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文言文編程語言 A programming language for the ancient Chinese.
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文言 wenyan-lang

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English | 简体中文 | 繁体中文

文言文編程語言。A programming language for the ancient Chinese. Try it online.


之世,結繩而足治,屈指而足算。是時豈料百代之後,計算機械之巧,精於公輸木鳶,善於武侯流馬;程式語言之多,繁若《天官》之星宿,奇勝《山經》之走獸。,或以速稱。,各爭文采。方知鬼之所以夜哭,天之所以雨粟。然以文言編程者 ,似所未有。此誠非文脈之所以傳,文心之所以保。嗟予小子,遂有斯志。然則數寸之烏絲猶覆於頭,萬卷之素書未破於手;一身長羈於遠邦,兩耳久曠于雅言。然夫文章者吾之所宿好,程式者偶承時人之謬譽。故希孟不慚年少,莊生不望無涯。乃作斯言。誠未能嘔瀝長吉心血,亦庶幾免於義山流沫。既成之後,復學干將鑄劍而自飼,越王嚐糞而當先。自謂偶追《十書》之筆意,但恨少八家之淋漓。此子山所謂士衡撫掌而甘心,平子見陋而固宜。然則雖實覆甕之質,尚存斧正之望;雖乏呂相之金,易字之渴蓋同。此亦開源之大義,吾輩之所以勉勵也。一笑。




Equivalent JavaScript:

var n = 3;
for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {



Punctuations and newlines are completely optional (just like they are in Classical Chinese), so the above code is equivalent to:


More sophisticated examples, such as the Sieve of Eratosthenes, Quicksort, Mandelbrot set, and Tower of Hanoi, can be found in the ./examples folder.


Try it out

The Online IDE

Text Editor Plugins

Command Line Compiler

Install the compiler by

npm install -g @wenyanlang/cli

Try run the included examples, e.g.:

wenyan examples/helloworld.wy
# will outputs: 問天地好在。

The Decompiler

You can now translate JavaScript to wenyan-lang using the wenyanizer by zxch3n.

3rd Party Compilers


Check out our Wiki pages


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