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perl 6 bindings to Graffiks

Example usage

The following will create a spinning cube:

use v6;
use Graffiks;
use Graffiks::Camera;
use Graffiks::PointLight;
use Graffiks::Mesh;
use Graffiks::Material;
use Graffiks::Object; => &init,
             update => &update);

my $object;

sub init ($gfks, $window_width, $window_height) {
  # enable the deferred renderer

  # create, position, and make our camera the active one
  my $camera =;

  # create and position a point light (without light, you won't see anything!)
  my $light =;

  # create a cube mesh
  my $mesh =;

  # create a material
  my $material =;

  # create an object with the previously created mesh and material
  $object =$mesh),$material));

sub update ($gfks, $time_step) {
  # rotate our object based on $time_step
  my $a = $object.angle-w();
  $object.set-rotation(angle => $a+(0.05*$time_step),
                       x => 0,
                       y => 1,
                       z => 1);