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Commits on Sep 08, 2010
@DerGuteMoritz DerGuteMoritz add very basic parser for .ug domains f970a1b
@DerGuteMoritz DerGuteMoritz change parser so that available? always returns a boolean 5e6c9fe
@DerGuteMoritz DerGuteMoritz use for .ug domains e4dda85
@weppos Fixed CHANGELOG item c03dc1f
@weppos Update Author:: 61ec4ff
@DerGuteMoritz DerGuteMoritz include note that the .ug parser is not complete (suggested by Simone…
… Carletti)
@weppos Docs e4f731d
@DerGuteMoritz DerGuteMoritz always return Time objects even if it means losing time zone informat…
…ion (for now)
@weppos Parser for .ug domains (closes #35) 960d017
@weppos Cleanup CHANGELOG 6edd923
@weppos class header 25703f1
Commits on Sep 09, 2010
@weppos Update test/tlds for .ug TLD 40c777c
@weppos Updated the .so TLD definition (closes #36). c6299a2
@weppos More links. Delegate "Interpreters" details to the docs. f8156ed
Commits on Sep 10, 2010
@weppos ruby-whois executable is not installed when the Gem is installed. 48351b2
@weppos Release 1.3.5 a880991
Commits on Sep 14, 2010
@weppos Extended test cases 3f84832
@weppos Make sure the WhoisNicOrKr parser works when Nameserver contains the …
…IP address.
Commits on Sep 18, 2010
@weppos No need to change $LOAD_PATH. Currenty library folder is already appe…
Commits on Sep 21, 2010
@weppos Deprecated Whois::Answer::Part#response. 6e963ee
@weppos parser is now compatible with Denic response v 2.0. c3a36d0
Commits on Sep 22, 2010
@weppos Missing test files for 86fde82
@weppos Remove rbx-1.0.1-20100603 from RUBIES for now 12a3458
@weppos Convert response to UTF-8 ac2cf16
@weppos Release 1.3.6 a5d3bcf
@weppos Added simple TLD parser ( 6c4c3bf
@weppos Extended test cases 2fd7d4f
Commits on Sep 24, 2010
@weppos Added simple .cx TLD parser ( 5e52407
Commits on Sep 27, 2010
@weppos mkwhois util d89bfa2
@weppos Added simple .bo TLD parser ( c9ca68b
@weppos Extended test cases 558c406
@weppos Updated the .ci TLD definition 4d6a6ed
@weppos Extended test cases 6cf76d0
@weppos Added simple TLD parser ( 226e635
@weppos NEWPROPERTY tag 030f68a
@weppos Added simple .ck TLD parser ( 075e6f0
@weppos Extended test cases 0f0d28b
Commits on Sep 28, 2010
@weppos Added simple .cl TLD parser ( 74ff72a
@weppos Added simple .cm TLD parser ( e46cb6e
@weppos Standardized #status property, it now returns symbols in…
…stead of strings.
@weppos Removed the TLD definition. The server no longer exists. bd249e7
@weppos Standardized #status property, it now returns symbols …
…instead of strings.
@weppos Added simple .cz TLD parser ( 71ed0a6
@weppos Release 1.3.7 b29b495
Commits on Oct 07, 2010
@weppos The Verisign WHOIS adapter crashes in some rare circumstances when th…
…e response from the Verisign database returns a "not defined" value for the Referral Whois Server (closes #42)
@weppos Install RSpec 2 d3842b6
@weppos whois_test.rb => whois_rspec.rb afd3cd7
@weppos core_ext_test.rb => core_ext_spec.rb 959e417
@weppos client_test.rb => client_spec.rb 082fcd4
@weppos Cleanup Whois::Server::Adapters::Verisign test 545621d
@weppos Release 1.3.8 7994a07
Commits on Oct 10, 2010
@weppos Add YARD options file for 6399f20
Commits on Oct 12, 2010
@weppos Sync definitions with Debian whois 5.0.8:
* Updated the .bb, .ps, and .lk TLD definitions.
@weppos Added simple .dz TLD parser ( 8a6fb88
@weppos Added simple .fi TLD parser ( c8c43d5
@weppos Added simple .fj TLD parser ( 6c845e5
@weppos Replace + with << 8eb7700
@weppos Added simple .gg TLD parser ( 20201ca
@weppos Added simple .gs TLD parser ( 9107d24
@weppos Simplify :available? detection 78f5123
@weppos Standardized #status property, it now returns symbo…
…ls instead of strings.
@weppos Added simple .ir TLD parser ( b5728ba
@weppos Added simple .il TLD parser ( 995cd0e
Commits on Oct 13, 2010
@weppos Compatibility with the new record schema. 37e931c
@weppos Less permissive parsing. 65e6480
@weppos Release 1.3.9 ffd1493
@weppos Added simple .je TLD parser ( 0bd7ae9
@weppos Added simple .ke TLD parser ( a4d2c72
Commits on Oct 16, 2010
@weppos Added simple .li TLD parser ( 927ad0e
@weppos Extended test cases ae94a62
@weppos Extended test cases 3b61a1c
@weppos Removed the TLD definition.
$ ruby-whois
% DOTGOV WHOIS Server ready

