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added #1561 and #1728 bugfixes to change log

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Alexander Wenzowski
Alexander Wenzowski committed Jun 4, 2012
1 parent a3dac70 commit 1987f581f042546285e43c9aeddefd333555da46
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* Added `Refinery::Page#canonical` support which allows multiple translations to have one canonical version. [Philip Arndt](
* Usernames are validated case insensitively to ensure true uniqueness. [#1703]( [Philip Arndt](
* Fixed bug with template selector for page where it would always default to parents template. [#1710]( [Glenn Hoppe](
+* Fixed and added tests for post-authentication redirect bug where users would always be redirected to the admin root after successful auth. [#1561](, [#1728]( [Alexander Wenzowski](
## 2.0.4 [14 May 2012]
* IMPORTANT: Fixed a security issue whereby the user could bypass some access restrictions in the backend. [#1636]( [Rob Yurkowski]( and [Uģis Ozols](

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