respective continent.
  41. Frank Sinatra (1989/03/12/0231061) During their decade-long marriage, Elizabeth Taylor quipped that Burton was ”the Frank Sinatra of Shakespeare.”
  42. Merce Cunningham (1989/03/16/0231915) Those with long memories will recall similar experiments by the Merce Cunningham of 25 years ago.
  43. Ludwig van Beethoven (1989/03/16/0231917) And Stockhausen’s intense extremism audibly echoes the Beethoven of the ”Hammerklavier,” especially in his Piano Piece No.
  44. Bernard King (1989/03/16/0231972) The lift and explosiveness have been diminished by knee surgery and age but Bernard King in the last month has been a reasonable facsimile of the Bernard King of the past.
  45. James Dean (1989/03/17/0232294) Let’s Get Lost,” the second feature by the successful fashion photographer Bruce Weber, focuses on the life and times of Chet Baker, the jazz trumpeter and heroin addict who has been called the James Dean of jazz.
  46. Dalai Lama (1989/03/22/0233796) Recent violence in Tibet surrounding the 30th anniversary of an uprising against the Chinese in March 1959 and China’s subsequent imposition of martial law on the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, concerns the Dalai Lama for several reasons, he said.
  47. P. T. Barnum (1989/03/24/0234364) He called Mr. Anthony ”the P. T. Barnum of sleaze” and said the accusations were a ”pre-emptive strike” in advance of the ethics committee’s report on Mr. Wright.
  48. Calvin Hill (1989/03/26/0235003) Yet when the beer companies sponsor the national tournament, there is often some sanctimonious inflection about the wonderful ”scholar-athletes” making this nation proud: A Bill Bradley of Princeton on every squad, just as every football team has a Calvin Hill of Yale every fall.
  49. Frank Lloyd Wright (1989/03/27/0235157) Who could protest a project designed by children, hand-built by parents, paid for with private money and planned by Robert Leathers, the Frank Lloyd Wright of the Sesame Street set?
  50. Xenophon (1989/04/02/0236473) Col. Alexander W. Doniphan, at six and a half feet tall a giant in his day, commanded an expedition into the Southwest so spectacular that William Cullen Bryant was moved to call him the Xenophon of the Mexican War.
  51. Antoine-Louis Barye (1989/04/02/0236554) Luis Jimenez Jr., with his portrait of a howling canine in brown and gray fiberglass dusted with gold, ranks as the Antoine-Louis Barye of the group.
  52. James Dean (1989/04/02/0236730) Handsome and talented but imperiously self-destructive, the man who has been called ”the James Dean of jazz” was a connoisseur of fast cars, women and drugs.
  53. Carlo Dolci (1989/04/02/0236736) We also get, early on, an exalted idea of the English character as it comes out in the van Dyck of Archbishop Laud and the Carlo Dolci of Sir Thomas Baines (a man of great learning and in his day a passionate Anglo-Florentine).
  54. Rodney Dangerfield (1989/04/03/0237047) All we need is a bad tie and goggle eyes and we are the Rodney Dangerfield of states.”
  55. Freeman (1989/04/04/0237172) Mr Morgan is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Freeman of the City of London.
  56. Michelangelo (1989/04/05/0237599) I call him the Michelangelo of the cancer world.”
  57. Cousin (1989/04/09/0238511) Vaccination Can Halt Epidemic of Hepatitis B, a Cousin of AIDS
  58. PC (1989/04/09/0238530) Farmers using the PC for record-keeping and financial modeling are still not tapping its true potential, Dr. Cothran said.
  59. PC (1989/04/09/0238530) Thus farmers use the PC for many of the same reasons that non-farm businesses use them: spreadsheets, accounting and data base applications.
  60. Jaak Boon (1989/04/09/0238762) Reporter’s Notebook; Out of the Oil Spill, a Boon for Science
  61. Louella Parsons (1989/04/10/0238940) He writes that Marshall later invited him to be his collaborator, but that he turned him down, having concluded that Marshall was ”less a military analyst than a military ambulance chaser, more a voyeur than a warrior, the Louella Parsons of the U.S.
  62. Cinderella (1989/04/15/0240242) For Seton Hall University, the Cinderella of this year’s national collegiate basketball tournament, midnight may have arrived.
  63. Arata Isozaki (1989/04/16/0240491) It is a quite mundane, single-speed color film with an ISO of 200.
  64. Madonna (1989/04/20/0241820) At his general audience today, John Paul thanked the Madonna of Jasna Gora, Poland’s patron, for having brought about the agreement that restored Solidarity’s legal status.
  65. Fred Astaire (1989/04/20/0241894) At 68 years of age, Mr. Hummer is the Fred Astaire of solo free-style clogging, with an elegantly sweeping, sliding style as he demonstrates his morning wakeup dance, ”Rise and Shine.”
  66. George H. W. Bush (1989/04/22/0242402) Reagan had been all entertainer -”an authentic phony,” in James Reston’s memorable phrase - while the George Bush of the campaign season was the first totally fake phony ever created for a limited-run appearance in a Presidential campaign.
  67. Barry Sanders (1989/04/23/0242986) We can wait on the Barry Sanders of the world.
  68. Ted Kennedy (1989/04/26/0243958) Vinich is the Ted Kennedy of Wyoming,” said Scott Farris, the top political reporter for The Casper Star-Tribune.
  69. Charlie Chaplin (1989/04/27/0244455) The Lucille Ball of ”I Love Lucy” could no more keep up with a procession of chocolates - except by stuffing them in her face - than could the Charlie Chaplin of ”Modern Times” keep plying his wrenches.
  70. George Bellows (1989/04/28/0244635) This visitor was very touched by the affectionate collegial spirit that infuses many a 19th-century portrait of one artist by another - the Augustus Saint-Gaudens plaster relief of Francis David Millett, the portrait of Alexander Stirling Calder by Robert Henri, the portrait of Maxfield Parrish by Kenyon Cox, and the George Bellows of Paul Manship.
  71. Dash (1989/04/30/0245395) Comedies With a Dash of Menace
  72. Madonna (1989/04/30/0245467) They are a hot ticket in the United States, the Madonna of the Eastern bloc.
  73. George Frideric Handel (1989/04/30/0245744) Whatever the source, the result is a work of tremendous vitality; the florid vocal solos, rolling choruses and bold theatrical strokes unmistakably anticipate the Handel of the later operas and oratorios.
  74. Francis Bacon (1989/05/03/0246303) Mr. Ammann bid on many works and bought Francis Bacon’s ”Study for Portrait of van Gogh II,” from 1957, for $5.83 million, a price that stood as a record for a Bacon for 10 minutes.
  75. Pablo Picasso (1989/05/05/0247046) In ”Psychoanalytic Drawing” (1939-40), it is the Picasso of ”Guernica” who can be discerned in the brightly colored half-man, half-beast.
  76. Outsider (1989/05/05/0247179) Favored Easy Goer Is an Outsider of Sorts
  77. +Martin Beck (1989/05/08/0248097) In addition, he has commissioned a design for a giant Stetson cowboy hat, ”which we’re hoping to put on top of the marquee in late May or June; it’s something like the boot above the Martin Beck for ‘Into the Woods.’+
  78. Bettina Fulco (1989/05/14/0249565) 14 Nathalie Tauziat of France, 6-1, 6-3, in the first semifinal at the Foro Italico, and Sabatini followed with a 6-3, 6-1 triumph over a Bettina Fulco of Argentina.
  79. Nolan Ryan (1989/05/14/0249687) Al Leiter for Jesse Barfield will go down as a Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi trade.
  80. Emmy (1989/05/14/0249726) WFSB-TV in Hartford, the only other station in the state to receive an award, received an Emmy for non-news tape and film editing.
  81. Pontormo (1989/05/14/0249933) The painting came to the Frick in 1970, when the museum’s director at the time asked Chauncey Stillman, a New York philanthropist and the work’s owner, to lend the Pontormo for a little over a month.
  82. Galileo Galilei (1989/05/14/0249990) Among the ships that call regularly this year are the Queen of Bermuda of Bermuda Star Line, the Cunard Princess of Cunard Line, the Royal Viking Star, the Nordic Prince and the Amerikanis and the Galileo of Chandris Fantasy Cruises.
  83. Average (1989/05/15/0250107) Lost an Average of $22,019
  84. Sam Shepard (1989/05/18/0251063) He is not quite the Sam Shepard of ballet, but he does bring to mind some of that playwright’s combative love situations, with their dust-bowl heritage.
  85. Michael Jordan (1989/05/19/0251456) He may have been the closest thing to the Michael Jordan of his day, as earthbound as he was.
  86. James Joyce (1989/05/21/0251941) Evoking not only Proust but the James Joyce of ”Ulysses,” the Virginia Woolf of ”Mrs.
  87. Virginia Woolf (1989/05/21/0251941) Evoking not only Proust but the James Joyce of ”Ulysses,” the Virginia Woolf of ”Mrs.
  88. Arata Isozaki (1989/05/21/0252079) For example, a 100-speed film has a two-stop advantage over one with an ISO of 25, but is one stop slower than an ISO 200 film.
  89. Arata Isozaki (1989/05/21/0252079) You’ll probably have to compromise at both ends of the speed scale and pick a medium-speed film, perhaps with an ISO of 200.
  90. Larry F. Grand (1989/05/21/0252194) The one-day basic rock climbing course is $30 and the one-day intermediate course $55, after which you’re ready for the two-day guided climb of the Grand for $185.
  91. Ed Koch (1989/05/21/0252270) It almost sounded like the Ed Koch of 12 years ago.
  92. Clifford Irving (1989/05/21/0252346) One baseball official, who believes it was a hoax, referred to the writer as the Clifford Irving of baseball.
  93. Gauge (1989/05/25/0253230) Researchers Say Age at Menopause Appears to Be a Gauge of Longevity
  94. Brian Dowling (1989/05/26/0253509) Mr. Dowling (who is not the Brian Dowling of Yale football fame, the model for B. D. in the Doonesbury comic strip) fared no better this week before the United States Supreme Court.
  95. Switch (1989/05/27/0253808) Shanghai Protesters: A Finger on the Switch of China’s Industrial Dynamo
  96. Peter Pan (1989/05/28/0254291) Today’s is the Peter Pan for 3-year-olds, which may yield a candidate or two to take on Sunday Silence and Easy Goer in the Belmont Stakes June 10.
  97. Lee Stange (1989/05/28/0254346) He will likely be the Lee Stange of New York baseball.
  98. Pontormo (1989/06/01/0255026) At that auction, Chauncey Stillman bought the Pontormo for $37,000.
  99. Desi Arnaz (1989/06/04/0255970) Spock and McCoy shadowbox about the value of logic versus feelings, the Klingons scowl under their fishbone foreheads, Kirk suffers the agonies of command, Chekov mispronounces words (he’s the Desi Arnaz of space), the ship takes a hit and sparks pour out of the consoles: it’s all painted on the floor like rhumba steps.
  100. PC (1989/06/06/0256380) We don’t want to abandon the PC for a new and incompatible system.
  101. Michelangelo (1989/06/06/0256423) The top-hatted statue will utter not a word about the American sucker, for the simple reason that Barnum - the Michelangelo of buncombe, hokum, hoopla and ballyhoo - was himself the victim of a hoax.
  102. Donald Trump (1989/06/06/0256423) He was the Donald Trump of Bridgeport at one time,” Mr. Pelton said, alluding to Barnum’s real estate holdings.
  103. Adolf Hitler (1989/06/09/0257079) But you want us to compromise with the Hitler of my country.
  104. Fra Angelico (1989/06/11/0257654) Roger Fry, the English critic, called him the Fra Angelico of Satanism, in honor of his immaculately elegant drawings of decadent subjects.
  105. Bruce Springsteen (1989/06/11/0257799) (Indeed, Raffi, the phenomenally popular Canadian folksinger, has been dubbed ”the Bruce Springsteen for children.”)
  106. Raffi (1989/06/11/0257799) We’re waiting for the Raffi of our industry.”
  107. Hunter S. Thompson (1989/06/11/0257800) The most Anglicized exercise may be IN TROUBLE AGAIN: A Journey Between the Orinoco and the Amazon (272 pp., Atlantic, $17.95), Redmond O’Hanlon’s search for human or animal horrors between the Amazon and the Orinoco rivers, which serves to cement the Oxford-educated naturalist’s reputation as the Hunter S. Thompson of expeditionaries.
  108. Ida Applebroog (1989/06/11/0257850) And if the show tapers off just at the time when American art was achieving international status (barring its 1949 Jackson Pollock, ”Number 9”) and ends rather lamely with an Ida Applebroog of 1985, the cause is more likely to have been lack of money than of curatorial inspiration.
  109. Madonna (1989/06/18/0259364) A part of the building is occupied by a museum with Flemish tapestries after Raphael, Renaissance ceramics and paintings by Lorenzo Lotto, the Venetian painter and votary of the Madonna of Loreto who died here in 1556.
  110. Blade (1989/06/18/0259708) Chewing a Blade of Grass
  111. Aladdin (1989/06/21/0260331) On April 13, the Internal Revenue Service placed a lien on the Aladdin for $3.95 million in unpaid withholding taxes, satisfied a week later when the casino raised some quick cash.
  112. Aladdin (1989/06/21/0260331) Repeated calls by a reporter to the Aladdin for comment went unreturned.
  113. Donald Trump (1989/06/25/0261170) He would just be a ”gimmick” that would highlight the Donald Trump of private jets and 118-room vacation homes, an image that would not lure the business travelers who make up 80 percent of shuttle riders, Mr. Sloves said.
  114. Joan Collins (1989/06/25/0261334) She was like the Joan Collins of France - the people hated her.
  115. John Hancock (1989/06/26/0261501) Whatever, the bottom line bears the John Hancock of A. Bartlett Giamatti.
  116. Boy Wonder (1989/06/27/0261771) Mr. Breuer began his career during World War I as the Boy Wonder of the xylophone.
  117. Theodore Sherman Palmer (1989/06/28/0262101) A resident, who identified himself just as Anthony S., said he had lived at the Palmer for 10 years.
  118. T. Boone Pickens (1989/06/28/0262106) Meanwhile, Koito and Toyota are mounting a campaign to tar Mr. Pickens for his ties to Kitaro Watanabe, the closest thing Tokyo has to a T. Boone Pickens of its own.
  119. PC (1989/07/04/0263609) Some people, especially when they are using the PC for keeping crucial business data, back up their hard disk three times a day.
  120. J. P. Morgan (1989/07/06/0263999) Mr. McCaw ”fancies himself as the early industrialists did, as the J. P. Morgan of cellular,” said Jack B. Grubman, an analyst with Paine Webber Inc.
  121. Queen of Hearts (1989/07/09/0264483) This is partly because nobody wishes to play with the Queen of Hearts for more than two deals, and partly because a normal format would give a big advantage to the Walrus-Carpenter and Tweedledum-Tweedledee partnerships.
  122. Juliana Evans (1989/07/09/0264651) Upset Over a Couple of Hits
  123. Benedict Arnold (1989/07/14/0265756) Sturm, Ruger is the Benedict Arnold of the gun industry,” said Aaron S. Zelman, owner of the Patriot Distribution Company, a Milwaukee-based concern that sells a semiautomatic pistol as well as products such as assault vests and tear gas.
  124. Shoeless Joe Jackson (1989/07/16/0266101) Was Pee Wee, after all, the Shoeless Joe Jackson of jazz, minus the scandal?
  125. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1989/07/16/0266107) By pulling in my frame of reference, I can detect not only technical elegances but many genuinely musical felicities in the Mozart of Bilson-Gardiner.
  126. Emily Dickinson (1989/07/17/0266475) It was written by the title character of the book, the late Mary Swann, who is variously described as ”a poete naive” and ”the Emily Dickinson of Upper Canada,” and it reads in part as follows: Feet on the winter floor Beat Flowers to blackness Making a corridor Named helplessness
  127. John McEnroe (1989/07/17/0266503) The British Prime Minister, who was described by Simon Jenkins of The Sunday Times of London as the John McEnroe of European diplomacy, was seen on Friday night furiously tapping her foot as Jean-Paul Goude’s historical pageant slowly unfolded.
  128. Steven Soderbergh (1989/07/23/0268570) His father sees the film as ”an end chapter to the Steven Soderbergh of the last 10 years, the finish of a package of emotions he was carrying with him.
  129. Boris Yeltsin (1989/07/24/0268770) But these are tumultuous times in the Soviet bloc, and Mr. Modrow is considered by many to be the Boris Yeltsin of East Germany - a symbol of change and innovation among younger party members.
  130. Woodrow Wilson (1989/07/26/0269412) Talon Almahurst died Saturday, hours after he had gone off as a 1-10 favorite and placed second in an elimination race for the Woodrow Wilson for 2-year-old pacing colts.
  131. William Shakespeare (1989/07/27/0269641) Not for nothing was Sir Frederick Ashton, England’s greatest choreographer, called the Shakespeare of ballet.
  132. Maple (1989/08/03/0271813) Review/Dance; Musician in a Maple for a Troupe on a Hill
  133. Cy Twombly (1989/08/04/0272406) They include a Jackson Pollock of 1948, a Franz Kline of 1955, Roy Lichtenstein’s ”Washing Machine” of 1961 and his ”Blam” of 1962, a Cy Twombly of 1967 and a Robert Mangold of 1973.
  134. Franz Kline (1989/08/04/0272406) They include a Jackson Pollock of 1948, a Franz Kline of 1955, Roy Lichtenstein’s ”Washing Machine” of 1961 and his ”Blam” of 1962, a Cy Twombly of 1967 and a Robert Mangold of 1973.
  135. Jackson Pollock (1989/08/04/0272406) They include a Jackson Pollock of 1948, a Franz Kline of 1955, Roy Lichtenstein’s ”Washing Machine” of 1961 and his ”Blam” of 1962, a Cy Twombly of 1967 and a Robert Mangold of 1973.
  136. Robert Mangold (1989/08/04/0272406) They include a Jackson Pollock of 1948, a Franz Kline of 1955, Roy Lichtenstein’s ”Washing Machine” of 1961 and his ”Blam” of 1962, a Cy Twombly of 1967 and a Robert Mangold of 1973.
  137. Emily Dickinson (1989/08/06/0273070) The academic world is abuzz about Mary Swann (1915-65), an uneducated farmer’s wife, a nonentity when murdered by her swinish husband, but now touted by some as the Emily Dickinson of Upper Canada.
  138. B (1989/08/09/0273773) The study found that female basketball players reported higher high-school grade-point averages than the men - about a B-plus in comparison to a B for men - and about the same averages as women in other sports and in other extracurricular activities.
  139. Attila (1989/08/13/0274831) Nicknamed ”the Attila of tropical agriculture” by one Peruvian scientist, coca cultivation has led to indiscriminate deforestation.
  140. Max E. Medley (1989/08/16/0275722) To Cool the Palate, a Medley of Vegetables and Fruits
  141. Louis Armstrong (1989/08/17/0276060) This was K-Paul’s New York Kitchen, an outpost of the New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme, the Louis Armstrong of jambalaya, crawfish pie and file gumbo.
  142. Louis Armstrong (1989/08/17/0276100) Customers lined up for dinner at K-Paul’s New York Kitchen, an outpost of the New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme, the Louis Armstrong of crawfish pie and jambalaya.
  143. Moses Malone (1989/08/18/0276324) For what it’s worth, Hughes is the Moses Malone of the W.B.L.
  144. Charles Ives (1989/08/20/0276825) In a sense, they are the Charles Ives of architects; for just as Ives recaptured fragments of familiar American tunes within a 20th-century musical framework, Robert Kliment and Frances Halsband use their vernacular references not merely as surface decor but as integral and cohesive parts of an otherwise clean-cut 20th-century American building.
  145. Rembrandt (1989/08/20/0276826) Individual prints from the monumental work ”Les Liliacees” by Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759-1840), known as the Rembrandt of flowers, range from $1,000 to $3,000.
  146. Bob Hope (1989/08/20/0276845) Leno is clearly the Bob Hope of our generation,” says Lenny Ripps.
  147. Shirley Temple (1989/08/20/0277023) In 1939, on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, her mother, Rachel Newman from Lithuania, whom she describes as ”the Shirley Temple of mothers,” was known as ”Marvelle, the Fortune Teller,” and her father, Sigmund Archur, from Warsaw, was called ”Gabel the Graphologist,” his career of the moment.
  148. Homer (1989/08/21/0277244) But Tony Schwartz is also the Homer of the Information Age, a collector and communicator of the aural tradition and a celebrant of the received word in an era that deifies the video image.
  149. Jane Fonda (1989/08/25/0278125) Mr. Pike called him the Jane Fonda of the Vietnamese community because of his approach and the passions it fueled.
  150. Spot (1989/08/27/0278509) Cows Milked, Pigs Fed, It’s Time For a Spot of Tea
  151. Sarah Moulton (1989/09/02/0279966) Lifting a Pinkie for the Upper Crust
  152. Erwin F. Evert (1989/09/06/0281001) Against the 12th-seeded Seles, a 15-year-old Yugoslav tennis prodigy less than half Evert’s age but already anointed as the Evert for the 1990’s and beyond, Evert had performed with enough ebullience and tenacity to earn herself her 19th consecutive trip to the Open quarterfinals.
  153. Max E. Medley (1989/09/06/0281091) Regarding Jacques Pepin’s Purposeful Cook column ”To Cool the Palate, a Medley of Vegetables and Fruits” on Aug. 16: what a shame that a menu labeled ”vegetarian” has a recipe calling for two cups of chicken stock!
  154. +Substitute (1989/09/07/0281260) Not a Substitute for Injury’+
  155. Fra Angelico (1989/09/10/0281871) Hans Memling, ”the Fra Angelico of the North,” painted the triptych for the hospital chapel and the panels illustrating the legend of St. Ursula around the casket-shrine containing her relics.
  156. Richard Viguerie (1989/09/10/0282118) Even more disturbing, a certain Ralph Neas was proving himself a Richard Viguerie of the left, weaving together various protest groups, what George Will sneered at as a new ”compassion industry.”
  157. Albert Einstein (1989/09/10/0282118) But he was a genius, the Einstein of the law.”
  158. Allan Oviedo (1989/09/15/0283228) Brian Washington was a Jet for a day, then suddenly quit.
  159. Crowbar (1989/09/17/0283747) THE NATION: David N. Dinkins; An Even Temper In the Tempest of Mayoral Politics
  160. Emmy (1989/09/19/0284302) ‘Roe v. Wade,” the account of the battle to legalize abortion, captured an Emmy for Holly Hunter (best actress in a mini-series or special) and shared the award for top drama-comedy special.
  161. Emmy (1989/09/19/0284302) ‘War and Remembrance,” a graphic portrayal of the Holocaust, captured the Emmy for best mini-series; the 28-hour epic cost ABC $30 million because of low ratings.
  162. Henry Phillips (1989/09/21/0284820) Most relevant to the public, it gives the Phillips for the first time a space specifically designated for the display of temporary exhibitions.
  163. Cecil B. DeMille (1989/09/21/0284892) Mr. Newman has has been called ”the Cecil B. DeMille of antiques dealers.”
  164. Dash (1989/09/24/0285472) American Pie With a Dash of the Eccentric
  165. +Francisco Police (1989/09/24/0285533) Officer Thomas Flynn, president of the Police for Equal Employment Opportunity, said, ”It’s very, very easy to hide behind a charge of racism.”+
  166. Sophia (1989/09/24/0285753) Kevin Hogan is a properly detestable Mr. Blifil, and Diana LaMar, a Sophia of sweet constancy.
  167. I. M. Pei (1989/09/29/0286782) Alfred Portale, the I. M. Pei of contemporary American cooking, brings new meaning to the term haute cuisine with his skyscraper salads, towers of twirled pasta, high-rises of french fries and soaring desserts.
  168. Greta Garbo (1989/09/29/0286815) Among the hotel’s guests are Svengali and Trilby, the legendary Hollywood stars Norma Desmond and Lupe Velez, and a great Russian ballerina whose penchant for suicide is so obsessive that she makes the Greta Garbo of ”Grand Hotel” seem like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
  169. Johnny Carson (1989/10/01/0287195) He is like the Johnny Carson for the younger viewers,” says David Klein, executive editor of Electronic Media, a trade newspaper.
  170. Rembrandt (1989/10/01/0287270) This is the last E. Joy Morris carousel in operation, and he was the Rembrandt of carousels,” he said.
  171. Peter Paul Rubens (1989/10/05/0288341) They were uniformly thin - all but one, who seemed a Rubens among Modiglianis.
  172. Laurie Anderson (1989/10/05/0288506) She is not the Laurie Anderson of her time, of course.
  173. Leon Kelso (1989/10/06/0288609) The two other stakes tomorrow are the Rare Perfume at a mile on the dirt for 3-year-old fillies and the Kelso for older males at a mile on the grass, both Grade III races.
  174. Albert Einstein (1989/10/07/0288891) One day he is acclaimed the Einstein of the Diamond, the next day he is hailed as one of the seven or eight dumbest people on the face of the earth, and the following day, why, back to genius status again.
  175. W. H. Auden (1989/10/08/0288976) So, too, the young poet continually tried on the ill-fitting public persona of the W. H. Auden of the 1930’s.
  176. York (1989/10/08/0289284) Most recently, George Abbott has chosen the York for the premiere of his ”Frankie,” a musical based on the Frankenstein story, which opened the company’s 21st season on Friday.
  177. Weekend (1989/10/08/0289382) For Giuliani, a Weekend of Much Marching
  178. David Dinkins (1989/10/11/0290032) He was the David Dinkins of his day - calm, comforting and, yes, often boring.
  179. Tallulah Bankhead (1989/10/12/0290209) Senior citizens are the Tallulah Bankhead of the lifeboat: a lot of other people will go over first,” Mr. Miller said.