Please be advised that this whois server only contains information pertaining to the .GOV domain. For information for other domains please use the whois server at RS.INTERNIC.NET.


Using the default whois for .us domains

$ bin/ruby-whois
Not found:

>>>> Whois database was last updated on: Sat Oct 16 23:10:09 GMT 2010 <<<<

Commits on Oct 17, 2010
@weppos Force WHOIS output to be always UTF-8,
otherwise some queries will fail (closes #51)

    $ ruby-whois
    % Error: 55000000013 Invalid charset for response
@weppos UTF-8 is the default encoding, according to 45473c9
@weppos Add failed status 3cca713
@weppos Standardized #status property. 52a9372
@weppos Rename test/testcases into test/fixtures 4136806
@weppos Update Ruby versions. 4eeb280
@weppos Release 1.3.10 2b53791
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
@weppos Standardized #status property,
it now returns symbols instead of strings.
@weppos Standardized #status property,
it now returns symbols instead of strings.
@weppos Extended test cases 470e536
Commits on Oct 19, 2010
@weppos Standardized #status property for the
following parsers (references #5)

Property cache is missing
for some parsers (references #18)
@weppos Extended test cases 424b806
Commits on Oct 21, 2010
@weppos Sometimes parser may raise an
Argument out of range error trying to parse the 
#updated_on property.
@weppos Flag additional (proposed) properties (references #4) 4a2e617
@weppos Remove deprecated Whois::Answer::Parser::Base methods:
* #registrant
* #admin
* #technical
@weppos Flag additional (proposed) properties (references #4) 5e07387
@weppos The parser fails to parse
#nameservers when the domain is suspended.
@weppos Remove deprecated Whois::Answer::Part#response property. 08d86ea
@weppos Change to development release. 9d2f8f7
@weppos Minimum Ruby version is now 1.8.7 afd063a
@weppos Remove Whois 0.4.0 notes. 297a724
Commits on Oct 22, 2010
@weppos Fixed Unknown status `CLIENT DELETE PROHIBITED' for b9a901a
@weppos Remove Ruby < 1.8.7 specific extensions. d507d7a
@weppos Release 1.5.0 e88cdb4
Commits on Oct 23, 2010
@weppos Fixed Unknown status `Renewal request being processed.' for whois.nic…
@weppos Extended test cases 329fd49
@weppos Added simple .kg TLD parser ( f1d40c6
@weppos Added simple .md TLD parser ( 6a7ba24
@weppos Extended test cases 54956d9
Commits on Oct 24, 2010
@weppos With some .cz domains, parser returns invalid values for…
… nameservers.
@weppos Release 1.5.1 6116964
@weppos Added .md TLD parser ( d24d86b
@weppos Extended test cases 16d271b
@weppos Added .mg TLD parser ( 7bb9f55
@weppos Added .ms TLD parser ( d0df366
@weppos More restrictive parser. 3ebaaad
@weppos Added .ms TLD parser ( 0252927
@weppos Added .na TLD parser ( 605244a
@weppos Updated the .nc TLD definition. c3cc335
@weppos Added simple .nf TLD parser ( 9ee497a
@weppos Added simple .ng TLD parser ( eebaf13
@weppos Updated the .pe TLD definition. 38538e2
@weppos Added simple .pe TLD parser ( fe8a86a
@weppos Added simple .ps TLD parser ( 49c90de
@weppos Updated TLDS 530b40d
@weppos Updated the .sb TLD definition. 3d7b7ab
@weppos Updated the .ki/.mu TLD definition and
Added simple .ki TLD parser (
@weppos Updated the .tf TLD definition. 5df7ce1
@weppos Completed .io TLD parser ( becedcb
