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[Formerly oXygenJATSframework]

oXygen XML Editor framework for NISO JATS 1.1 / NLM BITS. Now with tools including XSLT and XProc that can be run independently of oXygen.

NISO JATS Z39.96-2012 defines an XML-based format for the authoring, publication and archiving of journal articles and related information. Its design is based on the NLM Journal Archiving and Publishing DTDs through version 3.0.

The NLM BITS format is a closely related document model built to support books (fairly broadly defined).

This oXygen framework supports editing JATS articles (v1.1) along with books conformant to the specifications of BITS, the JATS-based NLM book tag set (version 2.0 conformant with JATS 1.1). Included are DTDs, CSS files for authoring, document templates, XSLT stylesheets and other utilities for editing of JATS XML and production of HTML, PDF (preview) and EPUB outputs.

(Note: Outputs are explicitly not 'production grade', while not all formats are available for all document types. This toolkit does not aim for high production values, but serves as a starting point for further development and refinement.)

See the project wiki at for help and installation instructions.

Wendell Piez (, November 2012, 2015, 2016


oXygen XML Editor framework for NISO JATS 1.1 / NLM BITS 2.0







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