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Wendell Hu - Front End Engineer


Basic & Contact

  • 👦 Wendell Hu 胡文召
  • 🕯️ 1995 / 12
  • 👨‍🎓 Learning Software Engineering at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
  • 📮
  • 🎤 I love open source. A chief maintainer of ng-zorro-antd and the original author of @ant-design/icons-angular.


Nov 2019 ~ Now, Front End Engineer at Tencent WeChat

June 2018 ~ Sept 2019, Front End Engineer Intern at Alibaba Inc.

  • Involved in development of Alibaba Stream Compute Platform.
  • Joined in the rework of Apache Flink runtime web.
  • Developing components kits for Angular.
  • Compiler and language services.


Aug 2017 ~ June 2020, Software Engineering at USTC

Sept 2013 ~ June 2017, Bachelor of General Administration at University of International Business and Economics


Open Source

Business Projects

Alibaba Stream Compute Platform at Alibaba Inc.

An all-in-one real-time big data platform based on Apache Flink.

  • I developed the monitoring board which helps users to monitor key indexes of stream jobs.
  • Developed front ends of some internal toolings like Blink Release Guard (a CI system) and Flame Runner (a profiler for Blink engine).

flink runtime web rework at Alibaba Inc.

It’s a rebuild of the runtime web of Apache Flink with.

  • I developed some of the interfaces.

@ng-zorro/ng-plus at Alibaba Inc. - original author / maintainer

A sophisticated component kit based on ng-zorro-antd. Used by Alibaba Stream Compute Platform and many other internal products.

  • I developed all components such as resize / monaco editor wrapper / flow chart editor.

@ali/ng-zorro-language-service at Alibaba Inc. - original author

It provides language services like formatting, autocompletion for SQL-like languages. Used by Alibaba Stream Computer Platform.

  • I wrote a lexer, a parser, a formatter and several adapters for it.

ng-zorro-antd - maintainer

A component kit based on Angular and Ant Design. It gains 5,000+ stars on GitHub.

  • I am in charge of maintaining dozens of components.
  • I developed components like Icon and Statistics.
  • I wrote a tutorial project.
  • I developed our official blog.

@ant-design/icons-angular - original author / maintainer

It adapts Ant Design Icons for Angular, and it is a dependency of ng-zorro-antd.

  • Support both dynamic loading and static loading to avoid increasing bundle size insanely.
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