Copy-Move forgery database with similar but Genuine objects. ICIP2016 paper
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Copy-Move Forgery Database with Similar but Genuine Objects

The Copy-Move Forgery Database with Similar but Genuine Objects (COVERAGE) accompanies the following publication: "COVERAGE– A NOVEL DATABASE FOR COPY-MOVE FORGERY DETECTION," IEEE International Conference on Image processing (ICIP), 2016. link to publisher, paper

Dataset description:

COVERAGE contains copymove forged (CMFD) images and their originals with similar but genuine objects (SGOs). COVERAGE is designed to highlight and address tamper detection ambiguity of popular methods, caused by self-similarity within natural images. In COVERAGE, forged–original pairs are annotated with (i) the duplicated and forged region masks, and (ii) the tampering factor/similarity metric. For benchmarking, forgery quality is evaluated using (i) computer vision-based methods, and (ii) human detection performance.

You can download the complete dataset here: Download COVERAGE.

For users from mainland China, if you have difficulty accessing the OneDrive link, please use this [Link to Database] .

Password: zduj


Paper available here.

B. Wen, Y. Zhu, R. Subramanian, T. Ng, X. Shen, and S. Winkler, “COVERAGE – A Novel Database for Copy-move Forgery Detection,” in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Image Processing (ICIP), 2016.


  author={Wen, Bihan and Zhu, Ye and Subramanian, Ramanathan and Ng, Tian-Tsong and Shen, Xuanjing and Winkler, Stefan},
  booktitle={IEEE International Conference on Image processing (ICIP)},


All data is subject to copyright and may only be used for non-commercial research. In case of use, please cite our publication.

Contact Bihan Wen ( for any questions.

Update and Fix

Update Sep 27, 2017

We fixed some errors in the Original / Tempered image labels in the COVERAGE database.

For users who downloaded the COVERAGE images before Sep 27, 2017, please kindly update them from our oneDrive space.