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PDV: an integrative proteomics data viewer

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PDV is a lightweight visualization tool that enables intuitive and fast exploration of diverse, large-scale proteomics datasets in different formats on standard desktop computers in both graphical user interface and command line modes. One of the most important functions of PDV is to visualize peptide identification results from different search engines and generate high quality annotated spectra for publication.


A user's manual is available at You can find some visualization examples in the user's manual or the manuscript of PDV.


The PDV package can be downloaded at


PDV supports visualizing N-linked intact glycopeptide identification result (identification file: psm.tsv, MS/MS file: mzML format) generated by MSFragger-Glyco/Philosopher. An example input can be downloaded at MSFragger-Glyco_example.

USI (Universal Spectrum Identifier)

Mirror plot (Experimental spectrum VS predicted spectrum using deep learning)

Top panel: experimental spectrum, bottom panel: predicted spectrum using deep learning.

Database searching:

Software Example files
PepQuery PepQuery
MS-GF+ (v2017.01.13) mgf:mzid
X!Tandem (v2017.2.1.2) mgf:mzid (convert X!Tandem XML result to mzid file using MzidLib)
MyriMatch (v2.2.10165) mgf:mzid
Comet (v2018.01 rev. 2) mgf:pepXML
Crux/Tide (v3.2) mgf:pepXML
Crux/Tide (v4.1) mzML:pepXML
MS Amanda (v2.0.0.11219) mgf:csv(MS Amanda format)
mzML:csv(MS Amanda format)
MSFragger (v20180316) mzML:pepXML
FragPipe Manual
MaxQuant version
IPeak mgf:mzid
IdentiPy (v0.2) mgf:pepXML
MetaMorpheus (v0.0.286) mzML:mzid
OMSSA (v2.1.9) mgf:pepXML
Mascot (v2.5.1) mgf:pepXML
pFind (>=v3.1.5) Only supported MGF file search result
TPP (v5.1.0) mzML:pepXML (Comet + PeptideProphet + iProphet + PTMProphet)

Denovo sequencing:

Software Example files
Casanovo Manual
Novor mgf:csv (only support the Novor result generated through DeNovoGUI)
DeepNovo mgf:txt
PepNovo+ mgf:txt
pNovo+ mgf:txt


Type Example files
proBAM ProBAM.tar.gz
proBed ProBed.tar.gz

One PSM:

Spectrum library:

Spectrum Library Central at PeptideAtlas

MS data:

Type Example files
mzML SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1.mzML.gz
mzXML SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1.mzXML.gz



QC analysis:

Please find an example in this tutorial: QC analysis.

Command line:

PDV provides a command line module to produce figures of annotated spectra or TIC in batch mode. It can be used to generate figures according to a list of peptide sequences or a list of spectrum indexes.

 $ java -jar PDV-1.1.0/PDV-1.1.0.jar -h
usage: Options
 -a <arg>    Error window for MS/MS fragment ion mass values. Unit is Da.
             The default value is 0.5.
 -ah         Whether or not to consider neutral loss of H2O.
 -an         Whether or not to consider neutral loss of NH3.
 -c <arg>    The intensity percentile to consider for annotation. Default
             is 3 (3%), it means that the peaks with intensities >= (3% *
             max intensity) will be annotated.
 -fh <arg>   Figure height. Default is 400
 -ft <arg>   Figure type. Can be png, pdf or tiff.
 -fu <arg>   The units in which ‘height’(fh) and ‘width’(fw) are given.
             Can be cm, mm or px. Default is px
 -fw <arg>   Figure width. Default is 800
 -h          Help
 -help       Help
 -i <arg>    A file containing peptide sequences or spectrum IDs. PDV will
             generate figures for these peptides or spectra.
 -k <arg>    The input data type for parameter -i (Spectrum ID: s, peptide
             sequence: p).
 -o <arg>    Output directory.
 -pw <arg>   Peak width. Default is 1
 -r <arg>    Identification file.
 -rt <arg>   Identification file format (mzIdentML: 1, pepXML: 2, proBAM:
             3, txt: 4, maxQuant: 5, TIC: 6).
 -s <arg>    MS/MS data file
 -st <arg>   MS/MS data format (mgf: 1, mzML: 2, mzXML: 3).

Please find a few examples below. Please download the example data here: input_data.tar.gz

(1) Input: mgf and mzID

java -jar PDV-1.1.0/PDV-1.1.0.jar -r input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1_myrimatch_mgf.mzid -rt 1 -s input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1.mgf -st 1 -i input_data/spectrum_title.txt -k s -o output -a 0.05 -c 3 -pw 1 -fw 800 -fh 400 -fu px -ft pdf

(2) Input: mzML and mzID

java -jar PDV-1.1.0/PDV-1.1.0.jar -r input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1_myrimatch_mzML.mzid -rt 1 -s input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1.mzML -st 2 -i input_data/spectrum_scan_number.txt -k s -o output -a 0.05 -c 3 -pw 1 -fw 800 -fh 400 -fu px -ft pdf

(3) Input: mgf and pepXML

java -jar PDV-1.1.0/PDV-1.1.0.jar -r input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1_myrimatch_mgf.pepXML -rt 2 -s input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1.mgf -st 1 -i input_data/spectrum_title.txt -k s -o output -a 0.05 -c 3 -pw 1 -fw 800 -fh 400 -fu px -ft pdf

(4) Input mzML and pepXML

java -jar PDV-1.1.0/PDV-1.1.0.jar -r input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1_myrimatch_mzML.pepXML -rt 2 -s input_data/SF_200217_U2OS_TiO2_HCD_OT_rep1.mzML -st 2 -i input_data/spectrum_scan_number.txt -k s -o output -a 0.05 -c 3 -pw 1 -fw 800 -fh 400 -fu px -ft pdf


To cite the PDV package in publications, please use:

Li, K., et al. "PDV: an integrative proteomics data viewer." Bioinformatics, Volume 35, Issue 7, 01 April 2019, Pages 1249–1251.

List of citations

PDV has been cited or used in the following manuscripts:

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Contributions to the package are more than welcome.