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Apache Log Analyzer 2 Feed

ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed is a really powerful open source PHP 5 class to parse and analyze Apache Web Server log files. Results are converted into a feed to let users subscribe them with a feed reader.

You can define custom filters based on logs data — for instance User-Agent, IP, requested page… — and combine them to select just a limited resultset.
The class can easily be extended with additional filters and custom feed handlers.

Quick Start

Would you like to be informed each time GoogleBot visits your website?

ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed is the solution! ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed will analyze server logs for you returning results in a custom feed.
Simply using the following code fragment you’ll be able to track Googlebot directly from your feed reader.

 * @see ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed
require_once 'ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed.php';

// Create an instance. 
// Tell the script to parse access.log file and write the results in test.xml.
$tool = new ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed('access.log', 'test.xml');

// Add a filter to retrieve only log entries matching Googlebot useragent
$tool->addFilter('User-Agent', 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)');

// Run the tool!

Documentation and Resources

About this library

ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed is an easy-to-use object oriented class, written in PHP 5, for parsing/filtering an Apache log file and consuming the results with a feed reader.

I created this project as a technical example for my speech at Search Engine Strategies 2007 in Milano, session RSS, Blogs & Search Marketing.
My goal was to demonstrate an alternative use of feeds, showing how RSS and Atom feeds can make SEO life easier.


ApacheLogAnalyzer2Feed is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Visit the license page to learn more.