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base fork: weppos/whois
base: v1.3.4
head fork: weppos/whois
compare: v2.0.4
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Commits on Feb 13, 2011
@weppos Add support for rubygems-test. 5f26417
@weppos Reorganize method @group 7c21069
@weppos Update group description. 4f13e8b
@weppos The first parameter is now called body. c3aaf34
@weppos Afilias, Pir and Verisign adapters should use host value set in the d…
@weppos Add @group to Answer class. 5f0e06f
Commits on Feb 14, 2011
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Update parser to return nameserver as a struct with IP…
… address when available, and don't chomp ending dot in nameserver domain name.
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Wrong variable name in the test. 21aee28
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Add chomping trailing dot in nameserver domain back. 38268b6
@weppos Change #nameservers to return Nameserver objects 3c89227
@weppos Upgrade to RSpec 2.5.0 5077808
@weppos Whois::Answer::Nameserver#to_s returns the #name for BC with string-b…
…ased nameservers.
@weppos Flag all #nameservers properties. 7e8d4c1
@weppos Nameservers for JobswhoisVerisignGrsCom 95683a0
Commits on Feb 15, 2011
@weppos Update #nameservers property for serveral parsers #1. 72571be
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #2. 1b72066
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #3. 7583a3d
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #4. 24aaaef
@weppos Update fixture for 6e65ec1
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #5. 15d57ba
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #6. 5b9c3b5
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #7. 3070b6b
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #8. d1c60ab
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #9. c0a209a
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #10. 947183f
@weppos Update documentation to reflec #nameservers changes. 48a9289
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #11. 83783f7
@weppos Update #nameservers property for several parsers #12. (GULP!) 739ebaa
@weppos CHANGELOG 3cbda27
@weppos Change #nameservers property to return an Array of Nameserver (closes #…
…76, references #71, references #64)
Commits on Feb 16, 2011
@weppos must support "ok / *" statuses. 184ce1c
Commits on Feb 17, 2011
@weppos Test => RSpec 44cd80b
@weppos Test => RSpec 6124e84
@weppos Reorganize RSpec helpers. 91e7919
@weppos with/when a142680
@weppos context/describe 94d9e7b
@weppos .new/#initialize d186a6a
@weppos Add RSpec Parser example methods c54f283
@weppos Reorganize errors file. 255de92
@weppos Whois#query no longer raises Errno or SocketError. The errors are now…
… rescued and re-raised as Whois::ConnectionError.
Commits on Feb 18, 2011
@weppos must support "client*" statuses. e205969
@weppos Missing from previous commit 58d4440
@ezkl ezkl Added available info for Full test coverage (I think?…
…). Also added 'reserved' status I have come across with '' and others.
@ezkl ezkl Removed disclaimer references e5b54c2
@ezkl ezkl Toasted the Class comments. Readded. 7a4bbd7
@weppos Whois::Answer::Parser::Base#throttle? and Whois::Answer::Parser::Base…
…#invalid? are not defined by default.