  180. John Sloan (1989/10/15/0290894) Visually, the exhibition begins in the museum’s center court with one of Robert Henri’s urchin portraits and a John Sloan of children stoking a bonfire on a snowy street.
  181. William Sealy Gosset (1989/10/16/0291425) As a Student of Hitting, Will Clark Is Phi Betamax Kappa
  182. Weekend (1989/10/16/0291466) Wall Street Trader Stays Cool During a Weekend of Anxiety
  183. Emmy (1989/10/22/0293528) If television has grown more sensitized to portraying disabled Americans - Larry Drake has won an Emmy for Best Actor two years in a row for his performance as the mentally retarded gofer on ”L.A.
  184. Valentino (1989/10/22/0293575) He is the Valentino of Deruta,” said Mr. Raimondi, ”but there are also other couturiers.”
  185. Leona Helmsley (1989/10/22/0293748) They’re the Leona Helmsley of L.A.
  186. Aimee Semple McPherson (1989/10/25/0294474) Bonnie Reiss, whom friends describe as an environmental evangelist, the Aimee Semple McPherson of the movement, took the mid-level industry types.
  187. Bea Arthur (1989/10/27/0294985) This sounds as if it had been written especially for her, at least for her image as the Bea Arthur of the Big Screen.
  188. Coco Chanel (1989/10/29/0295582) Hello Kitty is the Coco Chanel of club land, it seems.
  189. John Travolta (1989/10/29/0295608) For some people he’s the John Travolta of early 80’s art.
  190. James Watt (1989/10/29/0295688) Some Indiana environmentalists called him ”the James Watt of Indiana,” saying he cared little about preserving the state’s remaining wilderness areas and favored aggressive development of public lands.
  191. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1989/11/02/0296999) At a Mozart for Children class on the Upper East Side, youngsters 24 to 29 months old were pretending to catch birds while a bird-catching scene from Mozart’s ”Magic Flute” played in the background.
  192. +Jackson Pollock (1989/11/03/0297129) Her pictorial approach owes a great deal to Willem de Kooning, to Franz Kline and to the Jackson Pollock of ”The Deep.”+
  193. George Steinbrenner (1989/11/05/0297904) It would doubtless overstate the case to call S. I. Newhouse the George Steinbrenner of publishing.
  194. Dwight Gooden (1989/11/06/0298301) This guy is the Dwight Gooden of Medicaid billers,” James Durkin, the director of the state Department of Social Services office that investigates abuse of the Medicaid system, said in an interview before Dr. del Gizzo’s expulsion.
  195. Alex Katz (1989/11/10/0299439) Furthermore, the gallery has secured the loan of a number of classics of our time - the Alex Katz of the poet James Schuyler (1959), for one, the sixfold self-portrait by Andy Warhol (1966), and more recently the likeness, quickly and lightly brushed, of the composer Morton Feldman by Francesco Clemente.
  196. John Zorn (1989/11/10/0299484) A few hours later, at the Kitchen, Heiner Goebbels, the John Zorn of West Germany, is presenting his play ”The Man in the Elevator,” featuring, among others, the downtown musician Arto Lindsay and the well-respected East German author Heiner Muller.
  197. Otto von Bismarck (1989/11/10/0299617) A strong-willed figure, Mr. von Bennigsen was sometimes known as the Bismarck of West German industry.
  198. Greta Garbo (1989/11/14/0300766) He made her the Garbo of the art world.”
  199. Larry Miller (1989/11/15/0301143) Dave LaPoint, with his sense of humor, willingness to help and left-handed observations of the weirdness at Yankee Stadium, might just be the Larry Miller of our time.
  200. Charles C. Remsen (1989/11/17/0301767) Tomorrow’s card offers both the Remsen for 2-year-old males and the Demoiselle for 2-year-old fillies, both at a mile and a eighth.
  201. Ken O’Brien (1989/11/19/0302286) You look at the Ken O’Brien of 1985 and 1986, and you saw a quarterback who was going to get even better, who was going to take this team even farther along,” said one N.F.L.
  202. Andy Rooney (1989/11/19/0302493) He is a curmudgeon with opinions but no conviction, the Andy Rooney of the Sahara of the Bozart.
  203. Johnny Appleseed (1989/11/20/0302750) Mr. Parker, a former drug addict and now working on a master’s degree in public health at Yale University, has been called the Johnny Appleseed of needles.
  204. Bob Marley (1989/11/22/0303163) One of the anthology’s strongest cuts, ”Ayiti Pa Fore” (”Haiti Is Not a Forest’) was recorded in 1988 and features Manno Charlemagne, a singer and songwriter who is regarded as the Bob Marley of Haiti.
  205. Neville Chamberlain (1989/11/22/0303228) Jim Bakker of American commerce -given license to steal by a bank board headed by the Neville Chamberlain of financial regulation, a cheerleader who saw little evil and thus spoke little truth,” Mr. Leach said.
  206. Walter Reed (1989/11/26/0304421) Doctors were also posted at outlying construction camps, and Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, the Walter Reed of Brazil, visited the project and supervised the fight against malaria and yellow fever.
  207. Joan Stark (1989/11/28/0304734) A Singer Brings Back the Spunk of 40’s Women
  208. John F. Kennedy (1989/11/30/0305341) He’s the Kennedy of the 90’s,” several people said.
  209. Elvis Presley (1989/12/04/0306451) To be Sugar Ray - the marquee hero, the Elvis of boxing - he must win.
  210. Benjamin Franklin (1989/12/07/0307324) CHARLES EAMES was the Benjamin Franklin of American design.
  211. Barbara Cartland (1989/12/08/0307357) She is a Barbara Cartland for the Colonies.
  212. Emmy (1989/12/08/0307450) She won an Emmy for the role in 1967.
  213. +Vanessa Redgrave (1989/12/10/0307755) James Walsh, a producer of ”The Heidi Chronicles,” points out that raising capital for a play often turns on the availability of a brand-name actor - a Vanessa Redgrave for an ”Orpheus Descending” or a Dustin Hoffman for a ”Merchant of Venice.”+
  214. +Dustin Hoffman (1989/12/10/0307755) James Walsh, a producer of ”The Heidi Chronicles,” points out that raising capital for a play often turns on the availability of a brand-name actor - a Vanessa Redgrave for an ”Orpheus Descending” or a Dustin Hoffman for a ”Merchant of Venice.”+
  215. Mao (1989/12/10/0308207) Merle Goldman, looking at the Mao of the late 1950’s from the vantage point of her deep familiarity with the manifestations of political and literary dissent in China, explains how the Hundred Flowers slogans sprang from Communist Party intellectual history - specifically, from an earlier 1951 Maoist analysis of the Beijing Opera tradition and from the roots of a historiographical academic debate that Mao refused to pass judgment on.
  216. Marvin Miller (1989/12/11/0308314) There is no documentation of Ward’s won-lost record as a lawyer (Columbia Law, class of ‘85), but what stands out is his role as the Marvin Miller of his time.
  217. Pablo Picasso (1989/12/12/0308488) Our understanding of the Picasso of those days is completed by this little picture in a way that could not happen in any other context.
  218. Lenny Bruce (1989/12/13/0308717) Many of his Israeli songs are collaborations with Jonathan Geffen, an journalist and writer whom he described ”as the Lenny Bruce of our time there.”
  219. 1987 (1989/12/13/0308915) Gotham has the 1987 for $5.99.
  220. Nicolaus Copernicus (1989/12/16/0309565) For that, he deserves to be remembered as the Copernicus of Communism.
  221. Davy Crockett (1989/12/17/0309883) I used to go around calling myself the Davy Crockett of substance abuse, you know.
  222. Alice Waters (1989/12/17/0309934) Two meals and a long talk convinced me that the owner of that enchanting restaurant had to be the Alice Waters of Cornwall.
  223. Liberace (1989/12/21/0310887) The clothes fetish: his orders for ”cloaths,” as Washington often spelled it, must have left ”no doubt in his London merchants’ minds that they were dealing with the Liberace of the Potomac.”
  224. Freeman (1989/12/24/0311601) He was made a Freeman of the City of London for his medical services there after World War II.
  225. Andy Rooney (1989/12/24/0311897) He’s sort of the Andy Rooney of the direct mail business,” said Jay Walker, the chairman of the Catalog Media Corporation in Ridgefield, which arranges corporate tie-ins and promotions with mail-order catalogues.
  226. Cassandra (1989/12/29/0312856) I’ve been the Cassandra of real estate forecasting for some time now,” Mr. Seidman told bankers at a meeting in New York this month.
  227. Marina (1989/12/29/0312863) But to say that out loud would make a bad situation worse, so most homeowners declare that they love the Marina for its beauty, would not dream of leaving and are not frightened at the prospect of future earthquakes.


  1. Herman Melville (1990/01/03/0313812) Representative authors are Soseki Natsume, whom Mr. Gibney called ”the Herman Melville of 19th-century Japanese fiction,” Kobo Abe, Yasunari Kawabata and Yukio Mishima.
  2. Michael Jordan (1990/01/03/0313936) Gretzky is the Michael Jordan of hockey,” said Fitzpatrick, who intimidated shooters in the manner of Patrick Ewing.
  3. B (1990/01/07/0314873) The enterprise rates an A for organization and a B for execution.
  4. Rembrandt (1990/01/14/0316484) Her reward is ambiguous - at the end of the sitting, she sees herself, for the first time, as a very old woman, ”as Mr. Trate, the Rembrandt of Painters Ltd., saw her on this lovely October day.”
  5. Henry Fowler Dunbar (1990/01/21/0318641) Among those looking forward to the work is Leon Campbell, the 52-year-old manager of the Dunbar for the last five years, who has 22 years of building management experience.
  6. Carl Sagan (1990/01/21/0318981) Assemblyman Daniel Frisa of Westbury called Mr. Cuomo ”the Carl Sagan of New York with his ‘billions and billions’ in taxes and spending.”
  7. Leo Tolstoy (1990/01/21/0319074) Although Mr. Chaudhuri may not be what Saul Bellow would call the Tolstoy of the Bengalis, he may remind many readers of Nabokov’s Pnin,” our reviewer, David Lelyveld, said in 1988.
  8. Emmy (1990/01/22/0319125) And Nancy, played by Patricia Wettig (who won an Emmy for the role), had evoked particular sympathy after rising above crises including what turned out to be the temporary desertion of her husband, Elliot (Timothy Busfield).
  9. Fit (1990/01/25/0320097) Classic Value held second by 1 1/2 lengths over a Fit for Queen.
  10. Mike Wallace (1990/01/26/0320277) Mr. Finney, trying on an American accent that covers the Brit no better than his shirts cover his paunch, plays Jason Cromwell, the Mike Wallace of /the smash-hit program ”Here and Now.”/
  11. Adolf Hitler (1990/01/28/0321292) Film Weekly called him ”the Hitler of Hollywood,” but his values were actually the values of the moguls, though they barked and fought, barked and fought.
  12. Carson McCullers (1990/02/04/0323187) Pat’s sort of the Carson McCullers of the English Midlands,” said Ms.
  13. Hyde (1990/02/04/0323428) He may appear before her, like a Hyde of her own, and we don’t know what will happen.
  14. Rekha (1990/02/04/0323439) I had known nothing of the Josephine Baker of the bananas, the Josephine who was a sex symbol for the French in the 1920’s, the Josephine for whom Pirandello wanted to write a play and Picasso wanted to paint, the Josephine who walked a leopard on a leash through the streets of Paris.
  15. Josephine Baker (1990/02/04/0323439) I had known nothing of the Josephine Baker of the bananas, the Josephine who was a sex symbol for the French in the 1920’s, the Josephine for whom Pirandello wanted to write a play and Picasso wanted to paint, the Josephine who walked a leopard on a leash through the streets of Paris.
  16. Richard Nixon (1990/02/11/0325652) Edward Teller is the Richard Nixon of American science.
  17. Paul McCartney (1990/02/11/0325668) It has often been remarked that the youthful-looking Clive Barker resembles the youthful-looking Paul McCartney; I’d go a step farther and say that Clive Barker is the Paul McCartney of horror fiction - like the Cute Beatle, Mr. Barker creates popular art that is superficially cheerful yet melancholy, if not profoundly pessimistic, at bottom.
  18. Mike Tyson (1990/02/12/0325887) Liston was the Mike Tyson of his time, an intimidator who knocked people out.
  19. Mikhail Gorbachev (1990/02/13/0326212) On both sides of the apartheid struggle, there are people wondering whether Mr. de Klerk will turn out to be the Gorbachev of South Africa, a reformer who sets out on a modest course of change only to find that he uncages forces that ripple through society in unpredictable ways, forces that even threaten to overwhelm him.
  20. anonymous (1990/02/16/0327020) Perhaps most memorable is ”A Spring Day at the Court,” by an unknown artist of the early 14th century, in which the coiffed heads of six noblemen and one woman, seen from above and resembling butterflies, stand out.
  21. Abraham Lincoln (1990/02/19/0328029) PAUL TAGLIABUE, the commissioner of the National Football League, has freed college juniors for eligibility in the league’s annual draft, although this doesn’t quite make him the Abraham Lincoln for college football underclassmen.
  22. Rob Overseer (1990/02/21/0328508) From 1967 to 1973 he was an Overseer of Harvard, and he remained a senior lecturer there until his death.
  23. +Emmy (1990/02/23/0328964) Yet, in 1973, he won a Triple Crown in major awards: two Tonys for Broadway’s ”Pippin,” an Academy Award for ”Cabaret,” and an Emmy for the television special ”Liza With a Z.”+
  24. Larry F. Grand (1990/02/25/0329676) Under Paul Nadler’s baton - this Metropolitan Opera Company conductor is appearing with the Grand for the first time - and with English supertitles, ”Il Barbiere di Siviglia” will be performed at 7:45 P.M. at the Tilles Center on the C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University in Brookville.
  25. Bella Abzug (1990/02/25/0329684) Over the years, Mrs. Fenwick’s espousal of liberal causes prompted some Republicans to refer to her jokingly as ”the Bella Abzug of Somerset County.”
  26. Galileo Galilei (1990/02/25/0329848) The 1,100-passenger vessel, formerly the Galileo of the Fantasy line, was stripped to the hull and completely reconstructed, with larger cabins and public areas added.
  27. Billy Martin (1990/03/01/0330884) For several years now, Leo Durocher, who in some ways was both the Pete Rose and the Billy Martin of his time, has waited for a phone call that would tell him he had been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by its veterans committee.
  28. Pablo Picasso (1990/03/02/0330974) Howard Finster: Man of Visions” is a good straightforward report on the career of Mr. Finster, a Southern backwoods preacher, now in his 70’s, who has been called the Picasso of folk art.
  29. Wayne Gretzky (1990/03/02/0331029) Her coach, Don MacLeod, describes Vicky Sunohara as the Wayne Gretzky of women’s hockey.
  30. Orrin Hatch (1990/03/02/0331099) I think the Orrin Hatch of 1977 might have come to a different conclusion about many of these issues,” he said.
  31. Robert Moses (1990/03/03/0331384) He called him ”the Robert Moses of municipal finance,” a reference to the powerful but unelected ”master builder” who dominated planning in the city for decades.
  32. Balduíno Rambo (1990/03/04/0331524) The other artists in the show are Carol Goebel, Bonnie Lucas, Joyce Romano, Hope Sandrow and Rhonda Zwillinger - and there’s not a Rambo among them.
  33. Steven Spielberg (1990/03/04/0331531) As the Steven Spielberg of knot-tying adventure, Mr. Phillips spends most of his nonteaching hours armed with a video camera seeking out knot-tying people.
  34. Dalai Lama (1990/03/04/0331825) For five days last month, Tenzin Gyatso, a Buddhist monk who is the Dalai Lama of Tibet, was the guest of Vaclav Havel, a playwright who is the President of Czechoslovakia.
  35. Joe DiMaggio (1990/03/04/0331905) That achievement makes him a significant contributor to American mass culture, every bit as much as the 68-week winning streak makes him the Joe DiMaggio of the Nielsen game.
  36. Richard Nixon (1990/03/04/0331905) of programming; now he’s the Richard Nixon of programming.’
  37. Michael Jordan (1990/03/07/0332581) She is the Michael Jordan of figure skating, a dazzling athlete of uncommon skill who performs at a level unattained by many skaters, unattainable by most others.
  38. Maxwell Smart (1990/03/08/0332910) Marlin Fitzwater, the White House spokesman, described the Missouri Democrat as ”the Maxwell Smart of politics,” comparing him to the verbose, bumbling television detective of the 1960’s.
  39. Buck Rogers (1990/03/08/0332986) He’s like the Buck Rogers of today.”
  40. Booth Tarkington (1990/03/11/0333601) Call Mr. Lehrer the Booth Tarkington of Oklahoma.
  41. Frank Lorenzo (1990/03/11/0333692) Will Fred G. Currey become the Frank Lorenzo of the bus business?
  42. Arabesque (1990/03/11/0333832) Good smaller restaurants include Justine’s (European cuisine) and La Piazza (Italian), 4 Hassan Sabri, Zamalek (3412961), the Arabesque for Egyptian and international fare (6 Kasr el Nil; 759896), and the Swiss restaurant Le Chateau (Swissair building, on the West Corniche; 729487).
  43. Mike Wallace (1990/03/12/0334074) He is the Mike Wallace of the Grand Concourse.
  44. Dash (1990/03/12/0334132) Dinkins Takes Roast With a Dash of Humor
  45. Vaccine (1990/03/12/0334178) Archbishop Asks His Clergy To Test a Vaccine for AIDS
  46. Dalai Lama (1990/03/16/0335069) Mr. Havel has also used ceremony to make larger points, inviting the Dalai Lama of Tibet, the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner, as one of his first official foreign visitors, to the irritation of Beijing.
  47. Dash (1990/03/16/0335226) Pop/Jazz; The Pogues’ Celtic Sound With a Dash of Punk
  48. Maggie Smith (1990/03/18/0335792) The arm-flailing and wrist-wringing she brings to Lettice Douffet make apparent only one side of her; the other is the Maggie Smith of Bennett’s ”Bed Among the Lentils,” her distinguished 50-minute solo television performance in 1988, playing the alcoholic wife of a vicar, rescued by her sad-eyed wit.
  49. Lotte Lehmann (1990/03/22/0336784) In this, as in other ways, she is the Lotte Lehmann of her generation.
  50. Frank Lorenzo (1990/03/22/0336893) But his insistence on replacing strikers with nonunion drivers, and retaining them after the strike, has made him the Frank Lorenzo of the highways in the eyes of Greyhound drivers, and raised the prospect of a long and bitter strike, Professor Shaiken said.
  51. Herd (1990/03/22/0336979) For This Artist, Cliches Provide a Herd of Ideas
  52. Frank Perdue (1990/03/28/0338652) He looked like the Frank Perdue of strawberries.
  53. Mary I of England (1990/04/01/0339460) The pastoral pleasures in and around the village of Millbrook are low key: walks on the trails of the Cary Arboretum, a visit to a delightful small zoo, a drive along back roads past horse and cattle farms, parking on uncrowded streets without meters and Sunday brunch with a Bloody Mary for $4.95.
  54. Neil Marriott (1990/04/01/0339833) The team practiced at Hofstra and then returned each night to the Marriott for dinner and meetings.
  55. John Henry (1990/04/03/0340484) Evans as the John Henry of astronomy,” Dr. Woosley said.
  56. Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild (1990/04/04/0340609) If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Rothschild for dinner during the holidays, here is your chance.
  57. Buffalo Bill (1990/04/05/0340995) In his sense of showmanship, Molesworth was the Buffalo Bill of furniture.
  58. Frank Lloyd Wright (1990/04/05/0340995) And, like raptors swooping for a kill, antiques dealers are descending on the town, desperately seeking ”the Frank Lloyd Wright of the West.”
  59. Gilbert du Motier (1990/04/06/0341184) Housebuster will run in the Lafayette for 3-year-olds on Wednesday.
  60. Emmy (1990/04/07/0341513) In 1986, he was awarded an Emmy for ”Shattered Dreams,” a documentary on a Belgian boys’ home that sheltered Jewish children during the Holocaust.
  61. Harold Stassen (1990/04/07/0341525) Before Mr. Dinkins selected him, Mr. Schafffer said he dreamed that if he did not get the post, ”I was on my way to becoming the Harold Stassen of New York City,” a reference to the perpetual but always unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for President.
  62. Lyndon B. Johnson (1990/04/08/0341932) Did he read the first volume, ”The Path to Power,” which presented a Lyndon Johnson of heartbreaking complexity with compassion, revelation and deep understanding?
  63. Al Smith (1990/04/10/0342368) Does he ever fear becoming the Al Smith of black political history, who blazes the trail but never makes it to the final destination?
  64. Hank (1990/04/12/0342939) And ”A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair,” a group work by Mr. Beatty that is set to propulsive music by Prince and Earth, Wind and Fire, is no exception.
  65. Hank (1990/04/12/0342939) And with the exception of a sometimes plodding middle section, ”A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair” is one of Mr. Beatty’s sleekest and most joyful and inventive celebrations of jazz-dancing in all its speed and vitality.
  66. George Plimpton (1990/04/15/0343931) Today’s sport for the George Plimpton of the political world was golf at the fabled Mid-Ocean Club -in the rain and the wind, with small-craft warnings flying and palm trees blown inside out like flimsy umbrellas.
  67. Ralph Nader (1990/04/17/0344250) Since 1974, this 60-year-old life-insurance salesman turned academic has been a Ralph Nader of the insurance business.
  68. Harriet Tubman (1990/04/19/0345203) She was like the Harriet Tubman of Zimbabwe.
  69. Ronald Reagan (1990/04/21/0345692) Many conservatives see Mr. North as the man who can rejuvenate the right - the Barry Goldwater and the Ronald Reagan of the 1990’s.
  70. Alexander Morrison (1990/04/21/0345727) Specifically, Mr. Cibes questioned the degree to which the $217,500 raised by Mr. Morrison’s delegate election commitee - all but $80,000 of which has been spent - was mingled with regulated contributions to the Morrison for Governor Committee.
  71. Betsy Ross (1990/04/22/0345887) An Elmont Seamstress Is the Betsy Ross of Horse Racing
  72. Mark Oliver Everett (1990/04/22/0346031) Like the stylized A, B, C and D stamps, and the E for Earth stamp that was issued when the first-class rate went to 25 cents, these stamps will cover whatever the new rate is (it might be more or less than 30 cents), and will bridge the period before denominated stamps can be printed.
  73. Fraction (1990/04/24/0346601) Only a Fraction of What Is Needed?
  74. Little (1990/04/29/0348565) African National Congress Reaches Out a Little for Negotiators
  75. Ernest Hemingway (1990/04/29/0348711) A great many of our classic tales of travel and adventure (as bookstores customarily combine them) are ventures into the interior, explorations of the landscape of the self, even while they are advertised as treks across Antarctica or Arabia, assaults on snowy unreachable peaks, cockroachy crawls into the cracks of the earth, voyages alone around the world or those hunts that test the Hemingway of the heart - to mention some of our more popular ordeals.
  76. A. Cavalier (1990/04/29/0348734) A Royalist, a Cavalier of the slums, she’s long pondered the biblical motto ”an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” and one day decides to take it seriously.
  77. Henry Ford (1990/04/30/0348915) The elder Bata, who died in a plane crash near Zlin in 1932, was the Henry Ford of Czechoslovakia, introducing mass-production techniques to his nation and building its largest industrial empire.
  78. Oprah Winfrey (1990/05/02/0349615) Ms. O’Connor is rapidly becoming the Oprah Winfrey of West 46th Street.
  79. Stretch (1990/05/05/0350461) It’s Down the Stretch for the Derby’s Cordial Julep
  80. Franz Werner Tamm (1990/05/06/0350840) It was near the Dam for eight years and then moved, like a portable stand, ”exactly the same,” said our waiter, Gijs, to Niewedijk almost two years ago.
  81. Oliver North (1990/05/08/0351502) Robert Tappan Morris is the Oliver North of computer abuse.
  82. Albert Schweitzer (1990/05/08/0351596) Many of those who knew him called him the Albert Schweitzer of the New World.
  83. Piet Mondrian (1990/05/09/0351648) Looking at the Hancock tower, a character calls it ”a Mondrian among Turners,” with its blue mirrors ”a new physics in the Back Bay,” adding that ”its windows popped out like so many ill-fitting contact lenses.”
  84. Dick Butkus (1990/05/13/0352759) He was the Dick Butkus of bridge, Hamman said: ”A hard man with a Masters in violence.”
  85. +Pablo Picasso (1990/05/13/0352899) This has often and rightly been linked to the use in a Picasso of 1912 of the slogan, ”Our Future Is in the Air.”+
  86. Betsy Ross (1990/05/13/0353111) The article on April 22 [”Elmont Seamstress Is the Betsy Ross of Horse Racing”] tells us that Antoinette Brocklebank sews 25 percent of the silks at Belmont, so it’s 4 to 1 that the winning jockey will wear her outfit.
  87. Shaun Stafford (1990/05/15/0353592) Mandlikova, seeded 15th, who last played a tournament six weeks ago, beat the Shaun Stafford of the United States, 6-4, 6-3, in a first-round match.
  88. Emmy (1990/05/17/0354001) Mr. Henson recently won an Emmy for ”The Jim Henson Hour,” a family entertainment series on NBC.
  89. Jesus Christ (1990/05/20/0354739) Life’s not hard when you ”stop thinking about yourself,” says the Jesus of this play, taking a thinly veiled swipe at the values of the me generation.
  90. Micheen Thornycroft (1990/05/20/0354963) Beverly, the foxy new girl in the neighborhood (”so fly she’s almost airborne”), seems to want a Mouse for her very own.
