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#!/usr/bin/env sh
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
# Initializing global variables and functions:
: "${DJANGO_ENV:=development}"
# Fail CI if `DJANGO_ENV` is not set to `development`:
if [ "$DJANGO_ENV" != 'development' ]; then
echo 'DJANGO_ENV is not set to development. Running tests is not safe.'
exit 1
pyclean () {
# Cleaning cache:
find . \
| grep -E '(__pycache__|\.hypothesis|\.perm|\.cache|\.static|\.py[cod]$)' \
| xargs rm -rf
run_ci () {
echo '[ci started]'
set -x # we want to print commands during the CI process.
# Testing filesystem and permissions:
touch .perm && rm -f .perm
touch '/var/www/django/media/.perm' && rm -f '/var/www/django/media/.perm'
touch '/var/www/django/static/.perm' && rm -f '/var/www/django/static/.perm'
# Checking `.env` files:
dotenv-linter config/.env config/.env.template
# Running linting for all python files in the project:
flake8 .
# Running type checking, see
mypy server $(find tests -name '*.py')
# Running tests:
pytest --dead-fixtures
# Run checks to be sure we follow all django's best practices:
python check --fail-level WARNING
# Run checks to be sure settings are correct (production flag is required):
DJANGO_ENV=production python check --deploy --fail-level WARNING
# Check that staticfiles app is working fine:
python collectstatic --no-input --dry-run
# Check that all migrations worked fine:
python makemigrations --dry-run --check
# Check that all migrations are backwards compatible:
python lintmigrations --exclude-apps=axes --warnings-as-errors
# Checking if all the dependencies are secure and do not have any
# known vulnerabilities:
safety check --full-report
# Checking `pyproject.toml` file contents:
poetry check
# Checking dependencies status:
pip check
# Checking docs:
doc8 -q docs
# Checking `yaml` files:
yamllint -d '{"extends": "default", "ignore": ".venv"}' -s .
# Checking translation files, ignoring ordering and locations:
polint -i location,unsorted locale
# Also checking translation files for syntax errors:
if find locale -name '*.po' -print0 | grep -q "."; then
# Only executes when there is at least one `.po` file:
dennis-cmd lint --errorsonly locale
set +x
echo '[ci finished]'
# Remove any cache before the script:
# Clean everything up:
trap pyclean EXIT INT TERM
# Run the CI process: