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  • FIXED: Change 'Task' to ActiveRecord::Base in method (closes #141).

  • ADDED: Added activerecord-multiconditions.rb file to enable RubyGems single-line inclusion.

    require 'activerecord-multiconditions'
  • CHANGED: now requires the first parameter to be the ActiveRecord model class. The new method ActiveRecord::Base#multiconditions is now the preferred way to to initialize a new MultiConditions instance.

    class Task < ActiveRecord::Base; end; # too verbose
    Task.multiconditions            # preferred way
  • CHANGED: Reorganized library structure. This package now declares a MultiConditions module that acts as a mixin for the ActiveRecord::Base class. Having MultiCondition class declared within a MultiConditions module is not really a perfect solution but - for now - I don't want to break BC renaming the GEM or the internal class.

Release 0.1.0

  • Initial public release.