  91. Faust (1990/05/20/0354980) He was a Faust of American journalism, a reporter more powerful than the papers he wrote for, a bigger celebrity than most of the people he wrote about.
  92. Weekend (1990/05/20/0355162) Review/Music; Bang on a Can Festival Ends With a Weekend of Browsing
  93. Guardian Angel (1990/05/20/0355170) Mr. Irono, who has been a Guardian Angel for almost four months, said: ”I’m always scared.
  94. Ralph Nader (1990/05/21/0355271) The Public Media Center is the Ralph Nader of agencies, creating advertising that promotes consumers’ rights and sells social change.
  95. Red Holzman (1990/05/21/0355274) Once I told him I was staying in Phoenix for good, I kind of became the Red Holzman of the West Coast.
  96. Rembrandt (1990/05/25/0356320) There was the Rembrandt of his wife, Saskia, at the window.
  97. Peter Pan (1990/05/25/0356418) A holiday weekend of major races at Belmont Park begins tomorrow with the Acorn Stakes for 3-year-old fillies, continues Sunday with the Peter Pan for 3-year-old males, and concludes Monday with the Metropolitan Handicap, featuring Easy Goer and Housebuster.
  98. Ursula Andress (1990/05/27/0356702) But you, you’re the Ursula Andress of militancy.”
  99. Dick Francis (1990/05/27/0356719) Sam Llewellyn has been described as the Dick Francis of sailing, and for good reason.
  100. Steffi Graf (1990/05/28/0357142) But unlike her tearful and ghostly demeanor following her June 1989 loss to Sanchez Vicario, when she worried her family and coach by going into solitary confinement for a two-day crying jag, the Steffi Graf of May 1990 was somber yet composed in defeat.
  101. Francis Bacon (1990/06/01/0358019) The Los Angeles County Museum of Art took the show, and so did the Museum of Modern Art, which in 1946 was the first museum anywhere to buy a Bacon for its permanent collection.
  102. Frame (1990/06/03/0358524) Kirk Varnedoe indicts what he terms a ”new orthodoxy, which asks that we understand works of modern art principally as expressions of the socio-political context” [”Modern Art Is a Frame of Mind,” April 29] .But his argument becomes troublesome when it seeks to undermine what he terms ”deeply researched and subtle” readings of works of art in their social and political settings.
  103. Dalai Lama (1990/06/03/0358698) The story of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet is almost mythic in its beginning: the 2-year-old child who, in 1936, unerringly picked from a series of paired objects (two rosaries, two walking sticks, two drums) the one that had belonged to his predecessor, the 13th Dalai Lama, and eventually ascended to spiritual and political leadership of Tibet.
  104. +Pat Carroll (1990/06/07/0359353) She is the Pat Carroll of the Sid Caesar, Danny Thomas and Red Buttons television shows of the 1950’s, the Pat Carroll of the ”Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein” one-woman show of the early 80’s, and the possessor of the husky, seductive voice of Ursula, the wicked sea witch in ”The Little Mermaid.”+
  105. +Pat Carroll (1990/06/07/0359353) She is the Pat Carroll of the Sid Caesar, Danny Thomas and Red Buttons television shows of the 1950’s, the Pat Carroll of the ”Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein” one-woman show of the early 80’s, and the possessor of the husky, seductive voice of Ursula, the wicked sea witch in ”The Little Mermaid.”+
  106. Mike Tyson (1990/06/10/0359921) One study under way is likely to dispute the value of recent trade agreements with Japan; Mr. Prestowitz, a former Commerce Department official and businessman, has become the Mike Tyson of Japan-bashers.
  107. Frank Lorenzo (1990/06/10/0360016) Whether or not Mr. Currey wanted to break the drivers’ union, Greyhound’s slide into bankruptcy has made him the Frank Lorenzo of the highways in some people’s eyes.
  108. Charles Lakes (1990/06/10/0360035) Others agreed with Connelly that this was not the Charles Lakes of old.
  109. Donald Trump (1990/06/10/0360211) According to scholars, he’s a layman named Julianus Argentarius, a banker who helped bankroll no less than five great churches in the area, the Donald Trump of his time.
  110. Dick Francis (1990/06/10/0360283) Mr. Llewellyn, the Dick Francis of sailing, writes cleanly and unaffectedly about racing boats, real estate deals - and murder.
  111. James Bond (1990/06/10/0360362) But just as the James Bond of the Bond books gets lost in the Bond movies, the gaunt, teeth-baring, square-jawed Tracy of the comic strips is somehow sweetened and civilized in the Tracy movie.
  112. Walt Disney (1990/06/14/0360989) Barnum, as Mr. Culhane puts it, was the Walt Disney of his day.
  113. George Ernest Shelley (1990/06/17/0361800) Born in 1772, Coleridge was in many ways the Shelley of the earlier generation of Romantic poets - brilliant, young, flamboyant, with a philosophical bent and radical ideals.
  114. Wisp (1990/06/26/0363894) New Tremor Crushes a Wisp of Hope
  115. James Brown (1990/06/29/0364544) Also, Oscar D’Leon, the James Brown of salsa, will bring in his high-powered group.
  116. Ted Kluszewski (1990/07/02/0365330) Left-handed all the way, standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing about 200 pounds, he might have been the Ted Kluszewski of his day; he certainly swung the bat like one.
  117. B (1990/07/10/0367120) It gave him an A-minus for his leadership of the system, a B-plus for his efforts to improve working conditions for teachers and administrators, and a B for his legislative program.
  118. Gentleman (1990/07/11/0367367) He was also designated a Gentleman of His Holiness, receiving the highest honor given a Catholic layman outside Vatican City.
  119. Oliver Cromwell (1990/07/13/0367789) The winning bidder is handed the bill and, on payment, is awarded a sheet of paper granting the title, which since the seventh century has been held by - among others - a Saint (Egwin, third Bishop of Worcestershire, who died in 714) and various Kings, Queens, dukes, bishops and a Lord Protector of the Realm.
  120. Gordie Howe (1990/07/13/0367812) Anthony Joseph Foyt Jr. is more than the Gordie Howe of auto racing.
  121. Dennis Eckersley (1990/07/15/0368449) The right-handed Murphy, a New Yorker who later served as general manager of the Mets, was the game’s top reliever, the Dennis Eckersley of his day.
  122. John Wayne (1990/07/15/0368518) It is also the story of a driven man who sees himself as above the law, a John Wayne of the North, who isn’t going to let himself be pushed around by judges.
  123. Freeman (1990/07/16/0368730) Jones was so beloved by the people of the town that in 1958 he was made a Freeman of the Burgh of St. Andrews, becoming the first American to be so honored since Benjamin Franklin.
  124. Sting (1990/07/22/0370546) Japanese in the New York Region Begin to Feel the Sting of Prejudice
  125. +Gerard van Honthorst (1990/07/22/0370611) A stranger case is the Gerrit van Honthorst of ”Christ Before the High Priest.”+
  126. Magnet (1990/07/27/0371878) Abortion Issue a Magnet for A.B.A.
  127. eP (1990/07/29/0372160) There are also two recent releases by Happy Mondays, ”Hallelujah,” an EP of four new songs and three remixes (Elektra 60945; CD and cassette only), and a 12-inch single, ”Step On” (Elektra ED 5469).
  128. Larry Bird (1990/07/29/0372556) On Wednesday, the slender 6-foot-8-inch Day hounded Antonella Riva of Italy, not always graciously, and then on Friday he was assigned to guard Oscar, the Larry Bird of Brazil, who has been lofting jump shots in international competition for 14 years.
  129. Jack Kemp (1990/07/31/0372794) Political Career: Regional director of Citizens for Reagan Campaign, 1975-76; political director of the Republican National Committee, 1977-78; national political director of Reagan for President Committee, 1979-80; founder and president of Campaign Consultants Inc., 1980; partner in the public relations firm Black, Manafort & Stone public, 1981; senior political consultant to the Reagan-Bush campaign, 1984; campaign manager for the Jack Kemp for President Campaign, 1987-88.
  130. Ben Westbeech (1990/08/02/0373135) Palace Guard Closes In on a Breach of Confidence
  131. Adolf Hitler (1990/08/03/0373439) Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Mr. Hussein ”the Hitler of the Middle East” and criticized Mr. Bush for not having moved earlier to forestall an invasion.
  132. Florence Nightingale (1990/08/04/0373541) They called me the Florence Nightingale of the trees,” Mrs. Moses said at the time.
  133. Sermon (1990/08/06/0374244) Overflowing Church Hears a Sermon of Defense
  134. Cassandra (1990/08/08/0374627) Unlike the Cassandra of Greek legend, who was the handsomest of Priam’s daughters, Miss Thompson’s photographs show her to be healthily attractive rather than strikingly beautiful.
  135. Jane Pauley (1990/08/09/0374728) Bill Seidman is the Jane Pauley for American Government,” said Representative Jim Leach, Republican of Iowa, referring to the former host of NBC’s ”Today,” whose popularity soared after she was pushed off the program.
  136. Lee Iacocca (1990/08/11/0375250) Its chairman, Jan Carlzon, is credited with turning the airline around in the early 1980s, earning a reputation as ”the Lee Iacocca of Europe,” one analyst said.
  137. Manuel Noriega (1990/08/12/0375644) It is Saddam Hussein, the Noriega of the Middle East.
  138. Julia Margaret Cameron (1990/08/12/0375852) She took to photography zealously, professionally, becoming the Julia Margaret Cameron of Washington, posing in front of her camera passing senators, generals, dogs and children.
  139. David Lynch (1990/08/17/0377133) It was, of course, Mr. Lynch - the David Lynch of the much-discussed ”Blue Velvet” and the even more discussed ”Twin Peaks” - who brought Miss Dern and Mr. Cage together as Lula and Sailor.
  140. Rodney Dangerfield (1990/08/19/0377711) The Council, long considered the Rodney Dangerfield of local politics, ascended to the center of city government with the demise of the Board of Estimate last week.
  141. Joseph Papp (1990/08/19/0377790) A man who inspires admiration and sometimes jealousy among his colleagues, Made Bandem is, in a sense, the Joseph Papp of Bali.
  142. Sophocles (1990/08/19/0377828) Such differences are the mark of the true gelateria artigianale, the craft of ice-cream making, says the Sophocles of ice cream today, Nazareno Giolitti.
  143. Louise Brooks (1990/08/20/0378133) There is a fascinatingly abbreviated saga of Annette Hanshaw, ”the Louise Brooks of jazz,” as Mr. Friedwald calls her.
  144. Dash (1990/08/22/0378606) Bucharest Journal; In a Dispirited Land, a Dash of Initiative and Verve
  145. Coco Chanel (1990/08/26/0379712) Since pattern was what determined style, she was in a sense the Coco Chanel of her time, though her name is curiously absent from contemporary correspondence and diaries.
  146. +Alec Guinness (1990/08/27/0379862) Shuffling on at first as a timid, faceless nonentity, compulsively smiling and mouthing platitudes, the star more resembled the Alec Guinness of 1950’s Ealing comedies and the Peter Sellers of ”Being There” than the aggressive, rough-edged actor still best known to Americans for ”The Singing Detective.”+
  147. +Peter Sellers (1990/08/27/0379862) Shuffling on at first as a timid, faceless nonentity, compulsively smiling and mouthing platitudes, the star more resembled the Alec Guinness of 1950’s Ealing comedies and the Peter Sellers of ”Being There” than the aggressive, rough-edged actor still best known to Americans for ”The Singing Detective.”+
  148. Spike Jones (1990/08/29/0380281) In ”Don Henley Must Die,” one of the year’s funniest pop songs, Mojo Nixon, a performer who might be described as the Spike Jones of rock-and-roll, demands the electric chair for the former Eagle as punishment for his being ”pretentious” and ”whining like a wounded beagle.”
  149. Christopher Columbus (1990/09/01/0380843) This is not the Columbus of legend.
  150. Shirley (1990/09/02/0380921) She is, after all, a Shirley of substance.
  151. Johnny Appleseed (1990/09/02/0380974) File Finder is the alias of Dr. Callahan, a medical doctor who devoted himself to computers and developed a reputation among electronic bulletin board users as the Johnny Appleseed of shareware.
  152. Gun (1990/09/02/0381155) Colombian Guerrillas Forsake the Gun for Politics
  153. Claude Monet (1990/09/06/0382044) The Met paid for the Delacroix with funds raised last spring by the sale of four paintings of relatively minor quality from its own collection: a Monet of Etretat that has not been hung for 30 years and three inconsequential Renoirs.
  154. Nolan Ryan (1990/09/07/0382279) One ominous night, Bjorn Borg was beaten before he faced the missiles of Roscoe Tanner, the Nolan Ryan of tennis.
  155. Emmy (1990/09/08/0382345) Mr. Benson and Charles Ginsburg of Ampex won an Emmy for engineering.
  156. Ray (1990/09/09/0382554) Alexa Ray Joel - the Ray for Ray Charles - will become a Long Islander, her father proudly announced.
  157. Jerry Lewis (1990/09/09/0382554) I don’t want to become the Jerry Lewis of the disenfranchised commercial fishermen,” he said.
  158. Pillow (1990/09/16/0384547) The repertory included signature works by Balanchine and Peter Martins and a few by Mr. Duell, who had cut his managerial teeth by directing a new choreography project at the Pillow for two summers.
  159. Emmy (1990/09/17/0384828) Barbara Hershey, who played the lead in CBS’s ”A Killing in a Small Town,” won the Emmy for best actress in a mini-series or special.
  160. Emmy (1990/09/17/0384828) Marg Helgenberger, who plays a woman of the world on ABC’s ”China Beach” won the Emmy for best supporting actress in a dramatic series, and Jimmy Smits, who plays the Hispanic lawyer Victor Sifuentes on ”L.A.
  161. +Emmy (1990/09/17/0384828) Peter Falk won the Emmy for outstanding dramatic actor as ”Columbo.”+
  162. Emmy (1990/09/17/0384828) Playwright Terrence McNally was voted the Emmy for writing in a mini-series or special for ”Andre’s Mother,” a drama about AIDS.
  163. James Bond (1990/09/18/0384922) He was the James Bond of the 1840’s,” Mr. Rice says.
  164. Emmy (1990/09/23/0386253) The Weston video, made for $35,000 in 1988, won an Emmy for as a New York regional entry for its director, Harvey Bellen.
  165. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1990/09/23/0386272) Interested in ceremonial objects, the artist began applying to them Modernist principles and by the early 1930’s was well on the way to becoming the Mies van der Rohe of the genre, particularly with respect to Hebrew calligraphy but not to the point of Bauhaus ”baldness.”
  166. Philip (1990/09/23/0386280) Michael Fredericks gives the stodgy Mr. Markham a Philip of boyish good humor that makes him likable, no matter how stuffy he appears to be.
  167. Fortune (1990/09/27/0387043) Time has been considering a similar plan,and Fortune, too, is studying the possibility of publishing a Fortune for children or teen-agers.
  168. Tommy Mercer (1990/09/30/0387499) Holy Cross beat the Crimson for the fifth straight time and ended a five-game, two-season Harvard winning streak.
  169. Napoleon (1990/09/30/0387633) Spectacular possibilities include a decadent chocolate hazlenut cake, an airy vanilla souffle sharply contrasted with maple ice cream, a Napoleon of crisp pastry, whipped cream and fresh raspberries and all of Nicola’s intensely flavored homemade sorbets and ice creams.
  170. Dalai Lama (1990/09/30/0387658) Mr. Norman taped the Dalai Lama for several hours at a time and prepared a manuscript from the tapes, which they later rewrote together.
  171. Cassandra (1990/09/30/0387764) Jim Grant, the editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer and the Cassandra of financial markets in the late 1980’s, notes that the plunging Japanese stock market is slashing bank capital in Tokyo, since banks have been allowed to count unrealized stock market gains as equity.
  172. Joseph Stalin (1990/10/01/0388083) But I have seen even greater perversities, if only on the movies or on TV; I saw Hitler waving in a friendly manner to fanaticized little girls of the Hitlerjugend; I saw mass murderer Stalin kissing a child with the red Communist youth organization scarf, a child whose parents ended up like so many in Gulag camps; I saw Gottwald, the Stalin of Czechoslovakia, smilingly joking with young miners, the builders of socialism and soon to be cripples; I saw the Iraqi president Hussein patting the children of his hostages whom - as he now says - he is ready to have shot.
  173. Hank (1990/10/05/0389008) Reviews/Film Festival; Going Mad Accompanied by a Hank of Hair
  174. Benedict Arnold (1990/10/06/0389132) In recent weeks he has criticized Mr. Kemp, calling him ”a lackey of Mario Cuomo” and a Benedict Arnold for what Mr. Rinfret contended was covert support of Mr. London. //
  175. Rodney Dangerfield (1990/10/07/0389336) To Wall Street, the Tandy Corporation has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the technology scene.
  176. Jethro Tull (1990/10/07/0389345) While the music usually looks back to Black Sabbath, Cream, Savoy Brown and the Jethro Tull of ”Aqualung,” it can also leap into the double time of speed-metal.
  177. George W. Bush (1990/10/08/0389795) But Representative David R. Obey, Democrat of Wisconsin, said the situation was inexcusable, and accused the President Bush of cheating tourists.
  178. Charlie Chaplin (1990/10/13/0390856) The ballet music rattles like a machine shop, but the attitude is mocking sarcasm - one pictures the Charlie Chaplin of ”Modern Times” set loose among the gears and pistons.
  179. Arata Isozaki (1990/10/14/0391185) Fuji announced Fujicolor Professional HG, a film with an ISO of 400 that is intended for wedding and portrait pros, and expanded its Neopan 400 black-and-white film into 120 format.
  180. Emmy (1990/10/14/0391271) If there were an Emmy for pseudohistory, ”The Civil War” would win hands down.
  181. Buster Keaton (1990/10/15/0392151) Calvin Trillin is the Buster Keaton of performance humorists.
  182. Oleg Kovalyshyn (1990/10/17/0392496) But Vann McElroy, a two-time Pro Bowl performer who was a Raider for nine years, did not.
  183. +Emmy (1990/10/21/0393697) As if to underscore his judgment, she recently won an Emmy for her performance as a murderess in the television movie ”Killing in a Small Town.”+
  184. Irwin Corey (1990/10/21/0393857) Having spent a good part of the last year and a quarter at the task of reading for an annual best-story collection, I’ve begun to feel like the Professor Irwin Corey of the short story - the world’s greatest living authority over a discipline that doesn’t exactly exist, a professorship of nothing, tenured in the university without walls.
  185. David Dukes (1990/10/24/0394916) Why should they not drift toward the David Dukes of this country?
  186. Pablo Picasso (1990/10/27/0395920) He was an enthusiast, whether over the purchase of a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor, a Picasso for his apartment or a sitcom for his network.
  187. Babe Ruth (1990/10/28/0396229) At 80 years of age, Peter Drucker remains the Babe Ruth of management writers, still hitting home runs.
  188. Juliana Evans (1990/10/28/0396246) Only a Couple of Mistakes
  189. Bo Jackson (1990/10/31/0396993) But teammates they are: Dooley, a fifth-year receiver, too slow and too small to be recruited, and Kirby, a sophomore running back who would only attend a school that would allow him to be the Bo Jackson of autumn and winter.
  190. +Emmy (1990/11/02/0397481) In 1980 he won an Emmy for outstanding cameo appearance in a daytime drama for “Days of Our Lives.”+
  191. Leonard Bernstein (1990/11/04/0397821) Johnson, on a much lower level of talent and achievement, was the Leonard Bernstein of his day, hailed as the first native-born conductor to head a major American orchestra.
  192. Sherry (1990/11/04/0397837) Marinate the turkey in the Sherry for 30 minutes.
  193. Napoleon (1990/11/04/0397873) On Sunday you can start with nage of scallops with fresh herbs; crispy lobster roll in a rice leaf and served with carrot vinaigrette; warm smoked salmon with potato layers and baby greens; a Napoleon of asparagus with wild mushroom ragout.
  194. Emmy (1990/11/05/0398346) But the night before the new television season began, “Murphy Brown” won the Emmy Award as best comedy, and its star, Candice Bergen, the Emmy for best comedy actress.
  195. Charles Atlas (1990/11/06/0398601) And that was when Charles Oakley, the Charles Atlas of forwards, was about to attempt a jump shot.
  196. Emmy (1990/11/08/0399085) America’s Funniest Home Video Paul Wellstone, a college professor who was Minnesota’s Democratic candidate for the Senate, could have got an Emmy for his witty TV commercials.
  197. Liberace (1990/11/11/0399880) There are times when Mr. Morris has been in danger of becoming the Liberace of American dance rather than the next Balanchine.
  198. Ted Bundy (1990/11/11/0399939) This, he explodes, “is the Ted Bundy of countries!”
  199. Joe Montana (1990/11/13/0400456) Traders took heart in the strong leadership of I.B.M., the Joe Montana of the stock market.
  200. Rocky Balboa (1990/11/16/0401349) HIDDEN in the attic at the Balboa manor house are a black leather jacket, an old sweatshirt and a porkpie hat, relics of the Rocky of yore.
  201. Clint Eastwood (1990/11/18/0401924) Emotionally speaking, Mr. Welliver is a Clint Eastwood of landscapists, and it is not unlikely that when he gets a museum retrospective, his clarity and competence will make him, too, a cult figure.
  202. Errol Flynn (1990/11/18/0402002) Nevertheless, Mr. Reagan was signed up and became ”the Errol Flynn of the B pictures,” eventually making a couple of A films as well: “Knute Rockne – All American,” in which he played the dying Gipper, and “Kings Row,” in which he played a young man who loses his legs.
  203. Copy (1990/11/18/0402023) Bush Gives Czechs a Copy of Liberty Bell
  204. John Donne (1990/11/18/0402026) She is, as she says, a poet of “serious play” – extravagant, large-spirited, querulous – a John Donne of the postwar American suburbs who combines a breezy colloquial formalism with an underlying violence of feeling.
  205. Ramesh Chandra Rout (1990/11/18/0402063) Hurricanes in the Hunt After a Rout of B.C.
  206. Magnet (1990/11/20/0402456) Chicopee Journal; Once Again, an Air Base Is a Magnet for Protest
  207. Topic (1990/11/24/0403597) Faxing Democracy, a Topic of The Times on Nov. 2, made mention of the role the fax machine played in last year’s uprising by students in China.
  208. Joan Baez (1990/11/25/0403716) Marina Kapura, the lead vocalist, has been described by Pete Seeger as ”the Joan Baez of the Soviet Union.”
  209. +Tory Burch (1990/11/25/0403755) In his book “Fors Clavigera,” he wrote, “I will tell you plainly, I am, and my father was before me, a Tory of the old school.”+
  210. Jesse Jackson (1990/11/25/0403827) On the teacher’s desk sits a ceramic elephant, a Jesse Jackson for President button fastened to it with a rubber band.
  211. Nelson Riddle (1990/11/26/0404159) Buried in Blue, which ends the second act, is one of several numbers in the show in which the band is joined by strings, arranged and conducted by Marc Shaiman, the gifted young arranger and composer who is becoming the Nelson Riddle of his generation.
  212. Floyd Mayweather (1990/11/28/0404529) Needed the Money for Drugs
  213. Thomas Edison (1990/11/29/0404840) The man who bills himself as the Thomas Edison of Japan has been in New York all week, presiding over something called the World Genius Convention.
  214. Thomas Edison (1990/11/29/0404840) He promised a three-day showcase of the newest and neatest brainstorms, a chance for inventors to rub elbows with other inventors – including, of course, the man who bills himself as the Thomas Edison of Japan, a man who even invented his own name.
  215. Max E. Medley (1990/12/02/0405343) Trios and Quartets In a Medley of Offerings
  216. Walt Whitman (1990/12/02/0405597) Louis Sullivan was the Walt Whitman of American architecture, a sprawling genius of startling originality and unrestrained vitality whose spirit embraced multitudes.
  217. Fortune (1990/12/02/0405607) In East, Anglers Find a Fortune of Tuna
  218. Nero (1990/12/02/0405643) The souvenirs of Mascagni’s opera “Nero” are 10 times as interesting if we remember that the year of the performance in question was 1934 – a time at which Mussolini was shaping up to become the Nero of his day.
  219. Peter Pan (1990/12/07/0406630) Richard Tuttle may be the Peter Pan of contemporary art: the artist who refuses to grow up or old, or to settle down in any way.
  220. John Brown (1990/12/09/0407013) Managing; Trading an Ad for a Bucket of Bolts
  221. Lawrence Taylor (1990/12/10/0407561) But yesterday, he wasn’t an old Lawrence Taylor; he was the Lawrence Taylor of old.
  222. George Plimpton (1990/12/11/0407708) Mr. Morgan also contended that “Dr. Hammer presents himself as the architect of world peace, instrumental in arranging the 1985 Geneva summit between Mikhail S. Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan” while “in fact, he is more like an enthusiastic amateur trying to break into the major leagues, a George Plimpton of international relations.”
  223. Vince Coleman (1990/12/14/0408309) But we’ve been looking for a Vince Coleman for years.
  224. Tennessee Williams (1990/12/20/0409721) I fancy myself, he said, ”the Tennessee Williams of the dairy case.”
  225. Christopher Columbus (1990/12/23/0410524) He’d be considered the Columbus of the art world, only he wasn’t even nearly the first European to claim others’ cultures.
  226. David Lynch (1990/12/23/0410588) That meant, on Wednesday, eager introductory remarks by Mr. Kapilow that largely duplicated his own program notes, some silly overstatements (“Beethoven, the David Lynch of his times.
