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Table of Contents

Sites using gor


When Go meets Raspberry Pi

RaymondChou's Blog

visualfc's blog




Dray's Home



阿泉来咧 赵金泉的个人网站






Forks 的代码工坊



If you are also using gor, please don't hesitate to tell me by email or open an issue. 如果也在使用,欢迎email或者开个issue告诉我们哦

English Introduction

gor -- A static websites and blog generator engine written in Go


Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. gor is a Ruhoh like websites and blog generator engine written in Go. It's almost compatible to ruhoh 1.x specification. You can treat gor as a replacement of the official implementation what is written in Ruby.

Why reinvent a wheel? gor has following awesome benefits:

  1. Speed -- Less than 1 second when compiling all my near 200 blogs on
  2. Simple -- Only one single executable file generated after compiling, no other dependence


==================== To install:

go get -u
go install

If you use brew on Mac, and you didn't set $GOROOT and $GOPATH environment variable Please using this command:

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/go/1.0.3/bin/gor /usr/local/bin

Or to download a compiled one directly from Googe Code

Quick Start


Create a new website

gor new
# After execution, a folder named will be generated, including a scaffold & some sample posts.

Create a new post

gor post "goodday" [dir/to/img/files]
# generate a new post file: post/, open it with your markdown editor to write.

dir/to/img/files is optionl. If it's provided, all files in that dir will be copy into blog dir(configurable dir), and insert <img> tag into post file.


Open the site.yml file in root folder

  1. Input title, author etc.
  2. Input email etc.

Open the config.yml file in root folder

  1. production_url is your website address, such as, don't add '/' at last, it will be used to generate rss.xml etc.
  2. summary_lines is the length of abstract on homepage, any number as you like.
  3. latest is how many posts will be shown on homepage
  4. imgs parts is auto img config
    • imgtag:basic format for tag to be insert. the %s part will to replaced by urlperfix/post_name/img_file_name
    • urlperfix:img file url perfix
    • localdir:location inside blog repo for img file storage

Open widgets folder, you can see some widgets here, there is a config.yml file of each widget for configuration.

  1. analytics only support google analytics by now, please input tracking_id here
  2. comments only support disqus by now, please input your short_name of disqus here
  3. google_prettify for code highlighting, normally it's not necessary to change

Compile to generate static web page

gor compile
# Finished instantly. A new folder named compiled will be generated, all website is in it.

Local preview

gor also comes with a built-in development server that will allow you to preview what the generated site will look like in your browser locally.

gor http
# Open your favorite web browser and visit:


You can deploy it to GitHub Pages, or put it to your own VPS, because there are only static files(HTML, CSS, js etc.), no need of php/mysql/java etc.

Chinese Introduction

gor -- Golang 编写的静态博客引擎


gor是使用 Go 实现的类 Ruhoh 静态博客引擎(Ruhoh like),基本兼容 ruhoh 1.x 规范。 相当于与 ruhoh 的官方实现( ruby 实现),有以下优点:

  1. 速度完胜 -- 编译 近200篇博客,仅需要1秒
  2. 安装简单 -- 得益于 golang 的特性,编译后仅一个可运行程序,无依赖

Installation 安装

==================== To install:

go get -u
go install

在 Mac下使用 brew 的用户

如果是通过 brew 来安装go,并且没有设置$GOROOT$GOPATH的话,请使用如下命令(路径请更改为自己对应的 golang 的版本信息)

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/go/1.0.3/bin/gor /usr/local/bin

或者你可以从 Googe Code 直接下载编译好的gor

Quick Start 快速入门



gor new
# 执行完毕后, 会生成example.com文件夹,包含基本素材及演示文章


gor post "goodday" [dir/to/img/files]
# 即可生成 post/goodday.md文件,打开你的markdown编辑器即可编写

如果输入可选参数 dir/to/img/files,gor 会从该目录拷贝图片文件到配置的目录,同时在 中自动插入对应的 <img> 标签。



  1. 填入 title,作者等信息
  2. 填入邮箱等信息

打开站点根目录下的 config.yml 文件

  1. production_url:为你的网站地址,例如http://wendal.net最后面不需要加入/,生成rss.xml等文件时会用到
  2. summary_lines:首页的文章摘要的长度,按你喜欢的呗
  3. latest:首页显示多少文章
  4. imgs:自动插入<img>的相关配置
    • imgtag:要插入的 标签的基本格式,%s 部分会被自动替换为 urlperfix/post_name/img_file_name 的格式
    • urlperfix:图片地址前缀
    • localdir:图片文件在博客内的本地存放目录

打开widgets目录, 可以看到基本的挂件,里面有config.yml配置文件

  1. analytics:暂时只支持google analytics,填入tracking_id
  2. comments:暂时只支持disqus,请填入short_name
  3. google_prettify:代码高亮,一般不修改


gor compile
# 瞬间完成,生成 compiled 文件夹,包含站点所有资源


gor http
# 打开你的浏览器,访问


你可以使用github pages等服务,或者放到你的自己的vps下,因为是纯静态文件,不需要php/mysql/java等环境的支持

Copyright and License

This project is licensed under the BSD 3 Clause License.

Copyright (C) 2013, by WendalChen