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Automated Caddy reverse proxy for docker containers
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A perfect mix of Caddy, docker-gen, and forego. Inspired by nginx-proxy.


Using Caddy as your primary web server is super simple. But when you need to scale your application Caddy is limited to its static configuration.

To overcome this issue we are using docker-gen to generate configuration everytime a container spawns or dies. Now scaling is easy!


This image is created to be used in a single container.

version: "3"
    container_name: caddy-gen
    image: "wemakeservices/caddy-gen:latest"
    restart: always
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock:ro  # needs socket to read events
      - ./certs/acme:/etc/caddy/acme  # to save acme
      - ./certs/ocsp:/etc/caddy/ocsp  # to save certificates
      - "80:80"
      - "443:443"
      - whoami

  whoami:  # this is your service
    image: "katacoda/docker-http-server:v2"
      - ""  # your domains separated with a space
      - ""  # alias for your domain (optional)
      - "virtual.port=80"  # exposed port of this container
      - ""  # ssl is now on
      - "virtual.websockets" # enable websocket passthrough

Or see docker-compose.yml example file.


caddy-gen is configured with labels.

The main idea is simple. Every labeled service exposes a to be handled. Then, every container represents a single upstream to serve requests.

There are several options to configure:

  • is basically a domain name, see Caddy docs
  • virtual.alias (optional) domain alias, useful for www prefix with redirect. For example Alias will always redirect to the host above.
  • virtual.port exposed port of the container
  • virtual.tls-email could be empty, unset or set to valid email
  • virtual.tls (alias of virtual.tls-email) could be empty, unset or set to a valid set of tls directive value(s)
  • virtual.websocket when set, enables websocket connection passthrough

Note, that options should not differ for containers of a single service.

Backing up certificates

Certificates are stored in /etc/caddy/acme/ and /etc/caddy/ocsp folders. Make them volumes to save them on your host machine.


This image supports three build-time arguments:

  • CADDY_VERSION to change the current version of Caddy
  • FOREGO_VERSION to change the current version of forego
  • DOCKER_GEN_VERSION to change the current version of docker-gen

See also


Full changelog is available here.


MIT. See for more details.

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