  227. Michael Jordan (1990/12/24/0410716) But, in reality, I think I could be the Michael Jordan of 12th men.
  228. Herb (1990/12/25/0410876) Review/Film; Woody Allen’s Magical Realism Has an Herb for Every Plaint
  229. Pat Boone (1990/12/30/0411789) How did the Pat Boone of rap – slow, mediocre and unconvincing – get the first No.
  230. +Narcissus (1990/12/30/0411893) (Ages 3 and up) More than two dozen little girls, a full alphabet of them, pick flowers for their friends: “Alison acquired an Amaryllis for Beryl” and “Nancy noticed a Narcissus for Olga” and so on till “Zena zeroed in on a Zinnia for Alison.”+
  231. Mark Oliver Everett (1990/12/30/0412077) Using E for Eagle would have been too easy, so it was an E for Earth stamp that was issued when the rate rose to 25 cents on April 3, 1988.
  232. Bear Bryant (1990/12/30/0412106) The reason Colorado is playing Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl is because Notre Dame (the Bear Bryant of the times), and not the Orange Bowl Committee, insisted a decision be made two weeks before pick-‘em day.


  1. Willie Horton (1991/01/01/0412462) But I think it’s clearly a warning to us as Democrats that we cannot let them make quotas the Willie Horton of 1992.
  2. Franz Kafka (1991/01/04/0412998) When the naked figures of Virgil and Dante board the back of the giant Geryon, with its wrathful fatherly face and its huge scorpionlike tail pointed at them like a sorcerer’s curse, there is the sense of an Oedipal conflict that the Kafka of “The Judgment” would understand.
  3. +Narcissus (1991/01/06/0413250) (Ages 3 and up) More than two dozen little girls, a full alphabet of them, pick flowers for their friends: “Alison acquried an Amaryllis for Beryl” and “Nancy noticed a Narcissus for Olga” and so on till “Zena zeroed in on a Zinnia for Alison.”+
  4. Van Dyck (1991/01/06/0413334) One of the most beautiful portraits of an Englishman ever painted is, for instance, the Van Dyck of William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh.
  5. Shoeless Joe Jackson (1991/01/08/0413837) He’s sort of like the Shoeless Joe Jackson of today, isn’t he?
  6. Thomas Welbank Fowle (1991/01/10/0414354) But give him an F for writing a garish comic book without pictures.
  7. Charles Dickens (1991/01/13/0414982) To make matters more peculiar, Mr. Ackroyd’s is not exactly a Dickens for the 90’s, at least not the 1990’s.
  8. Sky (1991/01/20/0416416) Fish Fall From the Sky for a Reason
  9. Katerina Maleeva (1991/01/20/0416553) But the most intriguing matchup in the women’s fourth round could be between the Katerina Maleeva of Bulgaria, seeded fifth, and her 14-year-old sister Magdalena, who stunned Roslyn Fairbank-Nideffer, 6-2, 6-3.
  10. The Hatter (1991/01/20/0416604) Thomas: Forget the hair club, she’s the Mad Hatter of rap.
  11. Albert Camus (1991/01/27/0418285) When his novel “La Maison de Rendez-vous” appeared in 1965, The Times Literary Supplement of London observed that Mr. Robbe-Grillet had become a gifted pornographer; “Ghosts in the Mirror” also shows him in a new role, that of gifted rhapsodist, akin to the Albert Camus of the North African essays.
  12. Hippocrates (1991/01/27/0418298) I give you the Hippocrates of the quick needle, Dr.
  13. Johann Sebastian Bach (1991/01/27/0418405) How utterly irrelevant this whole esthetic is to the Bach of the cantatas!
  14. Ben Chapman (1991/01/28/0418545) Powell’s last year in the majors was 1945 with a Philadelphia Phillies team that had as an outfielder and a member of its pitching staff for part of that season the Ben Chapman for whom Powell had been traded nine years earlier.
  15. Richard Wagner (1991/02/01/0419348) But David Greenspan apparently aspires to be the Richard Wagner of the genre.
  16. +Emmy (1991/02/06/0420593) Mr. Jagger also appeared in many television plays, and in 1980 he won an Emmy for acting in a religous program, “Independence and ‘76, This Is the Life.”+
  17. Stephen Sondheim (1991/02/06/0420740) In the elegant precision and savage acuity of lyrics for songs like Blizzard of Lies,” “The Wheelers and the Dealers,” “My Attorney Bernie,” “Can’t Take You Nowhere” and “I’m Hip,” to name several of the roughly 100 songs he’s written, Mr. Frishberg might be described as the Stephen Sondheim of jazz songwriting.
  18. Elvis Presley (1991/02/08/0421220) Vanilla Ice has been called the Elvis Presley of rap, but that’s an insult to Presley, who transformed the blues and country music he drew on.
  19. +Trouble (1991/02/08/0421296) Quite a Trouble for Us’+
  20. Emily Dickinson (1991/02/10/0421854) – becoming the Emily Dickinson of the perfectly turned hem.
  21. Kyōsho (1991/02/10/0422113) Topics of the Times; More Than a Token of Love
  22. Tommy Kirk (1991/02/11/0422201) At the lower end of the scale, collectors could get a Tommy Kirk for $6, with the ink still wet.
  23. Andrei Chesnokov (1991/02/15/0423546) Also advancing were Jakob Hlasek of Switzerland and the Andrei Chesnokov of the Soviet Union.
  24. Jesus Christ (1991/02/17/0423941) So far as a rationale can be found in the New Testament – the Jesus of the Gospels, Mr. Greven points out, never urges punishment for children – it comes mostly from assurances of the reality of hell.
  25. Dick Francis (1991/02/17/0423942) Sam Llewellyn has been described as the Dick Francis of sailing, and for good reason, Newgate Callendar said here last year.
  26. Charles Keating (1991/02/17/0423984) Ruling against the Government, a Federal magistrate here has decided that a former mortgage banker charged with a $500 million fraud and described by prosecutors as “the Charles Keating of Virginia” can be freed on bail because, in the magistrate’s view, he is unlikely to flee.
  27. Charles Keating (1991/02/17/0423984) This man is the Charles Keating of Virginia, said Mr.
  28. Vince Lombardi (1991/02/17/0424173) The students consider Mr. Sporney the Vince Lombardi of model-bridge building.
  29. Marcel Proust (1991/02/23/0419929) Now she is the Proust of typewriter jewelry.
  30. Mikhail Gorbachev (1991/02/25/0426013) Had his 11th-hour initiative worked, he might have become for another moment at least the Gorbachev of old, the master statesman and Nobel peace laureate drawing on good will, diplomacy and the vestigial prerogatives of a superpower to snatch peace from the fiery maw of war.
  31. Sawan (1991/02/28/0426642) Today the Villain of Purim, Haman, Is Spelled Saddam
  32. Utah Jazz (1991/03/01/0426957) But over the six weeks of shooting, they had a 10-9 record to drop into a duel with the Utah Jazz for the divisional lead.
  33. Paulina (1991/03/03/0427346) If anger at the British class system drives her in part – “People say, ‘Why do you go on about it; it’s over,’ but it’s never over” – it also feeds her work, as does a wit that proves useful whether she is playing a Paulina of unusual moral authority in “The Winter’s Tale” or a fiercely rapacious Medea.
  34. +Emmy (1991/03/04/0427823) His “Treatment of Doctor Love” recently ran at Playhouse 91, an Off Broadway theater, and he won an Emmy for his work for the television show “Unusual Phenomena.”+
  35. Donald Trump (1991/03/05/0427872) Mr. Tarasov reflects this history in wearing fine European suits and ties but hardly as the Donald Trump of Moscow.
  36. +Bonus (1991/03/07/0428459) In Crowded Japan, a Bonus for Babies Angers Women (front page, Feb. 17) refers to “the coercive 1930’s campaign to ‘breed and multiply’ for the good of the Japanese empire.”+
  37. Dash (1991/03/08/0428530) Veterans of Dash Through Desert Make a Dash for Home
  38. Dalai Lama (1991/03/12/0429589) But President Bush, who so warmly applauded President Ferdinand E. Marcos of the Philippines, has deferred to China by accusing the Dalai Lama of a “callous attitude” toward the people he has served.
  39. César Baldaccini (1991/03/13/0429750) The evening’s hero was GERARD DEPARDIEU, whose portrayal of the ugly, amorous soldier won the Cesar for Best Actor.
  40. Arata Isozaki (1991/03/17/0430613) With an ISO of 125, Plus-X was nearly two stops slower than Tri-X, but it was finer-grained and sharper.
  41. Margaret Thatcher (1991/03/17/0430682) A front-runner for Ms. Vieira’s “60 Minutes” job is Lesley Stahl, the Margaret Thatcher of television news.
  42. Napoleon (1991/03/17/0430749) The early compositions that established his credentials as the Napoleon of the avant-garde, like “Le Marteau Sans Maitre” and “Le Visage Nuptial,” caught attention for their Serial rigidity and the novel severity of their sonorities.
  43. Henry Ford (1991/03/24/0432181) My father, the Ford Motor Company’s distributor for the entire colony, was known as ”the Henry Ford of Korea.”
  44. Thomas Welbank Fowle (1991/03/24/0432378) Flower , a 29-cent definitive in sheet and booklet form that is similar to the F for Flower non-denominated stamp.
  45. Valentino (1991/03/24/0432396) Willard Espy, the Valentino of word lovers, has built on this thought in Harvard Magazine to suggest
  46. Faust (1991/03/24/0432477) Although Mr. Kraus has been an engaging Faust for decades and will sing that role in tonight’s anniversary concert, I correctly recalled that he was not the Faust of the 1963 performance at which Mr. Ghiaurov and Ms. Freni made their American debuts.
  47. +Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1991/03/24/0432553) As a monologuist, Wallace Shawn recalls both J. D. Salinger and Thomas Bernhard, but the greater influence appears to be the Dostoyevsky of “Notes From the Underground.”+
  48. Cardinal Richelieu (1991/03/26/0432850) He was the Cardinal Richelieu of 10 Downing Street, a civil servant whose mastery of foreign affairs had made him so indispensable to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her successor, John Major, that in the end he become too notorious for his own good.
  49. Utah Jazz (1991/03/27/0433180) In the minutes before, Barkley, who is battling Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz for runner-up scoring honors behind Michael Jordan, scored 6 of his 32 points, each either giving his team the lead or tying the game.
  50. Leo Tolstoy (1991/03/27/0433213) A bagel’s the Shakespeare, the Tolstoy of flour.
  51. +Gerrit Parmile Wilder (1991/03/28/0433268) Mr. Wilder, in a letter delivered with his papers to the Federal Election Commission today, said the Wilder for President Exploratory Committee was being created “for the purpose of exploring any potential candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Office of President of the United States of America.”+
  52. Herd (1991/03/28/0433339) Cairo Journal; The Trouble, Says the Zoo, Is a Herd of Humans
  53. P. T. Barnum (1991/03/29/0433543) Mr. Cantor, the P. T. Barnum of the solo show, is the producer of that current exemplar of the genre, A Room of One’s Own.”
  54. Roger Clemens (1991/04/01/0434255) Cheers seems to be the Roger Clemens of prime-time television, renewing its deal with NBC for top dollar.
  55. Charles Dickens (1991/04/07/0435668) Lesser plunges straight into a discussion called “Mothers,” which includes the Dickens of “David Copperfield,” the Lawrence of “Sons and Lovers,” and both Peter Handke and Harold Brodkey in their stories about a mother’s death.
  56. Queen Victoria (1991/04/11/0436543) Mrs. Henry Parish 2d, as she prefers to be known professionally, could be called the Queen Victoria of fabric swatches.
  57. Clark Kent (1991/04/12/0436865) Although the juiciest version of the story has Mr. Viertel, the Clark Kent of Broadway, flattening Mr. Freydberg, that one is untrue.
  58. Jackie Robinson (1991/04/14/0437373) And as Augusta National’s first black, Ron Townsend is a member under a microscope, the Jackie Robinson of country-club golf, a 15-handicap golfer with the corporate-honcho background that Augusta National prefers.
  59. Cheuk Wan Chi (1991/04/15/0437527) The sleeping episode and other infractions were on Lieutenant Dunkel’s mind as he waited near the Jamaica Arms for the patrol car, patrolling the G for George sector, to show up.
  60. George Burns (1991/04/15/0437671) And it was a fivegone conclusion that Mr. Borge – who is becoming the George Burns of the keyboard – would win a career achievement award at the convention.
  61. Audrey Hepburn (1991/04/22/0439391) But the Audrey Hepburn of popular memory dates back to the 22 films she made between 1951 and 1966.
  62. Ricardo Reis (1991/04/30/0442058) The conversations between the Ricardo Reis of the novel and Pessoa will have more meaning to students of Portuguese literature than to American readers.
  63. Del Wilkes (1991/05/01/0442207) (The effort to claim the Patriot for the S.D.I.
  64. Stretch (1991/05/03/0442639) New Florio Fiscal Move: Selling a Stretch of I-95
  65. Kitty Kelley (1991/05/04/0442861) Mr. Fitzwater also attacked Mr. Sick, saying, “Gary Sick is the Kitty Kelley of foreign policy.”
  66. Bob Dylan (1991/05/10/0444418) Indeed, she brings to mind the Bob Dylan of the 1967 D. A. Penne baker film “Don’t Look Back” in her ability to appear elusive, dangerous, and at all times absolutely in control of those around her.
  67. Leona Helmsley (1991/05/10/0444480) Cartoons depict him with his hand caught in a cookie jar, and a local columnist has compared him to other haughty hoarders, calling him the Leona Helmsley of the San Francisco Bay area.
  68. Stan Musial (1991/05/12/0444907) Mr. Gould is the Stan Musial of essay writing.
  69. Vezina (1991/05/15/0445675) Along with major trophies like the Hart for the most valuable player and the Vezina for the best goalie, there is the Lady Byng for gentlemanly play, the Selke for best defensive forward and even the Budweiser Man of the Year award for many positive attributes, none of which involve consumption of beer.
  70. Madonna (1991/05/16/0445832) Fantasy doesn’t play a part, Mr. Ancona said, dwarfed by a statue of the Madonna of Perpetual Help, Castellammare’s patron saint, which is perched in a shrine inside the social club.
  71. Stan Musial (1991/05/19/0446604) A provocative, spirited collection – his best so far – by the Stan Musial of essay writing.
  72. Rodney Dangerfield (1991/05/20/0446849) The company even revels in the abuse heaped on Spam, calling it ”the Rodney Dangerfield of the food world.”
  73. Steven Spielberg (1991/05/26/0448081) In this history of the big top, John Culhane shows why P. T. Barnum was the Walt Disney and the Steven Spielberg of his time.
  74. Max E. Medley (1991/05/26/0448184) Sunday Menu; Chicken Breasts With a Medley of Spices
  75. Dash (1991/05/26/0448384) Good News and a Dash of Salt At first glance, more good news.
  76. Neil Simon (1991/05/28/0448667) A pioneer of the Off Off Broadway experimental theater movement in the 1960’s, Mr. Eyen was called the Neil Simon of Off Off Broadway at one point when he had four plays running simultaneously.
  77. Dwight Gooden (1991/05/31/0449342) An East Harlem doctor once described by a state investigator as “the Dwight Gooden of Medicaid billers,” ordering far more prescriptions and services than any doctor in the program’s 25-year history, was indicted today for Medicaid fraud.
  78. Dwight Gooden (1991/05/31/0449342) This guy is the Dwight Gooden of Medicaid billers, James Durkin, the director of the state office that investigates Medicaid abuse, said at the time.
  79. Kitty Kelley (1991/06/02/0449588) Who does Camille Paglia think she is, the Kitty Kelley of academia?
  80. Barry Bonds (1991/06/02/0449831) Much to Pittsburgh’s relief, though, the Barry Bonds of old, the hitter capable of carrying a team for a week, a month, a season, has found himself and his stroke.
  81. Juliana Evans (1991/06/02/0449882) Acura Creates a Couple of New Legends
  82. John Hughes (1991/06/03/0450111) Someone described me as the John Hughes of domestic tragedy, he said.
  83. +Emmy (1991/06/07/0451019) They produced thousands of images of erupting volcanoes and won many awards for their work, including an Emmy for their National Geographic documentary, “Mountains of Fire.”+
  84. Sarah Bernhardt (1991/06/08/0451190) Famed in her lifetime (1831-91) for her teachings as well as her supposed acts of precognition and astral projection, she toured the world as a Sarah Bernhardt of the spiritualist circuit.
  85. Robin Hood (1991/06/09/0451468) Since Mr. Costner is ”a Robin Hood for the 90’s,” as the producers proclaim, this version of the medieval fable is violent, even though it has received a PG-13 rating.
  86. Klaas Storme (1991/06/09/0451475) The most compelling performance was that of Mr. Weiss, a Zaza for the ancien regime, progressively transforming himself over the course of the evening into the ghastly porcelain figurine who wound up dancing decorously with Casanova at the ball.
  87. Nolan Ryan (1991/06/13/0452266) Thirtysomething joggers wondering whether they have any hopes of achieving a personal best might take encouragement from Francie Larrieu-Smith, the Nolan Ryan of distance running.
  88. +Madonna (1991/06/16/0453143) And in terms of antipathy toward men, Thelma and Louise can’t hold a candle to the Madonna of “Truth or Dare.”+
  89. A. Kohar Ibrahim (1991/06/17/0453403) That’s not the way to become a Kawabata, a Mishima, a Tanazaki or an Abe for their own time.
  90. Eddie Rickenbacker (1991/06/20/0453844) Not the Eddie Rickenbacker of Air Sununu.
  91. Emmy (1991/06/21/0454277) He won an Emmy for his documentary “For Export Only,” about pesticides and medicines prohibited or restricted in industrial countries but marketed freely in developing nations.
  92. Chuck Yeager (1991/06/23/0454777) Hawkes is already at work on plans for the vehicle, which he hopes will allow Earle to become the Chuck Yeager of the sea.
  93. Moses (1991/06/23/0454948) If Mr. Greenberg can be described as the Moses of the art world, solemnly laying down the laws of painting, he is also its Ann Landers.
  94. Pat Riley (1991/06/24/0454960) Pitino had the talent, the style, the look to be the Pat Riley of the East.
  95. Emmy (1991/06/25/0455127) Mr. Riggs had previously won an Emmy for “Ethnic Notions,” a film about black stereotypes, shown on PBS in 1989.
  96. Walt Disney (1991/06/25/0455153) Ralph Lauren is getting to be the Walt Disney of fashion.
  97. Norman Schwarzkopf (1991/06/26/0455352) Leonard Humbrecht is the Norman Schwarzkopf of Alsatian wine makers: his name, as well as his wines, is on everyone’s tongue and his picture is in every wine publication.
  98. Magic Johnson (1991/06/29/0456236) Politics is one thing; sports is another, Toni Kukoc, a Croat nicknamed the Magic Johnson of Europe, said in an interview.
  99. Dash (1991/07/01/0456677) Lewis vs. Johnson Lacks a Dash of Hype
  100. Mary Martin (1991/07/03/0457223) We call him the Mary Martin of Off Broadway, Ms. Kurtz says, referring to the actress who washed that man right out of her hair more than 40 years ago in “South Pacific.”
  101. +Bronco (1991/07/06/0457730) I can hear Tom now: “Wrangler, saddle up a Bronco for my Sidekick, Little Jimmy 4x4, and we’ll rescue Jane from that Cherokee over at Silverado.”+
  102. Madonna (1991/07/06/0457816) In Vojslavice, south of the capital, a Madonna of 1340 from Utrecht, the Netherlands, is also gone.
  103. +Rita (1991/07/07/0458067) Although Heather Ehlers tends to punctuate the ends of scenes with silent exclamations of self-satisfaction, she is a Rita of admirable diction, variable dialect and good transitions – and a solid grasp of “things that matter.”+
  104. Joseph Epstein (1991/07/07/0458168) The Philip Callow selection is interesting for the quotation from Leopardi, and the Joseph Epstein for the quotations from Chekhov and T. S. Eliot.
  105. Mike Heath (1991/07/08/0458385) In a stirring collision with the Mike Heath of the Atlanta Braves, Larkin bounced the catcher from a game with a cut forehead and a stiff neck.
  106. Frank Lloyd Wright (1991/07/11/0458936) Many consider him the Frank Lloyd Wright of industrial design, not surprising since both men were born and raised in Wisconsin and did perhaps their most important work in the Middle West.
  107. Ken Russell (1991/07/12/0459273) There are times when Mr. MacMillan can be mistaken for the Ken Russell of British ballet; like the film director, he would have us believe that true character can be revealed by the outrageous image.
  108. P. T. Barnum (1991/07/13/0459422) Tina Brown, who is the P. T. Barnum of the magazine world, obviously knows all this, even though she is originally from England, a country where journalism is not seasonal but schizoid, veering wildly between high dudgeon and women in thong swimsuits.
  109. Henry Kissinger (1991/07/14/0459865) Mr. Roach’s interest goes beyond aspirations to become the Henry Kissinger of the audio industry.
  110. Pablo Picasso (1991/07/17/0460751) JACK LANG, the French culture minister, described Mr. Davis as ”the Picasso of jazz.”
  111. Elizabeth Taylor (1991/07/21/0461868) But even if she turns out to be the Liz Taylor of her day, going through men like diamond necklaces, her audience is already lined up at theaters and newsstands and video stores.
  112. George Steinbrenner (1991/07/21/0461989) In that history, Modell has been called the George Steinbrenner of the Midwest, another owner who meddles too much and hurts his team, and in the same breath he is praised as a man who provides the N.F.L., as it gears for the 90’s and beyond, with continuity, a sense of history, intense loyalty and, judiciously, service.
  113. Moses (1991/07/21/0461993) Phrases like “high priest” and ”the Moses of the art world” set the tone.
  114. Elton John (1991/07/29/0463672) His nasal intonation and accentuated phrases strongly recalled the Elton John of the early 70’s, but omitting Mr. John’s melismatic gospel-style embellishments.
  115. Michael Jordan (1991/08/01/0464227) I want to become the Michael Jordan of golf, said Woods, who prefers being called Tiger to Eldrick.
  116. Napoleon (1991/08/02/0464404) The six-course vegetarian menu by Waldy Malouf, the executive chef of the Hudson River Club, is to include beet risotto with fresh chanterelles, zucchini blossoms filled with fava-bean-and-garlic puree and a Napoleon of tomatoes and summer squash.
  117. Juliana Evans (1991/08/04/0464856) The Hottest Prospects in Boston Are a Couple of Guys from Norwalk
  118. William (1991/08/04/0464886) Bill Snibson, a k a William of Hareford, is taken under the tutelage of his aunt Maria, Duchess of Dene.
  119. Michael Jordan (1991/08/04/0465076) I want to be the Michael Jordan of golf, said Mr. Woods after his victory on Sunday.
  120. Magnet (1991/08/06/0465307) Booming Orlando Becomes a Magnet for Prosperity and the Ills It Conceals
  121. Socrates (1991/08/09/0465813) Saving the image of the game – he fired Dave Pallone basically for being gay – was his job, but as a man who saw himself as the Socrates of sport, that public-relations function would have eventually rubbed up against his higher conceits.
  122. Babe Ruth (1991/08/11/0466280) Soon, Americans could immediately recognize an Eisenstaedt picture, and several generations of photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, tried to emulate their hero, the Babe Ruth of 35-millimeter photography.
  123. Michael Jordan (1991/08/11/0466343) On a recent evening on the Upper West Side, Earl Manigault recalled the days when he was the Michael Jordan of Harlem, a man who jumped so high he once believed he could take off after a running start and end up sitting on the rim.
  124. Nicolas de Largillière (1991/08/11/0466533) Once again, there are paintings that would be welcome in any national gallery – the Guido Reni “David and Abigail,” the Strozzi “Martyrdom of St. Justina,” the Salvator Rosa “Baptism of the Eunuch,” the tiny “Magdalen in a Landscape” by Willem van Mieris, the “St. Philip” by Georges de la Tour, and the Nicolas de Largilliere of himself in his studio, complete with his engraver and one of his patrons.
  125. Christopher Columbus (1991/08/11/0466540) Winsor’s withering assault on the Columbus of legend was the exception in the late 19th century, and not taken kindly by those who held to the prevailing image.
  126. Erik Howard (1991/08/13/0466736) He looked like the Erik Howard of old, except that his ponytail was a little longer and his Fu Manchu moustache was gone.
  127. Don Nelson (1991/08/14/0466892) I call him the Don Nelson of agents, said longtime client John Lucas, who has now retired.
  128. Jesus Christ (1991/08/18/0467564) He details the debates in many Christian denominations over the Jesus of history versus the Christ of faith; the ethical problems raised for Christians by contemporary culture; debates over whether to demythologize the Bible or interpret it literally; and the intellectual conundrum posed by matching a good God with an often evil world, known in theological terms as theodicy.
  129. Hulk Hogan (1991/08/18/0467633) In The National Review, on the other hand, Jim Atkinson, referring to the comedienne as ”the Hulk Hogan of feminism,” perceives her as “a cunning marketeer who has figured out how to parlay a form of vulgar reverse sexism into stardom.”
  130. Frank Stella (1991/08/18/0467814) There is the Frank Stella of “Gran Cairo,” a 1962 square filled with different colored bands that owes something to Josef Albers; then there is the Frank Stella of “Silverstone,” a baroque extravaganza in aluminum and fiberglass dabbed expressionistically with color (1981).
  131. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1991/08/20/0468225) Here was one of the great musical prodigies, a man who by the age of 18 had composed major works for the chamber and orchestral repertory, who was responsible for the revival of interest in Bach in the 19th century, who was the acknowledged leader of German musical life before his death at 38 in 1847, a composer Schumann called the Mozart of the 19th century.
  132. David Souter (1991/08/22/0468451) Dr. Mark R. Chassin, the California physician nominated to be New York State’s next health commissioner, has emerged as the David Souter of gubernatorial appointees, a man with little public record on major health issues and little freedom to stake out his positions.
