RC Switch Send - Verilog Module to Operate 434MHz RC Switches
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RC Switch Send/Receive - Verilog Module to Operate 434MHz RC Switches

05.02.2015 Stefan Wendler sw@kaltpost.de

Some simple verilog module to send swtich commands to a 434MHz receiver or to receive commands from a transmitter.

Basically this is a personal exercise of mine to get familiar with Verilog HDL. If you interested in a more practical approach on operating a 434MHz switch, see for example this article.

For some theory on the protocol to operate the switches, you could have a look at this article, or read the comment in rcswitch.v.

MachXO2 with transmitter, RC switch and original remote

Project Directory Layout

The top-level directory structure of the project looks something like this:

  • sconstruct SCons script to build icarus based Verilog simulation
  • README.md this README
  • rcswitch.v Verilog of the mail logic to drive the switch
  • clockdiv.v Verilog for simple clock devider to send the bits at the right speed
  • examples Example usage of the rcswitch module


For simulation:

  • Icarus (on Ubuntu like Linux: apt-get install iverilog)
  • GTKiWave (on Ubuntu like Linux: apt-get install gtkwave)
  • SCons to build the simulation (on Ubuntu like Linux: apt-get install scons)

For the real thing (FPGA), I used the following setup:


For sending commands (transmitter):

FPGA            Transmitter
3.3V            Vcc
GND             GND
Out (P1)        DATA

FPGA            Buttons
P23             Button 1.1
GND             Button 1.2
P24             Button 2.1
GND             Button 2.2

Note: the buttons are low active, they are pulled up in the verilog.

For receiving commands (receiver):

FPGA            Receiver    
3.3V            Vcc
GND             GND
In (P5)         DATA


For more details please see the sources. The netlist for the receiver looks like so:


Running the Simulation

Build the simulation in the project top-dir with:


Run it with:




This will produce rcswitch_send.vcd or rcswitch_receive.v which could be loaded into GTKWave:

gtkwave rcswitch_send.vcd

Simulation result in GTKWave

Running on the MachXO2

Open one of the rcswitch.ldf from examples/sendor examples/receive in Diamond. On the left side swich to "Process" tab, richt klick "JEDEC File/Rerun All". Then flash it to the FPGA by starting the programmer (Tools/Programmer).