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Project Concept:
We interact with webpage every day in a way we don't recognize. Our behavior is driven by the content, and without the content, seeing only the movement that we made through our cursor is both strange and interesting. If we record our cursor movement only, and remove the web content from the background, it seems that we are just making Brownian motion, which is totally random and meaningless. What happens if the same movement of our cursor made to a specfic webpage was applied to something different, for example a particle system? My project is an exploration about human computer interaction, trying to dig into the meaning of our daily activity on a computer, and raise a new angle to perceive our interaction behavior with the digital content.

In this project I used the time draw algorithm which we learned at week 04. Using a unlimited dynamic array to record every movement the cursor made and when when it is made while recording, meanwhile calculating the distance the cursor has traveled with a simple calculation algorithm. And replay that movement according to time when in play mode. I also used the xeno trail algorithm which we learned at week 01, to firstly make it more visually appealling, and secondly provide more detail about the move movement. Lastly I used the attraction and repulsion algorithm we learned at week 06 to make the particle system, visualize it with grid insteand of particle circles, to visualize the move moment in a overall view, providing information which can be more intuisively understood about how we interact with the digital content. 

I choose to make this project on the platform of chrome plugin.
How to install:
1. in your chrome browser, visit: chrome://extensions/
2. check the "Developer mode"
3. click "Load unpacked extension..."
4. direct to the folder "final-chrome-extention-mouse-tracking" in your local disk, click "select"
5. now the extension is loaded and should be enabled already, go to any webpage(or refresh opend webpage), there will be a button added to the left top corner.
6. click the button once to start recording, then interact with the webpage as usual, now your movement is being recorded
7. when you are done recording, click the button again to start replay