Pretty gallery UI that runs on top of users' existing Picasa albums
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Pretty Picasa Gallery


This is a python photo gallery designed to run on Google's App Engine. Currently, photos are hosted on Picasa and the gallery reads the album list and displays those on a more professional looking gallery page, complete with Lightbox support.


  • Picasa photo backend support
  • User configurable album support
  • Various photo sizes support
  • Random front page photo
  • Permalinks to photos


Download the source code from github and install the Google App Engine SDK. Once the source is downloaded, go to that location in a terminal and run the command. For instance:

[streeter@mordecai]:~$ cd pretty-picasa-gallery/
[streeter@mordecai]:~/pretty-picasa-gallery$ .
INFO     2010-12-17 21:04:32,643] Server:
INFO     2010-12-17 21:04:32,927] Checking for updates to the SDK.
INFO     2010-12-17 21:04:35,173] The SDK is up to date.
INFO     2010-12-17 21:04:35,435] Running application chris-gallery on port 8080: http://localhost:8080

Then go to the site http://localhost:8080/admin/ in your browser. You should be asked to log into your account. From here, enter in your google account id (or whatever email is associated with your picasa account) and choose to log in as an administrator. For example, log in as <your gmail id> This will redirect you to the admin page. On this page, fill in some values:

  • Photo provider id should be your gmail id without the
  • Site title should be whatever you want it to be
  • Site header should be whatever you want it to be

Click save which will refresh the page and list your albums. Here, choose your homepage album and check the boxes for the albums you want to be displayed, and, optionally, if you want an album that displays all the featured albums together on one page.

Optionally fill in the last two boxes with your Google Analytics ID and your Google Checkout Merchant ID.


To run this, you'll want to deploy to App Engine. To do this, edit the file app.yaml and change the application and version parameters. application should be set to whatever your application is named, in other words, if your app's url is, then use your-app-name. version is used for rollbacks. So it should be set to 1 if this is your first time deploying.

Then, from within the source directory, run update .

and enter your login and password. Once the upload finishes, go to your application's url and run through the steps in the Running section above.

Known Issues

  • Flickr backend doesn't work
  • Installation process could use some work
  • When no merchant ID is entered, we still show a price for photos
  • Photo price is hard coded
  • Picasa albums must be public
  • Spaces in album names does not work

Current release is version 1.1