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Interactive Book

OpenFrameworks application that makes physical books interactive using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The application checks for certain strings in a text. The idea is that you scan in the title of the chapter which will bring up extra information like a short movie, audio, webpage or an image.

This project is a collaboration with Wenbo Liu for the United Nations in Geneva.


In the Development folder you can find the most recent unstable release. In the root folder of the project you can find the most recent stable release.


You can add/modify what images, video or webpages you would like to show based on specific strings in the XML file located at /bin/data/mySettings.xml.


NOTE: Currently only works on OSX.

  • OpenFrameworks
  • ofxGui
  • ofxOpenCv
  • ofxXmlSettings
  • ofxTesseract

To do:

  • Add comments where necessary
  • Implement smile detection (ofxSmile)
  • Find a way to override the "system() is not a function issue", maybe find a different way or include a specific C++ library?
  • Do more research on Regex (mid sentence, merged words)
  • find a way to open the browser cross platform (iPad, Windows).
  • Do more testing on other platforms. I wasn’t able to get Tesseract running properly on Windows (I didn’t try hard though).
  • Add more options for user interaction: keyboard, mouse, gestures.
  • Implement the possibilty of adding multiple versions of the same work like: "BASISBOEK WISKUNDE" and "BASISBOEKWISKUNDE" to increase the chance of success.


OpenFrameworks application that makes a physical book interactive using OCR and a webcam.



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