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Learning Ruby, with Rails in mind.
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Ruby 4 Rails

About this presentation

FRIEND: Hey Simone, I want to start learning Rails.

ME: Really?

FRIEND: You know, I have been working in PHP and Symfony for a while and now I want to try something new.

ME: That's cool.

FRIEND: Could you help me studying Rails?

ME: Sure. But if you really want to learn Rails, you need to start from Ruby.

FRIEND: I worked with PHP and several other languages. Is Ruby really that difficult?

ME: Learning the Ruby syntax is not that difficult. Thinking like a Rubyist is the real challenge. If you really want to appreciate Ruby, you must understand the Ruby ecosystem and the philosophy behind the language.

FRIEND: Ok. Could you teach me that?

ME: I can start giving you some directions, then you'll have to start working on it.

ME: I'm going to prepare a brief introduction to Ruby. I'll try to extract the most important features of the language, keeping an eye on Rails since that is your ultimate goal.

FRIEND: Cool. How long it will take.

ME: Let's schedule one full day. I'll show you the presentation and we'll start digging into Ruby. At the end, we'll try to summarize everything by giving a look at Rack and creating a small MVC application using the awesome Sinatra framework. It is not Rails, but it's definitely a good starting point. We can't concentrate too much concepts into a single session.

FRIEND: I agree.

FRIEND: See you on Saturday, I can't wait to start playing with Ruby.

This is that presentation. Enjoy Ruby!


This is a ShowOff presentation (

If you want to see it, you need to install showoff and all its dependencies. The most simple way is to use bundler.

$ gem install bundler

Clone the project and install the dependencies.

$ git clone
$ cd ruby-4-rails.showoff
$ bundle install

Then run showoff it in this directory

$ showoff serve

Now you should be able to go to http://localhost:9090 to view the presentation.



Ruby 4 Rails is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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