Define the method in the implementation, and Whois::Answer::Parser will automatically use it.
@weppos Less mocking 0d867e0
@weppos WhoisPublicinterestregistryNet#throttled? af59405
@weppos WhoisDomainRegistryNl#throttled? 2a75cfe
@weppos #throttle? => #throttled? 327b7a8
@weppos WhoisDenicDe#throttled? 81f783c
@weppos CHANGELOG 743c3c1
@weppos Added support for throttled response detection (closes #23, closes #54,…
… closes #61)
@weppos #is ebfc3a4
@weppos Update docs. 9816c86
@weppos must support pendingDelete status. a48df5c
@weppos Update context e8c447b
@weppos UTF-8 converter adc382e
@weppos Fix invalid UTF-8 5bcb5ca
@weppos Cache only supported properties. f392458
@weppos Validate the response when attempting to get a property and raise if …
…the response is throttled (references #61).
Commits on Feb 19, 2011
@ezkl ezkl Added new Status fixture. Extracted reserved? 33d62b0
@ezkl ezkl Remove regex from status property in A little refacto…
@ezkl ezkl Added status test for registered_status_ok fixture 4e9652c
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa registrar property support 2a35f56
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa only admin contact is supported. c620a5f
@weppos Merge branch 'master' of int…
…o semaperepelitsa-master
@weppos CHANGELOG c3cab6d
@weppos Rename fixtures 15ceafd
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Remove trailing whitespace. 58d020d
@weppos must support the status GRACE-PERIOD 2b6868d
@weppos Update gemspec. ca5d938
@ezkl ezkl Added domain id and more test to 31dc011
@ezkl ezkl Added available domain test to 1f13278
Commits on Feb 20, 2011
@weppos Whitespaces 0cee945
@weppos Reserved should be a public method fa56df4
@weppos Missing #disclaimer tests 76e3162
@weppos Missing cache test for #status 47b65c9
@weppos Tests should follow the same order as defined methods 841bec9
@weppos Fix compilation error on Ruby < 1.9 5427b31
@weppos Replace use of regular expression with a full scanner feee027
@weppos CHANGELOG 1e5979b
@weppos Added full .CN TLD parser ( (closes #77) 1a34435
@weppos Extract features and base scanner. a092222
@weppos Scanner::Ian, Scanner::Verisign, WhoisNicIt::Scanner now extends Scan…
@weppos Remove useless statement 8ebb573
@weppos WhoisTldEe::Scanner not extends Scanners::Base e7b6a93
@weppos WhoisPublicinterestregistryNet::Scanner now extends Scanners::Base 0dd83e9
@weppos WhoisNicHu::Scanner now extends Scanners::Base 1ca2124
@weppos WhoisDenicDe::Scanner now extends Scanners::Base a0a11cc
@weppos Extracted Whois::Answer::Parser::Features and Extracted Whois::Answer…
@weppos Merge branch 'scanners' a74c756
@weppos .gemspec 5c62f3d
@weppos WhoisNicFr parser doesn't recognize nameservers when some nameserver …
…has only ipv4 and no ipv6
@weppos Rename fixtures 5734b98
@weppos Simplify parsers. fc7bfcd
@weppos The following lines don't match ^\w
    NeuStar registry database. NeuStar makes this information available to you
    "as is" and does not guarantee its accuracy. By submitting a WHOIS query, you
    agree that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that, under no
@weppos Standardize bf4fb77
@weppos Move the scanner to a separate file f6a3958
@weppos Replace WhoisBiz regexp with a real scanner a200951
@weppos Move the scanner to a separate file ba13501
@weppos Add missing WhoisBiz properties 211af89
Commits on Feb 21, 2011
@weppos Autogenerate test files from a metalanguage 9e6e6cb
@weppos Move the RSpec generator to a rake task and reorganize the files. 78d1874
@weppos Generated spec should require the parser klass a00656c
@weppos Generated spec should require 'spec_helper' b43d773
@weppos Merge branch 'genspec' 7cb096e
@weppos Whois::Answer::Parser::WhoisBiz status_available fcbc87e
@weppos Can't use constants because constants are shared across classes in th…
…e same hierarchy
Commits on Feb 22, 2011
@ezkl ezkl Fixed scanner and fixtures for 63b8664
@weppos Merge branch 'master' of into ezkl-master e8b20cb
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Add support for extracting Registrar information from
Extracts the name, Nominet tag and URL from the Registrar section of the response.
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Add test case for registrar parsing d521d95
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Change registrar parsing to separate the name and organi…
…sation if there is a t/a separator
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Add test for registrar without a trading as name 6ad6f64
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Copy response fixture{nameservers_with_ip => r…

