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music motion conductor

this project is a motion conductor that you can use your hands' movement to compose music. It is made and coded by Wendy Di Wang, MFA Interaction design program at California College of the Arts for Digital-Electronics class.


In this project, I coded 16 movements in 3 instruments from 'the cloud atlas end title' and Yann Tierson's 'La valse d'Amelie'. You can recombine the different movements/ within different instruments effect to create a new song or symphony with your free hands. The process just like we playing music, or conducting an orchestra.

Those 4 sensors could call music movements each time when your hands active in a certain distance. It will give more than 140,000 combinations of music img_8580

Those floating dots will be active in 2.8 meters, music will be active in 60 cm. This is designed to make people get attractive by the visual effect first. Then when they come very closer to the device, it will start to have sound. Otherwise, it could be influenced by the environment too much, the effect of the music that we're making will be less clean and beautiful.



Circuit diagram


screen shot 2017-05-08 at 03 06 23

screen shot 2017-05-08 at 03 47 26

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