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Installation and Requirements


Below are the minimum requirements you needs to use the library.

  1. Any PHP 5 version or greater
  2. PHP’s PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) support


First download the latest library version from the website, choosing a package from the list.
Depending on server operating system you may want to download the .zip archive (recommended for Windows) or the tar compressed .tgz archive (recommended for Unix like operating systems).

Now decompress the archive using your favorite compression utility.
The most popular Zip software for Windows is WinZip.
If you use Linux or Mac OS X use tar command as follows:

$ tar -xzvf downloaded_file.tgz /target/directory

where downloaded_file.tgz is the name of downloaded package and /target/directory the path to the target directory where the package will be decompressed to.

Copy /src directory within your web root or anywhere you need the library to be used.
Then include the library before creating a new class instance.