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XSLT stylesheets to clean, fix up and cast XML namespaces
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XML Namespace fixup utilities

XSLT and Schematron for taming XML namespace madness.

Stylesheets can be used to modify the usage and presentation of namespaces in XML documents, including:

  • Rewrite elements in no namespace using a namespace
  • Rewrite elements in any namespace in no namespace
  • Cast elements from their namespaces into other namespaces
  • Normalize namespace usage, by moving all namespace declarations to the top of the XML document and unifying their prefixes

The stylesheets can be used as is (by modifying their internal configurations) or by importing them into your own stylesheets (providing their configurations in the importing layer).

Schematron schemas are also provided to help detect issues with namespaces in your documents.

Further documentation is given in the stylesheets.

By Wendell Piez, 2011-2012. wapiez (at) wendellpiez (dot) com. Eat Your Vegetables

With thanks to Mulberry Technologies, Inc., who sponsored the original version of these stylesheets. A paper describing this work (presented at JATS-Con 2011) may be seen here:

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