  133. David Souter (1991/08/22/0468513) The nominee for health chief of New York State, Dr. Mark Chassin, is emerging as the David Souter of gubernatorial appointees, a man with little public record on major health issues and little freedom to stake out his positions.
  134. +Novelist (1991/08/27/0469677) Niven Busch, 88, the Novelist of ‘Duel in the Sun’+
  135. Joyce Oliveira (1991/09/05/0471344) Yesterday, a week before the saxophonist Branford Marsalis opens at the Joyce for a three-performance engagement, the theater was full of workers hammering and sawing.
  136. George C. Scott (1991/09/05/0471353) Has age mellowed the George C. Scott of the drunken rages, fistfights and five broken noses?
  137. Henny Youngman (1991/09/08/0472147) Gross is the Henny Youngman of the Acropolis.
  138. Robin Hood (1991/09/09/0472458) He is called the Robin Hood of Patagonia.
  139. Spot (1991/09/09/0472559) Insurers’ Raters Are on the Spot for Inaccuracy (front page, Aug. 4) accurately describes the cozy relationship between the insurance industry and those responsible for rating them for the public.
  140. Henry Ford (1991/09/15/0474006) Gates is the Henry Ford of our generation, and if you don’t like it, go build a Honda.
  141. Emmy (1991/09/20/0475061) Mr. Carson, who won an Emmy for his performance in the television docudrama “Fast Break to Glory,” should be one of the year’s movie discoveries.
  142. Stepin Fetchit (1991/09/22/0475339) As a Caucasian who has seen just about every Charlie Chan movie there is, I must respond to the article by Gish Jen about stereotypes that perpetuate Charlie Chan as the Stepin Fetchit of Orientals [ “Challenging the Asian Illusion,” Aug. 11 ] .
  143. Mark Oliver Everett (1991/09/22/0475599) An imperforate pair of the E for Earth stamp in 1988 is priced at $160.
  144. Johnny Appleseed (1991/09/24/0476016) What about news reports that Biosphere 2 is basically a survivalist cult built around the magnetic personality of John Allen, whom The Village Voice characterized as “much more the Jim Jones than the Johnny Appleseed of the ecology movement?”
  145. Robert Redford (1991/09/27/0476549) Macaulay Culkin, the 10-year-old star of “Home Alone” and the Robert Redford of the kindergarten set, can be seen in the flesh at Ensemble Studio Theater, 549 West 52d Street, on Oct. 9 and 10 for the opening of its annual Octoberfest.
  146. The Ultimate Warrior (1991/09/27/0476582) Caustic commentaries will be made in “1991 – A Performance Chronicle (The Rediscovery of America by the Warrior for Gringostroika),” a theatrical piece by the Mexican-born Guillermo Gomez-Pena that examines conflicting notions of the “discovery” of America.
  147. +The Ultimate Warrior (1991/09/27/0476582) GUILLERMO GOMEZ-PENA, a performance artist, in “1991 – A Performance Chronicle (The Rediscovery of America by the Warrior for Gringostroika).”+
  148. Vincent van Gogh (1991/09/29/0476983) A 1929 first edition of “Tintin au Pays des Soviets” recently sold for about $3,450 at current exchange rates, making Herge what Mr. Crochelet termed ”the Van Gogh of the B.D.
  149. Loire (1991/09/29/0477153) When its architect, Boston’s Bruce Price (the father of Emily Post), fixed on the 16th-century chateaus of the Loire for his main inspiration, he created Canada’s first national style.
  150. Bach (1991/09/29/0477239) And I know just the music for the cassette player during the hourlong drive to the orchard: “Stealin’ Apples,” a wonderful tune by Fats Waller, a Bach of our time.
  151. Grover Cleveland (1991/09/30/0477414) Ms. Tandy is the 60th person to participate in the campaign, said Peter Rogers, president and creative director, if Claudette Colbert, the Grover Cleveland of Blackglama, is counted twice for separate ads in 1971 and 1978.
  152. Al Harazin (1991/10/03/0477963) Ask Vincent, ask Frank Robinson, ask Bill White for lists of candidates who might have had the training and the experience to compete with an Al Harazin for the Mets’ general manager’s job and not many names tumble from their lips.
  153. Kevin Costner (1991/10/06/0478532) Part of the reason for Mr. Brooks’s success is marketing: with his meat-and-potatoes image, goony grin and virtuous all-American values, he is the Kevin Costner of country.
  154. Joyce Carol Oates (1991/10/06/0478549) He became the Joyce Carol Oates of pop, incredibly prolific with variable quality.
  155. Willie Horton (1991/10/06/0478726) Thomas B. Stoddard, executive director of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, described Ms. Bergalis as ”the Willie Horton of the AIDS crisis.”
  156. +Stretch (1991/10/08/0479104) It’s a Stretch for Us’+
  157. Carl Sagan (1991/10/09/0479337) One could call him the Carl Sagan of the deep.
  158. Dalai Lama (1991/10/10/0479488) In a written statement issued on Sept. 23, the Chinese Embassy in Washington blamed the Dalai Lama for the failure of the talks.
  159. Mania (1991/10/10/0479532) Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere Attest to a Mania for 27 Years
  160. Aristotle (1991/10/12/0479861) The company has no plans to export the Aristo for the time being.
  161. Rosa Parks (1991/10/14/0480435) They all called her aloof; yet J.C. Alvarez, a former aide to Senator John Danforth and staffer at the E.E.O.C., suggested that she might want to turn her experience before the Senate into a book or movie, saying she wanted to be ”the Rosa Parks of sexual harassment.”
  162. Isaac Newton (1991/10/17/0481046) Some of the judges on the Nobel committee described Dr. de Gennes as ”the Isaac Newton of our time” because of his success in applying mathematics to generalized explanations of many different phenomena.
  163. The Ultimate Warrior (1991/10/18/0481196) 1991 (A Performance Chronicle of the Rediscovery of America by the Warrior for Gringostroika) Written, directed and performed by Guillermo Gomez-Pena; light design, Tony Giovannetti; maps and mirrors designed by Luis Brindis.
  164. The Ultimate Warrior (1991/10/18/0481196) In his play “1991 (A Performance Chronicle of the Rediscovery of America by the Warrior for Gringo stroika),” he says that Columbus “arrived in America without papers” and should have been deported.
  165. Darryl Strawberry (1991/10/20/0481582) In April 1989, Mr. Cohen became the Darryl Strawberry of the compliance set.
  166. Emmy (1991/10/20/0481726) To write the screenplay, Mr. Redford hired Richard Friedenberg, who won an Emmy for his script for the television movie “Promise,” which also dealt with the troubled relationship between two brothers.
  167. Charles Davenport (1991/10/21/0481859) Bender completed a 9-yard pass and then hit the Charles Davenport for the game winner.
  168. Boris Yeltsin (1991/10/21/0481993) One person described me as the Boris Yeltsin of American politics, he said.
  169. Barbara Woodhouse (1991/10/24/0482422) But Lady Caroline Wrey, otherwise known as Lady Velcro, the Barbara Woodhouse of windows, has a foolproof barometer.
  170. B (1991/10/27/0482925) Tackle Dennis Byrd, the leading pass rusher last year, gets a B for drawing the heat on the defensive line.
  171. B (1991/10/27/0482925) Trevor Matich gets a B for his versatility.
  172. Jules Verne (1991/10/29/0483487) Gene Roddenberry, the creator and producer of “Star Trek,” was the Jules Verne of his time.
  173. Saddam Hussein (1991/10/29/0483574) I received a letter the other day which said the Governor has tried to make me the Saddam Hussein of New York State, said the Chief Judge, occasionally peeking through the Venetian blinds up the hill at the State Capitol, where the Governor sits.
  174. +Page (1991/11/02/0484151) Excerpts From Baker-Pankin Remarks: ‘They Have to Turn a Page of War’+
  175. Juliana Evans (1991/11/04/0484840) Missing a Couple of Key Moments
  176. Valentino (1991/11/08/0485464) Something has happened to the Valentino of ‘The Sheik’ and ‘Blood and Sand,’ the movie magazine Photoplay complained in 1924.
  177. Edward Darley Boit (1991/11/08/0485521) Or the Edward Darley Boit of the Place de l’Opera in 1883?
  178. Diogenes (1991/11/10/0485880) Terry Purvis-Smith, a visiting lecturer in composition, was attracted to Mr. Burke by a student essay on the Diogenes of the Diag.
  179. Al Sharpton (1991/11/10/0485911) But the Al Sharpton of “For the Color of His Skin” is a more sympathetic figure than the Al Sharpton of the daily press.
  180. Benjamin Franklin (1991/11/10/0485953) Olympic athletes, for instance, hardly ever wear glasses sprinting across the finish line, and neither do most rock stars when performing, excepting of course the Ben Franklin of rock, Elton John.
  181. Norman Rockwell (1991/11/12/0486441) This will not come as a blow to many art critics and Conceptual Artists, who have long regarded Christo as the Norman Rockwell of Conceptual Art, and his wrapping projects as a one-note exercise.
  182. David Dukes (1991/11/13/0486583) The most influential public figures in this country over the last month have all three been black, as though someone was trying to send a cosmic message to the David Dukes of the world, to counter them with Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill and Magic Johnson.
  183. Johnny Carson (1991/11/13/0486648) was given prominence on national television by two of the best known figures in the country, former Prime Minister Garret FitzGerald and Gay Byrne, the Johnny Carson of Ireland.
  184. Donna Summer (1991/11/13/0486749) Aster Aweke, once known as the Donna Summer of Ethiopia, has recently released a new record, “Kabu” (Columbia), and it features her sinuous singing, backed by a full funky band, along with a horn section.
  185. +Emmy (1991/11/17/0487274) He was nominated for an Academy Award for “The Godfather” and won an Emmy for his television performance as Brian Piccolo, the Chicago Bears’ running back doomed by cancer in “Brian’s Song.”+
  186. Queen Victoria (1991/11/17/0487475) He was introduced by the moderator at one candidates’ forum as ”the Queen Victoria of Louisiana politics” because he has been such a domineering figure for so long.
  187. John Fairchild (1991/11/17/0487607) Not until 1888 did Ward McAllister – the John Fairchild of his day – designate New York’s “400,” those who would be at ease, and not make others ill at ease, in the ballroom of Mrs. William B. Astor Jr., then the city’s social doyenne.
  188. Bobby Bonilla (1991/11/20/0488120) So given that knowledge, what would Garvey do if he found himself at playing prime again, the Bobby Bonilla of 1991 instead of 1982?
  189. Robert Redford (1991/11/20/0488274) He has become the Robert Redford of hate.
  190. Pablo Picasso (1991/11/23/0488925) I was the Picasso of cardboard, he said to scattered applause.
  191. Big Day (1991/11/23/0488962) It’s a Big Day for Old Rivalries, And a Last Chance for Bowl Bids
  192. Lauren Bacall (1991/11/24/0489012) France’s Domaine Moussiere Sancerre of 1990 is described as ”the Lauren Bacall of sancerres – sultry, smoky, sophisticated,” and Hidden Cellars Sauvignon Blanc of 1989 as “tangos on your taste buds with lemony melon flavors.”
  193. Sergei Bubka (1991/11/28/0490182) Charles Hoff, the Sergei Bubka of his day, achieved the ninth of his 11 world indoor pole-vault records in 1926 at the armory on 168th Street.
  194. Abraham Lincoln (1991/12/01/0490651) Andy’s very wise, he’s the Solomon, the Abe Lincoln of Mayberry.
  195. Neil Marriott (1991/12/01/0490825) Later that day I registered at the Marriott for the following night and attended a conference there.
  196. Babe Ruth (1991/12/02/0491092) He’s the Babe Ruth of civil rights lobbyists.
  197. Young (1991/12/04/0491474) Tapping the Young for Messages to Their Peers
  198. Paul (1991/12/06/0491860) If you are a lawyer in front of her and have crossed your t’s and move along with your case, you don’t usually have any trouble, said Paul Sullivan, a lawyer here who also attends the St. Paul of the Cross Roman Catholic Church with Judge Lupo.
  199. Paul Gauguin (1991/12/08/0492105) And if that is not complexity enough, try the video, “Histoire d’un Blanc,” which comes with the show and which features the artist doing a Gauguin of his own in a tropical mirage.
  200. Thomas Paine (1991/12/08/0492265) Ted Nelson is an outspoken author and visionary described as everything from ”the Thomas Paine of the personal computer revolution” to a “madman extraordinaire.”
  201. Michael Jordan (1991/12/08/0492282) She’s the Michael Jordan of actresses.
  202. Ernie Banks (1991/12/09/0492566) Sticking his hand in a glass bowl, Abedi Pele drew out the name of his own national team, Ghana, for an elimination round with seasoned Algeria and up-and-coming Uganda, making it possible for a star like Abedi Pele to become the Ernie Banks of Africa, never reaching the championship round in his sport.
  203. Oskar (1991/12/11/0493260) I frequently use the Oskar for sauces.
  204. Willie Horton (1991/12/13/0493724) If the Governor decides to run, the Rochester serial murderer could become the Willie Horton of 1992.
  205. Mikhail Gorbachev (1991/12/15/0494227) Immediately after the coup, Mr. Gorbachev unleashed a quick torrent of measures that seemed to conjure up the Gorbachev of the summer past.
  206. Mikhail Gorbachev (1991/12/15/0494227) In this post-coup period, he even had a last hurrah on the international stage like the Gorbachev of old, when he matched President Bush’s sweeping cuts of tactical weapons in early October.
  207. Brandon Tartikoff (1991/12/17/0494773) So in came the new executive producer, Al Harazin, trying to be the Brandon Tartikoff of baseball, turning around his series as Tartikoff overhauled NBC’s prime-time schedule.
  208. Balthazar (1991/12/18/0494811) A Methuselah of Pol Roger goes for about $250, a Salmanazar of Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc 1982 from California, about $400, and a Balthazar of Veuve Clicquot, about $850.
  209. Charles Barkley (1991/12/18/0494852) He’s kind of like the Charles Barkley of the Dolphins.
  210. Robin Hood (1991/12/19/0495009) The monthly bulletin of the International Foundation for Art Research dubbed Professor Feller a Robin Hood of the arts because he frequently stole from one museum or private collection and lent or donated the spoils to another.
  211. Titian (1991/12/20/0495282) In fact, the talk in the art world is that they bought the Titian for the Getty, too.
  212. Jesus Christ (1991/12/23/0495945) Peering Past Faith to Glimpse the Jesus of History
  213. +Jesus Christ (1991/12/23/0495960) Father Meier also said that the Jesus of Mr. Mitchell’s book was based on “no scientific objective criteria” but on “whatever agrees with our notion of what true religion is.”+
  214. Jesus Christ (1991/12/23/0495960) Both authors say scholarly inquiry into the historical Jesus can never replace the Jesus of the church’s belief.
  215. Thomas Paine (1991/12/23/0495993) MARTIN GARBUS, a Manhattan lawyer, said he feels like the Thomas Paine of Prague.
  216. Allan Oviedo (1991/12/24/0496004) Allegre, who has been a Jet for only one week, is 32, as is McNeil.
  217. David Klingler (1991/12/24/0496030) Although the Giants do not like to trade up for a higher draft choice, they may be tempted if the right quarterback, perhaps a David Klingler of the University of Houston, is available.
  218. Mikhail Gorbachev (1991/12/30/0497237) Will John F. Akers be remembered as the Mikhail Gorbachev of I.B.M.?


  1. Lil Twist (1992/01/08/0498917) A Drink of Premium Wine Is a Twist of the Wrist Away
  2. Paul Newman (1992/01/09/0499117) Although some in New York’s Russian community have dubbed Mr. Solomin the Paul Newman of Russia, the bearded, 6-foot-tall, hazel-eyed performer bears more of a resemblance in person to the actor Robert Shaw, projecting the same on-stage gravitas and rugged introspection.
  3. Karl Sax (1992/01/10/0499201) The talks with Schueler and Steve Sax’s waiver of his right to block a trade to the White Sox, would seem to indicate that the Sax for Melido Perez deal has been revived after falling apart last week.
  4. Amelia Earhart (1992/01/17/0500887) In New York State, it seems, the Amelia Earhart of women’s courtroom dress was one Carolyn Peck of Syracuse.
  5. Beck (1992/01/17/0500928) It wanted to book Jerry Zaks’s much-anticipated revival of “Guys and Dolls” into the Beck for an April opening, but “Grand Hotel” just kept on running.
  6. Michael Jordan (1992/01/24/0502719) The Bills are not necessarily in trouble in Sunday’s Super Bowl just because Thomas wants to be known as the Michael Jordan of his team, leaving the implication that Jim Kelly, the quarterback, is merely Scottie Pippen.
  7. Emmy (1992/01/26/0503243) Kavner won an Emmy for her portrayal of the beefy kid sister with the raspy, friendly voice.
  8. Bugsy Siegel (1992/01/26/0503425) Then there’s Jerry Tarkanian, the bald, towel-chewing coach at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas whose vision of populating the desert with jump-shooting urban nomads has made him, to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Bugsy Siegel of basketball.
  9. Ronald Reagan (1992/01/27/0503557) The two candidates who top voter opinion surveys – Senator Joseph Estrada, a grade B movie star who is sometimes described as the Ronald Reagan of the Philippines, and Miriam Defensor Santiago, a former immigration commissioner who is portraying herself as a dogged corruption fighter – are being written off because they lack the backing of a large political machine.
  10. Hulk Hogan (1992/01/30/0504397) In the Delaware watershed, they say, the chinook salmon, a carpetbagger from the Pacific Northwest, would be the Hulk Hogan of sport fish, pursued with little finesse by anglers whose only goal is to land the biggest fish in the shortest time.
  11. Willie Horton (1992/02/01/0504790) (All right, kiddies: Dr. Huer was the scientific genius with the lightbulb-shaped head without whom Buck Rogers would surely have lost outer space to dark-eyed Killer Kane, who was sort of the Willie Horton of the 25th century.)
  12. Tony Martin (1992/02/05/0505706) What makes Smith’s efforts worthy of Hall of Fame consideration is that one of the youngsters he recruited went by the name of Connie Hawkins, at least until they started calling him the Hawk for his soaring drives to the basket during a stellar career in the National Basketball Association.
  13. Henry Higgins (1992/02/09/0506507) Mr. Easton, who likes to think of himself as the Henry Higgins of Hollywood – he is even incorporated as such: “The Henry Higgins of Hollywood Inc.” – is called upon several times a day to be just that.
  14. B (1992/02/11/0507045) Give the New York City Schools Chancellor, Joseph Fernandez, a B for Bravado.
  15. George H. W. Bush (1992/02/14/0507552) But the first part of the strategy may prove more challenging, in part because conservative Republicans count Mr. Bush as a moderate apostate and in part because he has, in effect, begun a campaign against the George Bush of 1980.
  16. Carl Lewis (1992/02/15/0507721) But even if she did not, she has at least established herself as the Carl Lewis of her sport, its dominant sprinter.
  17. Neil Simon (1992/02/16/0507808) The association asked Fred Block, the Neil Simon of Suffolk law, to write a show, and, voila, the Island’s first legal satirical revue was born.
  18. Watch (1992/02/16/0507836) On the Watch for Danger
  19. Omen (1992/02/19/0508502) THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: Ill Wind for the President; A Wave of Discontent in New Hampshire May Be an Omen for Bush in Other States
  20. +Holbein (1992/02/21/0508926) Lord Cholmondeley has been debating about the sale of the Holbein for two years and decided to push the button now.”+
  21. Taurus (1992/02/23/0509238) Ford, flush with cash, spent more than $600 million to revamp the Taurus for 1992, but made few noticeable changes to the exterior.
  22. +Pierre Toussaint (1992/02/23/0509335) In the same way, you can revere a Pierre Toussaint for his faith and still keep, as I do, a picture of Malcolm X on your wall.”+
  23. Norman Schwarzkopf (1992/02/23/0509435) When people here dubbed Eduardo Ieno the Norman Schwarzkopf of Naples, it was because, by this city’s standards, he had achieved something as decisive, bold and gutsy as the American general did in Kuwait: He forced Neapolitans to pay their water bills.
  24. Jesse Jackson (1992/02/26/0509904) In some ways, he is sort of the Jesse Jackson of the right, said Mr. Gingrich of Mr. Buchanan in an interview.
  25. Diamond Jim Brady (1992/02/26/0510044) He was the Diamond Jim Brady of his day, with more than a touch of the rock star thrown in, as he was pursued by mobs of adoring fans in the street.
  26. J. P. Morgan (1992/02/27/0510163) Meanwhile, lending to blue-chip companies, which earned Mellon the sobriquet ”the J. P. Morgan of the Alleghenies,” has fallen slightly since 1986, to about 46 percent of assets from 50 percent.
  27. Charles Bronson (1992/02/29/0510431) And even his wife becomes ”the Charles Bronson of organic gardening.”
  28. Paperboy (1992/03/01/0510872) Men and Women Replacing the Paperboy of Tradition
  29. George H. W. Bush (1992/03/08/0512675) In that sense you are the George Bush of New York City, and what’s going on here is not unlike what’s going on in the Presidential races.
  30. Harold Stassen (1992/03/08/0512675) And there’s the Harold Stassen of New York, Herman Badillo, and the Paul Tsongas of New York, Richard Ravitch.
  31. Paul Tsongas (1992/03/08/0512675) And there’s the Harold Stassen of New York, Herman Badillo, and the Paul Tsongas of New York, Richard Ravitch.
  32. Galileo Galilei (1992/03/09/0512782) Senator Daniel P. Moynihan is no defender of Mr. Mitchell as the Galileo of welfare reform.
  33. John Brown (1992/03/12/0513512) Mysterious Word In an Ad for Fortune
  34. Phil Donahue (1992/03/14/0514005) John V. Killen, an executive at Fidelity Bank, thinks of himself as the Phil Donahue of the fair.
  35. Arthur Murray (1992/03/15/0514099) When it became evident that Ms. Ryan’s jig had an extra jive, she was sent to a dance teacher, Donny Golden of Mineola, the Arthur Murray of Irish jigging.
  36. Kelly (1992/03/16/0514576) Instead, the finalists included stalwarts like the long-running Absolut vodka campaign by TBWA Advertising Inc. in New York, which won the Kelly for 1988 and 1990; three emotional “Just do it” campaigns for Nike Inc. by Wieden & Kennedy Inc. in Portland, Ore., which won for 1989, and two campaigns created by Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis for Porsche Cars of North America, one for the 911 Turbo, the other for the new 968 model.
  37. Del Wilkes (1992/03/19/0515276) Yesterday he told a subcommittee of the House Committee on Government Operations that he was being investigated by the Defense Investigative Services because of an article he wrote about the Patriot for International Security, a peer-reviewed journal published by Harvard University.
  38. Che Guevara (1992/03/20/0515459) Jerry Brown is going to be extremely dangerous, Mr. Hart said, “because in essence he’s going to be the Che Guevara of the 1992 Presidential election.
  39. Juliana Evans (1992/03/21/0515698) Review/Film; The ‘Cute Kids’ of a Couple of Crooks
  40. Paul Hogan (1992/03/22/0516109) At film school, she met her husband, Paul J. Hogan, also a writer-director (and no relation to the Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame).
  41. Johnny Appleseed (1992/03/24/0516396) Now it happens that generous, kindly and peaceful soccer may be the Johnny Appleseed of sports, carrying real grass to domes.
  42. Hush (1992/03/26/0516791) Capitol Hill Memo; After Scandals, the Hush of Paranoia
  43. Jerry Brown (1992/03/30/0517693) The Jerry Brown running for President in 1992 is at odds on crucial issues and campaign themes with the Jerry Brown who ran for President in 1976, the Jerry Brown who tried again in 1980 and even the Jerry Brown of just a year ago.
  44. Willie Horton (1992/03/30/0517697) You editorialize March 3 that I am turning New York into the Willie Horton of 1992 by suggesting that “New York and other large cities are responsible for their own dire fiscal straits because they are indifferent to rapacious unions.”
  45. Frederick Temple (1992/04/01/0518300) The dialogue is conducted on the national level in the United States as well as internationally, between the Vatican and representatives of the Anglican churches who look to the Archbishop of Canterbury for leadership.
  46. Charles Manson (1992/04/02/0518518) Mr. Rubino described Mr. Lehder, who is serving a term of life plus 135 years in a Federal prison, as ”the Charles Manson of this case,” and suggested that his history of drug use made him an unreliable witness.
  47. Marcel Proust (1992/04/05/0519231) For some reason he has rejected the gold (there is nothing, for example, from Roger Kahn, the Proust of the Brooklyn Dodgers) for the dross – including selections by Steve Howe about his drug problems and by Steve Garvey about his marital problems, as well as an interminable piece by Tommy Lasorda, which reflects the manager’s amiable logorrhea.
  48. Ian McKellen (1992/04/05/0519244) I despise the Ian McKellen of the last 49 years, he has been quoted as saying many times since he came out.
  49. Caroline Lufkin (1992/04/06/0519570) Miss Gruber almost single-handedly rescued Mr. Tudor’s otherwise stolidly performed “Lilac Garden” as a Caroline of quiet passion expressed in dancing that flowed on a current of restrained emotion.
  50. Jesus Christ (1992/04/11/0520534) Since the 18th century this belief has exposed Christianity to the work of historians who set out to demonstrate that the Jesus of history was not the Christ of the great Christian creeds.
  51. Jesus Christ (1992/04/11/0520534) They do not suggest, as many scholarly predecessors have done, that the historians’ portraits of Jesus should replace the Jesus of the creeds or churches.
  52. Gauge (1992/04/11/0520536) THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: Virginia; Caucuses to Provide a Gauge of Clinton’s Support
  53. Cameron Mackintosh (1992/04/12/0520605) I want to be the Cameron Mackintosh of Poland, Mr. Kubiak said of the producer of “Miss Saigon” and other highly profitable musicals.
