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文淵閣 - Package management for wenyan-lang
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文淵閣 - Package management for wenyan-lang

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wyg(wenyan-get, or 文淵閣) is a package manager for wenyan-lang. Just like npm for Node.js or pip for Python.


npm i -g @wenyanlang/wyg


wyg i ziyue

Chinese name is also acceptale

wyg i 子曰

The command above will download the package 子曰 to 藏書樓/子曰 of cwd. You can think of 藏書樓 as the wenyan version of node_modules.

💡 You may want to include 藏書樓 into your .gitignore as well

Then write code and import the package as you always do



💬 Importing from 藏書樓 is only supported by Wenyan v0.2.2 or above.

Publish Your Own Packages

Please following the instruction in wyg-registry.

Use wyg in browser

You can fetch the package infomation by

<script src=""></script>
  .then(({ name, entry, author, repo }) => {
    console.log(name, entry)



Direct import

You can access packages with Urls this format. It will redirect to the package repo's 序.wy file.<package-name>

For example, the following two links are both acceptable.子曰

If you want to use packages in Browser Runtime, you can import them by:

<script src=''></script>

<script type="application/wenyan" src=""></script>


MIT License © 2020 Anthony Fu

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