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#Dateable Behavior This Behavior is using the li3_behaviors library of the flexible and most RAD development framework for PHP 5.3+ Lithium This behavior will use MongoDate objects as the date types.


This dateable behavior automatically adds two new attributes to your model: created and updated via Filters. We've chosen create & update because of CRUD but are customizable.


Checkout the code to either of your library directories:

cd libraries
git clone

Include the library in in your /app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php


This Library is using the li3_behaviors library. It will load the li3_behaviors lib automatically, so activating the li3_behaviors in your bootstrap is optional.


###Model According to the li3_behaviors lib, your model must be a child class of:



class Foo extends \li3_behaviors\extensions\Model {

	protected $_actsAs = array(

thats it :)

Now your Model is using the dateable behavior.

If you want to configure the behavior you should use the following:

class Foo extends \li3_behaviors\extensions\Model {

	protected $_actsAs = array(
		'Dateable' => array(
			'updated' => array('field' => 'updated', 'index' => true),
			'created' => array('field' => 'created', 'index' => true),

then you can edit the field names and deactivate the automatic creation of the indexes in mongodb

As mentioned above, this behavior is using the lithium Filter-Rules:

  • create every time you create a new Entity via: Model::create(), the attributes created & updated will be filled with a MongoDate Object
  • update on every update, only the attribute update will be filled with the MongoDate Object

=== Future ===

  • Implementaton of diferent date formats like the original proyect instead of MongoDate
  • Test Coverage