  54. Curly (1992/04/12/0520655) In a charmless, thoroughly routine and, in key roles, disputably cast production, Richard White plays a Curly for whom the line “Don’t look so vain with me” could have been written.
  55. Utah Jazz (1992/04/15/0521599) James F. Kiernan, a senior vice president, will include Jack Kaiser, vice president for athletics; John Warren, a former St. John’s star, and Frank Layden, president of the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association.
  56. Cinderella (1992/04/16/0521792) But the plain kitchen hutch was the Cinderella of the show.
  57. Juliana Evans (1992/04/17/0522160) A Cold-War Couple With a Couple of Peculiarities
  58. Tommy Mercer (1992/04/19/0522773) The feature event was the 56th Compton Cup race for heavyweight varsities, in which Princeton extended unbeaten Harvard but still lost to the Crimson for the ninth straight time.
  59. Claude Lemieux (1992/04/22/0523288) He was like the Claude Lemieux of old, McVie said of Lemieux’s days with the Canadiens in 1986, when Montreal captured the Stanley Cup.
  60. Mother Teresa (1992/04/26/0523892) To her fans, Annie Dillard is an avatar, or at the very least, as Bernays puts it, ”the Mother Teresa of her particular genre.”
  61. Charles Horton Peck (1992/04/26/0524245) A Bushel and a Peck for Adelaide
  62. Chuck Yeager (1992/05/07/0526474) But if Jordan is the Chuck Yeager of basketball, Julius Erving was its Charles Lindbergh and Connie Hawkins was its Wright Brothers.
  63. Novelist (1992/05/07/0526695) Jerusalem Journal; To a Novelist of Nazareth, Laurels and Loud Boos
  64. Mark Lenzi (1992/05/09/0527113) (AP) DIVING Future Olympians Win Two divers honing their skills for the 3-meter competition at the Olympic Games this summer placed one-two in the 1-meter final of the Alamo International yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. China’s Li Deliang, a bronze medalist in the 3-meter in the 1988 Olympics, totaled 361.56 points off the 1-meter board and edged the Mark Lenzi of Fredericksburg, Va., by nine-one-hundredths of a point.
  65. Al Capone (1992/05/10/0527307) field agent was not your run-of-the-mill public servant, but a rabid zealot (”the Al Capone of the auditors”), Jill could use a traffic cop to sort out all the suspects eager to dance on the dead man’s grave.
  66. Willie Horton (1992/05/11/0527805) If welfare emerges as the Willie Horton of 1992, Mr. Cuomo may have wound up on the wrong side of it in a national campaign, even though he sought to curb the soaring costs of social spending programs.
  67. Rodney Dangerfield (1992/05/13/0528150) So Hall, who had earlier called himself the Rodney Dangerfield of the American League because he was omitted from the All-Star ballot, went searching for a little respect.
  68. Stanley Kramer (1992/05/14/0528388) Gordon is the Stanley Kramer of theater producers, said Steven Mikulan, the theater editor of The L.A. Weekly, referring to the film maker best known for his liberal movies of the 1950’s and 60’s.
  69. Hank (1992/05/14/0528405) The too-long program included the familiar “Rosa” by Billy Wilson, “White Dragon” by Elisa Monte and “A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair” by Mr. Beatty.
  70. +Joseph Stalin (1992/05/14/0528447) As Elizabeth Hardwick puts it in her useful foreword, these were people who supported Leon Trotsky “in opposition to the Stalin of the Moscow trials, beginning in 1936, which ended in the execution of most of the original Bolsheviks and the terror that followed,”+
  71. Harry Houdini (1992/05/14/0528618) Over the past two years, Governor Florio has become the Harry Houdini of state government, he said, “inventing one trick after another to disguise massive overspending.
  72. Juliana Evans (1992/05/17/0529020) Making a Difference; A Nice Place to Raise a Couple of Hundred Kids
  73. Leo Tolstoy (1992/05/17/0529227) It is easy to sympathize with African resentment of the attitude epitomized by Mr. Trevor-Roper, or for that matter by Saul Bellow asking, “Who is the Tolstoy of the Zulus?”
  74. +Dalai Lama (1992/05/19/0529854) It specifically blames the United States, some Japanese academics and the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who visited Mongolia last year, for attempting to unite “the three Mongolias.”+
  75. Bill Clinton (1992/05/21/0530452) Bill Clinton a one-note candidate: tonight at Tatou in New York he will play the saxophone at a fund-raising party put on by the Clinton for President Committee.
  76. Dred Scott (1992/05/22/0530662) Mr. Coleman’s lawyer, Kathleen A. Behan, a member of Arnold & Porter who was not representing Mr. Coleman when the filing deadline was missed, said the case would be remembered as ”the Dred Scott of death penalty law.”
  77. Miguel Angel Barrios (1992/05/24/0531060) ConversationsSergio Munoz; An Invisible Presence Grows In the Barrios of Los Angeles
  78. Jackie Robinson (1992/05/24/0531233) Though he dislikes the comparison because the rate of blacks entering professional golf has actually diminished, he is often called the Jackie Robinson of golf.
  79. Francis Scott Key (1992/05/29/0532182) It was “Country Joe” McDonald, the Francis Scott Key of the Vietnam era, who dominated the movie, at one point leading 500,000 fans in an obscene variant of a familiar high-school cheer.
  80. Emmy (1992/05/31/0532580) Ms. Cross, who received an Emmy for “Roe v. Wade,” says: “The message is if you do a program about abortion, you will get good reviews.
  81. Babe Ruth (1992/06/01/0533054) In those years he and the Grays’ catcher, the late Josh Gibson, were considered the Lou Gehrig and the Babe Ruth of the team that won nine consecutive pennants in what are still called the Negro Leagues.
  82. Rodney Dangerfield (1992/06/05/0533773) Even today, the infomercial remains the Rodney Dangerfield of advertising, shunned and doubted for many reasons: state and Federal investigations of infomercial producers, complaints about product performance and, most crucial, a belief that a lengthy commercial disguised as a conventional program – like a talk show complete with host, theme song and studio audience – unfairly masks what is nothing more than a sales spiel.
  83. Freddie Laker (1992/06/05/0533783) He was the Freddie Laker of his time: just as Mr. Laker and imitators like People Express opened up air travel to the masses in the late 1970’s, Mr. Cook, the creator of the packaged holiday, opened up the world of international leisure travel to the middle class of the last century.
  84. Rock Hudson (1992/06/05/0533804) While he may project too much sophistication to be a Rock Hudson for our time, Mr. Bacon is at the very least our Gig Young.
  85. Rodney Dangerfield (1992/06/08/0534624) She is a roan daughter of Darn That Alarm, owned by the Valley View Farm and trained by Red Terrill, who said today: “She’s the Rodney Dangerfield of the fillies.
  86. Alice Cooper (1992/06/11/0535323) In a way, Skinny Puppy is more effective with the invisibility of recordings than it is onstage; sometimes, Ogre can come across as the Alice Cooper of industrial rock.
  87. Just (1992/06/12/0535519) Next month, the Just for Laughs Festival, an 11-day marketing convention that is similar to the Cannes Film Festival, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Montreal.
  88. Lincoln (1992/06/14/0535743) The account, the commission said, was used for payments of $107,567 to lease a Lincoln for Mr. Zyskind and a Volvo for Mr. Kolatch.
  89. Eleanor Roosevelt (1992/06/14/0535834) For Ms. Cook to take the Eleanor Roosevelt of the 1930’s and 1940’s – a woman for whom upbringing, etiquette, politeness and other social mores of the time were the guidelines and restrictions of her behavior – and push 1990’s attitudes and so-called liberation upon her is inappropriate, offensive and ill-fitting.
  90. William Shakespeare (1992/06/14/0536108) Besides his theater, Dr. Schoen has his own company of actors, making him the Shakespeare of suburbia.
  91. Barbara Cartland (1992/06/14/0536121) How great a responsibility does the Barbara Cartland of weddingdom owe her readers?
  92. +Juliana Evans (1992/06/17/0536640) Donning her famous tramp costume for “We’re a Couple of Swells” from the film “Easter Parade,” she remarks wryly that Fred Astaire is busy elsewhere, probably doing the choreography for “Bonanza.”+
  93. Judas (1992/06/17/0536680) At the tip of the iceberg were several hundred Russian ultra-nationalists and Communist die-hards who gathered tonight around the television transmitting tower at Ostankino, a frequent site for protests near Moscow, denouncing Mr. Yeltsin as a Judas for “selling out” Russia. //
  94. John Ross (1992/06/20/0537316) There is a Ross Perot shovel, a Ross Perot dueling pistol, a Ross Perot Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum, a Ross Perot combat fighter’s helmet, a collection of Ross Perot gavels and, just added to mark Mr. Perot’s latest endeavor, a Ross for Boss desk pen set.
  95. Frederico Lane (1992/06/21/0537484) Supreme Court Clears the Lane for Reynolds
  96. John Wayne (1992/06/21/0537499) If I wasn’t such a softy, I’d rip it out and start over, but this cuke is the John Wayne of the cucurbit world.
  97. McCoy Tyner (1992/06/22/0537850) Mr. Tyner is no longer the McCoy Tyner of his acolytes; for the rest of the set he put on a show of improvisation that at times seemed to empty the hall of air.
  98. Mona Lisa (1992/06/25/0538457) It is the Mona Lisa of early American landscapes, Mr. Poston said.
  99. Utah Jazz (1992/06/25/0538467) MILWAUKEE BUCKS – Traded Jay Humphries, guard, and Larry Krystkowiak, forward to the Utah Jazz for Blue Edwards, forward, Eric Murdock, guard, and a 1992 first-round draft pick.
  100. Winslow Homer (1992/06/26/0538767) There’s a Winslow Homer of 1889 depicting a delicate flycast from a canoe.
  101. Emmy (1992/06/27/0538931) As vice president for programming at PBS, Mr. Freedman was the executive producer of “The Andersonville Trial” in 1970, winner of an Emmy for the best program of 1970 and a Peabody for the best entertainment show.
  102. Ray (1992/06/27/0539004) British Succession Offers a Ray of Hope
  103. Robin Leach (1992/06/28/0539189) Julian Sands, an actor, wants to become the Robin Leach of gardening.
  104. Jimmy Connors (1992/07/02/0540143) Miss Chenchikova, for instance, is the Jimmy Connors of ballet: She throws herself full force into her dancing without regard to niceties of form.
  105. Madonna (1992/07/05/0540526) Just listen to the Madonna of the Sleepers, Lady Diana Wyndham, as, at the end of Dekobra’s best seller, she languidly announces: “I have a train ticket for Constantinople.
  106. H. G. Wells (1992/07/05/0540532) To the Editor: We enjoyed Sue Stiles’s “Dressing Up the Wells of England” (May 17); it brought back fond remembrances of our lives in Sheffield and the Peak District.
  107. Alan Page (1992/07/05/0540670) Page has yet to announce that he is a candidate, but an Alan Page for Justice Committee was registered this week with the state Ethical Practices Board.
  108. Ward (1992/07/05/0540781) Legally a Ward of the State
  109. Robert De Niro (1992/07/05/0540830) Emulating Brando, Duvall and especially the De Niro of “Mean Streets” and “Taxi Driver,” they discharged raw aggression, opting for roles as messed-up loners.
  110. anonymous (1992/07/10/0541582) Once this fact is brought to light, the modest print establishes an unexpected dialogue with a much larger painting of the Virgin of Chiquinquira by an anonymous artist of the Popayan School, in which the painted figure has been supplemented by a real crown, scepter and half-moon made of silver.
  111. Holly Woodlawn (1992/07/10/0541591) At times she looks like an older version of the Holly Woodlawn ofTrash.”
  112. John Donne (1992/07/12/0541934) In 1990 our reviewer, Edward Hirsch, called her ”a John Donne of the postwar American suburbs.”
  113. Napoleon (1992/07/12/0541941) No question that Sam Walton was a Napoleon of merchandising, keeping his troops lean and competitive, demanding 16-hour days of his managers, giving his “associates” pep talks, exhorting them to look customers in the eye, personally leading them in the company cheer (“Give me a W!
  114. Rodney Dangerfield (1992/07/12/0542029) Her trainer, Red Terrill, has been saying for months that she was ”the Rodney Dangerfield of horses,” the one who got no respect.
  115. Omar Bradley (1992/07/12/0542239) In an army that has as many men in running shoes and jeans jackets as in camouflage fatigues, Col. Divjak has become the Omar Bradley of the war, the soldiers’ soldier who prefers to be where the action is.
  116. Dennis Rodman (1992/07/13/0542445) Rataul Journal; In India’s Mango Heaven, There’s a Worm of Sorts
  117. Annie Oakley (1992/07/15/0542818) Sort of the Annie Oakley for women who love too much.
  118. Bill Clinton (1992/07/16/0542996) I believe him when he said ‘I didn’t inhale,’ Mr. Leopoulos, sporting a Clinton for President baseball cap, earnestly told the anchor at KTGF, the NBC affiliate in Great Falls, Mont.
  119. Emmy (1992/07/16/0543075) In 1971 Mr. Richardson won an Emmy for his writing for the program.
  120. Dan Quayle (1992/07/16/0543182) (He called King Herod ”the Dan Quayle of his day” in a silly display of Salome tactics.)
  121. Phrase (1992/07/17/0543302) Marx Had a Phrase for It
  122. Michael Jordan (1992/07/17/0543317) He’s the Michael Jordan of management in Digital.
  123. Mary Lou Retton (1992/07/19/0544003) Kim Zmeskal, a ferocious competitor and legitimate challenger to Svetlana Boginskaya of the Unified Team for the Olympic all-around title in gymnastics, could become the Mary Lou Retton of 1992.
  124. Superdrive (1992/07/21/0544485) Almost two megabytes of programs and sounds have been compressed onto the 1.4-megabyte disk; you will need a newer Mac equipped with a Superdrive for access to them, and about three megabytes of space on a hard disk.
  125. Lowell Thomas (1992/07/22/0544528) If Mr. McKay presented himself as the Lowell Thomas of the Olympics, Mr. Costas will be more like the guide on Disney’s Jungle Ride.
  126. Greta Garbo (1992/07/26/0545424) Dr. Barbara McClintock is the Greta Garbo of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  127. +Puppet (1992/07/29/0546046) The demonstrators carried pictures of President Hussein wearing a white military uniform and banners bearing such slogans as “The U.N. Is a Puppet of the U.S.” and “Down with George Bush.”+
  128. Tom Jones (1992/08/02/0546947) He’s the Tom Jones for the geriatric set, said a fan, Carole Zwycewicz.
  129. Marlin Fitzwater (1992/08/02/0547073) publicist, Mike Moran, the Marlin Fitzwater of the U.S.O.C., tearing into the Dream Team as “arrogant” and “out of touch with reality.”
  130. Spike Lee (1992/08/02/0547235) Some in the film world call him the Spike Lee of England.
  131. Elvis Presley (1992/08/03/0547319) Mr. Cave is the Elvis of punk, a beloved and semitragic cult icon who for years has been battling the demon of his own image.
  132. Peter Max (1992/08/09/0548866) Ask him how the Peter Max of today is different from the Peter Max of the 60’s, and the response is all about the swami.
  133. Dick Clark (1992/08/11/0549300) Worse, perhaps, than the continual cheerfulness of Bob Costas – the Dick Clark of Barcelona – or the quantity of the advertising was its quality, or lack thereof.
  134. Haze (1992/08/11/0549320) Searching Through the Haze for Klan Trophies
  135. Guthrie Brown Sanford (1992/08/15/0550258) One day after Sky Beauty won the Adirondack Stakes for 2-year-old fillies, Mountain Cat won the Sanford for 2-year-old colts and established himself as one of the contenders for division honors.
  136. Ross Perot (1992/08/16/0550630) Mr. Taft lost when the Ross Perot of his day, former President Theodore Roosevelt, ran as a third-party candidate and split the Republican vote in 1912.
  137. Dante (1992/08/16/0550712) Our reviewer, Verlyn Klinkenborg, saw Mr. Hamper as a Dante of blue-collar hell.
  138. Jimmy Carter (1992/08/18/0551023) Five months ago, Patrick J. Buchanan said President Bush was becoming ”the Jimmy Carter of the Republican Party.”
  139. The Hatter (1992/08/20/0551481) Because the man standing at the pivoting front door, turning off the waterfall to be heard above his howling dachshunds, is not the Mad Hatter of Architecture.
  140. Moses (1992/08/21/0551555) Though clearly shocked by the dimensions of his defeat, which saw several Cabinet Ministers and the Speaker of the House lose their seats, Sir Lynden, whose supporters called him ”the Moses of the Bahamas,” accepted the rejection of his leadership calmly and without the rancor that characterized the months of campaigning.
  141. Lyndon B. Johnson (1992/08/23/0551865) Mr. Keating, 48 years old, has been described as the Lyndon B. Johnson of Australian politics, an expert in the sort of back-room maneuvering that he used to drive Mr. Hawke from the leadership last December.
  142. Titian (1992/08/23/0551899) We could even believe that the Titian of St. John the Evangelist on Patmos had always been installed as it is now – as a ceiling painting set in a simulated Renaissance ceiling – rather than as a painting that looked out of place on a wall.
  143. Steve Jobs (1992/08/24/0552306) But now the 36-year-old entrepreneur, often called the Steve Jobs of Japan in reference to the Apple Computer co-founder, is in the midst of a fight to save his company from bankruptcy.
  144. Alias (1992/08/25/0552459) I might want to create an Alias for the file Chapter 1 in the Great American Novel folder.
  145. Dash (1992/08/30/0553222) Adding a Dash of Inspiration to Zucchini
  146. Scratch (1992/08/30/0553390) Listening for the Scratch of a Pen
  147. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1992/08/31/0553702) It’s kind of what makes him a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of our sport.
  148. Ed Williams (1992/08/31/0553711) However, Mr. Dragoul now has a new pro-bono lawyer – Bobby Lee Cook, ”the Ed Williams of the South” – who is said to understand that concealing the truth about the Government’s guilty knowledge of bank fraud is not the best way to obtain leniency from Judge Shoob.
  149. Bill Clinton (1992/09/01/0553784) At 6 A.M., George Stephanopoulos arrives at work in his red Honda, sliding into a prime parking space behind the former Arkansas Gazette newspaper building that now houses the Clinton for President campaign.
  150. Christopher Columbus (1992/09/03/0554188) Fairchild was the Columbus of American horticulture, said the Kampong’s superintendent, Larry Schokman.
  151. Pablo Picasso (1992/09/03/0554215) John McEnroe, the Picasso of players, has ultimately been defeated by his inability to control Drop Dead.
  152. Emmy (1992/09/06/0554569) It’s the most depressing thing, said her table mate, Cindy Adams, the New York Post columnist, as Valerie Mahaffey of “Northern Exposure” picked up an Emmy for best supporting actress in a drama series.
  153. Buster Crabbe (1992/09/06/0554877) Harvey Weisenberg is the Buster Crabbe of the New York State Assembly.
  154. Rick Sutcliffe (1992/09/07/0555024) I told Johnny when they signed me that he wasn’t getting the Rick Sutcliffe of 1983 or ‘84, but he was getting a guy who wants the ball and is going to pitch as long as you let me.
  155. Juliana Evans (1992/09/10/0555424) Scotch and Soda, and a Couple of Cubes
  156. Elizabeth II (1992/09/10/0555474) Eleanor H. Raynolds, an executive search consultant who was honored by the Queen of England for her work for the British-American Chamber of Commerce, died on Tuesday at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut.
  157. Nelson Riddle (1992/09/11/0555702) They have been lavishly arranged by Ray Santos, the Nelson Riddle of Latin American pop.
  158. Bob Dylan (1992/09/11/0555702) Although the 50-year-old Brazilian singer and songwriter has been called the Bob Dylan of Brazil, he is more than that.
  159. Spike Jones (1992/09/11/0555712) Tomorrow night, he will lead a klezmer group in tricky, funny music by Mickey Katz, the Spike Jones of klezmer music.
  160. Actress (1992/09/13/0556069) Ruth Nelson, 87, an Actress for Nearly 70 Years
  161. William Joyce (1992/09/13/0556304) As Frank’s life devolves into various slapstick (and unconvincing) scenes that would fit comfortably into the screenplay of a B movie, his daughter, Holly, tries to reunite her parents by shacking up with Lane Lawlor, a right-wing fanatic whom Frank calls ”the Lord Haw-Haw of the northern Rockies.”
  162. Wyatt Earp (1992/09/15/0556547) But after that last class bell rings, the 41-year-old father of two turns into the Wyatt Earp of the wasp world.
  163. Emmy (1992/09/17/0556976) That support was even acknowledged by Diane English, the show’s creator, as she accepted the Emmy for best comedy series on Aug. 30.
  164. Katharine Hepburn (1992/09/17/0556993) Millicent Fenwick was the Katharine Hepburn of politics, said Charles Millard, a former aide and now a Republican New York City Councilman.
  165. Bella Abzug (1992/09/17/0556993) Others called her the Bella Abzug of Somerset County, a nod to the outspoken former Congresswoman.
  166. Marilyn Monroe (1992/09/20/0557538) ALMA MAHLER-WERFEL was the Marilyn Monroe of her day.
  167. Dale Carnegie (1992/09/23/0558269) And much of it may not even be who the players are as much as how Pat Riley, the Dale Carnegie of coaches, can motivate them.
  168. David Duke (1992/09/23/0558348) It’s more like a David Duke for me than a Willie Horton in that you try to flame racial tensions rather than try to bring people together, and then make excuses about it.
  169. Walt Frazier (1992/09/24/0558523) While he never became the Walt Frazier of the Knicks, as he had dreamed as a boy watching games from the nose-bleed seats in Madison Square Garden, he was many times a fine Mark Jackson.
  170. Ray (1992/09/29/0559563) For Absent Fathers, a Ray of Hope
  171. Elvis Presley (1992/09/30/0559861) He is remembered as the ”the Elvis Presley of African politics” and called a lion, a giant and a prophet.
  172. Oleg Kovalyshyn (1992/10/01/0559992) Listen to Art Shell, their head coach and once their Hall of Fame offensive tackle, a Raider for 25 years.
  173. Mary Tyler Moore (1992/10/03/0560361) She’s been called the Mary Tyler Moore of kitties by Cat Fancy magazine, said Karen Payne, Princess Kitty’s owner and a club adviser.
  174. Bert Parks (1992/10/07/0561249) I feel like the Bert Parks of Capitol Hill, ROGER MUDD remarked Monday evening as for the fourth consecutive year, he served as the master of ceremonies for a literary evening to benefit the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction.
  175. Anna Magnani (1992/10/11/0561973) Their original inspiration, Mr. Gabbana said, was the Anna Magnani of Roberto Rossellini’s 1940’s and 1950’s movies.
  176. Gala (1992/10/12/0562418) A Failing Dance Presenter Looks to a Gala for Rescue
  177. Function (1992/10/15/0563063) Expect Conflict: It’s a Function of Adolescence
  178. Dave Kingman (1992/10/16/0563421) Or do you wish to be memorialized as the Dave Kingman of the 1990’s?
  179. Michelangelo (1992/10/17/0563533) Michael Tracy is a Michelangelo of the memorial wall, the sprawling street-side shrines to victims of urban violence that have sprung up around New York with unnerving frequency in recent years.
  180. Lizzie Borden (1992/10/18/0563963) Winnie Ruth Judd is the Lizzie Borden of Phoenix.
  181. D’Angelo Russell (1992/10/20/0564474) They took a rat of about three weeks old, the equivalent of a 7-year-old child, and put it in with a litter of newborn pups.
  182. Cyrano de Bergerac (1992/10/21/0564700) A sous-chef, in other words, is vice chef, sometimes shadow chef, frequently chef-by-fiat, often actually ghost chef, the Cyrano de Bergerac of cuisine.
  183. Michael Jordan (1992/10/21/0564706) Yet his behavior suggests that he wants to be two people, the Air Jordan of the carefully organized media event and Michael Jordan, whose version of the truth seems to be made up as he goes along.
  184. Page (1992/10/22/0564922) Carnegie Hall Jazzes Itself Up, Welcoming a Page of U.S. History
  185. Magnet (1992/10/22/0564965) D’Amato Serves as a Magnet for Funds
  186. Andy Warhol (1992/10/26/0565874) A woman recently pawned an Andy Warhol for $1,500 to pay for her wedding.
  187. Ross Perot (1992/10/28/0566139) Will it be the Ross Perot of news accounts, who has been badly damaged by his complaint of Republican dirty tricks, or the Ross Perot of his own, enormously expensive television advertising campaign?
  188. +Ross Perot (1992/10/28/0566143) Now the main question seems to be which media image will prevail: the Ross Perot of the news stories (Paranoid!”+
  189. Ross Perot (1992/10/28/0566143) ), or the Ross Perot of the advertisements (down-to-earth, sober, pragmatic).
  190. Alger Hiss (1992/10/29/0566360) Fate and time have changed the Alger Hiss of the grainy newsreels, who fenced cockily with Mr. Nixon, Representative Karl Mundt of South Dakota and other members of the House committee.
  191. Ross Perot (1992/10/29/0566366) The founder of the giant Hyundai industrial group and now this country’s most outspoken presidential candidate, Chung Ju Yung, is tired of hearing himself described as the Ross Perot of South Korea.
  192. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (1992/10/30/0566594) They are closer to the assertive image that led an article in the conservative journal The American Spectator to label her ”the Winnie Mandela of American politics.”
  193. Kennedy (1992/10/31/0566750) (Her translation: “Clinton is like a Kennedy for the poor boys.”)
  194. Pablo Picasso (1992/11/06/0568267) The Metropolitan Museum of Art calls the great Chinese painter Tung Chi-chang (1555-1636) ”the Picasso of the Ming Dynasty.”
  195. Arnold Schwarzenegger (1992/11/06/0568296) Sparks is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of New York steakhouses: big, brash and brawny.
  196. Donald Trump (1992/11/06/0568315) She describes herself as ”the Donald Trump of the horse show world,” buying and selling horses like so many pieces of real estate, pocketing a profit and never shedding a tear as she watches her property being trucked away.
  197. +Jesus Christ (1992/11/06/0568507) His method is scholarly but inexact: by comparing the accounts of Jesus’ life set down in the four Gospels, and using evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and recent archeological discoveries, Mr. Wilson attempts to create a dispassionate portrait of “the real Jesus, the Jesus of History.”+
  198. Bill Clinton (1992/11/08/0568856) I believe that the Bill Clinton of 1992 is the same Bill Clinton of 1969.
  199. Tom Downey (1992/11/08/0568892) But last week he was defeated by someone reminiscent of the Tom Downey of old: a young Turk who said the incumbent had become too distant.
  200. Tom Downey (1992/11/08/0569040) And last week, they resoundingly defeated Mr. Downey in favor of someone who was remarkably reminiscent of the Tom Downey of old: a young Turk from the Suffolk County Legislature who said the incumbent had become too high and mighty and distant.
  201. Matisse (1992/11/11/0569370) Museum in Texas Buys a Matisse for $11 Million
  202. +Mike Tyson (1992/11/11/0569454) Even if Tyson at that point was not the Tyson of old, it would have been an easy fight for him.”+
  203. Roger Maris (1992/11/12/0569742) It brought in more than $50 million in pay-per-view billings from 1.45 million homes, “sort of the Roger Maris of pay-per-view events,” Mr. Abraham said, mixing his sports.
  204. Little (1992/11/15/0570436) Pete Bodo’s enjoyable “Not Quite Golf and Not Quite Hunting, but a Little of Each” (The Times, Nov. 8), recognized the growing popularity of sporting clays, but may have given some readers the impression that the sport is rather elitist.
  205. Stephen King (1992/11/15/0570452) It is almost an exact analogy to call Sir Walter Scott the Stephen King of his day.
  206. George III of Great Britain (1992/11/15/0570554) The tribe had been granted the 144,000 acres by the King George III of England in 1763 in return for giving up claim to a much larger tract.
  207. Pat Buchanan (1992/11/15/0570584) The first was from Barbara Ehrenreich, the Pat Buchanan of radical feminism, calling Mr. Buttafuoco a “Guido-type person,” and then, lest you miss the slur, asking pardon for “the obnoxious ethnic reference.”
  208. Madonna (1992/11/15/0570735) Didn’t you once say you wanted to be the Madonna of tennis?
  209. Barry Bonds (1992/11/19/0571427) The 27-year-old Hayes is not the Barry Bonds of third basemen, and he might have had a career season when he hit .257 and delivered 18 homers and 66 runs batted in, but he silenced the criticism at a troubling position, and now the nagging questions will start again.
  210. Allan Oviedo (1992/11/25/0572738) Although Eatman has been a Jet for only two seasons, he knows about the history.
  211. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1992/11/26/0572900) Don’t expect boilerplate Euro-bashing from Mr. Frank, who has been called the Martin Luther King of American Indians.
  212. N (1992/11/29/0573233) The H stands for hemagglutinin, the N for neuraminidase; these are the two antigens of the influenza virus.
  213. Lord Byron (1992/11/29/0573421) Leonard Cohen, the Lord Byron of Rock-and-Roll
  214. Paul Morel (1992/11/29/0573468) Sons is the word in the title; but it’s partly thanks to Edward Garnett’s intervention that we remember chiefly just the one son, Paul, the Paul Morel of endless exegeses, the one who gets identified with D. H. Lawrence.
  215. James Alexander Brewer (1992/12/04/0574227) Yount, a Brewer for his entire 19 years in the majors, became a free agent after he chose not to exercise an option in his old contract for next year at a $3.2 million salary.
  216. +Marilyn Monroe (1992/12/11/0575823) Her only problem, if you could call it that, is looking like a cross between the young Mrs. Kennedy and the Marilyn Monroe of “The Misfits.”+
  217. Donald Trump (1992/12/13/0576115) Father Ritter himself was often mentioned in the same sentence with Mother Teresa, but perhaps Charles M. Sennott’s phrase, ”the Donald Trump of Catholicism,” better captures the personal drive and entrepreneurial spirit that led to Covenant House’s phenomenal growth.
  218. +Arthur Koestler (1992/12/13/0576130) In some ways, “The Porcupine” brings to mind the political literature of 50 years ago: Andre Malraux, George Orwell and particularly the Arthur Koestler of “Darkness at Noon.”+
  219. Bill Gates (1992/12/13/0576218) I’M the Bill Gates of computer culture, says Jeff Armstrong, who’s been satirizing the Microsoft chairman and lesser members of the industry for six years as one of the world’s first high-tech comedians.
  220. Tom Cruise (1992/12/13/0576330) I’m the Tom Cruise of Somalia.
  221. Mark Morris (1992/12/14/0576566) It is perfectly in tune with revisionist French versions of “Romeo and Juliet” set on the Eastern side of the Berlin wall, Swedish productions like Mr. Ek’s “Swan Lake,” which puts men as well as women in tutus just like “The Hard Nut” and the kind of “Giselle” with spoken text that Mr. Gallotta, the Mark Morris of France, threatens to put on next year.
  222. Robert Chambers (1992/12/15/0576649) What he will say is that the Robert Chambers that’s there today is not the Robert Chambers of five years ago, and he would like to be released, said Brian O’Dwyer, his lawyer.
  223. John L. Lewis (1992/12/20/0577640) Hoffa lacked the platform eloquence of a John L. Lewis of the United Mine Workers or a Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers.
  224. Walter Reuther (1992/12/20/0577640) Hoffa lacked the platform eloquence of a John L. Lewis of the United Mine Workers or a Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers.
  225. Red Adair (1992/12/20/0577852) LAWRENCE S. EAGLEBURGER doesn’t look much like the Red Adair of foreign policy, flaunting his lame-duck status with a crippled bird pin stuck in his lapel.
  226. Mona Lisa (1992/12/20/0577926) The 54-square-foot Sepphoris mosaic, known as the Mona Lisa of the Galilee, which had been on exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, has been returned to its place in the mosaic floor.
  227. Dash (1992/12/27/0579154) A Lonely Couch, a Dash of Sex.
  228. Vanilla Ice (1992/12/27/0579154) – Billy Ray Cyrus could be the Vanilla Ice of country.
  229. Stew (1992/12/27/0579369) Technology; Turning a Stew of Old Tires Into Energy
  230. Jigsaw (1992/12/31/0579977) ; Bosnia 1992: New Puzzles In the Jigsaw of Violence


  1. George Foreman (1993/01/01/0580232) Smith told her she would become ”the George Foreman of running.”
  2. Lincoln (1993/01/03/0580476) But Ford revamped the Lincoln for 1990, and the real news in automotive cabin-cruisers this year comes from Cadillac, which has stretched and redesigned its 1993 Fleetwood four-door, making it the longest – and generally the biggest – production car sold anywhere in the world.
  3. Golden Fleece (1993/01/03/0580570) A flat-panel video screen larger than a few inches has been the Golden Fleece for television manufacturers for years.
  4. David Brinkley (1993/01/06/0581081) Among those who have sent their children to the school in the past are the David Brinkley of ABC News; Leslie Stahl of CBS News; John Hechinger, a Washington business leader, and Marian Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defense Fund.
  5. Mick Jagger (1993/01/06/0581156) I feel like the Mick Jagger of the 5-to-11 set, he said.
  6. Little (1993/01/08/0581513) Doing a Little for a Lot
  7. Dash (1993/01/08/0581521) Alphabet Soup, With a Dash of Hype
  8. Juliana Evans (1993/01/10/0581709) Just a Couple of Blemishes
  9. Bill Callahan (1993/01/10/0581756) Escaping the Smog of Katmandu
  10. Bob Vila (1993/01/10/0581807) You have to be partners with the house, said Mr. Weaver, who has become the Bob Vila of earth ships.
  11. Augusto Pinochet (1993/01/10/0581874) The issuance of the pardons by a President who is himself seriously implicated in the conduct he pardons, after repeatedly misleading investigators about notes he now says he will produce, makes the United States President no better than an Augusto Pinochet of Chile or a Jorge Videla of Argentina.
  12. Joey Bishop (1993/01/15/0583116) Or will the waspish host of television’s first post-modern talk show turn out to be the Joey Bishop of the 1990’s?
  13. Ross Perot (1993/01/15/0583131) A conservative, he is widely called ”the Ross Perot of Los Angeles” for his wealth and businesslike solutions to urban problems.
  14. Weekend (1993/01/15/0583216) Review/Art; Group Shows in SoHo for a Weekend of Gallery Hopping
  15. Dean Smith (1993/01/17/0583452) They had been sent by a Dean Smith of Chapel Hill, N.C., Fogler’s former boss.
  16. Marine (1993/01/19/0584124) From what I understand, he wanted to be a Marine for several years and that’s what he focused on, Mr. Cicarell said.
  17. Jerry Walker (1993/01/20/0584443) I definitely feel like the Jerry Walker of old, said Walker, who had not scored more than 18 points in any game this season before tonight’s contest.
  18. Omen (1993/01/24/0585306) Perspectives: The Assessment Roll; Falling Values an Omen for Tax Collector
  19. Michael Jordan (1993/01/24/0585384) Bills offensive coordinator Ted Marchibroda calls quarterback Jim Kelly the Michael Jordan of the Buffalo team.
  20. Rodney Dangerfield (1993/01/24/0585396) In short, Leo Szilard was the Rodney Dangerfield of 20th-century physics, an et al.
  21. Ruth Westheimer (1993/02/05/0588226) At one point Dr. Joyce Brothers, the Dr. Ruth of yesteryear, shows up as a coroner.
  22. Antonio Stradivari (1993/02/06/0588339) That’s because Eden is the home of “The One and Only, Original Kazoo Company Inc.,” the world’s only remaining factory for metal kazoos – the Stradivarius of kazoos.
  23. Dash (1993/02/06/0588365) A Touch of the Irish, a Dash of the Algerian
  24. Floyd Mayweather (1993/02/07/0588486) Sound Bytes; She Puts Up the Money for the Software Dreams
  25. Pe-Hor (1993/02/07/0588558) Today, in America, Someone Will Slaughter an Elephant for a Bracelet, the ad declared over a picture of an elephant carcass.
  26. Bear Bryant (1993/02/07/0588786) I told him, “I didn’t know you were the Bear Bryant of New York City.”
  27. Michael Jordan (1993/02/09/0589135) Erving, who will be 43 on Feb. 22, was the Michael Jordan of his time and the unofficial player spokesman before Magic Johnson.
  28. Michael Jordan (1993/02/10/0589436) Erving was the Michael Jordan of his time, but what a different time that was.
  29. Joyce Carol Oates (1993/02/11/0589685) He types and types: he is the Joyce Carol Oates of science writing.
  30. Little (1993/02/17/0590890) How About a Little of Both?
  31. The Hatter (1993/02/18/0591154) At the end of a story whose characters include Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Chip ‘n’ Dale and Roger Rabbit, the grand finale brings onto the ice Snow White, Prince Charming and Dopey (1938), Pinocchio, Gepetto and the evil puppet master Stromboli (1940), Alice and the Mad Hatter of Wonderland fame (1951), Peter Pan and entourage (1953) and many more.
  32. Page (1993/02/19/0591298) Losing a Page of History
  33. Luke Perry (1993/02/22/0592045) Less elaborate science-fiction than clever adventure caper, “The Tomorrow People” is lively and imaginative entertainment, its international cast featuring Kristian Schmid, an Australian 18-year-old soap star who, Nickelodeon insists, has become the Luke Perry of London.
  34. Johnny Appleseed (1993/02/23/0592228) Though she confined the effort to independent shops and did not approach any chains or discount stores, she said, “Now I’m thinking maybe I should just go across the country with my books and my red ribbons and be the Johnny Appleseed of AIDS ribbons.”
  35. Grace Kelly (1993/02/24/0592311) Wasn’t she the Grace Kelly of the Himalayas who in 1963 went to live in a palace in Gangtok as the bride of the Chogyal, a man revered by his subjects as the reincarnation of an ancient Buddhist holy man?
  36. Tom Hanks (1993/02/28/0593079) He bears little resemblance to the Tom Hanks of “Big,” just as the role bears little resemblance to the light comedy he specializes in.
  37. Madonna (1993/02/28/0593365) Lynn Hunter, a British Columbia New Democrat, called her ”the Madonna of Canadian politics.”
  38. +Emmy (1993/03/02/0593636) We’ll change the picture, sets, lighting, graphics, music and models, said Mr. Bozek, the former spokesman for Williwear who was just nominated for an Emmy for his Fox television series, “Style File.”+
  39. Dorothy Parker (1993/03/05/0594094) Taking the stage at 11 is Cindy Lee Berryhill, reclaiming her title as the Dorothy Parker of folk with a set of her dry-as-ice, bittersweet compositions.
  40. Jack Kevorkian (1993/03/07/0594507) Jim Florio ”the Jack Kevorkian of economic development.”
  41. pancho (1993/03/07/0594616) His company, which sells its goods in 400 stores nationwide, has already made that much in the first quarter of this year, selling items like pants for $90, a pancho for $100 and a hat for $30.
  42. James Brown (1993/03/08/0594844) All the great Latin bands came through, from Oscar D’Leon, the James Brown of Latin music, to Eddie Palmieri, the music’s crazy, brilliant uncle; Mario Bauza, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo and Mongo Santamaria all showed up.
  43. Alain Marcel (1993/03/10/0595190) First, it used a slightly adapted version of Tony Walton’s set from the 1987 revival at the Vivian Beaumont Theater, with stage direction (by the Alain Marcel of Berlin, Helmut Baumann, who runs the Theater des Westens) that stuck closely to the New York version.
  44. Hillary Clinton (1993/03/15/0596107) Will Miss van Hamel, who has been Mr. McKenzie’s partner offstage as well as on and who has a dance company of her own, become the Hillary Rodham Clinton of Ballet Theater?
  45. Dick Cavett (1993/03/17/0596463) Perhaps being a prophet in the Age of Aquarius means becoming the Dick Cavett of late-night theology.
  46. Babe Ruth (1993/03/19/0596753) In New York legal lore, Mr. Solerwitz is the Babe Ruth of ripoffs, having been convicted of stealing more than $5 million in the 1980’s.
  47. Bob Dylan (1993/03/21/0597081) Merchant describes as ”the Bob Dylan of Italy” (a particularly hard concept, even with headphones).
  48. Rodney Dangerfield (1993/03/21/0597222) Lofton senses that the Cleveland Indians – the Rodney Dangerfield of major-league teams, the perennial second-division dwellers of the American League East – are on the cusp of something different and big.
  49. Che Guevara (1993/03/21/0597319) The person pushing the bill is none other than Sir George Young, a gawky housing minister who fights for the poor and homeless in that traitor-to-his-class spirit and is lately lampooned by The Spectator as ”the Che Guevara of the leaseholders.”
  50. Jerry Lewis (1993/03/24/0597754) For himself, Mr. Lang leaves his options open, not precluding a run for the presidency after Mr. Mitterrand retires (a prospect that makes his detractors, those who see him as the Jerry Lewis of politics, cringe at his presumption).
  51. Jimi Hendrix (1993/03/26/0598111) Sugar Blue, who has been called the Jimi Hendrix of the harmonica, has played with everyone from Willie Dixon to the Rolling Stones.
  52. Ed McMahon (1993/03/27/0598329) Thomas F. McLarty 3d, President Clinton’s childhood friend whom they all call Mack and who is now White House chief of staff, was the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party for some of that time, describing himself “as kind of the Ed McMahon of that traveling minstrel show.”
  53. John Michael Lock (1993/03/29/0598786) Overlooked by Yankees, Draper Is a Lock for Mets
  54. Lisa-Ann Gershwin (1993/04/02/0599559) (As a warm-up, the Nederlander organization is bringing Robert Goulet and the road company of “Camelot” to the Gershwin for a limited run beginning in June.)
  55. Larry Bird (1993/04/03/0599779) Scouts came regularly to the Chieftains’ cozy gym then, watched Smith average 29.2 points a game and dubbed her the Larry Bird of women’s basketball.
  56. Louis B. Mayer (1993/04/04/0600119) Roger Corman, the Louis B. Mayer of B Movies, earned his degree in engineering at Stanford, and Jonathan Winters, the comedian, and Patrick Ewing, the center for the Knicks, both majored in art – at Kenyon and Georgetown, respectively.
  57. Jessica Lange (1993/04/04/0600140) She is kind of the Jessica Lange of Austin: she’s been romantically linked with all the cool guys.
  58. George Cross (1993/04/04/0600156) By contrast, the most recent historical parallel, the siege of Malta from 1940 through 1942, ended in a triumph of human spirit that was rewarded when King George VI awarded Malta the George Cross for gallantry.
  59. Alpheus Hyatt (1993/04/05/0600272) President Clinton invited a bunch of Hollywood celebrities who are in Vancouver shooting movies over to his suite at the Hyatt for coffee and dessert late Saturday night after his dinner with Mr. Yeltsin.
  60. Albert Speer (1993/04/07/0600666) A former Peace Corps volunteer and the child of leftist Russian Jews, he now works for an American company that sells ”the Albert Speer of baby formulas” to third-world countries and is so notorious it once co-starred on “60 Minutes” with Union Carbide and the Dalkon Shield.
  61. Grange (1993/04/09/0601065) I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world, said Ms. Lazzaro, who has been attending services at the Grange for more than 10 years.
  62. Johnny Appleseed (1993/04/11/0601653) By the early 1920’s, Bobby Douglas, the first black in the Basketball Hall of Fame, became the Johnny Appleseed of basketball.
  63. Warren Buffett (1993/04/14/0601989) I would like to think we can be the Warren Buffett of biotech, said Mr. Frazier, 41, referring to the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, who is known for his investing prowess.
  64. Shaquille O’Neal (1993/04/16/0602520) David Nied, sort of the Shaquille O’Neal of major league baseball, silenced the New York Mets here.
  65. Joan of Arc (1993/04/17/0602706) Since 1863, through all the decades in Washington when women were merely ornaments, this 19-foot-tall warrior guarded the capital with her sword and shield and piercing gaze, a Joan of Arc for democracy.
  66. Bill Clinton (1993/04/18/0602876) If Woo is the Bill Clinton of the race, then Riordan is the Ross Perot.
  67. Vince Lombardi (1993/04/18/0602906) My Mother is the Vince Lombardi of beauty: Looking good isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
  68. Scribe (1993/04/18/0603149) To program the Scribe for another message, his handler must reset the mechanism.
  69. April (1993/04/19/0603307) And so there had been, in an April of derailed momentum, the season’s toughest setback.
  70. Eef Arnolds (1993/04/23/0604245) Robert A. Iger, the president of ABC, said this week that the network had reached agreement with the Arnolds for exclusive rights to the next television series they produce or star in.
  71. Bob Hope (1993/04/23/0604282) is loaded with rap-related cameos that work only if you recognize the players (Fab 5 Freddy, Kid Capri, Naughty by Nature and the Bob Hope of rap cinema, Ice-T), and have little intrinsic humor of their own.
  72. Franco (1993/04/24/0604286) With Tanana and Bonilla, Who Needs a Franco for the Night?
  73. Busby Berkeley (1993/04/25/0604418) At 66, the man who once qualified as the Busby Berkeley of the acid set is right back where he started – directing what he calls “these nutty pieces” in out-of-the-way places for audiences that tend to number in the dozens, not the thousands.
  74. George Foreman (1993/04/25/0604474) My gut feeling is that I’m going to start calling myself the George Foreman of tennis, said McEnroe, who just completed an exhibition tour with Andre Agassi and faces his next tennis assignment in the NBC booth at next month’s French Open.
  75. John Michael Lock (1993/04/25/0604511) Hardly a Lock for the Three-Peat
  76. Giacomo Puccini (1993/04/25/0604806) The music recalls Strauss, too, along with Italo Montemezzi, Franz Schreker and the Puccini of “Turandot”; clearly, decadent wallowing was a la mode in the 20’s.
  77. Ross Perot (1993/04/27/0604981) If only Mr. Clinton could so easily remove the specter of the Ross Perot of today.
  78. Dalai Lama (1993/04/27/0605126) Its leader in exile is now in Washington – the Dalai Lama of Tibet.
  79. Bart Simpson (1993/05/02/0605816) The director Peter Sellars, the Bart Simpson of multicultural politics, assures us that “dance is at the heart of culture.”
  80. Thomas Edison (1993/05/02/0605847) There are major characters but no heroes in this antiromance of 1907 in Battle Creek, Mich., where Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the Edison of clean living, presides over pilgrims who hope to escape the ills and smells that flesh is heir to.
  81. Timothy Leary (1993/05/02/0605921) He’s an eloquent and imaginative poet of the psychedelic experience, said Mr. Leary, an unabashed admirer, who is already on record calling Mr. McKenna ”the Timothy Leary of the 90’s.”
  82. Bill Gates (1993/05/04/0606538) He wants to be the Bill Gates of the 1990’s, said Denise Caruso, editor of Digital Media, an industry newsletter, referring to Mr. Allen’s college friend with whom he founded Microsoft in the late 1970’s.
  83. Richard Simmons (1993/05/05/0606853) Graham Kerr is the Richard Simmons of cooking teachers.
  84. Pat Robertson (1993/05/05/0606897) If pornography bothers you, you may welcome the recurrent appearances of Andrea Dworkin, the Pat Robertson of feminism, who asserts that like everything else about American society, pornography is a conspiracy against women.
  85. Rodney Dangerfield (1993/05/09/0607593) Scott Sanderson is the Rodney Dangerfield of baseball.
  86. Michelangelo (1993/05/09/0607682) Actor: Jason Scott Lee Vital statistics: Age 26, 5 feet 11 inches tall, 155 pounds Training routine: Six to eight hours a day, six days a week, for 10 months, plus weeks of work with those nasty Oriental weapons, the nunchukus Salary: A reported $250,000 Movie: “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” (opened on Friday) Pitch: A Bruce Lee movie without Bruce Lee Budget: $15 million to $20 million Character: Bruce Lee, the Michelangelo of martial arts Lethal Weapons: Jeet kune do (Lee’s personal brand of mayhem) and the accompanying vocal hee-yah-ahhhhs Lethal line: “I have to finish my workout.
  87. Howard James Banker (1993/05/09/0607804) Profile; From Political Prisoner to a Banker for Billionaires
  88. Mona Lisa (1993/05/10/0608080) But Bonilla thought it was going to be a home run, and stood at second admiring it, like it was the Mona Lisa of long balls.
  89. Hans Christian Andersen (1993/05/13/0608627) I guess I am running the risk of becoming the Hans Christian Andersen of opera, Mr. Menotti said.
  90. Paul Revere (1993/05/15/0608957) Dr. Commoner, the director of the Center for the Biology of Natural Systems at Queens College, is being honored as ”the Paul Revere of Ecology.”
  91. Rodney Dangerfield (1993/05/16/0609056) Parking is the Rodney Dangerfield of transportation – it gets no respect, but it’s critical to development.
  92. +Juliana Evans (1993/05/16/0609130) Get a Couple of Wings and a Beak’+
  93. Paul Cézanne (1993/05/16/0609358) The seller, George Embiricos, who is a member of the Greek shipping family, bought the Cezanne for $252,000 at the 1958 sale of the Jakob Goldschmidt collection in London.
  94. Albert Einstein (1993/05/16/0609450) Surrounding this core group is a slew of other principal players: Paige Katz (Kim Cattrall), popping back into Harry’s life as Tony’s fiancee; Tabba Schwartzkopf (Bebe Neuwirth), star of Tony’s new sitcom “Church Windows”; Tully Woiwode (Nick Mancuso), an artist; Chap Starfall (Robert Morse), a seedy singer whose repertory includes “Let’s Face the Music and Dance,” and Eli’s son, Chickie Levitt (Brad Dourif), a cyberspace genius known as the Einstein of the New World.
  95. Madonna (1993/05/16/0609467) He sat on a couch against the wall, where he was introduced to ”the Madonna of Russia,” a tall, exotic woman in Michael Jackson-like ersatz military wear.
  96. Sol Hurok (1993/05/19/0609956) These days he is relishing his role as the Sol Hurok of the comedy festival, which he is producing with George Wein, promoter of the Newport Jazz Festival.
  97. Philip Taaffe (1993/05/21/0610287) Fred Tomaselli might be called the Philip Taaffe of pharmaceuticals.
  98. P. T. Barnum (1993/05/23/0610850) When you’ve got Steve Wynn involved, who I think is the P. T. Barnum of our century, it’s going to be difficult to ignore, said Mr. Amann, the casino supporter.
  99. Jack Welch (1993/05/27/0611510) may not make sense,” Mr. Gates continued, without offering an opinion on whether Mr. Gerstner is the Jack Welch of the computer industry.
  100. Warren Christopher (1993/06/02/0612641) She is the Warren Christopher of the inner city, and operates with the tact and cool-headed discretion of a well-traveled diplomat.
  101. Michelangelo (1993/06/04/0612971) He has been called the Michelangelo of floats.
  102. Patrick Henry (1993/06/07/0613743) Fittingly, the Patrick Henry of this drama is an American-trained lawyer, Anselm B. Clouden, who by evoking the seafaring ways of his ancestors, and their descendants’ supposed mistreatment at the hands of Grenadians, has begun to arouse strong nationalist passions in his neighbors.
