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= Zend Framework ed i Web Service (phpDay 2008)
This package contains a collection of various scripts created for my "Zend Framework ed i Web Service" talk at phpDay 2008.
Visit my blog ( or phpDay website ( for more information.
Simone Carletti
== Passwords
First of all create a file called keys.private and define the following constants in order to use the scripts included in this package.
define('AKISMET_API_KEY', '');
define('TECHNORATI_API_KEY', '');
== Zend Framework Library
All scripts in this package require a valid Zend Framework (1.5) distribution.
If you don't have one, download the latest from and decompress the archive into your local hard disk. Then, change the constant CHANGEME_ZFPATH to point to your zend framework local folder.
== Command line scripts
All files ending with .cli.php are intended to be run from command line.
All other scripts can be run both from a command line or a web browser.
== License
Copyright (c) 2008 Simone Carletti
The content of this repository is published under the Attribution-Share Alike Unported Creative Common License.