@weppos Added .tm TLD parser ( 1a2fa88
@weppos Fixed Unknown status `Registration request being processed.' for whoi…
@weppos Added .tz TLD parser ( 4698250
Commits on Oct 28, 2010
@weppos Just for test 9c732c5
Commits on Oct 29, 2010
@weppos supports expires_on 8a69985
Commits on Oct 30, 2010
@weppos With some .uk domains, parser returns invalid values for…
… nameservers.
@weppos record can contain multiple statuses. 0fd184e
@weppos Release 1.6.0 e75d8c2
Commits on Nov 02, 2010
@weppos Add Gemfile 52e2f7b
Commits on Nov 04, 2010
@weppos Extended test cases. cb44245
Commits on Nov 05, 2010
@weppos Extented test cases 6896e4f
@weppos Fixed unknown status `Inactive' for 0d8013e
Commits on Nov 06, 2010
@weppos Force ContinuityApp to understand encoding 37e6cbc
Commits on Nov 07, 2010
@weppos No, it didn't work. eb6b4ba
Commits on Nov 08, 2010
@weppos Release 1.6.1 ff46a63
Commits on Nov 17, 2010
@weppos Updated the .sg TLD definition. 8271f67
@weppos Added simple .sg TLD parser ( 4ac6966
@weppos Added .sh TLD parser ( bd11257
@weppos Added simple .sk TLD parser ( 86179fa
@weppos Added simple .sl TLD parser ( 5e6df26
@weppos Updated the .th TLD definition. 2073372
@weppos Normalization 603bd84
@weppos Added simple .th TLD parser ( 9242f8e
@weppos Added simple .tw TLD parser ( 6848f05
@weppos Added simple, TLD parser ( 469857f
@weppos Updated the TLD definition. 11a3564
@weppos Added TLD parser ( 381512b
@weppos Added TLD parser ( 4dd6b80
@weppos Added TLD parser ( a163e61
@weppos Fixed changelog e4e09d1
@weppos Fixed typo in test a1f23f5
@weppos Fixed typo in test d4c3958
@weppos Added simple .ci TLD parser ( (closes #39) 6d03a6c
@weppos The CLI help message uses whois instead or ruby-whois. 0b3575a
@weppos Added simple .gy TLD parser ( (closes #45) 5f725de
@weppos Added simple .hm TLD parser ( (closes #46) 41c7469
@weppos Added simple .hm TLD parser ( (closes #46)
This parser is incomplete. The registry chosen a very
expensive response format. Many properties returns an host
instead of the value and you need to send a new query
with that host if you want to know the property.

    $ ./bin/ruby-whois
    %rwhois V-1.5:003fff:00 (by Network Solutions, Inc. V-1.5.9)


If you want to know the contact, you need to query

    $ ./bin/ruby-whois
    %rwhois V-1.5:003fff:00 (by Network Solutions, Inc. V-1.5.9)

@weppos Added simple .pl TLD parser ( 23c8811
@weppos Added TLD parser ( 0505328
@weppos Added simple .pr TLD parser ( 3ed45f6
@weppos Release 1.6.2 d805f9e
Commits on Nov 20, 2010
@syonbori syonbori fix JPRS jp domain parser's bug. is used if there's white-spaced entry in response. fixed it to be nil.
@weppos doesn't recognize multiline status 765f6fb
@weppos Merge branch 'master' of into syonb…
@weppos Remove TEST:REGRESSION tag dd45141
@weppos Update CHANGELOG (closes #60) 653befe
@weppos Release 1.6.3 a263dac
Commits on Nov 21, 2010
@weppos Start working with RSpec 2.0 c7f98b7
@weppos Update RSpec version. 371c41d
@weppos Convert Test::Unit to RSpec. 45806c5
Commits on Nov 22, 2010
@weppos With some .pl domains, parser returns invalid values for…
… nameservers.
Commits on Nov 23, 2010
@weppos The server injects a NODNS.NS string when a nameserver…
… is not set. The parser should ignore it.
@weppos Release 1.6.4 b78de22