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import ast
import types
from typing_extensions import Final
from wemake_python_styleguide.compat.constants import PY38
from wemake_python_styleguide.compat.nodes import Constant
#: That's how python types and ast types map to each other, copied from ast.
_CONST_NODE_TYPE_NAMES: Final = types.MappingProxyType({
bool: 'NameConstant', # should be before int
type(None): 'NameConstant',
int: 'Num',
float: 'Num',
complex: 'Num',
str: 'Str',
bytes: 'Bytes',
type(...): 'Ellipsis',
if PY38: # pragma: py-lt-38
def route_visit(self: ast.NodeVisitor, node: ast.AST):
Custom router for python3.8+ release.
Hacked to make sure that everything we had defined before is working.
if isinstance(node, Constant):
# That's the hack itself, we don't get the name of the node.
# We get the name of wrapped type from it.
type_name = _CONST_NODE_TYPE_NAMES.get(type(node.value))
type_name = node.__class__.__name__
return getattr(
else: # pragma: py-gte-38
route_visit = ast.NodeVisitor.visit # noqa: WPS440