This is to avoid reusing files with a specific name target for other properties.
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Update whois.nic.uk_test.rb to use new registered.txt fixture name, c…
…opy fixture for property_registrar_without_trading_name
@weppos Merge branch '' of…
…offgarside/whois into
@weppos Remove old fixture. 5c5940d
@weppos CHANGELOG da276fc
@weppos now supports #registrar (closes #81, closes #82). c4ce4f7
@weppos Migrate tests to the new metalanguage 13e97ee
@weppos Migrate tests to the new metalanguage 43c685d
@weppos Migrate tests to the new metalanguage 31522aa
@weppos Migrate tests to the new metalanguage d03fd7a
Commits on Feb 23, 2011
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Add tests and fixture f1d15a0
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Add a parser with some properties supported. 5e4af23
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Whitespace ecfd701
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Curly brackets are not necessary here. 23d9bb9
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Fix contacts information. ccadf0f
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Add contacts support. 1a42972
@weppos Standardize order. 629a6ab
@weppos Fix compilation error with Ruby 1.8.7 978ff9b
@weppos CHANGELOG 39c0edf
@weppos Merge branch (closes #83) 69461a7
@weppos .gemspec 870e31d
@weppos #error => #error! e32d756
Commits on Feb 24, 2011
@weppos now supports failed status.
According to the following link

the failed status means

    The domain is registered, but there is not DNS entry for it. (Corresponds to failed status in whois.)

The parser should return #registered? == true
@weppos Upgrade to the new test DSL 7a6fc08
Commits on Feb 25, 2011
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Test and fix it. 24502cc
@weppos Update test syntax 51a729e
Commits on Feb 27, 2011
@weppos Alignment cda55a6
@weppos parser should set contact #state 91435b8
@weppos .genspec 85dff4f
@weppos No need to create one test for every contact type 32ec19a
@weppos parses Created instead of Last Update 65395c3
@weppos Shift company when it is injected into the address 624463b
Commits on Mar 01, 2011
@weppos Bad char e033c5c
@weppos There's no default implementation e5be4e1
@weppos parser must support "to be released" status. 891675e
@weppos Whois::Answer::Parser::Base#response_unavailable? cf7feda
@weppos Add #response_unavailable? a90e948
@weppos Rename #incomplete? to #response_incomplete? to uniform the name with…
… other response_? methods.
@weppos Rename #throttled? to #response_throttled? to uniform the name with o…
…ther response_? methods.
@weppos Merge branch 'response_maintenance' 6cfa65f
Commits on Mar 02, 2011
@weppos Update tests b376c4d
@weppos I love Ruby d0225bc
@weppos Added full and parsers. bfbd27b
@weppos CHANGELOG d5b6a0b
@weppos Array.wrap is very useful 53ba15f
Commits on Mar 05, 2011
@weppos Update Ruby versions 6c55e45
@weppos rake multitest:setup 94d1af9
@weppos rake multitest:setup/bundleize 39d7208
@weppos Test fails with Ruby 1.8.7 108b602
@weppos Rename fixtures bc4e646
@weppos Simulate sorted Hash to please Ruby 1.8.7 474e047
@weppos Fixed tests failing with Ruby 1.8.7 10ab799
@weppos Array.wrap + #inject 3512e14
Commits on Mar 08, 2011
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 407d015
@weppos Rename fixtures from SOMETHING to status_SOMETHING 2425b5d
@weppos Migrate test to rspec c22c62c
@weppos Migrate test to rspec e8476fe
@weppos Add encoding comment 4b1bd7c
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 4375b6d
@weppos Change (registrant|admin|technical)_contact properties to return an A…
…rray of Contact.
@weppos Convert unsupported contacts to plural form 12bd6b1
@weppos Convert remaining contacts to plural fe93a23
@weppos CHANGELOG 2cc80d6
@weppos #admin_contact, #technical_contact and #registrant_contact have been …
…renamed to #admin_contacts, #technical_contacts and #registrant_contacts and they now returns an array of Contact, instead of a single Contact.

#admin_contact, #technical_contact and #registrant_contact still exists in the Answer as a convenient shortcut.
@weppos Typecast #nameservers to Array in the base class. d5e9a8e
@weppos Remove deprecation warning. I believe people never used this method d…
@weppos Don't use lambdas to define methods when not required. 60ce320
@weppos Avoid type casting 5e1096a
@weppos 1 less method ffa71d4
@weppos Notes 71a9bd3
Commits on Mar 09, 2011
@weppos Outdated comment 3eff0e9
@weppos I'm not really sure about this commit, but the code seems to be more …
…readable now.
@weppos Increase documentation 3128c34
@weppos Don't use autoload for now. e0edf82
@weppos @return, not @returns b0a67df
@weppos .gemspec 3d4d5b5
@weppos Moving the execution outside the cache results in better performance. 52b2b36
@weppos Add benchmark 222f924
@weppos Append .rb extension to the end of the file so that the interpreter w…
…on't be confused by the TLD.

