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Kira Dependencies Bot kira-family

Gitlab bot to continuously update your dependency versions. Friendly fork of dependabot-script. The main difference is that the script's source is adjusted to work with RSDP process.

Part of the @kira bots family.


We recommend to copy this project to your Gitlab. And then setup individual CI schedules for each project that you want to enable.



This is a global configuration that you should setup inside your CI variables.

  • KIRA_GITLAB_PERSONAL_TOKEN - personal access token for your bot user
  • GITLAB_HOSTNAME - (optional) Gitlab domain name, defaults to
  • KIRA_GITHUB_PERSONAL_TOKEN - Github personal access token to avoid hitting rate limit

Per schedule

This configuration is best to be setup inside CI schedule's environment.

  • PACKAGE_MANAGER_SET - magic variable, package managers to be updated, eg: npm pip docker
  • DEPENDABOT_PROJECT_PATH - project to be updated, eg: wemake-services/kira-dependencies
  • DEPENDABOT_DIRECTORY - directory to look for package file, defaults to /
  • DEPENDABOT_SOURCE_BRANCH - (optional) Source branch for merge requests, defaults to project default branch
  • DEPENDABOT_ASSIGNEE_GITLAB_ID - (optional) Gitlab user id to assign to merge requests
  • DEPENDABOT_GITLAB_APPROVE_MERGE - (optional) setup to true if you want our bot to approve your merge requests
  • DEPENDABOT_GITLAB_AUTO_MERGE - (optional) setup to true if you want to auto merge this request
  • DEPENDABOT_MAX_MERGE_REQUESTS - (optional) setup the number of max openened merge requests you want.
  • DEPENDABOT_EXTRA_CREDENTIALS - (optional) JSON of extra credential config, for example a private registry authentication (For example FontAwesome Pro: [{"type":"npm_registry","token":"<redacted>","registry":""}])
  • DEPENDABOT_IGNORED_VERSIONS - (optional) JSON of versions which should be ignored during update. The expected format is {"vendor/package": [">0.1.0", ">0.2.0"]}. It mirrors functionality of ignored_updates in dependabot.

Per package manager

  • DEPENDABOT_UPDATE_STRATEGY - (optional) change how each package manager updates your dependency versions, see list of allowed values here
  • DEPENDABOT_EXCLUDE_REQUIREMENTS_TO_UNLOCK - (optional) exclude certain dependency updates requirements for each package manager, see list of allowed values here. Useful if you have lots of dependencies and the update script too slow. Example: own all to only use the none version requirement
  • KIRA_FAIL_ON_EXCEPTION - (optional) setup to true if you want the job to fail if an exception occurs