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Release 1.0.0.rc1

The library is now known as PublicSuffix.

Release 0.9.1

  • CHANGED: Renamed PublicSuffixService::RuleList to PublicSuffixService::List.

  • CHANGED: Renamed PublicSuffixService::List#list to PublicSuffixService::List#rules.

  • CHANGED: Renamed PublicSuffixService to PublicSuffix.

  • CHANGED: Updated definitions.

Release 0.9.0

  • CHANGED: Minimum Ruby version increased to Ruby 1.8.7.

  • CHANGED: rake/gempackagetask is deprecated. Use rubygems/package_task instead.

Release 0.8.4

  • FIXED: Reverted bugfix for issue #12 for Ruby 1.8.6. This is the latest version compatible with Ruby 1.8.6.

Release 0.8.3

  • FIXED: Fixed ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII with Ruby 1.9.2 (#12).

  • CHANGED: Updated definitions (#11).

  • CHANGED: Renamed definitions.txt to definitions.dat.

Release 0.8.2

  • NEW: Added support for rubygems-test.

  • CHANGED: Integrated Bundler.

  • CHANGED: Updated definitions.

Release 0.8.1

  • FIXED: The files in the release 0.8.0 have wrong permission 600 and can't be loaded (#10).

Release 0.8.0

  • CHANGED: Update public suffix list to d1a5599b49fa 2010-10-25 15:10 +0100 (#9)

  • NEW: Add support for Fully Qualified Domain Names (#7)

Release 0.7.0

  • CHANGED: Using YARD to document the code instead of RDoc.

  • FIXED: RuleList cache is not recreated when a new rule is appended to the list (#6)

  • FIXED: PublicSuffixService.valid? should return false if the domain is not defined or not allowed (#4, #5)

Release 0.6.0

  • NEW: PublicSuffixService.parse raises DomainNotAllowed when trying to parse a domain name which exists, but is not allowed by the current definition list (#3)

      # => PublicSuffixService::DomainNotAllowed
  • CHANGED: Renamed PublicSuffixService::InvalidDomain to PublicSuffixService::DomainInvalid

Release 0.5.2

  • CHANGED: Update public suffix list to 248ea690d671 2010-09-16 18:02 +0100

Release 0.5.1

  • CHANGED: Update public suffix list to 14dc66dd53c1 2010-09-15 17:09 +0100

Release 0.5.0

  • CHANGED: Improve documentation for Domain#domain and Domain#subdomain (#1).

  • CHANGED: Performance improvements (#2).

Release 0.4.0

  • CHANGED: Rename library from DomainName to PublicSuffixService to reduce the probability of name conflicts.

Release 0.3.1

  • Deprecated DomainName library.

Release 0.3.0

  • CHANGED: DomainName#domain and DomainName#subdomain are no longer alias of Domain#sld and Domain#tld.

  • CHANGED: Removed DomainName#labels and decoupled Rule from DomainName.

  • CHANGED: DomainName#valid? no longer instantiates new DomainName objects. This means less overhead.

  • CHANGED: Refactoring the entire DomainName API. Removed the internal on-the-fly parsing. Added a bunch of new methods to check and validate the DomainName.

Release 0.2.0

  • NEW: DomainName#valid?

  • NEW: DomainName#parse and DomainName#parse!

  • NEW: DomainName#valid_domain? and DomainName#valid_subdomain?

  • CHANGED: Make sure RuleList lookup is only performed once.

Release 0.1.0

  • Initial version
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