Documentation for The WeatherService Demo created using Windows Azure Job Scheduler SDK.
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Big Compute: Weather Forecast as a Service on Windows Azure



Demos are sets of step-by-step guides only to help you demonstrate key Windows Azure's Big Compute Scenario. Each demo provides instructions and speaking points to guide you through the process of presenting the demo to others.

In this demo you will start with the Weather Service Live Demo Site that allows you to run a forecast for the next 3 days.

Note: Please follow the demo script carefully. Each forecast simulation is compute intensive, and will run for 8 hours or more.

Repository Structure

In the root folder of this repository you will find the script for this demo, Before beginning with the demo, make sure you have followed all the required steps.

The source is currently not available due to its complex ownership. However, a detailed technical description can be found on this blog post.

Get Started

The DemoScript will take you about 15 minutes to learn.

Contributing to the Repository

If you find any issues or opportunities for improving this tutorial, fix them! Feel free to contribute to this project by forking this repository and make changes to the content. Once you've made your changes, share them back with the community by sending a pull request. Please see How to send pull requests for more information about contributing to Github projects.

Reporting Issues

If you find any issues with this tutorial that you can't fix, feel free to report them in the issues section of this repository.