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The R package jds.rmd provides R Markdown templates intended for Journal of Data Science, which can be useful for authoring a manuscript with code chunks or producing tables/figures on the fly.


Option 1

One can install the released version from CRAN.


Option 2

The latest version of the package can be installed by using remotes:

if (! require(remotes)) install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("wenjie2wang/jds.rmd", upgrade = "never")

Getting Started

We can create a manuscript draft named my_draft.Rmd and render it to PDF as follows:

draft_rmd <- "my_draft.Rmd"

Notice that all the edits should be done in the R Markdown file my_draft.Rmd. The LaTeX source file generated by pandoc is kept on purpose for submission and may help debug possible compilation errors. The generated PDF will be sufficient for the peer-review process. If the paper is accepted, we will only need to provide the journal production team with the generated LaTeX source together with the generated figure files if any.

More Options

The package contains two class files, jdsart.cls and jds.cls. The former is the latest version developed by VTeX and thus recommended; the latter is deprecated and was developed before having the production support by VTeX. The function jds.rmd::draft() creates a draft using the jdsart.cls by default.

Alternatively, a draft using the jds.cls can be created by specifying cls = "jds". For those users who use the latest jds.rmd package but the deprecated class file, an option cls: jds needs to be added to the YAML header as follows:

    cls: jds