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Wendell Hu - Front End Engineer


Basic & Contact

  • 👦 Wendell Hu 胡文召
  • 🔍 Front End Engineer
  • 👨‍🎓 Learning Software Engineering at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
  • 🕯️ 1995 / 12
  • 📱 +(86) 176-0090-2692
  • 📮
  • 🎤 Mainly working on Angular and its ecosystem. A maintainer of ng-zorro-antd and the original author of @ant-design/icons-angular. I am also a contributor of Ant Design.


June, 2017 to June 2020, Software Engineering at USTC

2013 to 2017, Bachelor of General Administration at University of International Business and Economics


June, 2018 to Now, Front End Intern at Alibaba Inc.

  • Involved in development of Alibaba Stream Compute Platform
  • Developing components kits for Angular
  • Compiler and language services


Open Source

ng-zorro-antd - maintainer

A component kit based on Angular and Ant Design. It gains 5,000+ stars on GitHub.

@ant-design/icons-angular - original author / maintainer

It adapts Ant Design Icons for Angular, and it is a dependency of ng-zorro-antd.

  • Support both dynamic loading and static loading to avoid increasing bundle size insanely.

👉 You can find some of my side projects here.

Business Projects

Alibaba Stream Compute Platform at Alibaba Inc.

An all-in-one real-time big data platform based on Apache Flink.

  • I developed the monitoring board which helps users to monitor key indexes of stream jobs.
  • Developed front ends of some internal toolings like Blink Release Guard (a CI system) and Flame Runner (a profiler for Blink engine).

flink runtime web rework at Alibaba Inc.

It’s a rebuild of the runtime web of Apache Flink with.

  • I developed some of the interfaces.

@ng-zorro/ng-plus at Alibaba Inc. - original author / maintainer

A sophisticated component kit based on ng-zorro-antd. Used by Alibaba Stream Compute Platform and many other internal products.

  • I developed all components expect for Graph and Humanize.

@ali/ng-zorro-language-service at Alibaba Inc. - original author

It provides language services like formatting, autocompletion for SQL-like languages. Used by Alibaba Stream Computer Platform.

  • I wrote a lexer, a parser, a formatter and several adapters for it.


  • Angular / Ant Design / NG-ZORRO / Component Kits
  • React
  • ES6+ / TypeScript
  • Monaco Editor / Language Service / Compiling


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