  103. Richard Dumas (1993/06/07/0613823) As the Suns look ahead to this final round, the franchise’s first since its epic loss to John Havlicek’s Boston Celtics in 1976, they need the Barkley of Saturday, the Richard Dumas of February and the Tom Chambers of 1985.
  104. Tom Chambers (1993/06/07/0613823) As the Suns look ahead to this final round, the franchise’s first since its epic loss to John Havlicek’s Boston Celtics in 1976, they need the Barkley of Saturday, the Richard Dumas of February and the Tom Chambers of 1985.
  105. Kendall Gill (1993/06/08/0613897) Meanwhile, speculation continued that the Knicks would make personnel changes during the off season to acquire a point guard and another shooter, perhaps a Mark Price of Cleveland or a Kendall Gill of Charlotte.
  106. Mark Price (1993/06/08/0613897) Meanwhile, speculation continued that the Knicks would make personnel changes during the off season to acquire a point guard and another shooter, perhaps a Mark Price of Cleveland or a Kendall Gill of Charlotte.
  107. Elvis Presley (1993/06/11/0614470) This was soon after the Elvis of basketball had left the building.
  108. Jimmy Breslin (1993/06/12/0614699) Mr. Barnicle, who has been called the Jimmy Breslin of Boston, joked in a recent column about buying an ascot and a hat in honor of his new employers from New York.
  109. Boy Wonder (1993/06/13/0614799) Even the baby-boomer White House, awash with aides under 30 years old, has few who can rival Henry Ellenbogen, the Boy Wonder of Capitol Hill.
  110. Nathan Roscoe Pound (1993/06/13/0615047) Irwin Landau (“Why a Pound of Coffee Weighs 13 Oz.,” Viewpoints, May 23) may already be a little behind the times when it comes to Maxwell House coffee.
  111. Thurgood Marshall (1993/06/15/0615573) She is the Thurgood Marshall of gender equality law, said Janet Benshoof, the president of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, an abortion-rights advocacy group, repeating a common description of Judge Ginsburg.
  112. Dale Carnegie (1993/06/20/0616689) But Christopher Beach, director of the Performing Arts Center, described Dr. Lenz as “no more than a Dale Carnegie of the 90’s.”
  113. Jean-Claude Van Damme (1993/06/22/0617020) In his place in the revival is Steve Blanchard, who may be the Jean-Claude Van Damme of musical actors.
  114. Donald Trump (1993/06/24/0617369) Before he became a Svengali to Boris Becker, a multimillionaire tennis manager, a touted prospect for high office in Romania and the Donald Trump of fledgling Romanian capitalism, Ion (pronounced Yon) Tiriac played here two decades ago against such stars as Rod Laver, Clark Graebner and Stan Smith.
  115. Joyce Oliveira (1993/06/27/0617983) It is impossible, despite his work’s affinities to Dostoyevsky and Hardy and the Joyce of “Dubliners,” to put a date on it: the post-colonial world has its own unique time lines.
  116. Hank (1993/06/27/0618089) A Dog, a Fence, a Hank of Hair
  117. Madonna (1993/06/27/0618171) Ms. Frank was the Madonna of her day, at least in breaking with tradition.
  118. Madonna (1993/06/28/0618352) Agassi, who is the Madonna of his sport, a sly marketer of his own flashy image, was more than up to the verbal duel.
  119. Hank (1993/06/28/0618378) The company’s ensemble was featured in Andre Tyson’s “Innate Properties,” a deliberately nervous, jittery piece, and “A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair,” a lively but rambling suite by Mr. Beatty.
  120. Hank (1993/06/29/0618426) The program closed with “Celebration,” from “A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair,” created in the mid-1970’s; and “Mourner’s Bench” and “I Feel Like Trav’lin’, Got On My Trav’lin’ Shoes,” both excerpts from Mr. Beatty’s first piece, “Southern Landscape,” created in 1947.
  121. Emmy (1993/07/01/0618763) She won an Emmy for her performance in the television film “Roe v. Wade” and drew praise for her work in “Crazy in Love,” a drama about three generations of women living on an island in Puget Sound.
  122. Michael Dukakis (1993/07/04/0619263) Pete Sampras’s reputation as the Michael Dukakis of tennis was reconfirmed this weekend when the results of a London radio station contest about Wimbledon players were published.
  123. Dalai Lama (1993/07/06/0619880) Despite its overly reverent tone, “Compassion in Exile” is an engaging portrait of Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who has been in exile in India since 1959, when he fled Chinese repression.
  124. John Madden (1993/07/06/0619887) Let us not yet anoint John McEnroe as the John Madden of tennis on the strength of his Wimbledon analysis.
  125. Spin (1993/07/06/0619910) Using the Spin of Electrons To Make the Smallest Chips Yet
  126. B (1993/07/07/0620064) The series confirms that the subject of liberal education is hard to get a hold on, so, in the spirit of easy grading, give “Firing Line” a B for Effort.
  127. Babe Ruth (1993/07/07/0620076) His father was alternately called the Bull and the Babe Ruth of the Caribbean.
  128. Mother Teresa (1993/07/11/0620660) She may not, as some of her activists-in-arms suggest, be the Mother Teresa of progressive politics, but she will, by all accounts, bring a steadying, working-person’s perspective to an office that has suffered through a series of less-than-attentive, let-them-eat-cake administrators for roughly a dozen years.
  129. Liz Smith (1993/07/11/0620690) Miss Lynch is the Liz Smith of the Sagaponack Store.
  130. +Joseph Neuberger (1993/07/11/0620740) They published the catalogue and have given a gift through the Friends of the Neuberger for the exhibition fund for this show.”+
  131. Ruth Westheimer (1993/07/11/0620775) SOUNDING like the Dr. Ruth of ballet, David Richardson, a teacher and dancer at the American Ballet Theater, explained the art of partnering to a pas de deux class at the Y.M.-Y.W.H.A.
  132. Felix Unger (1993/07/13/0621332) Uecker went on to relate how Drysdale was ”the Felix Unger of sports,” hated fingerprints on his bathroom mirror and “if you slept at his house and weren’t up by 5 or 6, he’d make the bed no matter if you were in it.”
  133. Dan Quayle (1993/07/14/0621422) Others were less generous, portraying Mr. Cayne as the Dan Quayle of Bear Stearns, a consummate strategist in his career and his game but sometimes given to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
  134. Berry (1993/07/14/0621505) Gilding the Berry for a Satisfying Finale to Summer Meals
  135. Dash (1993/07/17/0622008) Midwest Copes With Splash of Humor and a Dash of Creativity
  136. Just (1993/07/18/0622251) Those who visit in late July can combine the museum with the Just for Laughs international comedy festival, July 22 to Aug. 1, which will be held at several Montreal venues, including the St.-Denis Theater, 1594 St. Denis Street, and Club Soda, on Park Avenue at Fairmount Street.
  137. +Fit (1993/07/22/0623194) Seems Like a Fit of Pique’+
  138. Saddam Hussein (1993/07/22/0623263) Until recently, General Aidid – now defined as a war criminal, terrorist, the Saddam Hussein of Africa – was Washington’s best friend in Somalia.
  139. Frank Sinatra (1993/07/23/0623442) After explaining that “all the material has been satirized for your protection,” Mr. Maher introduces his guests: the comics Larry Miller and Jerry Seinfeld (”the Frank Sinatra of nouveau comedians”); Robin Quivers, the longtime partner of the shock radio and television personality Howard Stern; and, from out of left – or perhaps right – field, the political consultant Ed Rollins.
  140. Walter Cronkite (1993/07/25/0623986) So, the Walter Cronkite of the old days is not about to reappear in all of his former splendor.
  141. Dash (1993/07/26/0624365) Capriati Uses Power Surge Plus a Dash of Finesse to Beat Fernandez
  142. Salvador Dalí (1993/07/30/0625014) Considerably more sensational are a startling photograph by the San Francisco artists Aziz and Cucher that shows a male nude whose genitals have been rubbed out through computer wizardry – a kind of off-the-charts idealization – and Alexander Hahn’s “Urbs Turrita,” an installation consisting of three television tubes whose strange mix of old and new images, which include the tubes themselves set in interiors taken from German Romantic paintings, could establish the artist as the Salvador Dali of television.
  143. Nadar (1993/08/01/0625673) There never was a Mathew Brady or a Nadar of the tintype, but the pictures make up for any lack of mastery by their disarming earnestness and the charm that age has lent them.
  144. Just (1993/08/02/0625823) His father is also the president of Bonaventure Kosher Catering Tours, a Passover catering concern, and of the Just for Kids Child Care Centers in Broward County, Fla.
  145. Ray (1993/08/04/0626194) Dawn Brings a Ray of Hope To a Newly Silent Sarajevo
  146. David Low (1993/08/04/0626322) 30-Year Bond at a Low of 6.52%
  147. Just (1993/08/05/0626551) Now in its 11th year, the Just for Laughs festival has become the Cannes of comedy, an event that is equal parts trade show, Elks convention, all-star gala and trading pit.
  148. Bo Jackson (1993/08/08/0627283) It is the Bo Jackson of the bacteria world, the bug-of-all-trades, and it made a reappearance last week in an unusual role, a microscopic clue that led investigators to the scene of an environmental crime.
  149. Hunter S. Thompson (1993/08/08/0627393) Larry McCaffery, an English professor at San Diego State University, edits a special issue of the Mississippi Review about cyberpunk fiction, including a story by Mark Leyner, the Hunter S. Thompson of cyberpunk.
  150. Mark Wahlberg (1993/08/08/0627399) Idol just the Marky Mark of cyber culture, appropriating a fringe movement for his own commercial ends?
  151. Jimmy Key (1993/08/09/0627648) Guidry – the Jimmy Key of his era – was fulfilling his duties admirably, in fact, he won 9 of his final 11 decisions that year.
  152. Napoleon (1993/08/11/0628120) Duke Ellington is Russia to the Napoleon of his biographers and fans.
  153. Susan Lucci (1993/08/13/0628528) Since 1985, when his name was first recommended to the Governor for the Court of Appeals, Justice Levine has become the Susan Lucci of New York’s judiciary.
  154. Peter Pan (1993/08/15/0628698) He is the Peter Pan of First-Brother Land, as he calls it, and he bubbles with ideas, one for a generic cola commercial featuring his letters on his brother’s campaign stationery, one for a rhythm-and-blues duet with the President.
  155. Max E. Medley (1993/08/15/0628710) When a Medley of Tongues Speaks the Language of Salsa
  156. Bobo Holloman (1993/08/18/0629471) IT’S beginning to look as if Sea Hero is the Bobo Holloman of racing.
  157. Bo Jackson (1993/08/19/0629701) And while he is not quite the Bo Jackson of legend and lore on a consistent basis on the field, he does have his moments.
  158. Spot (1993/08/20/0629796) X Marks the Spot for Elliott
  159. Robert Selby Hole (1993/08/20/0629809) Betty’s apparent plight arouses the concern of Laure (Stephane Audran), a kindly, well-heeled widow who has fallen into the Hole for her own reasons.
  160. Eppie Lederer (1993/08/20/0629919) Ask for advice from an Ann Landers for hapless lawyers.
  161. Mud (1993/08/25/0630767) A Long Night of Miscues in the Mud for the Yanks and the White Sox
  162. Michael Jordan (1993/08/26/0631050) Joey Cora calls me the Michael Jordan of the White Sox.
  163. +Martin Scorsese (1993/09/03/0632255) The tough-guy dialogue has an edge, concision and dark humor that echo the Martin Scorsese of Mean Streets.”+
  164. Sandy Dennis (1993/09/03/0632371) (Ms. Lewis, who has many similar mannerisms, may be fast becoming the Sandy Dennis of her generation.)
  165. Dalai Lama (1993/09/05/0632698) The final photograph in the show is of four small figures – the Dalai Lama among them – hurrying on foot across a frozen, wind-swept plain.
  166. Dalai Lama (1993/09/05/0632814) 24 WORLD RELIGION PARLIAMENT ENDS After a week of sometimes disruptive events, an assembly of religious leaders from around the world heard an appeal from the Dalai Lama for religious peace.
  167. Dalai Lama (1993/09/05/0632829) After a week of colorful and sometimes divisive events, an assembly of religious leaders from around the world closed this evening with an appeal from the Dalai Lama for religious peace.
  168. Balduíno Rambo (1993/09/06/0632979) Though he seems a somewhat amiable young man, with a giggle and a burr haircut, a strangely disembodied voice and thick glasses, he comes across in print as a Rambo of the chess board.
  169. Topic (1993/09/09/0633440) Review/Film; Plain Talk and Clear Scenes On a Topic of Frequent Panic
  170. Joel (1993/09/12/0633788) You New Yorkers have your share of Amys and Joeys, too, only they are creative types known as Woody and Soon-Yi, and, as I recall, you’ve had some troubles with a Joel of your own – Joel Steinberg.
  171. Florentine (1993/09/12/0633822) Ask a Florentine for the Mercato Centrale and you may draw a blank look.
  172. Dash (1993/09/12/0633922) On Sunday; Fresh Foods With a Dash of Sociology
  173. Gianni Versace (1993/09/19/0635361) As the Gianni Versace of the Shore Association of Nassau Girl Scouts, Mrs. Geller was responsible for sending out on a runway, five times, four junior girl scouts and one brownie, each holding a doll dressed exactly the same as they were.
  174. Julio Iglesias (1993/09/19/0635557) Once again, Luis Miguel – a Mexican born in Puerto Rico of Spanish-Italian parents whose full name is Luis Miguel Gallego – has been confirmed as Latin heartthrob numero uno, the Julio Iglesias of his generation.
  175. Madonna (1993/09/19/0635557) For the pop singer and actress Gloria Trevi, whose image as ”the Madonna of Mexico” has been fed by her decision to pose for cheesecake calendars, and her BMG label-mate Alejandra Guzman, another performer who cultivates a “bad girl” image, MTV promises to be a major career boost.
  176. +Emmy (1993/09/23/0636314) Ms. Alexander, who recently left a starring role in “The Sisters Rosensweig” on Broadway, has received numerous awards, including an Emmy for her portrayal of a concentration-camp victim in the television movie “Playing for Time.”+
  177. William Shakespeare (1993/09/26/0636797) He’s such a bizarre character, sort of the Shakespeare of microbiology.
  178. Marquis de Sade (1993/09/26/0636952) When we introduced Word in October 1983, in its first incarnation it was dubbed the Marquis de Sade of word processors, which was not altogether unfair.
  179. Trim (1993/09/26/0636980) A Wash and, Maybe, a Trim for Village Pets
  180. Pat Riley (1993/09/27/0637198) Frustrated by a group of underachieving players, Paramount wanted a Pat Riley for the Rangers, a coach with a certain type of image, a man who would do for their hockey club what Riley had done for the Knicks.
  181. Leonardo da Vinci (1993/09/28/0637349) Because of his accomplishments as a test and stunt pilot and as a aviation engineer, he was referred to by one admirer as ”the Leonardo da Vinci of flight.”
  182. +Rube Goldberg (1993/09/28/0637349) What he meant was I’m the Rube Goldberg of aviation.”+
  183. Leonardo da Vinci (1993/09/29/0637435) Because of his accomplishments as a test and stunt pilot and as an aviation engineer, he was referred to by one admirer as ”the Leonardo da Vinci of flight.”
  184. Will Rogers (1993/09/29/0637482) So before you are left alone with reruns of “The Beverly Hillbillies” or with your copy of “Ole Rivers,” Walter Brennan’s hit record about his mule, let us turn back to the Will Rogers of the Jazz Age.
  185. George Edward Post (1993/10/01/0637788) As Arty Pomerantz, a photographer at the Post for 38 years, watched the picket line, the younger faces as well as the old, he said he felt a dreadful sense that the end had come – if not for The Post, for many of those who had made it what it was.
  186. Annie Ross (1993/10/03/0638261) And is the Annie Ross of today any different from the young woman who won Down Beat’s New Star Award of 1952?
  187. John F. Kennedy (1993/10/09/0639702) Although President Clinton has always invited us to think of him as the Jack Kennedy of the 1990’s generation, the more I watch him the more he reminds me of Lyndon Johnson.
  188. Fly (1993/10/09/0639744) William F. Weld of Massachusetts (who said through a spokesman that he had been calling for female members at the Fly for years); Anthony Lake, President Clinton’s national security adviser, and Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia.
  189. +Arthur Koestler (1993/10/10/0640105) Andre Malraux, George Orwell and particularly the Arthur Koestler of ‘Darkness at Noon.’+
  190. John MacLean (1993/10/13/0640931) There is no comparison between the John MacLean of this season and last.
  191. John Wayne (1993/10/15/0641579) The persona that the 64-year-old Mr. Spence might seem to convey is that of a John Wayne of the courtroom; the title of his 1982 autobiography is “Gunning for Justice.”
  192. Jonathan Swift (1993/10/17/0642116) One British critic, Charles Brener of The Times of London, has called her the Jonathan Swift of the American 90’s.
  193. Giuseppe Verdi (1993/10/17/0642444) The fact is that Verdi, or at least the Verdi of 1850, did not have a music for the weighing of complex ethical issues in a reflective mind.
  194. Dalai Lama (1993/10/18/0642574) Indeed, a salute is owed to the Norwegian prize committee for the risks it has taken in recent years to recognize daring reformers like the former Soviet Union’s Mikhail Gorbachev, the Burmese champion of human rights, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who has courted Chinese anger by speaking out for his captive people.
  195. Ben Cartwright (1993/10/19/0642904) He is the Ben Cartwright of his own Ponderosa, an 800-acre spread along Route 34 in Monmouth County that started out 50 years ago as a general aviation field (now called Allaire Airport) that eventually came to include an industrial park, driving range, lucrative gravel quarry and, three years ago, an amusement park called Ed Brown’s Playground.
  196. Christian Lacroix (1993/10/19/0642934) You might just be discovering the Christian Lacroix of the 90’s.”
  197. +Emmy (1993/10/20/0643211) After serving in the Navy in World War II and graduating from New York University, Mr. Kravetz joined NBC, where the programs he directed or produced won numerous awards, including an Emmy for a 1970 special report titled “Solar Eclipse: A Darkness at Noon.”+
  198. John Wayne (1993/10/24/0644305) Someone from the Gewandhaus wanted to know if Mr. Masur, with his trademark bolo tie, was the John Wayne of New York.
  199. Truman Capote (1993/10/24/0644390) I can be the Truman Capote of the atelier.”
  200. Fran (1993/10/24/0644435) But every so often a woman who is trolled into the Winnebago by peanut-butter-and-jelly and nonjudgmental chatter will keep coming back every week because it feels so cozy until that magic moment when she asks a Fran for referral to a treatment program.
  201. Plácido Domingo (1993/10/24/0644532) Ovations should be earned, not orchestrated, and you are not yet the Placido Domingo of late-night television.
  202. Benedict Arnold (1993/10/25/0644685) I’m like the Benedict Arnold of New Orleans, going to Atlanta of all places.”
  203. Joe Carter (1993/10/25/0644689) I get to be the Joe Carter for this game, I get to hit the home run, huh?
  204. Joe Carter (1993/10/28/0645324) TRADE ya two Lenny Dykstras and a Joe Carter for a Sears Craftsman screwdriver and two Coca-Cola Santa Clauses!
  205. Thomas Edison (1993/10/29/0645546) Ms. Fernandez, who made the issue her own public advocacy cause after the death of Mr. Hyde, her fiance, said Dr. Kevorkian was embarrassed when she praised him “as the Thomas Edison of medicine.”
  206. Fraction (1993/10/30/0645647) Advice for a Fraction of the Price of a Personalized Plan
  207. +Juliana Evans (1993/10/31/0645839) To Help a Couple of Friends’+
  208. +Bill Clinton (1993/10/31/0645934) But even more important, Gergen says, the Bill Clinton of today, “has developed – and I’ve talked about this with him a fair amount – a different view of the Presidency and what leadership is about, and how to lead.”+
  209. Pile (1993/11/07/0648136) Starting a Pile of One’s Own
  210. Agnes Nixon (1993/11/09/0648618) The woman with the answers, the Agnes Nixon ofDecision” – soap-opera fans the world over know Agnes Nixon as the, uh, guiding light behind “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” – is Ann Sternberg, a Health Department official who used to be an NBC News documentary producer.
  211. George Steinbrenner (1993/11/10/0648860) An outspoken Florentine who started as a busboy 13 years ago and popularized his interpretation of the fresh simple cuisine of his native Tuscany, he has been called the George Steinbrenner of the restaurant world, a man with a short fuse and little patience when things are not done his way.
  212. Gilbert du Motier (1993/11/13/0649607) In the months following the fall of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, Marie Joseph Yves Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette of American fame, was commander of the Garde Nationale and perhaps the most powerful man in Paris.
  213. Remedy (1993/11/14/0650051) THE OUTLOOK: The Future; Plan Is No Panacea But a Remedy for Costs And Major Inequities
  214. Errol Flynn (1993/11/16/0650428) Their leader is Jaba Ioseliani, who is often described as charming and charismatic – the Errol Flynn of Georgia, in one Westerner’s words.
  215. Lyndon B. Johnson (1993/11/18/0650652) He looked not like Jimmy Carter, tripping and slipping in his relations with Congress, but like the Lyndon B. Johnson of 1964 and 1965: relentless and resourceful, a fighter and not a fumbler.
  216. Lyndon B. Johnson (1993/11/18/0650761) A1 SHOWING PRESIDENTIAL METTLE News analysis: In the fight for the trade pact, President Clinton looked like the Lyndon B. Johnson of 1964 and 1965: relentless and resourceful, a fighter and not a fumbler.
  217. Johann Sebastian Bach (1993/11/21/0651259) This scoreless listener cannot vouch for the look of the music, but the lovely, rich sound of the concertos on these disks fits the composer’s ideal to a T. And however this esthetic may have conflicted with Bach’s, Heinichen’s concertos, at least in their externals, recall the Bach of the “Brandenburg” Concertos and the orchestral suites, especially his tendency to blur the distinctions between the two forms.
  218. Willie Horton (1993/11/21/0651362) Kim, pronouncing herself ”the Willie Horton of AIDS,” a strained analogy, denies that she is fighting homosexuals.
  219. Mahatma Gandhi (1993/11/28/0652872) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Mahatma Gandhi of this political moment.
  220. Fulbert of Falaise (1993/11/29/0652962) In the Balkans, the Chamberlain for our time, Lord Owen, after blaming the U.S. for failing to supply the troops to force his surrender terms on the Bosnians, is among those Europeans now touting a get-tender-with-Serbia policy.
  221. Pablo Picasso (1993/12/02/0653379) I think I’m the Picasso of mime, Marcel Marceau said between rehearsals for his new show, at the Espace Pierre Cardin off the Champs-Elysees.
  222. +Samuel Beckett (1993/12/05/0653816) Back in 1955, an unknown avant-garde dramatist, the Samuel Beckett of “Waiting for Godot,” was greeted with yells of “We’re being conned!”+
  223. Leon Lett (1993/12/07/0654409) Malamala said he was feeling like ”the Leon Lett of the New York Jets” following the game.
  224. George Wallace (1993/12/09/0654795) I would call them the George Wallace of C.R.A.
  225. Giuseppe Verdi (1993/12/10/0654976) Ferruccio Busoni is once supposed to have scoffed at his pupil Kurt Weill, asking, “What do you want to become, a Verdi of the poor?”
  226. Giuseppe Verdi (1993/12/10/0654976) Weill began as a Verdi of the poor; he may have ended up a poor man’s Verdi.
  227. Dorian Gray (1993/12/10/0654992) Also on hand is Aerosmith, the Dorian Gray of rock bands, to serve the same purpose Alice Cooper did in the first film.
  228. Newton (1993/12/12/0655674) In May 1992 Apple demonstrated the Newton for the first time, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.
  229. James W. Byng (1993/12/16/0656349) Turgeon won the Byng for combining skill with good sportsmanship.
  230. +Sting (1993/12/16/0656351) Helpful Techniques to Ease the Sting of ‘No’+
  231. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1993/12/17/0656445) No wonder the English critic Herbert Read called the young Mr. Freud ”the Ingres of Existentialism.”
  232. Walter Keeping (1993/12/19/0656782) An Uncivil War Over the Keeping of Grant’s Tomb
  233. John Halpern (1993/12/23/0657744) Review/Theater: Henry IV Parts 1 and 2; A Civil War Henry IV With a Punk for a Prince
  234. Penny Hardaway (1993/12/25/0658159) So, this was the Penny Hardaway for whom the Magic paid $65 million over 13 years.
  235. Lloyd Bentsen (1993/12/28/0658772) The Lloyd Bentsen basking in the glow of the trade pact’s passage appears to be a far cry from the Lloyd Bentsen of last summer.
  236. Mona Lisa (1993/12/29/0658931) The acquisition was the latest chapter in the saga of an island that local environmentalists have described as Long Island’s Yosemite Valley, the Mona Lisa of the East End, and one of the few remaining natural jewels in an area that many say has been tainted by overdevelopment.
  237. Robin Williams (1993/12/30/0659117) In person, he is the Robin Williams of literary interviews, albeit more soft-spoken, with a bit of Southern drawl from childhood still clinging to his speech.
  238. Van Dyck (1993/12/31/0659159) While Mr. Hall would only say the painting was bought by an institution and declined to confirm the price, he said he found the painting in good condition for a Van Dyck of this period.
  239. Juju (1993/12/31/0659188) It’s a Wonderful Life for Frankel


  1. César Baldaccini (1994/01/02/0659448) And, after being acclaimed as a daring new director, he died last March at the age of 35, just five days before “Savage Nights” won the Cesar for the best film.
  2. Ed Sullivan (1994/01/02/0659619) Does he become the Ed Sullivan of foreign policy, managing a really good show but enjoying no stardom himself?
  3. +Fit (1994/01/02/0659642) Has the Fit for Life set hit the outer
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