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= Changelog =
== development ==
* ADDED: New folder structure:
* asg-config: configuration files
* asg-content: user content such as custom plugins or files
* asg-included: various included files, assets and libraries
* asg-lib: contains all pure ASP libraries used by the application
* asg-static: contains static assets such as JavaScript or CSS files
* ADDED: Bundled Unit Test framework with te application in the /test folder
* CHANGED: Default charset to UTF-8 (Closes #24).
* CHANGED: License from custom to Open Source MIT LICENSE (Closes #34).
* CHANGED: Renamed stats_js.asp and count.asp to asg-track.js.asp and asg-track.asp (Closes #40).
* CHANGED: Massive code refactoring and improvements.
* REMOVED: Support for custom skins. The layout is going to be changed and, for now, it's better to drop it the buggy version (Closes #38).
* REMOVED: strAsgPathFolderWr configuration variable (it was only used by skin file).
* REMOVED: Unused #GetContinent function from functions_common.asp and all related strings.
* REMOVED: /includes/inc_array_month.asp file and replaced by a couple of functions in /asg-lib/collections.asp and /asg-lib/layout.asp.
== Release 2.1.5 ==
Released on 2008-06-01.
* ADDED: Confirmation message on delete data button in settings_reset.asp (Closes #12).
* CHANGED: The path to count.asp file now includes the full path to the file to prevent the script to not work when you are tracking an external website (Closes 22).
* CHANGED: The main file is now called default.asp instead of statistiche.asp to prevent users to be disoriented by an untranslated error message when trying to access /myasg root folder (Closes #32).
* CHANGED: Flag icon package replaced by the wonderful flag set provided by Fam Fam Fam at
* CHANGED: Various source code improvements and refactoring.
* CHANGED: URL for update check function (closes #29).
* FIXED: Undefined intAsgProtezione variable in settings_skin.asp (Closes #45).
* FIXED: Missing flag icons are displayed as broken images (Closes #6).
* FIXED: Broken skin file (Closes #17).
* FIXED: Various English typo
* REMOVED: default.asp filed from all directories (Closes #23).
* REMOVED: icon debug system that notified to ASG all unknown icons (closes #28).
== Release 2.1.4 ==
Released on 2007-08-14.
* CHANGED: Updated ip-to-country database to July 30, 2007
* CHANGED: Translated inc_config.asp and a few other files into English
* CHANGED: All browser/os/searchengine icons have been completely redesigned
* CHANGED: simplified documentation
* CHANGED: moved setup.asp and update.asp files outside main program folder to be sure the user doesn't forget to remove them
* FIXED: OS Vista displayed as Microsoft Windows NT 4 (#4)
* FIXED: Database pruning tool returns a Microsoft VBScript compilation error (#1)
* FIXED: Flag icons missing Montenegro (ME) and Serbia (RS) (#5)
* REMOVED: robots.txt file no longer useful since the application is usually installed in a subfolder.
* REMOVED: European codepage from source code. It prevents ASG to be installed and translated in extra-European languages.
== Release 2.1.3 ==
== Release 2.1.2 ==
== Release 2.1.1 ==
== Release 2.1.0 ==
== Release 2.0.1 ==
== Release 2.0.0 ==
== Release 1.4.0 ==
== Release 1.3.0 ==
== Release 1.2.0 ==
== Release 1.1.0 ==
== Release 1.0.0 ==
== Release 0.9.1 ==
== Release 0.9.0 ==