`.so` TLD can cause the file to be considered a C extension.

Commits on Mar 11, 2011
@weppos I'm using YARD 039b52d
@weppos Simplify Rakefile c0ff6ec
@weppos Sort lines e04cc27
Commits on Mar 13, 2011
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 94f8e0d
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 84edaa5
@weppos Migrate test to rspec ff0daf4
@weppos .gemspec 63b7b1e
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 16e1e3e
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 994a872
@weppos Group multiple assertions into a context. In this way, when the first…
… test fails, the following won't be executed.
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 0ee29ec
Commits on Mar 15, 2011
@weppos Migrate test to rspec 593a697
@weppos GoodBye Test::Unit, and thanks for all the fish!
Finished in 6.33 seconds
3787 examples, 0 failures
@weppos Remove old RSpec "generators". c831752
@weppos Fixed invalid regexp, incompatible with Ruby 1.8.7 964c095
@weppos Time#strptime is not available in Ruby 1.8.7 f1b0906
@weppos Fixed incompatibility with JRuby 1.6.0 0af662b
@weppos Rename Whois::Answer to Whois::Record e94d872
@weppos Add Whois::Answer deprecation warning. 4575a86
@weppos Change the example to be more coherent. 82b307a
@weppos CHANGELOG 302670a
@weppos Merge branch 'record' 51c0785
@weppos .gemspec 195a14e
@weppos Update copyright and docblock. 6323474
Commits on Mar 16, 2011
@weppos Add Upgrade information in the README. e959f0b
@weppos Make sure Ruby uses the right encoding and doesn't rely on ENV settings. 77a8d4c
@weppos strip instead of each_line 8ea7ad0
Commits on Mar 17, 2011
@weppos parser must support "DOM_HELD" status. 3d0e5e0
@weppos Regexp cleanup. 4d207ce
@weppos Fixed missing dot in the definition file. c04673b
@weppos Added test cases for XN--P1AI TLD. 54e0c70
@weppos Fixed path to the fixture .expected definition. dfef327
@weppos Release 2.0.0 454bd9e
@weppos Release 2.0.1 c7633d1
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
@weppos Fixed error in the example. 9c42d43
Commits on Mar 20, 2011
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Refactoring Record::Parser#contacts fca7a35
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Create one contact per email ( 045232e
@weppos CHANGELOG 9f30ca1
Commits on Apr 06, 2011
@weppos parser must support UNASSIGNABLE status. 786a8ec
Commits on Apr 08, 2011
@weppos Standardize .gitignore 5660ffc
Commits on Apr 11, 2011
@weppos Standardize 70e4604
@weppos Release 2.0.2 8a98941
Commits on Apr 29, 2011
@weppos Whois::Record::Parser::Base#validate! should raise a ResponseIsUnavai…
…lable error when response_unavailable?
@weppos Replace invalid UTF8 char 4b573a9
Commits on Apr 30, 2011
@weppos parser must support inactive / noRegistrar status. bff46f3
@weppos Gemfile.lock 48821b7
@weppos parser must support DOM_DAKT status. 6a75f8b
@weppos Code formatting. d0ee944
@weppos Add status documentation for some TLDs. cde68db
@weppos Sync definitions with Debian whois 5.0.11:
* Added the remaining IPv4 allocations.
* Updated the .gm TLD server.
Commits on May 01, 2011
@weppos Release 2.0.3 9b54478
@weppos ResponseIsUnavailable @since 2.0.3 a38a20e
Commits on May 05, 2011
@weppos Added new TLD .XN--90A3AC (.СРБ, Serbia) (closes #94) 87cf4bc
Commits on May 06, 2011
@weppos parser must support pendinUpdate and pendingTransfer sta…
Commits on May 09, 2011
@weppos crashes in some cases where the modified: attribute i…
…s an invalid date.
Commits on May 10, 2011
@weppos Release 2.0.4 cb4afff