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require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/../helper.php';
require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/../spyc/spyc.php5';
require_once 'Zend/Service/Akismet.php';
// load comment fixtures from yaml file
$file = dirname(__FILE__) . '/isspam.yml';
$comments = Spyc::YAMLLoad($file);
// create a Akismet client instance
$akismet = new Zend_Service_Akismet(AKISMET_API_KEY, '');
// batch check comments
echo "Starting batch: " . count($comments) . " comment(s) to check from $file";
echo "\n";
// loop over all $comments and do some stuff
foreach ($comments as $comment) {
echo "\nChecking comment from {$comment['comment_author']} ({$comment['comment_author_email']})... ";
$spam = $akismet->isSpam($comment);
echo "\n Permalink: " . $comment['permalink'];
echo "\n Referrer: " . $comment['referrer'];
echo "\n Akismet: " . ($spam ? 'spam' : 'ham');
echo "\n";
// The end...
echo "\nCompleted!";
echo "\n";
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